How to disable the headphone function on Samsung

Today we will disable the traffic saving function on Samsung. How and why? Telling

Good day, friends (subscribers and regular readers) and newcomers! Numerous cell phone providers have not made the Internet more accessible. It remains expensive. Most users use tariffs with limited traffic volume. But the modern smartphone is numerous programs with work in the World Wide Web. Even if the owner of the device isn’t doing anything online, that doesn’t mean precious megabytes aren’t leaking out. To minimize losses, there are different functions to save. It happens that unknowingly they are active and this causes discomfort: important messages, photos and letters may not arrive on time. So you should return the settings to the state of active use of the mobile network. How to turn off the traffic savings on Samsung read below.

Saving traffic is not a useless function, but it often interferes with the comfortable use of technology. There are different ways to save internet. You can simply turn off LTE when you do not need it. Practice shows that it is more convenient than a special function. To limit the use of the Internet is real at different levels. for specific applications or completely for the system.

If you notice that your phone Samsung A50 or any other model does not behave correctly in the mobile network, then look into its settings. In the section “network and Internet” you need to enter “data”. “save traffic”. Switching the slider to inactive state.

Data usage with restriction

How it works. with this mode active network use in the background will not be possible. In other words, you will not receive notification from VK, Viber and other messengers. You may also not receive an important email. Information will be loaded only when Wi-Fi is available.

But the feature has a handy “unlimited mobile Internet” setting. It can partially solve the situation. you need to save traffic, but individual applications must work. In this case, on your beloved Galaxy A70 turn on the traffic economy, but before you go out, open “unlimited mobile Internet” and select those applications that should work.

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How to disable the Fn key?

To disable it, we have to hold down Fn and press Esc again. It works like a switch, like Caps Lock. Some keyboards may use different combinations for Fn Lock. For example, on Microsoft Surface keyboards, you can toggle Fn Lock by holding down Fn and pressing Caps Lock.

An assigned key or sequence of keys programmed to execute a command or perform a specific task in a software application: on Windows computers the Ctrl-S hotkey can be used to quickly save a file.

html. HTML5 geolocation doesn’t ask for permissions and doesn’t work on Samsung S3

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Solved: music stops playing when screen is off Galaxy S10 Samsung Community

Hi, I use an app from the Google Play store called Equalizer Plus, and it seems to have a big bug on the Galaxy S10 Plus. I have the paid full version of Equalizer Plus, and it worked fine on my old Galaxy S7. But now in my new Galaxy S10 Plus 1TB storage, 12GB RAM (US version with T-Mobile) I found a bug where the music stops if the screen stays off for 2 minutes.

I’ve played several mp3 files with the Equalizer Plus in the car, using an extra cable.The sound quality is amazing, but after about 2 minutes the player pauses and stays in pause mode until you turn the screen back on. As long as you unlock the phone and keep the screen on all the time, the music will continue to play. But if you turn off the screen or if it automatically turns off, music playback is permanently paused until you turn the screen back on.

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Just a few seconds before a pause error occurs, the music will stutter for a fraction of a second. Then a full pause would occur.

If you gently tap the phone to open the fingerprint sensor on the black screen, music playback will continue for about 6 seconds and then automatically pause again when the screen goes black again.

I have no other apps open and nothing new installed. Tried closing all apps. I tried to turn the phone off and then turn it back on. I have tried turning Dolby Atmos on and off. I tried both bit filtering modes built into the phone. But the error is always there and always reproducible.

For the benchmark test I installed iheart Radio, turned on the radio station and turned off the screen. The error never occurs on iheart radio. So I’m sure it’s just the Equalizer Plus app.

My theory is that this app is automatically turned off by Samsung OneUI or Andriod 9 in order to save battery power. I have tried the Medium, Optimized, and High Performance battery modes, and the error is always present in all 3 modes. I have adaptive power saving disabled.

Please let me know how to fix this error, or let me know if you can fix it in the next update for the Galaxy S10 Plus.

Application Name. Equalizer Plus. The company that makes it. MWM. It is available in the Google Play store. I also reached out to them to see if they had a fix.

This error occurs when you connect the AUX cable to your car or home stereo. This also happens when you use wired headphones, and even plays through your phone’s speakers when the wire is not connected to the AUX jack.The error also occurs when connecting to a USB power source or running on my phone’s battery.

What is TalkBack and how to turn it off?

Open the Google app on your smartphone. In the bottom right corner, click the icon with three horizontal lines and open Settings. Then select Language. Voice Search. Tap the blue button next to “O’key Google Recognition” to turn it off.

Turn off TalkBack in any Samsung forever

Before we continue, it is important to know that in TalkBack mode, every gesture on the phone screen is done with two fingers.

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By this behavior, when the instruction tells you to press, it actually asks you to press with two fingers.

You can do it with the buttons or in the settings. Buttons are easier. All you have to do is simultaneously press “Turn Down” and “Turn Louder” for a few seconds.

The mode will turn off. If you repeat the procedure, it will turn on. I won’t show you pictures because I don’t know what kind of smartphone you have.

If doing through the settings, scroll down until you’re in the “Special Features” section.

On recent Samsung models, the first section will be “Read from Screen. Once there, move the slider to the left.

You can also make sure that the TalkBack function is never turned on by accident again. To do this, choose “Advanced settings” in the same section (it can be a little different on older samsungs), and by going there you can configure your phone so that the sound buttons are responsible only for sound, and not run Google Assistant or talkback.

In the picture above I showed how to do it on the latest samsungs, it’s a little different on older ones, but the principle is the same. Good luck.

How to turn off the traffic saving mode on your laptop?

To turn the power saving mode on or off, go to “Settings” section “Battery”. You can also turn the power-saving mode on or off via Control Panel.

How to turn off the physical home button on your iPhone?

How to rearrange the buttons on Samsung, making the navigation of your mobile device more familiar and comfortable? In the settings of your smartphone, open the “Display” section and click on “Navigation bar”. In the window that opens, look for “Button Order” and change the switch position there.

  • Pull down the notification bar and tap the gear-shaped button (or find “Settings” in the apps);
  • Tap on the “Display” (Screen) section;
  • Scroll down and select “Navigation Panel.”