How to disconnect facebook on your phone

How to delete the account from phone for good

If for some reason you need to completely delete your page from your phone, it is relatively easy to do and the steps are the same whether you use the official app for Android or iPhone, or the site opened via any mobile browser.

This instruction details how to permanently delete an account from the phone along with all the information on the page or, if you want, temporarily block it, as well as some additional information that may be useful in this context.

How to uninstall an app on your phone that won’t uninstall?

Next, in the settings, click on “Security” and find the “Device Administrators” item. Here you’ll see a checkmark on an app that won’t uninstall in the usual way. Just uncheck the box, then click “Uninstall.”. You can now uninstall the app in the usual way.

Press and hold the power and volume down button on your Android smartphone until it reboots.

How to unsubscribe from updates via SMS?

Yes, it doesn’t. On your phone, click the menu icon and tap “View Scroll a bit and you’ll find the “Recent” option. Tap to refresh the newsfeed to the latest updates.

How to mute notifications on your phone?

Registered users receive two types of notifications daily: push notifications and system prompts.

The first of these are private messages from friends on your smartphone’s locked screen, and the second are reminders about recommended friends or new posts in communities.

  • Go into the program;
  • Go to the Menu section by tapping ;
  • Scroll down and select “Settings and Privacy”;
  • Tap the “Settings” subsection;
  • Find “Notifications.”
  • Select “Notification Settings”.

Here you can selectively turn off the sound for each kind of notification: Комментарии и мнения владельцев, tags, requests, birthdays, groups, events, and more.

Scroll to the end, go to “Push notifications” and turn off the blue toggle switch. this will instantly remove the sound and vibration on all alerts from

If you need a serious break from FB then go to your iPhone management folder by the gear icon and then to “Notifications”. Among all the apps on your smartphone, find and tap on the icon. Disable notifications by tapping the green toggle switch. this will completely isolate you from the social network, and you can devote the free time to more important things.

Remember! Changing the settings in the app will change the settings in the messenger.

How to get rid of constant annoying notifications from Android (6.0)

If you don’t want to disable notifications in every group you subscribe to, here’s a more global way:

To set up push notifications on your cell phone or tablet in the app settings :

  • Tap “hamburger.”.
  • Select “app settings”.
  • Click “Notifications.”.
  • Choose which notifications to leave on and which to turn off in the app’s global settings.

It turns out that for the most part all the notifications can be adjusted in the settings of each group, or globally. We recommend that if you subscribe to a group, go straight to the settings of each such group, as described in the first option, and disable notifications. That way you don’t have to globally disable any notifications. as described in the second option, and you can see only what you’re really interested in.

How to remove “uninstallable” apps from your smartphone

To increase the attractiveness of smartphones, manufacturers put on them as many different programs as possible. That makes sense. We just take it and delete what we don’t need Stop.

It turns out that some programs can not be removed. For example, on some Samsung models it is impossible to remove (there is only an option to ‘disable’). The Samsung S9 is said to have “uninstallable” Microsoft apps pre-installed.

These smartphones are examples. The same problem with other models. Many have uninstallable programs from the manufacturer itself.

All of this needs to be cleaned up. Very rare examples of models with no unnecessary programs. For example when the first iPhone was released, Apple firmly fixed a bunch of installed applications, so the ATT carrier could not add their usual garbage there.

There is also the example of smartphones from Google starting with the Google Phone G1 in 2008, then the Nexus line and up to the current Pixel (Pixel 1, 2 and 3). They don’t have it either almost No junk, unless you count too many Google apps that are also considered supposedly system apps and are not completely uninstalled. Well, and a small number of third-party uninstallable apps. For example, the Nexus5 has HP Cloud Print hardwired into it. But more on that later.

In principle, by this logic and numerous applications from Apple on the iPhone can be considered as unnecessary garbage. To be precise, the iPhone comes pre-installed with 42 apps, not all of which are easy to remove: App Store, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Clock, Compass, Contacts, FaceTime, Files, Find My Friends, Find My iPhone, Game Center, Health, Home, iBooks, iCloud Drive, iMovie, iTunes Store, iTunes U, Keynote, Mail, Maps, Messages, Music, News, Notes, Numbers, Pages, Passbook, Phone, Photos, Podcasts, Reminders, Safari, Settings, Stocks, Tips, TV, Videos, Voice Memos, Wallet, Watch, Weather.

There are 29 pre-installed apps on Android, and some of them can’t be uninstalled by default: Android Pay, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Chrome, Clock, Contacts, Docs, Downloads, Drive, Duo, Gmail, Google, Google, Keep, Maps, Messages, News Weather, Phone, Photos, Play Books, Play Games, Play Movies TV, Play Music, Play Store, Settings, Sheets, Slides, YouTube.

Note: the method described below allows you to remove any of these apps.

However, we are not primarily talking about garbage in the default operating system, but other situations where a third-party manufacturer like Samsung fills your smartphone with a huge pile of uninstallable programs, ranging from their own proprietary applications, to programs and Microsoft. Other manufacturers do the same thing.

Why would they do that?? Well obviously because of the money. It costs money to install a partner program under an affiliate agreement. And to install the same programs in the form of unremovable. of a completely different kind of money. This is just a guess.

Although it’s just amazing. We pay hundreds of dollars for a Samsung phone! And they want to make a few bucks on affiliate agreements!

There is no way to remove an application

always stated that “disabling” an application is the same as removing. Although it (the app) will then take up some memory space, it should not show any activity or collect any data. But lately, people have lost so much confidence in the. that don’t even believe in it. Mol, then why it is not completely removed from the system?

And Microsoft has been making agreements with phone makers and carriers around the world for years. Financial terms were not disclosed. Also refuses to say which specific partners it has deals with oneplus apps.

However, they are “unbreakable” only theoretically. In practice it is enough to open ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and run a couple of commands.

The phone must have USB debugging enabled and the USB device driver must be installed on the computer.

pm list packages | grep ‘oneplus’ package:com.oneplus.calculator package:com.oneplus.soundrecorder package:com.oneplus.opsocialnetworkhub package:com.oneplus.screenshot package:com.oneplus.deskclock package:com.oneplus.setupwizard package:com.oneplus.sdcardservice package:cn.oneplus.nvbackup package:com.oneplus.wifiapsettings

Another option is to install a free application called Application Inspector on your phone. It will show detailed information about all installed applications, their permissions. In addition it can retrieve (download) APK files for any app you have installed.

To remove a specific package, run the following command:

For the “uninstallable” programs mentioned at the beginning of this article, it looks like this

By the way, it’s really better to uninstall apps from, because they collect and send to the company a huge amount of personal data about all aspects of your activities. To estimate the amount of data it collects, take a look at this chart. It compares what data different messengers collect about you: Signal, iMessage, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Messenger sucks literally everything it can. Signal on the other hand treats its users much more respectfully. It’s understandable: It’s a cryptomessenger focused on privacy.

I understand why in Android you can not uninstall the system applications by regular means. But the list of “system” applications is also ambiguous. For example, these packages can hardly be called system packages. But using the built-in tools, you can not remove them, only disable them:

over, the method is suitable for any system component at all.

and we permanently get rid of the built-in Launcher.

Note from the xda-developers forum. As for the system applications, they will reappear after a reset. This means they are not really deleted from the device, they are just deleted for the current user (user 0). This is why without ‘user 0’ the adb command doesn’t work, and this part of the command just tells you to do the uninstall for the current user only, but the cache/data of the system app will still remain in the system. And it’s good, because even after uninstalling the system app, your phone will still be able to receive official OTA updates.