How to enable incognito mode on your iPhone

You probably already know how to open a private window in Safari on Mac, but you can also set Safari to run incognito by default in the browser settings.

From the menu bar, open Safari → Settings → Basic, or use the keyboard shortcut that opens Settings in any Mac app;

enable, incognito, mode, your, iphone

Under “Open when Safari launches,” select the “New private window” option.

Now every time you open a new window, it will open in private mode. Your settings will remain intact even after restarting your Mac.

How to always use Safari in incognito mode

Not all users want browsers to track their online activity and developers to get private stats.

You can trust third-party apps that promise complete anonymity, or you can use your favorite and handy Safari in Incognito mode.

This way the browser will not save your browsing history, passwords and logins for sites. It is inconvenient to turn on this mode all the time. Can be activated once and use the browser anonymously.

How to permanently delete search and browsing history

So is there a way to permanently delete search and browsing history on your iPhone or iPad? You have to make sure that all useful and important iOS data cannot be checked out and restored when you sell your iOS device or give it away. Here we recommend iPhone Eraser professionals to help you get the job done.

  • Erase all content and settings on your iPhone iPad or iPod permanently.
  • Reset your iOS device to its original brand new state.
  • Support any popular iOS data such as browser history, contacts, SMS, photos, videos, music and more.
  • Three levels of erase are offered so you can easily erase iOS files.
  • Fully compatible with the latest versions of iOS 14 and all iPhones and iPads.
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Free download, install and run iPhone Eraser on your computer. Connect your iPhone to it with a USB cable.

There are three levels of erase provided: “Low,” “Medium,” and “High” to help you erase data from your iPhone. You can check the instructions to choose the right one.

Press the “Start” button to start deleting all existing iOS data and various settings on your iPhone.

After that, your iPhone will return to its original brand new state. No search and browsing history will be found on your iPhone in incognito mode.

We basically talked about iPhone incognito mode in this post. You can get a general idea of incognito mode and private browsing after reading this page. In addition, we will show you detailed instructions on how to enable and disable incognito mode on your iPhone. You can also learn how to check and delete your Incognito history here. Leave us a message if you still have questions.

How do I use Private Access?

Click the tabs button at the bottom right of Safari.

Click the Private Access button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Your interfaces will change to dark gray.

Click on this icon to create a new tab.

You will not save your search history in this mode.

  • Open the Chrome app. On your Android phone or tablet.
  • Click on the “” icon to the right of the address bar New Incognito tab.
  • This will open a new window. An incognito mode icon will appear in the upper left corner.
  • Open Safari.
  • Go to the tabs menu.
  • Select the “Private Access” option.
  • Click on “” to open a new page in incognito mode.
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How do I turn Private Access on or off??

To deactivate it, go back to the tabs menu and click on “Private Access”. It’s important to remember. unclosed pages will reappear when you access privacy mode. And so for extra security, it’s better to “erase all evidence” after the current session is over.

How to use Private Browsing in Safari on iPhone | Apple Support


Using private access leads to changes in program operation.

  • Opened sites are not saved in iCloud, therefore, they are not displayed on other devices.
  • Autofill and remember user requests are disabled.
  • When using Smart Search, recent requests are not taken into account.
  • Downloaded files will not appear in the downloads list, but will be saved on your device.
  • Browser sends a request to sites to stop tracking user activity.
  • Cookies and other data will not be saved.
  • Every open tab is isolated from other tabs and doesn’t transmit any information.

It’s worth noting that some sites may not work properly in private mode.

Private Access (Incognito Mode) in Safari on iPhone and iPad: How to turn it on and use it

Since iOS 7, the Safari browser has seen significant improvements, including a browsing mode that saves no information during the session, excluding cache files, cookies, and browsing history once you’re done using the app.

This feature increases anonymity on the web and is very popular among users. Especially since the activation process has become much easier on all iPhones, iPads or iPad Touch. From now on, the switch happens directly in the browser. The changes make it much easier to interact, but they sometimes require a little clarification.

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It’s easy to use private browsing in Safari on iOS, and it works the same on all devices.

enable, incognito, mode, your, iphone

What is “Private Access” in Safari

No matter what they say, but iOS security, compared with other mobile operating systems, is at a decent level. However, Apple continues to work on improving the security and privacy of user data.

Do you use incognito mode on your web browser?? Every self-respecting paranoid person should know about this feature, but few people know that both the iPhone and iPad have a similar feature called “Private Access.