How to enable a second line on your iPhone

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The latest generations of all Apple Smart devices have a built-in “Continuously” or “Continuously” feature. With its help the details of some applications, configuration settings, calls and text messages can be duplicated on different gadgets belonging to the same owner.

Sometimes users have a situation where they receive the same call on two iPhones. This causes a lot of inconvenience, especially when you are away from home or want to use only one gadget to address calls. Also, the feature will be unnecessary if one of your devices is used by another family member. Frequent calls will interfere with your gadget.

When is it possible to have duplicate calls on your iPhone??

A call from a phone to a tablet will only be repeated if a number of requirements of the “Continuity” feature are met, namely:

  • All gadgets must be connected to the same Apple ID;
  • Connecting devices to the same router (single Wi-Fi network) or connecting to the same access point;
  • Gadgets have the same FaceTime identifier.

To deactivate the feature, you must change one of the above features. For example, disconnect another gadget from your router or FaceTime. Note that you should not try to change the binding to the Apple ID, otherwise it may cause you to lose access to your device. It’s recommended that you use the identifier that you set up originally after purchasing your iPhone.

Disabling synchronization in iPhone settings

If you want the incoming and outgoing call data to no longer be duplicated on all of your iPhones, you simply need to deactivate the unnecessary setting in your phone settings:

  • Go to Settings and click on “iMessage”;
  • Scroll down the window;
  • Deactivate the “Calls from iPhone” slider;
  • Reboot both devices that are being synchronized.

For some users, the problem of duplicate calls on the iPhone does not go away even after deactivating the add-on. If this happens, repeat a few more steps:

Synchronization of two devices from Apple can take place not only due to the function “Continuity”, but also because of the connection to the same account of iCloud storage. To fix the problem, it is enough to make one of the phones not to send data to the cloud:

  • Click on the “Settings” icon in the iPhone main menu;
  • Select the “iCloud Drive” option;
  • Disable the slider next to “Allow to store data in iCloud”.

This way, all phonebook and call log data will not be sent to the cloud server and the other device will not be able to receive it. Calls on iPhone and iPad will cease to be duplicated.

Another quick and effective way is to simply turn off the Internet on one of the gadgets. Without access to a global network, synchronization is impossible, and there will be no more inconveniences with repetitive calls.

Note, even if one of the functions described above has already had the slider disabled, activate it and then turn it off again. This way you can eliminate possible errors and malfunctions in the settings, which provoked the wrong work in the synchronization process.

The latest version of the OS X Yosemite system for Apple devices has many new. In addition to a complete redesign, introduced interesting features for the user. For example Handoff and Continuity.

With Continuity, your MacBook or iMac learns to take calls that come to you on your iPhone. While convenient, the feature is “raw” because as soon as a call comes in, all the gadgets you have in your house that work under a single FaceTime account start ringing. Over time, duplicate calls become annoying, although they are easy enough to remove.

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How to turn off FaceTime calls on certain devices?

Apple has gone a little further and allowed to answer from any device not only cellular calls from the iPhone, but also.calls. Here you can not block the “oxygen” from one device to the others, so we disable it on each of them individually.

How to turn off FaceTime calls on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad ?

1. Open SetupFaceTime.

2. Flip the toggle switch to “FaceTime ” to the inactive position.

The latest version of OS X Yosemite for Apple devices has many new features. In addition to a complete redesign introduced interesting features for the user. For example Handoff and Continuity.

Thanks to Continuity, your MacBook or iMac has learned to receive calls coming to you on your iPhone. While convenient, the feature is “raw,” because as soon as you receive a call, all the gadgets in your house that share a single FaceTime account start ringing. Over time, duplicate calls become annoying, although they are easy enough to remove.

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The second line is when you are already communicating with someone on the phone, and someone else calls you. You will know that the new caller is on the second line by the specific dial tone you hear during the current call. The screen will display the number of the person who is calling and the options: accept the call or reject it. Next, we tell you how to enable and disable the second line on your iPhone.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Find “Phone” section and expand “Call waiting” tab.
  • Activate the “Call Waiting” option so that the field fills with green.

If you own an iPhone with two SIM cards, after tapping “Call waiting” you will be prompted to select the cellular operator where you want to activate call waiting.

If the function is not active in your iPhone, all incoming calls on the second line will go to voicemail. Some operators charge for this service.

How to enable the second call

When you are on the phone and you receive a parallel call to the second line on the iPhone, the standard incoming call window appears on the screen, but with additional buttons:

  • “Reject Answer.”. This means the first call will end and you will switch to the second call.
  • “To voicemail”. The second call will go to voicemail.
  • “Hold answer.”. The first call will be on hold while you talk to the second caller.
enable, second, line, your, iphone

If you select “Hold Answer” you can return to the first call and even merge the calls into one overall call when you want. This will make it easier, for example, to discuss the details of an event. By the way, you can attach another person to the first call to the second line of the iPhone. To do this, just press the “Add” button during a call and select the person you want to call from your contacts.

How to disconnect the second call

If you have two active calls, you need to understand how to disconnect the first or second. The options to leave or disconnect the second line on your iPhone are

  • “Reset”. The second call will end and you can continue communicating with the person who was on hold (that is, the first call).
  • “Switch.”. The current call is paused and you switch to the second.
  • “Unite.”. All existing calls are combined into one.

Now you know how to enable or disable the second line on your iPhone when another caller calls you during one call. I wonder what features for group calls will be in the 14 iPhone, and will they be? To be the first to know, leave your pre-order contacts and we’ll get back to you as soon as it’s available. If you want to stay up-to-date with news about what’s new from Apple, sign up for our newsletter.

How the feature works

The Continuity feature works under the following conditions:

  • You sign in to iCloud using the same Apple ID on each device
  • You sign in to FaceTime using the same Apple ID on each device
  • Each of the devices is connected to the same Wi-Fi network
  • Handoff is activated in the settings of each device (this is done differently on different devices)

As I wrote above, not every user is thrilled with three simultaneous ringing i-devices in the house when you get a call on your iPhone. If you are one of these users, do not despair. because there is a way to disable this function. Here are a little instructions for each type of device.

If you want to disable the function “iPhone (cellular calls)” on ALL additional devices. then on your main iPhone, go to and disable the “Allow Calls” slider. Here from the list below, you can specify on which devices you do allow calls.

How to use Dual SIM on iPhone | Apple Support

How to turn on the second line on the iPhone

Enabling or activating a second parallel line for iPhone calls depends on the gadget model. In case it belongs to the new generation and has a second SIM-card, the user will have to set up an additional way to pay for the connection.

However, the sequence is not initially different depending on the model:

  • Open settings for your device.
  • Go to the subsection called Phone. It is located in the last, lowest block.
  • In the penultimate line of the opened menu you will see the line Call waiting, on which you should click.
  • A single item will appear on the screen, in which it is necessary to move the slider to the right so that it becomes green. It is possible to do it with one touch.

If the SIM-card is not a single one, the whole sequence is preserved, but in the penultimate step the device will ask to specify for which tariff the access to the second line is activated. It is necessary, because some operators charge for the activation of the function. Besides, do not expect that both calls will cost as usual. As a rule, each of the calls is charged separately.

enable, second, line, your, iphone

Features of the second line

When a call comes in on your iPhone while you are on a call, you will hear a specific beep. In this case, the screen of the gadget will display the calling phone number and will be offered the following options to choose from:

You do not know how to solve the problem with your gadget and need expert advice?

  • “Answer off”. Selecting this option will end the ongoing call and you will switch to the incoming call.
  • “To the answering machine”. An incoming call will be sent to the answering machine.
  • “Answer on hold”. If you select this option, the current call will be put on pause, and you will switch to an incoming call to make a call.

So, the “Call waiting” function will ensure that you will always be connected. When talking to other subscribers you will not miss any important incoming calls.

If you plan to have an important long conversation, it is better to stop the ongoing dialogue immediately. When holding the line, you will be charged and, therefore, your account will be charged.

Not everyone will wait for you on hold. So the best option would be to disable the current call.

How to manage call waiting on iPhone

Almost all modern mobile operators support the “call waiting” function, this feature allows you to receive a call on the second line, even if you are currently talking to someone. If you pick up the receiver for the second call, the first subscriber is put on hold and waits until you end the call. While on hold, the first caller can’t hear your call with the second caller until you end the call or switch to it.

With MTS, Beeline and Megafon this feature is free. But since the first caller is still on hold, you’ll be charged for both calls on your plan, here’s how MTS describes it:

“There is no monthly fee for the “Call Waiting & Hold” service and no activation fee. Charging is for 2 calls at the same time, depending on the conditions of your tariff plan, as you hold two channels during the call.

Options for action during the call

In general, the iPhone has a standard set of features, including:

Depending on the situation, the user can choose any of the options. For example, it is better to stop a dialog if an incoming call is supposed to take much time to discuss important issues. This is because when you hold a call, you are still charged for it, which means that the time used is calculated. This is important in case of limitation of free minutes. In addition, not every person will wait for the end of a parallel conversation. Therefore, it is recommended to say goodbye to the first contact or agree to call him again. It is worth noting that not all of the “cellular” companies provide an answering machine, so the availability and cost of the service should be checked with the operator.

If you see the message “Failed to save the Call Waiting setting” try restarting your phone. If this did not help. check availability of the service with your operator. In case the operator says the service is available to you, reset your phone settings. in which case the option appears 100% of the time.

  • Launch the “Settings” application. Find the “System Applications” tab there.
  • Find “Phone” or “Calls” section.
  • Tap on “Call Waiting” and activate the switch.