How to distinguish the iPhone 11 original from the fake

How to spot a fake iPhone 11 by its appearance

Even at the stage of choice do not be lazy to go to a major electronics chain store and carefully examine the right model of iPhone 11. Pay close attention to such little things as gaps between the case, screen and buttons. assess the quality of materials, the fonts of the inscriptions on the back, press the buttons, check the smartphone in action and remember what the main menu items look like. This will serve you well if you are going to buy the device from a vendor without a track record, or if you buy it out of hand. If you are planning to buy iPhone 11 from one of the well-known online stores (and we are modestly including ourselves) then you probably do not need to check it, because the most careful selection was made at the stage of purchasing from suppliers.

Nevertheless, let’s continue the story of how to detect a fake iPhone 11 (Pro and the most tricked-out Max). Unlike the Chinese impostors, the manufacturer makes phone cases only of aluminum (no plastic, even of the highest quality), so the gadget should be pleasantly cool in your hand. Be sure to pay attention to the screen of the eleventh model, it has a distinctive black color. Gray display is an indication of counterfeit or replacement with a non-original part in a basement service. By the way, the developers have built into iOS 13 the function of detecting counterfeit parts. Smart warns the user about such substitutions, but does not impose any restrictions on use.

Often the subject of imitations is a previous smartphone model (namely, the iPhone X), which is passed off as the iPhone 11 by sticking a special sticker on the projection of the rear camera. Chinese craftsmanship is extremely similar to the triple optics of the latest generation Apple smartphone. It is equipped with transparent windows of existing cameras and quality imitation of additional modules. In this case, pay attention to the Apple logo. In the eleventh model, it’s mounted right in the center of the back panel, whereas on all previous phones, the bitten apple was shifted to the top edge.

A consumer who has dealt with an iPhone more than once is likely to spot a fake, even without opening the package. Apple is very careful with the smallest details, so the box with the new phone looks perfect. The packaging is made of white coated cardboard and has perfectly crisp corners and a strict geometry. The logo and model are embossed, not just inked. The back of the box comes with a sticker indicating the model, serial number, IMEI, and internal memory capacity. And yet the main indicator of originality in this case remains the package. Going to check the originality of iPhone 11 or 11 Pro, study what accessories the smartphone was equipped with the manufacturer. Apple packs a Lightning/USB Type-C cable for charging and switching the smartphone to external devices, a 5W AC adapter, a paper clip for the SIM card tray, EarPods headphones and documentation. The original iPhone cable is much softer than the fake one, and the plastic molding does not have the slightest defect. All components are individually packaged.

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Another quick way to spot a fake

A very simple and easy method. take your iPhone in your hands and go to the standard App Store app. Any, even the coolest Chinese iPhone will force you to go to Google Play, the app store for Android devices.

distinguish, iphone, original, fake

Beyond that, you won’t be able to find most Apple-branded apps on Google Play. Search for apps such as Keynote, iMovie, Pages, Numbers, Apple Store. if they are not in the store, it means you have a fake, not the original iPhone.

How to distinguish a real iPhone 11 from a fake

How to tell the difference between a real iPhone 11 and a fake

Apple manufactures the most popular and expensive gadgets of our time, such as MacBook one of the best laptops and iPhone the world’s most famous smartphone. And of course, dishonest entrepreneurs are trying to grab their share of the market, setting up production of copies of the coveted iPhone.

Of course, Chinese craftsmen have learned how to counterfeit products, but still they are very far from the originals. For example, the Android operating system instead of iOS, poor-quality screen and a slow sensor and much more.

A lot of unscrupulous sellers and stores pass off fakes as real smartphones from Apple, which are bought by gullible customers. Just for such people made a list of the first thing you should check when buying an iPhone.

How to distinguish a real iPhone from a fake

The development of technology gives us not only a cooler iPhone, but a lot of copies, which are sometimes difficult to distinguish from the original. To avoid getting into trouble, it is better to buy your iPhone only from authorized dealers. It will be more expensive, but safer.

If you do not want to overpay, you can try your luck and look for the best from the gray sellers. Just for starters, arm yourself with tips to help you avoid running into a fake.

There are two ways to distinguish a real iPhone from a Chinese copy: a simple one and a complicated one. Let’s start with an easy one.

Airpods Pro | Airpods 2. The main features of the original from the fakes

The Chinese have learned to make a really good quality fakes, which are difficult to distinguish from the original in appearance. Even the name is consonant APods Pro. So what is the difference and how not to be fooled when buying Airpods Pro?

  • A non-original product lacks the Designer by Apple in California inscription on the back of the case. What’s more, the metal stiffener is darker than the original;
  • On the back of the non-original case, the button to reset the connection will be more prominent. The charging jacks of both the original and the fake are the same;
  • Fake AirPods inside have oval notches for the headphones, while the original product has more round ones;
  • The lid of the original case is able to open 120 degrees, while the fake opens only 90 degrees;
  • Fake can be distinguished by the presence of LED indicator in the case cover, as the original Airpods Pro do not have such an indicator;
  • The fake is a couple of grams lighter than the original, but it is difficult to find any external differences;
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Detect non-original headphones from Apple can also be identified by two criteria: the contact area, which is located at the bottom of the accessory, and by the shape and color of nozzle for detachable nozzles.

Noise cancellation in the Chinese fake APods Pro, of course, no. In fact, this is the most common wireless headphones with fairly low sound quality. For little money and a similar appearance to the popular and trendy Airpods Pro, you’ll get hollow sound output and a lack of adequate bass.

Manufacturers of non-original headphones have gone to really great lengths to create an outwardly accurate copy of the Airpods Pro. However, they did not have enough money to provide a quality sound driver assembly.

The main thing that should first confuse the consumer is the low price of the headphones offered.

External differences of the iPhone 11 Pro Max from the original

If we consider the points on how to distinguish the Chinese iPhone from the original 11 iPhone Pro Max, you can not do it by appearance. The Chinese did their best, because the fake phone is almost no different in appearance from the original. There are minimal differences that can only be seen with a close look. Chinese version:

  • It may have a glass case that is colored dark green as well as a matte finish;
  • Case colors can be different. A fake is usually lighter in color than the original;
  • The tactile feel is also excellent. The quality of the clone suffers.

Pay attention! Outwardly it is difficult to distinguish between a copy and the original, so it is worth paying attention to internal components.

They Delivered me Fake iPhone?��| How To Find Real vs Fake iPhone in 2022

Can you tell the difference between the original and copy

One of the ways you can tell the difference between an iPhone and a fake is to carefully check its package, because it can also be used to determine the underground origin of the gadget. First of all, you need to check that the package contains the standard package for all iPhones. headphones, cable and USB-adapter.

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The original gadget is in an envelope of good, thick cardboard, which also has a special paper clip for removing and installing the SIM card, stickers and all the necessary documents.

Before buying carefully check all the accompanying documentation, as well as the quality of the adapter, cable and headphones. Try the headphones and cable to the touch. they should be soft and flexible, and the plastic material in their connector is perfectly smooth, with no burrs or bumps. Counterfeit iPhones usually have rough, hard and inflexible iPhone accessories.

Important! All branded accessories and components are carefully coiled and packed in individual polyethylene packages.

How to distinguish a refurbished iPhone

Officially remanufactured iPhones come in boxes that don’t have a picture of the gadget itself. The packaging is most often white. It is marked with refurbished, which means “remanufactured. Examining the packaging is a good way to tell a reconditioned iPhone apart.

How to Check if iPhone is REAL!

Information about the official recovery is also specified in the model of the device. You can see this information on the packaging, as well as on the gadget itself. Letters decoding:

iPhone 11 Fake/Clone. [Purple]. Things Are Getting Serious!

Alphabetical designation The device
M new device
F refurbished gadget
P personalized smartphone with engraving

The listed ways to distinguish a refurbished iPhone are true for the officially refurbished versions. In the underground gadgets have to look for indirect signs of second-hand. For example, the bolt caps near the charging connector can be plucked. Sometimes these smartphones have visible scratches on the body and display.


OEM-displays are considered original, but with a caveat. these are remanufactured originals. For example, a smartphone is broken glass, but a person decided to replace the display module completely, not just the glass separately. If the functioning of the display has not changed (no spots and distortions on the matrix, touchscreen works properly and the backlight is not backlit), the broken screen is restored by replacing the glass separately.

OEM quality display for iPhone 6 Plus

On such displays only original matrix (in some cases even backlight), all other components. copies, but this is not critical. Oleophobic coating is present, but slightly worse than on the Original 100%, color rendering is excellent, viewing angles. no complaints, the strength of the glass is good. Since OEM displays have a different bezel, they are allowed to have Chinese stamps as on copies.