How to disable the mode not to disturb the iPhone

APPLE iPhone 7 DO NOT DISTURB MODE / DND Settings in iOS

The functions of the regime do not bother in iOS, which make it more useful. For example, disconnection by geopolition

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For several years already in iOS and iPados there is a mode not to disturb, which can cut off calls and notifications at a certain time of the day. Until now, not all iPhone and iPad users have found application of this mode due to the lack of important parameters and options.

Now we will tell you about three chips do not disturb, which allow you to work with the regime more comfortable.

In iOS 12, a smart mode “Do not bother” appeared. How to use?

The “do not bother” mode on the iPhone allows you to block incoming calls, messages and notifications when you go to bed or do not want the phone to distract you from work. In iOS 12, the function has gained additional opportunities and now knows how to automatically turn off after a certain time, when a geopolition is changed or at the end of the event in the calendar. I figured out how to use the updated “do not disturbmode.

Use additional functions simply. Open the pile control curtain from below or from the upper left angle of the screen if you have an iPhone X or iPad. Squeeze the icon of the “do not bother” mode and select the desired option.

  • For 1 hour. Blocks incoming calls, messages and notifications for an hour.
  • Until this morning/lunch/evening. Allows you not to be distracted by the iPhone at once for several hours, depending on the current time of the day.
  • Before I departed from this geo.Position, it turns off sounds and notifications until you change the geopolita, for example, you will come home from work.
  • Until the end of the current event. Makes the device soundless to the end of the event from your calendar.

If these settings are not enough, you can click on the “schedule” button. She opens the menu with additional settings. With their help, the time of automatically turning on and disconnecting the “do not bother” mode, the function “going to sleep”, contacts of contacts and other options are set.

A full list of IOS 12 improvements and changes is available in our review. Be sure to read it if you have not yet installed the latest version of the firmware on your iPhone or iPad.

Setting up not to disturb the iPhone

Setting “Do not Breat” on the iPhone requires only a few presses.

Click on the “Settings” application. To open it.

Turn on the toggle switch “Do not bother”.

You can also enable the function “not to disturb” using the control center. Spend your finger up from the lower part of the phone screen (or run down the upper right corner on the iPhone X and later models) to open the control center, then press the moon icon to enable the “do not disturb” function.

How To Turn On Do Not Disturb On iOS 15

Schedule do not disturb activation

Do not disturb you can plan automatic activation and deactivation at the time you specified.

Click on the “Settings” application.

Turn on the tolerance on the schedule.

Click on the field from. Move the wheels to set the time in which you want to include the function.

Click on the “Who” field and install it when you want it to disconnect.

How to configure the “do not disturbmode?

Settings of the “do not bother” mode for a whole set. Firstly, you can set a certain time in which the “do not disturb” mode will be activated automatically. This is very convenient, especially if you are not a fan of night calls or spam messages that often come at night. In order to indicate the time when the “do not bother” mode will turn on automatically activate the item is planned and specify the required time.

Naturally, Apple thought about really important calls. They should not be missed either day or night. Therefore, here, in the settings, you can determine the list of contacts that will, despite the activated “do not disturb” mode, call you as if nothing had happened. To do this, you need to go to the menu of calls and indicate a group of contacts, for example, those who are added to the favorites.

All these settings change in the settings menu. Do not disturb.

Who is useful for a new focus mode

Many users will continue to use focusing in the form of the first profile not to disturb and will not bother with the settings. However, we strongly recommend dealing with the work of this chip and find several useful applications for ourselves.

So you can set different profiles for different situations.

One profile can be night with a complete blocking of calls and notifications. This mode will almost completely copy the operating mode not to disturb from previous IOS versions.

The second profile is useful for study, lectures or working meetings. In this mode, you can add several family contacts or priority colleagues.

The third profile is useful for sports. You can ignore all notifications except the most important to concentrate in training.

mode, disturb, iphone

The fourth profile can be a game. So notifications, banners or incoming calls will not interrupt network battles.

In addition to typical focusing applications, you can find several non.Standard solutions. The mode is suitable for complete concentration at some process, during the cerebral assault or solving complex problems.

Focusing can protect from notifications for lunch or rest after heavy loads. The chip may not block messages at all, but simply switch different work tables with icons according to schedule.

In any case, we recommend that you look at the settings of a new chip and try to find interesting applications.

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Automatic switching on the mode do not bother

Automatic inclusion of the “quiet mode” according to the schedule planned in advance, it is very convenient, for this it is enough to configure this mode only once, after which notifications at an unnecessary time for you will be simply soundless.

In order to activate the automatic mode “Do not bother”, it is necessary to drag the sliders “planned” to the “VKL” position. After that, you need to select the time range at which the “Do not disturb” mode will be automatically activated.

Call admission

Thanks to many useful settings in iOS, the “do not bother” mode, you can configure in such a way that it would always be in touch and not miss calls and messages, from the selected contacts that are really important for you. In this mode, there will be notifications and receive a call signal, only from those users whom you yourself add.

mode, disturb, iphone

Correctly set up the mode not to disturb

We open the control center from the lower edge or right upper corner, depending on the iPhone model.

On the iPhone 6 Plus and below we clamp the moon icon, on the iPhone 6s and above with an effort, press it on it.

Choosing a item until I departed from this geo.

As soon as you leave the place where you were now, the iPhone will automatically include notifications.

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The “do not bother” mode is not removed on the iPhone. What to do

Go to the “Settings” menu → “Basic”.

Select the “Reset” section.

Click on the “Reset all settings” button and, if necessary, enter the password for restrictions. If you forgot the password for restrictions, then find out about how to restore it in this instructions.

Important! It is necessary to choose exactly the item “Reset all the settings”. By clicking “erase content and settings”, you delete all the data from the iPhone and return it to the factory state.

Ready! After resetting the settings, the “Do not bother” mode will begin to work normally. Calls will no longer be blocked with the “do not disturb” mode, even if the iPhone is in a locked state.