How to disassemble the remote from your Samsung TV

disassemble, remote, your, samsung

How to open the remote from your Samsung TV. How to disassemble and clean remote control by yourself

Sometimes when switching channels you may notice that the buttons do not work well. This is the signal that the device needs to be cleaned. As a rule, the cause of incorrect operation of the remote control are the remnants of food, and sometimes spilled liquid on it: tea, juice or coffee. Of course, you have to eat in specially designated places, but the temptation is still great. So, let’s see how to disassemble the remote from LG TV in order to change channels and TV settings when you want, quickly and easily.

Cleaning of the elements

This is the most important moment of self-repair, other than that no other actions are impossible. After the device is disassembled, the chip is extracted, the moment of cleaning all these parts with a cotton swab and alcohol comes. Upon external inspection, it will become clear what is the cause of the malfunction, if you can see that the chip is damaged, further action should be aimed at replacing the remote. If not, it is enough to clean everything with a cotton pad and put it back in its place. It is important to know how to properly clean your TV remote control.

Buttons of the remote control

The rubber buttons are incredibly easy to reach. You need to shake them out of their seats. If they do not want to come out, you can press them from the front and release them.

Here now you can proceed to do what you have planned, such as cleaning this device, because you have already managed to cope with the disassembly. And this is one of the most important tasks in this process.

Important! To assemble the entire device in reverse order, lay out on the table parts in the order in which you remove them. It is desirable that on the surface, in addition to parts of your technique, nothing else is present.

Disassembly features of the touch panel

The touch screen remote control is disassembled according to the same scheme. Many companies equip their devices with modern remote controls with touch sensors. Despite the significant difference in the principle of control between conventional remote controls and sensors, the touch sensor on the Samsung TV does not interfere with the disassembly.

IMPORTANT! Take care not to damage the loops that connect the touch sensor to the board. Remove these parts from the plastic shell, treating the sensor as gently as possible.

Samsung TV and its competitors are equipped with approximately the same additional devices. Dismantling remote control from Samsung or any other brand is not difficult if you understand the general principle of construction of these devices.

Common malfunctions of the remote control

The most common causes of malfunction of the TV remote control are:

  • Mechanical Damage. Most often they appear in families with small children who can drop the remote control, throw it into the wall, drown it in the bathtub, toilet or in a bucket of water. In such a situation, you can get rid of the malfunction only with the complete replacement of the device. The new remote control should be kept away from children where they cannot reach it on their own;
  • Batteries. Television remote controls operate on batteries, which are inserted in a separate compartment. Before you disassemble the device, check whether the batteries are charged. To understand if the batteries that are already installed in the remote control are dead, just buy new batteries and replace them with the power sources that are in the remote control. If the remote control started working after that, then the malfunction was caused by a lack of charge;
  • Trouble with the chip. You can not fix this problem by yourself. A common failure of a chip is a contact failure, but more serious problems can also occur;
  • The fault lies in the buttons. It happens if the remote control TV a long time used, because during operation the gasket between the buttons and the chip is gradually depleted, which prevents normal use of the remote control.

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disassemble, remote, your, samsung

You can timely notice failures, if you pay attention to how the remote control looks like. If the body of the remote control is melted or cracked, it indicates that there may be problems that will lead to complete failure of the device, even if it still works.

If you notice failures in time you can fix them before they lead to the complete destruction of the device.

If the buttons do not react well, check the integrity of the gasket, which is located between the buttons and the chip. In order to do this you will have to disassemble the remote control.

If there are cracks in the housing, it is recommended to replace the remote control or use improvised materials that can fix the housing in its current position and prevent further propagation of the crack.

Useful tips

Warning! Before you begin the process, you’ll need to watch video instructions online on “how to disassemble a Samsung Smart TV remote”.

Faults remote control from the TV is not such a rare occurrence. Sometimes the problem is minor, like a stuck button. But this is not a reason to change the remote control. It is enough to open it and fix the problem. So how to disassemble the remote from your Samsung TV?

Samsung TV remote control: How to disassemble

To disassemble the remote control from the TV and do not damage anything in the process, you need to choose the right tools and control your movements.

Sequence of Actions

Simple instructions for opening almost any modern remote control:

  • Examine the remote control for fasteners. Some manufacturers remove some of the screws in the battery compartment. Remove the batteries;
  • Take a screwdriver of suitable size and remove all fasteners;

There may be a difficulty in the question. but how to disassemble the remote from the TV set LG, which has no screws? Note the joints on the sides of the device. You need to create gaps in the joints, then widen the slots and pry to remove the plastic casing. Instructions are step by step, with a description of the nuances:

  • Check the seams on the body. If they are glued together for security, use a knife or flathead screwdriver.Use them to pick up the edges of the case until the edges come apart;
  • To disassemble the remote from the TV Sony Bravia, as well as many other devices of this type, you need a knife to push back the latches located inside the case. Do not pull the halves of the case in different directions at once, go over the edges with a blade and feel for hidden fasteners. Gently squeeze them apart;
  • Use the plastic card to run it over the joints between the enclosures to finally unclench the plastic and open the remote control;
  • Take out the keypad;
  • Carefully unscrew the chip without removing the sensor;
  • Carry out the necessary manipulations for cleaning or repairing the product.

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How to open the remote control, if the plastic sits on the fixing screws and there’s no Phillips screwdriver nearby? Fasteners can be crimped with the tip of a knife. It will be convenient to take for this purpose a knife with a curved blade on the end.

Philips remote control can be easily removed even with a pair of tweezers. In phillips upper cover fastening can be a little sunk in the plastic back surface. How to disassemble the remote control in this case? Gently pry the cover along the joints, preferably not with a blade. The knife can scratch the cover and ruin its appearance.

disassemble, remote, your, samsung

Model rmctpj1ap2. original Samsung TV remote control.

The process of disassembly is not fundamentally different from the already described scheme. If you still can’t open the TV remote control, try pushing from the narrow edges to make the plastic slip out of the grooves.

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