How to disable voice control on your iPhone


In some cases, owners of “apple” devices find that their VoiceOver option is turned on. It also indirectly applies to voice control. This application names the controls when you click on them, rather than performing the command you are prompted for.

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To opt out of VoiceOver, you must:

  • Open “Settings” on your cell phone.
  • Go to “Basic”. Find the “Universal Access” line there and click on it.
  • Open VoiceOver.
  • Turn the switch that controls the application to the inactive position.

Now you know how to turn off voice control on your iPhone. It is important to note that in order to successfully disable VoiceOver, you must press all buttons 2 times. Otherwise, the operating system will just call certain controls.

How to disable iPhone voice control

We tell you how to permanently disable Siri, the voice dialing feature, and VoiceOver.

Not all iOS users make the most of the system. For example, my friends don’t use voice features at all. And for those people, we decided to write a guide on how to disable the iPhone voice control.

We’ll be turning off the Siri voice assistant and an option called VoiceOver. Voice dialing disappeared back in iOS 9 and was completely replaced by Siri, so it’s irrelevant to talk about disabling it in this manual, but let’s go over it in order!

To enable caller name reading, open Settings, select Phone, and activate the Call Announcement option. To change the voice type, you need to change the Siri voice, because that is how the caller’s name is voiced. Go to Voice Assistant and change the language or gender.

  • go to Settings. Basic. Universal Access. Home;
  • find the Tapping and Holding section for pronunciation;
  • Check the Voice Control option.

How to disable voice control on iPhone

Not all iPhone and iPad owners are accustomed to using the voice features of their devices. Fortunately, disabling even the most annoying ones is pretty easy. In this tutorial, we’ve compiled ways to turn off all of the voice features on iPhone and iPad, including Siri, voice dialing (removed in iOS 9), and VoiceOver.

Tip! Siri on your iPhone and iPad can be disabled completely, even allowing the voice assistant section to disappear from your device’s settings. You can learn more about it in this manual.

How to turn off Siri

Go to the “Settings” menu.

Go to General → Siri.

Move the Siri switch to the inactive position.

How to turn off VoiceOver

If your device has activated VoiceOver for some reason, which causes it to speak into the system instead of tapping, you need to turn it off in the settings. To do this, do the following:

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Important: If you have VoiceOver turned on, you will need to press twice to perform the action. As a result of a single tap, the function will only say a description of the selected object.

Go to the “Settings” menu.

Select “General” → “Universal Access”.

If you enter the VoiceOver section, toggle the switch of the same name to the inactive position.

How to turn off voice dialing on iPhones running iOS 7 and iOS 8

On iPhones running iOS 7 and iOS 8, disabling voice dialing is done by activating Siri. Apple’s branded voice assistant will replace the voice dialing function, starting on holding down the Home button. Note that since iOS 9, the voice dialing feature has been completely replaced by Siri. It is impossible to disable voice dialing on iOS 9 and newer versions of Apple mobile operating system.

Go to the “Settings” menu.

Select “Basic” → Siri.

Activate Siri switch.

How to disable voice dialing on iPhone 4

On iPhone 4, running one of the versions of iOS 7, it is not possible to disable voice dialling by standard means. You can get rid of the function with a special tweak from Cydia called Disable Voice Control. All you need to do is to install the tweak and reboot your device.

How to disable voice dialing on iPhone 3GS

Rare iPhone 3GS users need to do the following to disable voice dialing:

Open the Settings menu.

Go to “Basic” → “Password protection”.

Move the “Voice Dialing” slider to the inactive position.

How to change voice control to Siri

Due to the peculiarities of the voice control on the iPhone, it is clear to many people that it will be more practical to use the Siri assistant.

If necessary, the owner of iPhone can easily change the remote control to Siri. To do this, you will need to:

  • Open the device settings.
  • Go to “Universal Access”.
  • Click on the “Home” heading.
  • Under “Press and hold to speak” select Siri.

After these steps, if you press the “Home” button, voice control will not activate. Instead, the Siri assistant will be called to help you set an alarm or perform another programmed task.

How to Turn Off Voice Control on an iPhone

On older versions of the operating system, the Voice Control option is called “Voice Input” instead. Keep this in mind when changing the assistant settings.

On iPhone 8 or earlier, go to “Settings” “Universal Access” and select the “Home Button” option. Under “Press and hold to talk,” select one of these options: Siri: Siri will respond when you press and hold the “Home” button.

How to disable Android voice assistant: all ways.Instructions on how to disable S Voice

  • Open S Voice by pressing “Home” twice;
  • Open “Menu” (top right corner of the app);
  • Select the “Setup” column;
  • Uncheck the “Open with the Home button” checkbox.

The iPhone Voice Assistant “Voice Over” was developed by Apple to help visually impaired people with visual impairments. It voices the graphical interface, helps with the following actions:

  • typing messages, text, notes, and speaking each key;
  • opening menu sections: names applications, components;
  • Clarification of reference information;
  • support for solving problems of a technical nature;
  • navigation, map applications;
  • dubbing texts, documents.
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Please note! Enabling the voice function changes the structure of the phone. To launch apps, for example, you have to click the icon twice. The first time you press the button, the program name sounds.

This feature can be a real salvation for some people. But sometimes a user starts it out of curiosity, or accidentally, and then can’t turn it off. How to disable voice control on the iPhone?

Disabling Voice Control on iPhone

By now hundreds of millions of users have their iPhones as their smartphones. The main reasons are obvious: perfect design, convenience, multifunctionality, status and various useful features. One of those very features is the voice control feature that iPhones (and iPod touch) support.

Voice control of an i-gadget helps you interact with your device by using your voice (just like Siri). This auxiliary program fulfills its purpose. Someone considers it convenient, but many conservative users it simply annoys. It is to the opinions of the second category of people, this article will focus more.

How to disable voice control, we will talk in the second part of the article, and firstly recall that since iOS 8-generation, the iPhone voice applications recognize Russian speech.

So in a few words, we’ll outline how to use your phone’s voice control feature. There are two ways you can manipulate your device with your voice. This is Voice Dial and the question-and-answer app Siri.

In addition, the word Voice/Voice is present in the VoiceOver voice function (in spite of the presence of the acronym, it is controlled by gestures).

Voice control on iPhone can be produced by means of the built-in microphone of the device, or with the help of a headset (or Bluetooth headphones). After you press the Home button, you must hold it down until you hear a beep. The Voice Control menu with four commands will appear on the iPhone screen (Siri menu microphone icon).

If you use a headset, you have to press Home until the Voice Control screen appears. It is advisable to give the app more information. For example, if you call a short name, add the last name. Or, calling someone who has several phone numbers saved in his contact, call the category of the desired phone (cell phone, home phone, office phone, etc.) and then tap.д.).

If there are problems with the function, you must check whether the protective cover (film), clean the microphone or turn off / on the iPhone itself.

It is important to remember that when using Siri, you cannot use the Voice Control feature. So here is a graphical guide on how to disable Siri. The way to do this is as follows:

  • Enter Settings;
  • Select the Main item;
  • Click on Siri and in the sub-item deactivate the function by moving the slider;
  • Confirm the action by selecting Disable Siri;

Now you can safely speak, control your device with the Voice Dialing function. For those who do not like this function, it is proposed to carry out the following algorithm of actions:

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How to Turn off VoiceOver (Talk Back) on iPhone X

  • Open on iPhone Settings. Password;
  • Select Enable password and enter a numeric combination;
  • Move the slider against Voice Dialing to the off position;
  • Select Turn off password; Confirm by selecting the applicable combination.

Now the function will not bother you. In this case, voice commands for music control will still be active. The lucky owners of iPhone 4, or the rarity 3GS, will have a harder time getting rid of this feature. To achieve this, you will need to abuse the i-device through jailbreak. After that, install the Disable Voice Control tweak, and activate it with Winterboard (as a theme). And after reloading, the changes will be activated.

As a little bonus, let’s describe the algorithm for disabling the VoiceOver function (voice guidance). In Settings you will need to choose Basic. Next, go to Universal Access, in the menu of which, click on the arrow next to VoiceOver. Sliding the slider to the left will prevent you from going crazy with the insistent voice coming from the device.

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Disabling Voice Control on iPhone 6 is easy

Voice Control is on almost every modern smartphone. It is also available on the iPhone. It allows you to make voice and video calls, play music, without a long search through menus. After updating iOS 8 iPhones “understand” the speech of Russian-speaking owners. Just do not confuse “Voice Control” with Siri this is a different service, although their principles are a bit similar. In addition, it will not work if you have activated Siri.

This option is often preinstalled and active. But many users simply do not use it, and long tapings on the “Home” button (in your or bag, for example), which initiate voice calls, lead to chaotic dialling. And it works even when the iPhone screen is locked. Of course, it is convenient when you are driving, t.к. You do not need to look for a long time in the contact book to find the right number. But at other times it is very annoying when the application misinterprets your speech as a command to action. So many people are wondering how to disable this app in the background?

How to Turn Off Voice Control on Your iPhone