How to distribute the Internet from a Samsung tablet

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How to distribute WI-FI through an Android tablet

Welcome to my blog! If you have a tablet or smartphone, you can easily turn it into a router and distribute Internet access to several computers at once via Wi-Fi. What it’s for? Imagine that you are resting somewhere in the countryside where there is no internet except 3G. And you have with you two laptops and an Android tablet or smartphone. That’s when you think about how to give wi-fi through your Android tablet.

Using the method I describe below, I connected laptops to a Samsung Ace2 smartphone and a Samsung Tab2 tablet. But you can make a hotspot from any smartphone that has a 3G module.

This article is written using the example of the tablet Samsung Tab2, but it’s little that changes for other gadgets. Just they can have different menu names or differently enable some functions. But once you understand the meaning, you will be able to understand any gadget.

In order to distribute the Internet via wi-fi with a smartphone or tablet, you must first connect it to the 3G network. To do this, go into the settings menu of the tablet and follow the path:

Settings Advanced Settings Mobile Networks

Next, you need to put a checkmark in the Mobile Data checkbox. Then we need to make a router out of the tablet.

To do this, go to the section Modem and hotspot.

Where we activate the module Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot AndroidAP.

Once the router mode is activated, double-click on the Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot AndroidAP to expand the menu of this module. You will see what is the name of your Wi-Fi network and the password to access it.

Now you need to turn on the Wi-Fi adapter on your laptop or computer and find your network in the list of available networks.

If you type in your password, you’ll have no problem connecting to it.

This way is very good when you need to connect several computers to the network. And even if you have only one computer and one tablet, it is better to connect to the internet through your computer, it is much more comfortable. The only condition for the connection is an unlimited rate on your smartphone, otherwise it will be a very expensive internet.

By the way, if you often use flash drives you should know how to disconnect them from the device correctly. This is to prolong the life of your gadgets. Good luck!

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For the first time I hear that you can give out Wi-Fi through the tablet, but now at least I will know that it is possible.

You could even share with a laptop. if a cable is connected to it

If you have a cable, it is easier to use a switch or a router to distribute the Internet.

Yes. But it happens that the router is not, but providers usually give them out, so it is not an option, I myself have the Internet via a router, and climbing through the laptop and smartphone

Android Tablet How To Connect To Wifi. Samsung Android Tablet How To Hook Up Wifi Internet Help

Konstantin, this is the first time I hear that providers give out routers, if they do not have them. Routers are purchased in the store, and the price difference is substantial.

Now providers are issuing both routers and set-top boxes to watch digital TV, for the sake of attracting customers, it is already the norm. They give out either in installments or as a gift, but on condition that you use their services.

Thank you very much, Yuri. I recently became interested in this question. I use a tablet to access the internet. Except that I do not have 3G, a 2G. It can also work? And the second question: How do you set up a wireless connection on a laptop. Where do I go, what do I turn on, and where do I type in these passwords?? I will be grateful for explanations.

Lily, to be honest you surprised me by the fact that you still use 2G connection. It’s a 90’s standard these days, not outdated, but virtually extinct. The standard GPRS technology, which is used by all cell phones, will be faster than 2G.

In this connection, the main thing is that your smartphone supports the router function, and 2G or 3G, it does not matter. The speed will just be very slow. As for the laptop, everything is simple. You turn on Wi-Fi on it and it will find all the networks that are in its range. As a precaution, you can go to the Wireless Networks menu and click on the line Refresh network list. Every laptop must have a button to turn on Wi-Fi, usually the function keys on the keyboard. You just need to look at them carefully. Or there is a button on the front of the notebook that you can turn on the wireless. Button to turn on Wi-Fi is denoted by a characteristic icon. You will need to enter the password in the box that will appear before you connect to the network. I will paste the picture in this article with the password window.

Yes it can not be that you have 2G, most likely you confuse something I think you have either 3G or GPRS as on mobile.

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I do not know exactly what kind of connection I have, but certainly not 3G, so I assumed that the 2G. And on the indicator of the Internet you see the letter E. This is what kind of connection?

This connection is EDGE, a kind of superstructure over 2G, but the letter E sometimes displays on the 3G. In general in two words it is impossible to tell. It is time for you to change the provider or the tariff. Now 3G, that’s the minimum it should be.

And you think I am on the ball with this provider )))). In our area only this more or less gets. So we have to put up with it.

I know the situation, unfortunately, we do not have network everywhere, in my village too almost none.

How To Connect A Wired Internet Cable To A Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 & Tab S7. USB C Ethernet Adapter

For a laptop would not be enough speed. I’ve been on my phone myself, and the speed is extremely slow

You live in the countryside? Sorry for the personal question.

No Lily, I live in the city. In the village, I spend my weekends, when I have time.

When I went to visit my parents in the village, I used a mobile Internet, of course the speed is lousy (max 56 kb / sec).), but I think if you do not download anything and just surf the net will do.

I can also download books. And to browse the Internet, of course suits me, in this respect is satisfied with the tablet.

With such a connection, you do not need a tablet to give out the internet. and on my tablet

distribute, internet, samsung, tablet

Vitaly, my speed in my village is 5-15 kb/second. be glad you have something

I have no devices on anodoid. I have an old and tested Nokia smart phone on symbian. I also have an app for sharing Internet via Wi-Fi on it. often comes in handy. Especially when you are far away from your home router

Hello Yuri. Autumn Monday, it is cloudy outside and I decided to criticize you I have a number of questions about the computer are waiting for a solution, and you write an article that is informative for general development, but who needs to give out Wi-Fi from a tablet? Why all computer wizards get off the ground and forget the problems they were interested in at the beginning. Every article you read on the Internet on computers is written for specialists, as if the correspondence between two or three academics I hope to encourage you to write articles for ordinary people. Good luck.

distribute, internet, samsung, tablet

Natalia, I will answer in order. 1. There are not many articles on the blog and it is not realistic to cover all questions. 2. What is wrong with your computer, I do not know, other than overheating there is something else? 3. It seems to me that I write understandable articles, or it seems to you that only a specialist would understand what I am writing about? 4. The answer to the question about Wi-Fi. The answer to this question is very trivial. I’ll let you in on a secret, some articles I write from personal practice. Or rather, after experiencing the issue or problem myself. And I think, since it helped me, maybe someone else will also be useful. I went to the country with my family, far away in another region. There’s no internet. Me, my wife and two kids, for two weeks and no Internet, it’s tinny. And how can I write articles and stay in touch?? Kids also need help. You know what kids are like now. So my dad set up his tablet with the Internet to all two laptops and a bunch of smartphones. Everybody’s fine and happy. The conclusion is simple, it needs a simple family, not programmers or technicians. 5. If you have any specific questions about computers, ask me what I can do to help. But you can’t write an article in an hour, you have no time to write it quickly. 6. As I understand it, the site is not enough articles for dummies, where the basics are described. Thank you for your opinion, I will take note.

Yuri, I really liked the article about Wi-Fi on a tablet. It is relevant to me, though I have not tried to configure it myself, all hands do not get to the laptop. You can not please all readers at the same time. Thanks for the article.

Yuri, of course, for dummies this is what you need. The others themselves know everything. This article is very useful, that’s exactly what I was looking for, thank you! Let me clarify. I am currently choosing a TV and I came across a model with built-in Wi-Fi, and since we live in the country and the Internet (3g) is only via a tablet (Android), then if I understand correctly, I can give the Internet from my tablet to the TV? Will it cost me any money?? In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to one of the articles on distribution, I read that all the funds had been withdrawn from the account. I have not tried to configure it myself, I’m afraid to always press the wrong button or put a blank checkbox and forget about it!

I would not say that for dummies, many experienced users do not know, and those who know about such opportunities, they do not know how to do it!

Yes Olga, the TV must be able to catch your wi-fi network. I have to pay for the internet, but the question is how much? If you have an unlimited rate, the payment will be fixed, 500-600 rubles per month. If payment is based on traffic, then of course you will go broke on this kind of Internet. There are tariffs where the normal speed is given within a certain traffic, for example, no more than 100 MB per day or 3GB per month, and then the speed drops. You can’t watch a lot of content with that kind of tariff either. You need an unlimited package plan for your TV which has no traffic limits. But anyway 3g may cause some inconveniences when watching TV, videos can freeze, more or less normally it will be possible only to view sites.

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Yuri, I have unlimited Internet at 3GB per month.100 channels of TV from the provider regardless of the traffic. The TV is for the kitchen, so I listen more than watch. May be silly question, just never had to deal with Wi-Fi. For streaming, the tablet must be switched on all the time? And if it goes to sleep mode? And the distribution must be set up every time or just turn on and off somehow?

Sleep mode it will not prevent him to giveWi-Fi, but include it in the network, and it quickly runs down. 2. Razdacha not need every time you set up, once configured, then you just connect to the network and that’s it.

Got it, I’m sorry. Saw a Russian advertisement about a high-speed connection to a tablet. In Ukraine, we have a small speed on the SIM card, so I thought, what else can it give out

Acknowledging a mistake is expensive ;). In our area I have a weak cellular network, but the Internet is only available to me from the tablet.

I live in a village. My friend converted the USB modem to our specifics t.е. took the cable out and connected to an external antenna. great catch. friend is satisfied

Galaxy TAB A: How to Connect to Wifi Internet Network

I have an external antenna. So if I buy a router and connect the cable from the antenna to it, the router will distribute the internet to the tablet and laptop? And the laptop to the antenna can be connected using some means? To get internet without wi-fi.

Here I can not tell you, because I do not know what kind of antenna you have. To have internet without wifi need wired internet. How it will be connected to your home, it does not matter. You can go via satellite, over fiber optics, over twisted pair And at home through a twisted pair to the router.

The external antenna can also be from a computer network card. that supports wi-fi

Is it not necessary to distribute the address to the devices connected to Android? In the photo Android has WPA-2 encryption, which surprised me. Probably the standard picture. I think that the encryption is still WEP.

Good stuff) And with a smartphone can be so that a tablet in the country to sit in the internet?

First of all we activate in the settings menu Wi-Fi. Next, the settings you need are hidden in the item Data transfer. There you need to click on. then enter Modem mode by clicking on the inscription. The next step is to select the sub-item Wi-Fi Access Point.

Open the settings of your smartphone. Under “Wireless Networks” (“Network”) find the “Modem Mode” (“Modem and Access Point”) item. Activate the USB modem. A new network with internet access appears on your computer.May 21, 2019.

How to Share Internet from an Android Smartphone via Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth

Today we will tell you how to share your Android smartphone via Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth, and how to connect to it on other devices.

And if with the distribution everything is simple enough. it is implemented with the standard functions of Android, then to connect you need to make some settings. Read more about this in the article below.

Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable, go to Settings Wireless Networks Modem Mode and activate the option USB-Modem. When Windows has finished detecting the device, a new LAN connection appears in your computer’s network connections.

  • Open the Settings of your iPhone and select Modem Mode.
  • Click on the Wi-Fi password field. Here you will find the name of the Wi-Fi network the iPhone will create.
  • In the Password field, enter the password you want. It must contain at least 8 characters. When you finish entering, select Done.

How to share the Internet from phone to tablet and vice versa. Settings for Android and Apple

Most mobile devices support internet streaming. It is a quick process with the same principle on all operating systems and models. So you won’t have any problems with how to share the internet from your phone to your tablet.

Sharing internet from your phone to your tablet can be useful in many cases. For example, you need to do some action on the web, but necessarily through your tablet. This is also how you can share your tablet‘s Internet connection with your smartphone or computer.

The principle of distributing Internet from a smartphone is that the phone becomes a wireless network access point. This is done using a 3G or 4G mobile connection.

Therefore, it is possible to share the Internet from the phone only if the SIM-card has a positive balance and Internet traffic.

Important! Mobile service providers have separate billing and speed limits for data sharing. You need to know if your active tariff supports this feature, and if there is no extra charge for it.

Most plans have no extra charge, but there is a limit to how much you can charge just for uploading. So if your smartphone is connected to the network, but when the access point is active, the tablet connects, but does not go to the World Wide Web, then the problem is clearly in the tariff.

How to Share Internet from a Samsung Phone to a Tablet?

Almost all Android phones have the ability to distribute Internet via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB, and Samsung smartphones are no exception. This guide will show you in detail how to distribute the Internet from your Samsung Galaxy to your computer, laptop or other phone by all the available methods. In the examples I used the Galaxy Note with Android 10, but it will be the same on other actual models.

If you’re interested in the same for pure Android devices without One UI features, it’s in a separate guide How to Stream Internet via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/USB on Android.

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How to give out internet from your Samsung phone

How to distribute Internet from Samsung Galaxy via Wi-Fi

The easiest way to distribute Internet from your phone via Wi-Fi to your computer, laptop, tablet, or other smartphone. Keep in mind that only mobile Internet (received from the service provider) can be distributed via Wi-Fi, the process itself looks as follows:

On your Samsung smartphone, go to Settings. Connections. Mobile hotspot and modem.

At the top, turn on “Mobile hotspot”. If you’re told that you need to disable Wi-Fi to do this, agree (since we can’t give away an existing Wi-Fi connection this way, as I mentioned above).

In order to change the network name, find out or change the password, click on “Mobile hotspot” and enter the required data instead of the standard ones.

You can then connect to the created wireless network from any other devices and use your phone’s mobile Internet from them.

A few nuances that may be important in the context of distributing Internet via Wi-Fi from your phone:

  • Do not forget that for the Internet to work, it is required that the mobile Internet must be connected and active.
  • Some service providers at some tariffs block the possibility of distributing the mobile Internet from your phone to other devices.
  • If you need to quickly connect another phone to the Internet, you can tap the QR code icon at the top right in the mobile hotspot settings on your Samsung and scan the generated code with another smartphone.
  • If your tariff has limited traffic, keep in mind that by connecting your PC or laptop to the created access point you can quickly use it up (for example, if OS updates start to be downloaded).

Internet Sharing from a Smartphone to a PC via USB

Unlike the previous method, by connecting your Samsung phone via USB to a computer or laptop you will be able to distribute not only the mobile Internet, but also the network access received via Wi-Fi connection, using your smartphone as a Wi-Fi adapter. The steps will be as follows:

Connect your phone with a USB cable to your PC or laptop.

Once connected, go to the notification area on your phone and tap on the USB connection notification.

Select “USB modem”.

Windows or another OS will configure the new device (your phone as a modem).

In the list of connections on the computer (WinR. ncpa.A new Ethernet connection will appear. If it is disabled, right click on it and select “Enable”.

If the network is still in the “Disabled” state, on your phone, go to Settings. Connections. Mobile hotspot and modem, disable and then re-enable the USB modem item, the network will become active and the Internet will be available.

Sharing the Internet via Bluetooth

And the last method: using a Bluetooth connection. Its main disadvantage is the relatively low speed of connection, as well as the instability of the work (and sometimes the inability to connect) for many users. The procedure is as follows:

On your Samsung phone, go to Settings. Connections. Mobile hotspot and modem.

Connect via Bluetooth from another device, and in the case of Windows 10, simply pairing the device via “Settings”. “Devices” may not work.

After that you will need to right-click on the Bluetooth icon on your computer, select “Connect to private network” (or go to Control Panel. Devices), right-click on your smartphone in the list of devices and select “Connect via”. “Access point” or “Direct connection”. The phone may ask for permission to connect in Bluetooth modem mode.

In the list of available connections (which you can open with WinR. ncpa.cpl) you should see an active “Bluetooth network connection”.

As a rule, Wi-Fi or USB sharing from Samsung phones usually works without any problems. Bluetooth connection isn’t always smooth, but hopefully if you need it, it will work out.

To do this, go to the settings and find the section for the Internet. In the access point settings there is an opportunity to select the range of Wi-Fi frequencies. If it has 5.0 GHz, so the smartphone supports this technology.

  • To turn your smartphone or tablet into a wireless router, open “Android Settings” → “Wireless Networks” → “” → “Modem Mode” → “Wi-Fi hotspot”.
  • Turn the Wi-Fi modem switch to on.
  • Be sure to set the access point security (we recommend WPA2 PSK) and password.

The first thing to do is to insert the SIM card into the tablet/smartphone and configure the Internet (I recommend to ask your operator to provide you with the necessary settings to configure the Internet). Once the Internet is up and running, you can start setting up Wi-Fi distribution.

Once your smartphone is connected, open its settings and under Wireless Networks, select You will be taken to the Advanced Settings section, where we are interested in Modem Mode. Check the box next to USB Modem. As a result, a new connection will appear on your computer.

  • Open the “Network Connections” folder (as above) and double-click on the “Wireless Network Connection” icon:
  • Select your wireless network (in our example, the QWERTY network) and click Connect:
  • Enter your access point key twice and click “Connect”:
  • Swipe the screen from top to bottom.
  • Make sure that Wi-Fi is enabled on your device.
  • Click on the Wi-Fi icon. and hold it down.
  • At the bottom of the list, select Add Network. Specify network name (SSID) and other security settings if necessary.
  • Tap Save.