How to display the iPhone screen on the TV

Connecting to different TVs

Not the least important factor is what brand of TV is used to connect the display content of an apple smartphone.

This possibility is definitely present on modern panels produced by LG, Samsung and Sony Bravia.

If you don’t know how you can connect your iPhone to your LG or other brand TV, check out the appropriate instructions.

How to connect an iPhone to a TV

You’ll need an HDMI and USB cable to connect. Plus, before setting up the connection, you must first turn off the TVs, regardless of brand, connect to them with a cable and only then turn on. Otherwise, it might not work.

Samsung TVs

First, about how you can connect your iPhone to a Samsung-brand TV.

There are several important features to remember. Namely:

  • For iPhone 11 and newer versions of the Apple smartphone display the image can be turned on by a simple swipe down on the touch screen.
  • The special application must be installed on both devices. Many Samsung TV sets have the AllShare app by default. If you don’t have it, you will have to download it from the Samsung company app store.
  • Parallel installation of the application on the smartphone. This can be MediaShare or All Share TV Cast.
  • Both devices must be connected to the same wireless network to work together.
  • In the application installed on your phone, you need to select a file and send it to the TV screen with a special button.
  • To exclude any hardware failures, use only high-quality cables. You will not be able to watch videos online or access the application. But if you install Jailbreak, you can bypass this ban. But in this case the warranty will immediately expire.
  • To play music from your iPhone on your TV, you only need to connect a standard audio cord.

Samsung TVs still have their own limitations. But it’s not that hard to connect.


On LG TVs, there is also a connectivity feature. But this largely depends on what specific TV panel model is used and what you want to display.

For normal replay or screen mirroring via Wi-Fi connectivity will be required:

  • Install on the TV panel the application from LG, which is called Smart Share;
  • download and install an app called Twonky Beam on your apple phone;
  • Click on Show or hide the visual indicator;
  • Select the desired video file on your smartphone;
  • As soon as the beaming sign on the TV goes out, the video will start playing on the big screen.

But more features these TVs don’t offer iPhone owners.

Sony Bravia TVs

As for Sony Bravia, here the manufacturer, even on the official website, states the ability to transfer images to their TVs from apple smart phones.

Duplicate the Wi-Fi Direct function and configure it on the device with iOS mobile operating system.

To set up Wi-Fi Direct to connect your iPhone to your Sony Smart TV, you will need to:

  • Make sure that the TV has an active and stable connection to the Internet;
  • Update the firmware on your Sony TV, or make sure that you are using the latest updates;
  • Connect a wireless USB adapter like the UWA BR100;
  • turn on the Wi-Fi Direct mode on the TV panel;
  • make a connection between the smart phone and the TV, specifying “WPA Key”;
  • Select a wireless Wi-Fi network in the settings of the iPhone, to which the TV is connected;
  • on the smart phone display, click on “Direct XX Bravia” to enter the security password;
  • Write the “WPA Key” that should be displayed on the TV screen on your smartphone;
  • Tap on the “Join” button, that is, “Join”;
  • Wait for the connection settings to complete.
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Once you’re successfully connected, you can go straight to playing your media content on your Sony TV.


Pairing opens up additional possibilities for the user.

  • When connected to the World Wide Web, you can watch high-definition movies on the big screen online. Also enjoy your favorite TV channels and live broadcasts.
  • Synchronization will be useful for creating your own videos and visual presentations.
  • If a powerful speaker system is connected to the TV, you can listen to music and other audio recordings through it.
  • Through the big screen, you can stream photos and images stored in your phone memory.

There are a number of features for connecting smartphones to TVs of different brands.

If you own a TV receiver from Samsung, you can connect your cell phone in the following ways:

Experts have tested each option and have found that for Samsung brand equipment, the best way is to use the DLNA connection. This option is considered the easiest, most convenient and effective.

When working with LG equipment, you can use any of the methods described above.

There is an alternative option. The company has developed a special application called Smart Share.

To make a connection, you need to do the following:

  • Open the program (this will open the window “Photos”);
  • find the desired gadget (in the menu on the left) and select it;
  • it is now possible to play files of different formats.

How to output video from iPhone to TV: cable, DLNA, Apple TV

“How to Output an Image from an iPhone to a TV?”. a legitimate question, getting the answer to which will help you enjoy photos and videos on a large diagonal device from Samsung or any other manufacturer. We’ll look at the basic ways of streaming video from iPhone to TV.

Connecting your iPhone to the TV with an HDMI cable or USB

It is a simple procedure, not expensive, but you will need to buy the necessary cords: cables and adapters. When you buy the right cable, remember that the iPhone new generation has completely different connectors (30-pin. for older models, 8-pin. all after the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5).

  • Connect the cable to the phone through the adapter.
  • Connecting to the appropriate TV jack.
  • Switching on the TV a suitable command: “Display picture from USB port” or “Display from HDMI port”.

Cons: Actually, the cable limits the movement of gadgets; in some cases it will not be possible to broadcast Full HD (older generation gadgets).


The creation of this technology has led to the ability to transmit any information, play online videos and duplicate the image of the iPhone screen on the TV.

An important requirement for this kind of connection is that the TV has support for the function. If it is not provided, you can use the AppleTV console or similar, their capabilities are described in detail below.

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Connecting iPhone to TV using AirPlay is as follows:

  • the device and TV are connected to the same wireless network;
  • Swipe down to open the curtain and find the item in the quick access. the duplication of the screen;
  • In the window that opens, find the Smart TV with which you are pairing;
  • After selecting the TV, its screen will display a window with the password that must be entered on the cell phone.

To disable the dubbing just open the curtain again and tap once on the AirPlay button.

How to connect iPhone to LG TV

You can connect your iPhone to the LG TV in several ways, depending on the model of your TV and the purpose for which you connect your smartphone.

All LG Smart TVs are equipped with Wi-Fi module so it’s easiest to connect an iPhone to the TV.

  • Install the free LG Smart Share app on your TV.
  • Install the Twonky Beam app on your iOS device.
  • Check the option show or hide the visual indicators at the edge of the screen.
  • Select the video file you want to output from your smartphone to your LG big screen TV.
  • Playback will start when the word beaming appears

An alternative is the iMediaShare app.

Connecting your iPhone to the USB input on your LG TV is easy, all you need is a USB cable from your iPhone. In this case, the device will also charge from the TV! But this connection will allow you to use the iPhone only as a storage device, you can view videos and photos stored in memory, but not to transmit live soccer game broadcasts or Skype video call.

If you have a special adaptor for your smartphone, you can connect it to the LG TV directly with an HDMI cable. The adapter for the iPhone with the old connector is called the Digital AV Adapter, for iPhone 5 and newer need the AV Adapter Lightning. Connect your devices with an HDMI cable, and then the connection should come on automatically. If not, activate HDMI as a signal source on your TV.

Connecting via another standard

If you have an older LG TV that does not have an HDMI input, you can still stream video from your iPhone to the composite input. You will need a USB AV cable (iPhone 4 and up) or a VGA Lightning adapter (for iPhone 5).

You can also connect your iPhone to your LG TV with special Google Chromecast or Apple TV set-top boxes.

How to connect your iPhone to the TV and configure the broadcast, committing a minimum of actions

No matter how functional the modern iPhone is, with a large screen and picture quality, it can not be compared with the TV. Watching movies, showing photos or videos to family and friends, playing games, etc. д. much more comfortable on the big screen. At the same time not everyone has the opportunity to connect the Internet to the TV, but one wants to perform the above described actions.

A great option is to connect your iPhone to the TV and display the image on it. To do it, in principle, is not difficult, it is only important to follow certain instructions.

What connects your smartphone and TV?

Find out how to connect your iPhone to your LG TV and get the best out of your LG TV. It is possible to connect TV in different ways, it opens a wide range of available additional functions:

  • View a wide variety of video content online. The user can run videos from YouTube, watch any movies, enjoying the high quality picture and sound. Watching movies from a big screen is much more convenient and enjoyable, now for this purpose is not necessary to buy a modern smart TV, if the house already has a smartphone.
  • Business goals. Using a smartphone one can organize various conferences, seminars, speeches online, and it is also more convenient to do this from a big screen.
  • Video communication with Skype and other common messengers. You can talk to your friends and family using the wide screen and good sound to communicate.
  • Play photos taken with your smartphone camera on your TV screen. It allows you to assess their quality and see even the smallest details.
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This is not a complete list of benefits for the sake of which it is worth to understand how to connect the iPhone to LG TV. Connecting can be done fairly quickly, using a variety of methods.

AirPlay picture streaming to a TV that supports the function

Some modern Smart TVs from Samsung, LG, and others (from about 2019 onward) support AirPlay, which makes it very easy to send images from your iPhone to your TV “over the air”.

The following is an example of using AirPlay on a Samsung TV and the process of connecting the iPhone for broadcasting (the official instructions say that both the smartphone and the TV must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to do this, but I have reason to believe that this is not necessary):

  • AirPlay is usually enabled by default on your TV (if available). But you can check the activation of the function. On a Samsung TV, the item you want is under “General”. “Apple AirPlay Settings” settings. Next, you just need to make sure that the AirPlay function is enabled (it’s better to leave the code request when you first connect, so that the broadcast doesn’t start with the neighbors).
  • To start the broadcast from the iPhone (the TV must be on at this point), open the control panel (top right swipe on the phone without the “Home” button and bottom swipe on the phone with one) and select the “Repeat screen.
  • In the list of available devices, select the device (TV) you want to broadcast to. The first connection on your phone will require you to enter a code that will be displayed on the TV screen.
  • The iPhone screen will appear on the TV screen.
  • On a Samsung TV, when you broadcast your phone screen by default, it opens in a separate “window” (Multi View mode). If you want to display the image in full screen, select the phone screen with the remote and press enter/confirm.
  • One more thing: if you have a video running on your iPhone and the streaming icon appears in the window, you can use it to start streaming that particular video.