How to enable notification sound on Samsung

How to set notification sound on Samsung?

Then open “settings” and find “sounds and vibration”-“notification sounds”-“message notifications”-“notification sound”. You select the downloaded ringtone there. That’s it. All operations can also be performed using a computer, if you connect your smartphone to it.

Open “Settings”, then “Sounds and vibrations”., pay attention to the SIM card. you can change the ringtone on two at once. one ringtone for 2 sims. Go to “Notification Sounds”. Select your music file and voila! It is now automatically set as your default notification sound.

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Change the notification sound of individual Android 9 and 8 apps

In recent versions of Android there is a built-in ability to set different notification sounds for different applications.

It’s very easy to set up. The following screenshots and paths in the settings are given for the Samsung Galaxy Note with Android 9 Pie, but on a “pure” system all the necessary steps are almost exactly the same.

  • Go to Settings. Notifications.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a list of apps that send notifications. If not all applications are displayed, click on the “View All” button.
  • Tap the application for which you want to change the notification sound.
  • The screen will show you the different types of notifications that this app can send. For example, in the screenshot below, you can see the parameters of the Gmail application. If you wish to change the sound for notifications of incoming mail to a specified mailbox, click on the “E-Mail. With sound.
  • In the “With sound” item, select a desired sound for the selected notification.

Similarly, you can change notification sounds for different applications and for different events in them, or deactivate such notifications.

Note that there are applications for which these settings are not available. From those, that I personally met. only Hangouts, t.е. There aren’t many of them, and they tend to use their own notification sounds instead of the system’s.

How to change the text message notification sound on Android?

How to set a text message ringtone in Android

  • On the home screen, tap the app slider, then open the “Messages” app.
  • In the main list of message chains, press “Menu,” then select “Settings”.
  • Select “Notifications.”.
  • Select “Sound,” then choose a tone for text messages or select “None.”.

How to change the color of text bubbles on the Samsung Galaxy A50?

However, if you want to continue to use the default messaging app, here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to the home screen.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the display; the apps will appear.
  • Now find the Settings app and tap it.
  • Go to wallpaper and themes.
  • load the themes and it will change the color of the bubble.

How to change the SMS sound on your Samsung a50 or Samsung a51 to your tune

To do this, just go to settings. There’s “Sound and Vibration” and in it is the notification sound. You can wander back and forth through all the built-in.

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Only tones you will not find there only tones that are already boring to everyone, but using any music file as SMS music on your Galaxy a50 or a51 is not as difficult as you think.

You don’t need to download special apps or tools you just need to have an mp3 music file on your phone.

If you already have it on your memory card, and you probably already have it, go ahead and click to open the “Samsung” folder.

Then go to “My files”. Open the folder “memory card” (or other place) and find the music file you want to use.

Click and hold the file until the different options appear at the bottom. At the bottom of this menu click on “Copy” or “Transfer. Then select phone memory, look for “Notifications” directory.

Move it there or copy it. Now your ringtone is ready to be installed as an SMS ringtone.

Open “Settings”, then “Sounds and vibrations”., pay attention to the SIM card. you can change the ringtone for two SIMs at once. one ringtone for two SIMs.

Go to “Sounds of notifications”. Select your music file and voila! Now it is automatically set as the default sound notification.

On the Samsung a50 and Samsung a51 everything follows the same pattern despite the fact that the former uses Android 9 and the latter Android 10.

Applications such as. Gmail or WhatsApp also have their own default notification sounds, but you can easily change them if you want.

The procedure may differ depending on each app, though. We will show you an example with WhatsApp:

As you see you don’t have to limit yourself to standard notification sounds or melodies, you can also create and use your own.

All you have to do is put the desired sound files in the right place, and they will be selected as the sounds of SMS messages. Good luck.

Set a melody to SMS on Samsung

On Android, you can easily change all notification tones: for calls, contacts, messages, app notifications, alarms, etc. д. To change the sound of a new SMS, you will need:

Android smartphones support setting of third-party signals and melodies to notifications. To do so, you must initially download them to your device for later use. Find different ring tones for notifications on the SMSSOUND website. This service offers a huge number of notification options for users.

After downloading the file to your phone you need to:

  • Open the file manager on your smartphone.
  • Go to the DCIM directory.
  • Find the Media/Audio/Notifications section.
  • Copy the previously downloaded ringtone to a folder

You can now set it to messages through the system settings.

Tired of the standard ringtone that sounds when you receive an SMS? No problem, you can always change it yourself. We strongly recommend that you add a melody to one of the folders on your smartphone, if you do not plan to use the built-in ringtones. Or, alternatively, you can download a melody from the network.

If you have the melody ready and it is on your smartphone, open any file manager. Here it is the “file manager”, but you can use the standard one, included into the firmware of your smartphone.

Open your manager and find the folder with the ringtone. Here it is the Music folder.

Here you can find the melody. Tap on it and hold it until the menu appears and the file is highlighted. Press “Copy”.

Go back to the main section of your smartphone and find the Notifications folder, where you need to download ringtones in this case. Here is the folder:

Go in and paste the file by clicking on the button.

Make sure that the file is copied or moved to the specified folder.

Note that you can do all this with a computer or laptop by connecting your Samsung smartphone to it.

Find the added ringtone, click on its name and leave. All.

By the way, in this way you can change the ringtone to the one built into the firmware without adding a third-party ringtone.

Why do we install different notification sounds on various mobile applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, E-mail, SMS, phone call and others? It’s that simple! So that, without looking into the phone (it’s often inconvenient), to know what event in it happened. Not only that, we want to set a sound on each contact from the notebook of a smartphone. It’s not just convenient, it’s often vital.

So it’s not surprising that the built-in android sounds are absolutely not enough. Both in quantity and quality and variety. The Internet gives us a unique opportunity to personalize our mobile device, offering a variety of really high quality sounds for messages and calls.

But here we face some technical difficulties. While for many messengers it’s enough to download a ringtone and drag it to the “Ringtones” folder, the same is not true for ordinary SMS. Absolutely no magic button “Add” in the list of sounds, which is, for example, in the settings of ringtones. For a newbie, this would be an insurmountable obstacle to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of music alerts. But we are advanced users. For us there is a way out of this situation as well. On the smartphone, create multiple folders. You can do this either using the built-in file manager (“My files”), or through a computer by connecting via lanyard, Bluetooth or any other way of non-traditional connection.

Solved: using custom sounds for notifications (Samsung Galaxy S9)

I’ve been using Samsung Galaxy products for over a decade, and recently (ish) upgraded to the Galaxy S9.

Overall the experience was good, but there is one aspect of the phone that I could customize in previous versions, but not in this one for some reason: notification sounds.

Now I don’t mean choosing a sound I like from their list of pre-loaded sounds, like any reference guide that Google can find, I mean.I mean actually load a new sound into the phone and make it available for notifications, just like you can do with ringtones and alarm sounds.

It used to be so easy: anything in the “Music” or “Ringtones” folder could be listed as a notification sound (or alert sound, I think they used to be called).

Now I can’t even find the directory where the pre-loaded sounds are!

This may seem like a really trivial problem, but it causes me a lot of problems knowing which incoming texts I need to pay attention to immediately and which I can ignore for later.So, if anyone knows how to properly implement customizable notification sounds (or if it’s completely impossible), let me know!

(Oh, and also: any news on the “assign specific tones to specific contacts” fiasco. rather than specific conversations”?)

How to put sound on iPhone notifications?

Go to “Settings” “Sounds, Tones, and Alerts. Under “Sounds and Vibrations Patterns” tap the sound you want to change. Tap the name of the ringtone or alert to play it and set it as a new sound.

Downloading music content through your computer

  • Connect your Samsung phone to your PC with a USB cord and activate mass storage mode on the former
  • Open the drive that appears on your computer.
  • Highlight the desired songs and copy them to the Music folder or any other location on your smartphone.