How to download music on huawei

How to install Widget on the desktop screen of Honor and Huawei

Widget. an application presented in an illustrative format. This is an informative element that encapsulates useful data that has been obtained during the operation of a particular application. The most relevant Huawei and Honor widgets: weather, date and time, moon phases, small notes, etc.д.

They are distinguished by the fact that they can be placed virtually anywhere on the work screen. To activate edit mode and make changes, such as adding a new icon or removing an icon you don’t want, you will need to put two fingers together on the screen. You can also open edit mode by pressing your finger on any free space. After that, the following icons will appear in the lower half of the display:

How to connect a Huawei watch to your phone?

Open the Huawei Health app, go to Devices Smart Watch and select the device you want to pair with. Press SPEED and the app will automatically search for nearby Bluetooth devices. After detecting the watch, click on its name to start pairing.

On your smartwatch, open the Google Play Music app and go to Settings. From the settings menu, select “Download to Android Wear. After checking the box, music tracks will automatically be transferred to your smartwatch.

How to play music on your phone in order?

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How to download music from your computer to your Huawei phone?

So, the first thing we have to do is to go to SMS (Messages). The next step after logging in is to press the touch-sensitive (mechanical) “Options” button (“Menu”) and select one of the items, namely “Settings”. Next, go to “Notifications” and select “Ringtone” (Notification Sound).

Where to Download Music on Android?

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Top 10 Best Sites to Download Music for Free in 2020 Reviews

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  • Zaycev
  • Website
  • Site
  • Site zvuki.For more information see.
  • Funkysouls
  • Lastfm
  • yourmp3 site.Net.

Page 119: Playing back songs

Copy your favorite songs to your phone before listening.

Copy songs from your PC using a USB cable.

Copy songs over Bluetooth. For more information see. under

Copy songs via Wi-Fi Direct. For more info see. at

Sort songs by category or use keywords to quickly search for songs.

, To find and view the songs stored on your phone.

You can sort songs by name, artist, album name

or folders. To find a specific song, press

enter a song title, artist, or album name.

“How to download music on Honor and Huawei?”. a frequent question of owners of smartphones from these manufacturers, who want to listen to tracks on their mobile device. The implementation of the task has several options. use another device or download the playlist with the phone online. About how to activate these ways, their advantages and disadvantages in this article.

Where is the best place to download music on Android?

Check out our selection of the 5 best apps to search, listen and download free music for Android5 best Android apps to download and listen to music for free

Top 10 Best sites to download music for free in 2020 Reviews

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  • Website
  • The site
  • Site
  • Zvuki
  • Site
  • Lastfm
  • The site

How to Download Music on Android

Level of difficulty: for beginners. The smartphone has replaced many devices, including portable music players. Memory cards of mobile gadgets can hold huge audio libraries, capable of entertaining their owners for many hours. In this article we will tell you how to download music to your smartphone running a mobile operating system from Google. There are several ways to do this, and each method can be convenient in one situation or another.

Directly connecting your smartphone to your PC

The easiest and most obvious way to copy music from your computer to your smartphone is to connect the device to your PC with a USB cable. All modern Android smartphones support the MTP data transfer protocol, which allows you to simultaneously access the internal and external memory (memory cards) of your smartphone from your computer and from the device itself, that is, you do not need to unmount the memory card before connecting to a PC.

Most Android devices offer the user to choose the method of connection to the computer when connecting the cable to it. If the corresponding pop-up window does not appear automatically, you can usually open it through the notification panel by clicking on the appropriate item.

After selecting the MTP protocol, access to the memory of the smartphone will be available through the file manager, for example, in the Windows 8 operating system the smartphone appears in the “Devices and drives” section. Thus you get direct access to the contents of both the internal memory of the device (with the exception of the system partition), and to the memory card, if available.

After that it is enough to copy the necessary files from the computer to any folder on your smartphone. You can select any location, but to make sure the audio player indexes new songs, we recommend that you upload music to the “Music” folder in the internal memory of your smartphone or on a memory card.

Via the memory card

If your Android smartphone supports memory cards, you can download music and other files directly to it by connecting it to your PC with a card reader, either external or, for example, built into your laptop.

The file transfer process is almost the same as when connecting a smartphone via cable: the memory card with the entire file structure is also available through the file manager of Windows 8. After you move your music to the memory card, it is removed from the card reader and inserted back into your smartphone.

Via the cloud

If your music collection is stored in a cloud service, it can be downloaded to your smartphone without direct involvement of the PC, and the only thing that matters is Internet access. There are many different ways to do this, but the method we propose has versatility because it is suitable for services such as Box, Google Drive, Yandex.Disk, Bitcasa, Sugarsync, MediaFire and, of course, Dropbox, which we will use as an example. For this, we will need to download the free application ES Explorer from Google Play.

First of all, you need to connect the cloud service you use for storing music to ES Explorer. To do this you should open the program, go to the side menu, go to the section “Cloud storage”, click “Add” and select the desired service. After that, you only need to enter your credentials.

After synchronization, all of your folders from the cloud service will be displayed in ES Explorer. Now with a long tap you can select the desired folder and click on the “Copy” button on the bottom toolbar. Then go to the desired location in the internal memory of the device or on a memory card and paste from the clipboard. This will start the downloading process, the duration of which depends on the number and size of files, as well as the quality of your Internet connection.

It is possible, of course, to think up and implement dozens of other ways to transfer music to your smartphone, but even the methods listed above will be enough for beginners who want to replenish the music library on their device.

UPD 1. User playa_ws reminded us and described in detail how to download music through the application Google Play Music. This is really extremely convenient.UPD 2. Advanced users can use the method proposed by berkutsoft which involves transferring files via FTP using ES explorer.