How to disable the voice assistant on Android

How to get it off the screen

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Let’s take a look at removing the Assistant from the screen using a Xiaomi device as an example. Tap the appropriate icon and hold it for a few seconds. Next, continue to hold your finger on the icon and start to move it to the top of the screen. In that place will appear a makeshift trash. aim the icon directly at it. Confirm the removal of the icon. Double clicking on the icon will not work, you need to get used to it and move the icon to Recycle garbage can by continuous clicking on it.

By the way, uninstalling it from the desktop has two consequences. First, the assistant will simply not be on the desktop, but the work will continue and the functions will not be limited in use. Second. the voice assistant will be completely removed from the system, respectively, even in restricted mode, you can not access it. The outcome depends mainly on the wishes of users, and in general other ways (about them we will talk further) achieve a positive result.

Similarly, the assistant is removed from the screen and the devices from Honor, Samsung, Huawei. In some cases the shopping cart is at the top of the screen, in others it is at the bottom. Much depends on the model and brand of the gadget. It is not necessary to show the assistant on the screen, the more the work is mostly done by voice control.

Learn more about Alice

The Russian voice assistant will become available to users in October 2021. The name “Alice” was chosen by internet voting.

Alice will help you dress for the weather, call a cab, tell you what’s in the picture, or just talk. Thanks to the use of neural networks, the program is able to learn to communicate as a live person. You can even play cities with Alice.

This assistant is integrated into other Yandex products, in particular, Yandex.Search, Yandex. Maps and Yandex. Music. Alice, like Apple’s Siri, can talk back, argue, express its own opinion, and sometimes even refuse to follow commands. Users also note that Alice is critical of Russian politics, understands slang and reads poetry.

How to turn off the Google Assistant on your smartphone

All users of Android smartphones in one way or another encounter the Google voice assistant, and it is not the fact that they actually use it at all: statistics show that only a small proportion of smartphone owners somehow work with this assistant.

As a rule, we can observe the following picture: the user tries the assistant for a while, makes sure that the efficiency of correct recognition of what the owner of the smartphone needs from the assistant is not too high, and then stops using the Google Assistant.

But the Google Assistant itself is still being used by the owner of the smartphone! It periodically listens to what’s going on around you, it collects and analyzes information about the user and his actions, it is often called completely by accident (many smartphones call the assistant with a simple gesture), and then it is not very quickly can be driven back. So, a certain amount of discomfort this creates. Also note that when the assistant is in the background, it consumes the resources of the smartphone and this affects the battery life.

So what to do if you do not use the assistant and it only disturbs you? Well, the obvious answer. Block the hell out of it! Let him sit there and keep his head down. We need to turn it on again. Well turn it on, it’s not a problem at all.

How to do it. I tell you below. This method is suitable for all Android smartphones, although there may be some nuances, I will write about them.

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So: go to Settings, there Google (Services and Settings). In Google services. Services in your account.

Then. Search, Assistant and voice control, there. Google Assistant.

There will be a long list, looking for General settings. And that’s where we turn off the Google Assistant. Oof, here we go!

However, not for all smartphones this means that Google Assistant will then be gone from your smartphone’s life forever and will never appear again. It won’t accept it that easily, so periodically you’ll see this message about the “Assistant” just waiting for a command to turn on and then go back into action.

How to deal with it? Here you need to search for the default app setting and in the voice assistant section change Google to “No”.

Settings. Apps and notifications. The default apps. There. Assistant.

Next, Assistant again and select No.

Note that the same pattern is observed in many other smartphones. For example, in my Asus Zenfone 7 Pro.

And for Xiaomi smartphones (with the MIUI shell) the way is a little longer.

Settings. Applications. All Apps. There. Top right menu.

In the menu. The default apps. Assistant and voice input.

In smartphones of other manufacturers the procedure to turn off the “Google Assistant” will not be different, but the procedure for turning off the voice assistant (so that the “Assistant” no longer speaks) may differ in detail, but the main thing there. find the default programs section, in them find Assistant, voice assistant or voice input (may be called differently). and that’s where to turn off the assistant.

After that “Google Assistant” will definitely not bother you anymore!

See how easy it is to disable it? I had to write an entire article with twenty illustrations.

How to turn off Talkback on your Android phone? talkback app on Android

You want to turn off suddenly activated voice guidance (Talkback)? This article will explain in detail how to do it in just 5 minutes. Many smartphone users have no idea about the existing “chips” of Android. One of them is the voice assistant. This feature is designed for those who can not see well. After its activation, the text on the screen will be voiced by a robot. However, it is not uncommon for users to accidentally turn Talkback on and then not know how to turn it off.

How to disable Google Assistant on Android

On most Android phones there is a default Google Assistant, a voice assistant that opens on “Ok, Google” when you hold down the button in the center of the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, and on some smartphones. with a separate hardware button. In this instruction, details on how to disable Google Assistant on Android.

We will consider the complete disabling the Google Assistant on any phone where it is present: the actions will almost not differ from model to model: both on a clean system, and on Samsung smartphones and other brands, the order of actions will be similar. Differences exist for Xiaomi and Huawei/Honor, we will also talk about them. Additionally, the article describes how to disable the separate assistant open button, if it’s present on your device.

How to see the recordings of voice requests and commands

  • Play the recording. To do this, click Details next to the audio icon Show recording Play icon.
  • If you see the message “Audio file transcript is not available” next to the voice prompt, it means that your microphone was turned off or there was noise interference during the recording.

    How to disable Google Assistant on Android

    Almost all Android phones are configured by default to work with the voice assistant. Google Assistant. Thanks to it you can find information on the Internet or enter text without touching the phone screen, but despite all its usefulness, users often want to turn off this function. Most often this intention occurs for two reasons: to save smartphone memory and battery power, and to save personal information (most people believe that it transmits information about users to Google services).

    How to disable Google Assistant

    This is not as difficult as it might seem, there are several options:

    Deactivate in Google account

    You need to go into the Google app and click on “”, it is located at the top right of the display

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    Next, go to “Settings” and select “Google Assistant

    Next, go to “General Settings,” toggle the “Google Assistant” slider to the off position.

    Deactivate the assistant in the phone settings

    Open the settings of your smartphone and go to “Applications”. You need to open the list of standard installed software by pressing the button in the form of three small dots, located at the top of the screen on the right.

    Open “Default apps” and under “Voice assistant” select the line with the word “No”

    These names of menus and items are used in the version of Android supplied by Google, different developers may have a different sequence, but the principle is the same, you need to find the section on voice assistants in the applications menu of your smartphone.

    Once Google Assistant is deactivated, it will not start a conversation by voice prompting “Okay, Google,” it will also not work when using gestures on the display and using the buttons. At the same time, you will still have the ability to use voice commands for the search bar, text dictation and other typical Android features.

    Deactivate startup by pressing the home button

    Often, the first method of disabling the Assistant will be enough, but for greater confidence you can remove the activation of the Assistant by using the “Home” button, so you will not see recommendations that you need to activate the Assistant. It’s worth noting that on different smartphones the path may look slightly different.

    Open the “Settings” menu of your smartphone and tap “Advanced Settings”, then tap “Button Functions” (in other Android variants it is called “Buttons and Gestures”).

    Open the “Run Google Assistant” section and select the “No” option.

    Turn off startup with the power button

    From your smartphone’s Settings menu, select “Advanced Settings,” then open “Button Functions” (called “Buttons and Gestures” in certain Android variants) and move the “Launch Google Assistant with Power Button” slider to the inoperable state.

    Disable recognition of the phrase “Okay, Google”

    After opening the Google app, select “” (located on the right side of the screen at the bottom) and expand the “Settings” menu, then open the “Google Assistant”. Under Voice Match, move the “Ok, Google” slider to the disabled state.

    This is another easy but effective way. You just need to delete all the updates of the Google Assistant. Undoubtedly, this method has one drawback, you will not be able to access some features that the Google app provides, they only function on some versions of Android.

    • Go to the “Settings” menu of your smartphone, then select the “Apps” section.
    • In it you will see “Manage applications”, select “Google” in the list of applications.
    • After you select the menu (looks like three small dots), click on “Delete Updates”.

    After all these methods Google Assistant will be deactivated. For certain smartphone manufacturers, such as Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, the execution path will look a little different:

    Samsung not long ago released an updated user interface, it’s called One UI. On smartphones that have the One UI or Experience operating system, the following path will work for you, to disable the Google Assistant call:

    Go to the “Settings” menu on your smartphone and select the section called “Applications.

    Next, you need to click on the button that has the shape of three dots, it is located on the right at the top of the display. Then you need to go to “Default Apps.”.

    The standard choice will be on “Google”, but in your case you need to check the option “No”, it will help to remove the functionality of the Home button.

    If you own a OnePlus phone and you want to deactivate Google Assistant from the “Home” button, then the following way will work for you:

    In the “Settings” menu, click on the “Applications” section.

    Expand “Default” and open Assist, then select “No”.

    The Assistant is always activated by default on all OnePlus Android smartphones. With the above steps you will be able to deactivate it, and the function will not be enabled when using the “Home” button.

    The manufacturer Xiaomi occupies a leading position among the well-known companies-manufacturers of smartphones. If you own a Xiaomi equipped with the proprietary MIUI shell, the following algorithm will work for you to deactivate Google Assistant.

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    Go to the “Settings” menu on your smartphone and open “Advanced Settings”.

    Select “Run Google Assistant” from this menu. Next, you’ll be presented with a list of options available to choose from.

    Click “No” of the suggested options to deactivate this function.

    There is another way for Xiaomi smartphones:

    Open the “Settings” of your smartphone, go to “Advanced Settings”.

    Then expand “Language and Input” and then in the “Keyboard Management” line, select the name “Settings”, then “Google Voice Input”.

    The next step is to put the “Voice Match Access” function in an inactive state.

    On mobile devices manufactured by Huawei (Honor):

    Presented this way of solving the problem: You can completely remove the Google Assistant function from your device.

    Go to “Settings” on your smartphone, and open the “Applications” menu;

    Next, open “Default apps” (this section can be opened using the gear icon or the menu at the top of the display)

    Then go to “Assistant and voice input”, then select “Assistant” and check the line with the word “No” to replace “Google”.

    ! Note: the location of some sections in the settings may be different, it depends on the installed Android version and on a particular smartphone model. In case you can’t find the function you need according to the described algorithm, you have an opportunity to use the search line in the menu “Settings” of your smartphone, typing the request with the word “Assistant”.

    Deactivating the Google Assistant will cause the button necessary for its operation to continue to function, in order to disable it, you need to go to the settings items described below:

    On a clean version of Android with the button activating the Assistant go to “Settings” of your smartphone

    Next, go to “System” and find there the item “Gestures”

    Set the slider of the line “Google Assistant button” to inactive state

    All Samsung Galaxy Phones: Stuck in Voice Assistant? How to Disable (Voiceover, Talk Back Repeat)

    On smartphones from Xiaomi, the path is as follows:

    Go to “Settings” on the smartphone, then open the line with the name “Advanced Settings”

    Then expand the section called “Button Functions” (Buttons and Gestures) and deactivate “Run Google Assistant.”

    On phones from Huawei (Honor):

    Go to “Settings” on your smartphone and tap on “Manage

    Select “System Navigation” and then “Gestures”

    At least one of the methods described above will help you deactivate Google Assistant. And, it’s worth repeating, you should always remember to search through the settings if the section you need is in an unpredictable place.

    Deactivating Google Assistant with the Home key

    A simpler way is represented by eliminating the helper through the standard navigation key of Android. You will not receive any further messages concerning the fact that you need to start the assistant. A number of items are suggested to complete the task:

    • Hold down the Home key on the smartphone display when Google Assistant is displayed;
    • Then at the top right you can see an icon in the format of a box, on which you need to click once;
    • In the new menu, select the settings option and then “Phone”;
    • The lever near the Google Assistant option should be moved to the opposite position to deactivate. Upon completion, the voice assistant will be stopped.

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    How to turn off Google Assistant on your Android phone

    Google’s proprietary voice assistant is installed by default on phones running the Android operating system. The virtual assistant is designed to make using the phone more comfortable and convenient. For example, it can tell you the exact time or answer the question you are interested in. The Home button is usually used to launch the assistant, but on some smartphones another item is responsible for this. Some users Google Assistant gets in the way, so they want to get rid of it. Let’s take a detailed look at how to disable the Google Assistant on the Android phone.