How to drop data from iPhone to iPhone

How to upgrade to the new iPhone 13 with a quick initial setup?

With the release of iOS 14, Apple has improved the quick install feature. Users can now directly transfer their data from one iOS device to another without any problems. Once both devices are connected, you can choose what you want to transfer. Ideally, you can transfer all kinds of data such as contacts, messages, apps, photos, videos, notes, bookmarks, call logs and so on. However, before you transfer your data to your new iPhone 13, make sure that you have met the following prerequisites:

  • To perform a wired transfer, both devices must be running iOS 11 or later. You’ll also need a USB to Lightning adapter to connect both phones.
  • Both phones must be running iOS 12 for wireless transmission.4 or newer version. The Bluetooth function must also be turned on.
  • Both devices must be in close proximity to each other.
  • When setting up your iPhone 13, make sure you use the same Apple ID on it as you did on your previous phone.

After completing these basic requirements, simply follow these steps to learn how to upgrade to the new iPhone 13.

First, turn on your iPhone 13 and do the initial setup using the same Apple ID. If you want to do a wired transfer, make sure that both devices are connected.

While you are setting up your new device, the option to transfer data from your iPhone will appear in the Quick Start window. Simply click on it to transfer data to the new iPhone 13 from your previous iPhone.

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The new iPhone 13 will search for your previous device. Once discovered, you’ll get the following prompt on your existing phone. Simply confirm your Apple ID and click the “Continue” button.

An animation will appear on the new iPhone, and the scanner option will run on the existing device. Simply place the old device over the iPhone 13 to scan the animation.

That’s it! Once both devices are connected, you can select the type of data you want to transfer and start the transfer process.

How to transfer iPhone apps to another iPhone using Family Sharing

Family Sharing. is an iPhone feature that allows you to share music, movies, books and apps among family members.

The apps here are most apps from the App Store, but in-app purchase apps are prohibited for use by family members.

Family Sharing only works on devices with iOS 8 or later.

Any DRM-protected apps previously downloaded from this account will no longer be used by family members.

Check the shared apps

2 Find the app you want to share.

3 Scroll down from “Details” to see if “Family Access” falls under the “Yes” or “No” category.

Create family sharing

To share apps from iPhone to iPhone, you must first create a family member. Check this part to create a family by adding a target iPhone Apple ID.

Sharing iPhone apps with Family Sharing

1 Share purchased apps from the same iPhone.

On the original iPhone, go to Settings “Your Name” “Family Sharing” Tap on your name View your account information under “Family Shopping” Enter your Apple ID and password to confirm shared apps and “Share My Shopping” is enabled.

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2 Downloading apps from family members to another iPhone

On the other iPhone, log in to your Apple ID and open the store app. Go to the “Purchased” page.

How to transfer data to a new iPhone | Apple Support

For the App Store: tap “Updates” “Purchased.

Find the original iPhone name from “Family Shopping” Find the app and click the download button to get apps for your other iPhone.

How to transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone 12 using Quick Start

When you get your new iPhone 12, you can use quick start to quickly configure your new device. With Quick Start, you can transfer all data, including phone settings, from your old phone to your new iPhone 12. This feature works with Bluetooth and your Apple ID, so make sure Bluetooth is enabled on both iPhones and that they are within Bluetooth range before moving apps from one iPhone to another.

Place two iPhones in a Bluetooth range and turn on Bluetooth.

When your two iPhones are paired, the animation will appear on your new device. Use your old iPhone to scan the animations on your new iPhone.

Enter the old password on the new iPhone to start transferring all content. It will take a few minutes to complete the process.

Note that this method will transfer all content and apps from the old iPhone to the new iPhone. If you want to transfer one app from your iPhone to another, you can try AirDrop.

How to transfer files from iPhone to PC using Windows Explorer

Step 1 Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable and open “My Computer” on your computer.

Step 2 In “My Computer,” you can see the iPhone icon in the “Portable Devices” list. Double-click it to open and go to “Internal Storage” where you will find all your files.

Step 3 Copy or Move Your Files to a Folder on Your PC.

How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone

Most of those who love Apple devices. They regularly update their devices. They invariably have the problem of how to transfer data to a new iPhone. To do this, the manufacturer has provided several options. But first, you need to make some preliminary preparations:

  • Break the connection of the Apple Watch with the old smartphone;
  • Back up your data;
  • Recall your Apple ID account information ;
  • Insert the SIM card into your new smartphone.

Now all you have to do is choose the appropriate way to copy the information and use it.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone

Read how to quickly and easily transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone. Using software or cloud storage, it is very easy to send photos to another iPhone! Most owners of modern smartphones are happy to capture moments of their lives in photos. They want to share with their friends and family. For this you need to know how to transfer photos to another Apple device correctly. There are proprietary methods and third-party applications that are suitable for this problem. Here are the instructions on how to transfer photos from iPhone.

How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone with MobileTrans. Phone Transfer

MobileTrans. Phone Transfer. is a powerful program that provides an ideal platform to transfer data or other files to Android, iOS and Windows devices. Intuitive and user-friendly interface allows you to transfer all kinds of data from your old phone to your new one without any problems. If you want to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, from Android to iPhone, from iPhone to Android, from Android to Android, from Windows to Android/iOS and vice versa, MobileTrans. Phone Transfer will do it for you. In just a few simple steps, you are sure to transfer everything you want to transfer to your new phone. The steps below demonstrate how you can transfer data from iPhone to iPhone using MobileTrans. Phone Transfer.

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Tap the MobileTrans icon. Phone Transfer to run the application on your computer. From the options presented in the interface, select the Phone Transfer option.

Connect the two iPhones to the computer via a suitable storage device, such as a USB cable. After connection, the program will automatically display two iPhones as “Source iPhone” and “Target iPhone. If the phones are displayed in the wrong positions, just click the “Swap” button to select the correct status of the phones. This is necessary because the data will only be transferred from the source to the destination device for data transfer.

In the file list above, select the checkboxes corresponding to the data files you want to transfer to the new iPhone. Press “Start” to start data transfer from one iPhone to another. If you want the software to get rid of any data on the target iPhone before performing the transfer, simply select the “Clear data before copying” option. Do not disconnect the two iPhones from the computer under any circumstances while the transfer process is in progress.

The process will complete in a few minutes. Select the target iPhone and make sure that all of your selected data files have been successfully transferred.

How to transfer data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone without iCloud and iTunes

When the setup screen appears on the new iPhone, hold your old iPhone up to it. The “Quick Start” screen will appear on the old iPhone. Press “Continue” and sign in with Touch ID or Face ID.

To link smartphones, you need to scan the screen of the new smartphone with the old one. If the camera on your old smartphone doesn’t work, you can authorize manually.

Enter the password from the old iPhone on the new iPhone. After that, set up Face ID/Touch ID on the new smartphone.

Now you can transfer your data from your old iPhone or use iCloud to restore from a copy. Both options will indicate the time it will take to complete the process.

Choose the option to Transfer from iPhone. To use the wired data transfer method, select Other options at the bottom of the screen.

Continue the setup process, and then the data transfer process will begin. It may take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or two.

Do not move your smartphones away from each other until the process is complete.

How to transfer an app from iPhone to iPhone

Unfortunately, Apple developers have not provided many ways to transfer programs from one Apple device to another. But there are still some.


Let’s say you’re moving from one iPhone to another. In this case, it is optimal to create a backup on the old gadget, which can be installed on the new one. This task is easily accomplished using iTunes.

    First, you’ll need to create the most recent backup of your old smartphone. Learn more about this on our site.

3D Touch

One of the technologies introduced in the iPhone since version 6S is 3D Touch. Now, by tapping more forcefully on the icons and menu items, you can bring up a special window with additional settings and quick access to functions. If you want to quickly share an app with another iPhone user, you can do that.

  • Find the app you want to your desktop. With some effort, tap on its icons, and then a drop-down list appears on the screen. Select “Share.

App Store

If your phone doesn’t have 3D Touch, don’t feel bad.

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    Run Up Store. At the bottom of the window, go to the “Search” tab, and then enter the name of the app you are looking for.

So far, that’s all the ways to send an app from one iPhone to another. We hope you found this article useful.

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Games do not copy. м.Maybe I forgot to check the box somewhere

help how to transfer a paid app if it’s purchased on one device and you just want to transfer it to a second device?

There is no such an option. The only thing you can do is to sign in to your second iPhone with the same Apple ID that you used on your first iPhone, install the application you purchased on it, and then run it. You can then exit the account and log in to the one you used before. But in this case, the application will not be updated and, perhaps, sooner or later it will stop working. To fix these problems, you will need to log back into the account for which it was purchased.

I can install tricolor movie apps on my Apple 4k iPhone

Can I install the tricolor movie apps on my Apple 4k set-top box using my iPhone?

Hello. This app can be installed on Aplle TV through it itself and not from the iPhone. You can do this by following the link below, or you can find Tricolor Film & TV online in the App Store installed on the device.

If you want to install this application using your phone, search for “App Store” in the settings of the phone and, in the Automatically Downloading block located at the top of this section, turn the “Applications” radio button to the active position, and reinstall the Tricolor Film & TV online on your iPhone. After that it will appear on Apple TV. But keep in mind that after performing this action, all the supported applications that you put on your phone will be installed on the device, which is not always convenient. So after solving the problem it is better to disable this parameter again.

Please tell me if you transfer all the data from an old phone to a new one, the paid applications and everything that is in them will also be transferred without loss?

Olga, hello. There is no need to transfer literally anything, just back up your data on the old iPhone, then log in to the same Apple ID account that was used on the old one and either wait for the automatic data recovery from iCloud, or, if that does not happen, run this procedure manually. You can use the first method from this article, but it is easier and more convenient to perform the actions suggested in another article on our website. This way you will transfer both data and applications, including paid ones.

Hello, accidentally updated the app. I don’t need to update, is there any way to roll the app back??

nothing worked and in general just so everyone knows) from Apple to Apple you can’t transfer an app, thank you all for reading goodbye

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