How to enable screen recording on your computer

Make screenshots

To start with, let’s recap the standard means of taking screenshots in various operating systems. In Windows the easiest way to do this is to use the special button on the keyboard, which is called Print Screen (PrtScr), that is, “make a screenshot”, when you click on it, the screen image is placed on the clipboard, and then you can paste it into any image editor, including the built-in Paint. Pressing AltPrtScr sends a screenshot of the active window to the clipboard.

Windows 8 has an advanced version of this feature: when you press the WinPrtSct key at the same time, the screenshot is automatically saved to a special “Screenshots” folder in the standard “Pictures” folder.

Windows 7 has also introduced an additional Snipping Tool that allows you to save any selected fragment of the screen into a graphical file and add a signature to it.

In OS X for taking screenshots use simple keyboard shortcuts. You can get a screenshot of the entire screen by pressing ⌘ CmdShift3. Press ⌘ CmdShift4 and the spacebar to take a screenshot of the active window, and after pressing ⌘ CmdShift4 you can select the necessary area of the screen with your cursor, which will be saved as a graphic file.

Mobile iOS app allows taking screenshots by pressing the power button and the Home key simultaneously. In Android version 4 and higher the standard means of taking screenshots is a simultaneous pressing of the power and volume down buttons, but in some models of portable devices it may not work.

Among alternative means of taking screenshots, the editor embedded in the Yandex app is worth mentioning.Disk” for Windows and OS X: in it, you can not only select the desired fragment of the screen and edit it slightly (in particular, blur the text or other details), but also immediately send it to the cloud storage.

A small free utility MWSnap for Windows was released more than ten years ago, nevertheless it is still fully functional today and can make screenshots of different areas of the screen, save them in five different formats, as well as perform simple editing. The program is russified and easy to use.

Another free alternative for Windows that looks a lot like Paint is PicPick. Among other things, this utility has a useful feature to save entire web pages, even if they are not visible in their entirety on the screen and scrolling is required.

A basic secret screen recording program for desktop and mobile users

The following is highly recommended Hidden Screen Recorder for iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac users. You can easily record screen activity and get secret video recordings. Just read it and check it out.

Top 1: Hidden Screen Recorder

Hidden Screen Recorder can record everything that happens on your phone into a digital video. Even if the phone you’re tracking is locked, you can still run the Hidden Screen Recorder app as a background screen recorder. It can continue to record video and audio on Android for free.

Top 2: The spy monitor screen recorder

The spy monitor screen recorder can monitor and record desktop activities. As soon as the user logs in, the secret screen recorder software will start recording video and sound. Spy Monitor Screen Recorder is undetectable. So you can freely use this secret screen recorder for Windows software. The recorded secret file will be saved in WMA or AVI format.

Top 3: Secret Screen Recorder

Secret Screen Recorder APK is compatible with Android 4 devices.1 and later versions. You can secretly record almost anything in the background. The user will not notice any difference. No shutter sound or other strange reactions. You can use the Secret Screen Recorder for Android app to keep track on this phone.

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Top 4: iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor. Is a secret screen recording app for iPhone and Android users. As for iOS users, you need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad before remotely recording screen video with iKeyMonitor. Hidden recorder automatically takes screenshots of all mobile actions. Not just search sites, but also videos, online calls and more.

Top 5: BlurSPY

With BlurSPY, you can monitor all activities on most Android phones without anyone else knowing. BlurSPY knows how to cleverly hide itself. You can’t find it in the default app folder. So, you can safely use BlurSPY as a secret screen recorder for WhatsApp, and other installed Android apps.

Top 6: TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy. A good secret screen recorder for Mac and Android users. You can record not only incoming but also outgoing actions. To be more specific, when TheOneSpy records the conversion, it can record both receiving and sending messages. over, you can use the secret video recorder to block certain phone numbers.

Top 7: SP Camera

SP Camera. Is a secret screen capture app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch users. No need to open the default camera app. You can secretly record videos and take pictures. Your phone’s interface just shows a fake background. Even if someone checks your phone, they can’t know. Recorded and captured files will be saved directly to your phone.

Top 8: TapeAcall Pro

This is a secret call recorder app for iPhone. You can record incoming and outgoing calls on your iPhone without prior notice. TapeAcall Pro. A popular choice among parents. Because this is a good way to secretly record children’s calls.

FoneLab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online. Д. On Windows / Mac, and you can easily adjust the size, edit video or audio and more.

  • Record video, audio, webcam and take screenshots on Windows / Mac.
  • Preview the data before saving.
  • It’s safe and easy to use.

Record screen video in Windows 7

Screen video recording technology allows you to quickly capture everything that’s happening, save it on local or removable media for later editing or reviewing. If we consider Windows 10, many users know that it has a built-in feature of capture, which, unfortunately, is not the case with Windows 7. That is why owners of this version of the operating system will have to resort to the use of additional tools in the form of third-party software, which will be discussed below.

Ashampoo Snap

Ashampoo is famous for its software, the main feature of which is its focus on the novice user. Т.е. Ashampoo software is simple and easy to understand. Ashampoo Snap is no exception to this rule.

  • Ability to create collages from multiple screenshots;
  • video capture with or without sound;
  • instant capture of all visible windows on your desktop;
  • support for Windows 7, 8, 10, new interface capture;
  • the ability to use a color dropper to capture colors from different applications
  • Full support for 32-bit images with transparency (RGBA);
  • ability to capture on a timer;
  • automatic addition of watermarks.

All in all, there are dozens of very interesting features in this program (besides the main task for which I added it to this article) that will help you make not just a recording, but also bring it to a high-quality video that you’re not ashamed to show to other users.

Recording your computer screen with Microsoft Powerpoint

If you’re using Office 2016 or later you may find that Office PowerPoint has a screen recording feature. Typically, this will turn on screen recording on the slide, but you can also record and save it as a file. So you can use this Microsoft Powerpoint feature to take screenshots, record video and audio. Let us teach you how to record a video using Microsoft Powerpoint.

Launch Microsoft PowerPoint on a Windows PC, then select Insert Tabs and Screen Recording start the recording feature.

Tips: If you do not want to record sound, press Windows SHIFT U to turn it on.

Press the SHIFT A Window hotkey, then click and drag the crosshair to select the recording area.

Just click Record Button to start recording video.

Tips: the small control panel will disappear if it is not fixed, but you can make it reappear by moving the mouse pointer to the top edge of the screen.

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After finishing recording, please click Record button again to stop it.

The recorded video will now be automatically embedded in the slide, and you can select FILE SAVE AS to save your presentation. If you only want to save the video, select SAVE MEDIA FILE AS, and then select a destination folder to save the recorded video.

Note. If you want to record a video in PowerPoint 2013, follow the link to the official tutorial here.

Final verdict

Comparison of UkeySoft Screen Recorder, Game Bar and Microsoft Powerpoint

Surrogate motherhood

UkeySoft Screen Recorder

Windows 10 Game Panel

Microsoft Powerpoint

Pros Cons
1. Easy, fast and convenient recording ; 2. Easy to adjust the recording area; 3. Record and save webcam video on your computer; 4. Record and save videos in MP4, AVI, WMV and FLV format; 5. Edit cut, merge, trim, crop and rotate videos; 6. Take shots more easily. 1. Not free ; 2. Cannot record audio only.
1. Free ; 2. Launch quickly and smoothly; 3. Records MP4 video in HD quality; 4. Records gameplay video well; 5. Capture full screen. 1. Not available in Windows 8/7 / XP ; 2. Cannot adjust screen size ; 3. Gameplay features are not available on the Windows desktop or Explorer; 4. When you click on other areas, the floating interface automatically closes ; 5. Recorded video will only be saved in MP4 format.
1. Free ; 2. Use simple recordings in presentations ; 3. Capture video, audio; 4. Take Screen. 1. Take up a lot of storage space ; 2. Office 2013 or later; 3. No editing function.

UkeySoft Screen Recorder This is a great tool for capturing any activity on a Windows 10/8/7 / XP computer, the application also has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface. You can use UkeySoft to record online YouTube videos, gameplay videos, podcasts, webinars, lectures, program activities, presentations, Skype calls, live streaming videos, online meetings, webcam videos, etc. д. In full screen or customizable screen size, you can record high quality videos with or without sound, you can free download and try. If you want to remove the watermark, you need to buy a license code to activate the program to unlock the restrictions. For only 49.95 you can use this powerful screen recorder for a year.

Best Screen Recorder for Windows. UkeySoft Screen Recorder

UkeySoft Screen Recorder for Windows is a powerful screen recording tool for PCs with Windows 8/7 / XP / Vista. It is well designed to record screen video and audio on a PC. UkeySoft Screen Recorder tool allows you to capture everything on your Windows 7/8 / XP / Vista such as video, images, objects, audio and text to create quality tutorials or presentations and tutorials. This is a popular screen recording software and Windows screen recording software that supports different audio sources, allowing you to record HD video with sound. Before we look at how to use UkeySoft Screen Recorder for Windows, let’s learn more about its features.

This feature is available for Windows 10 users. Those who have this operating system do not need to download additional programs. Just remember the WinG key combination.

Immediately a game panel will appear and a question that has only one answer. “Yes, it’s a game.”. You can get started.

A form of control panel will appear, there will be no difficulty in finding the red recording button.

After clicking on it, the timer will start.

You can record what is happening on the screen with the microphone sound. To do this, in the control panel form, check the box where it says “Record sound from microphone”.

To stop the process, you need to click on the “Stop” button (depicted as a white square). The clip will be saved in the “Video” folder.

If you need to shoot video from the screen urgently, or you do not want to overload your computer with unnecessary software, you can take advantage of the opportunities offered by Windows 10. It is a game panel, provided by the developers of the system specifically to record the process of passing the game and make screenshots, without third-party programs.

How to Screen Record on Windows 10

Suitable the application to create videos and other character. It has a narrow functionality, but the main task is solved by hurray.

  • Press two buttons on the keyboard simultaneously. the “floating window” Win and the English letter G;
  • If you are prompted by the system to open the program, answer in the affirmative.
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The game panel looks like a row of buttons. A gray dot button inside a circle is responsible for starting the recording, which will turn into a “Stop” (rectangle) after the start.

You can adjust the video settings by clicking on the gear button. To record sound in parallel, you need to check the corresponding checkbox under the buttons.

If pressing Win G does not result in appearance of game panel, it means that this function is disabled in the system. You can turn it on in “Preferences” (“Start”, the gear icon) as follows:

In the “Game Menu” subsection set the slider, which is responsible for the recording function, to on.

In earlier versions of Windows 10, in the “Game Menu” options, there is a subsection “DVR for games” in it you can configure the future recording. video parameters, the presence of sound, the display of the mouse cursor, the saving directory (by default the folder “Video” is used, which you jump to directly from the game panel with the appropriate button).

How to do screen recording on your Mac

Option 1. Mac Screen Recording with FoneLab

FoneLab Screen Recorder for Mac is one of the most professional screen recorders on Mac. The program accepts live video, web meetings, Skype chats, etc. Д. In different formats.

  • Record screen in customized size according to your requirement.
  • Capture audio files from different sources in high quality.
  • Edit your captured Mac screen with several annotation tools.
  • Find, share and view captured files with ease.

FoneLab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorials, etc. Д. On Windows / Mac, and you can easily adjust the size, edit video or audio and more.

  • Record video, audio, webcam and take screenshots on Windows / Mac.
  • Preview data before saving.
  • It’s safe and easy to use.

As for recording the game screen behind your computer, Bandicam is a must have free software for capturing. This allows you to write target files in both DirectX and OpenGL.

screen, recording, your, computer
  • Capture screen, voice and video simultaneously in a simple process.
  • Custom logo for video and live drawing function.
  • Recorded video for the free version has a watermark and a minute limit.

Click the third icon to choose the screen size, Full size, Fixed area, or Custom region, Just choose one default size or adjust the frame of the recording window for Mac screen recording.

In order to use the screen on your Mac for gameplay or web meetings, you must add a built-in camera to record Комментарии и мнения владельцев or presentations. Just click on the second Camera icon for active FaceTime HD Video Camera.

After that, you can click Audio icon to add built-in input or other audio settings to record sound from other source. Of course, you can also adjust the volume to get better results.

Press the red REC button to take the screen on your Mac. After that, you can click the annotate button to add text, lines, arrows and other elements to highlight important moments.

When you need to get some important moments for a video or take some thumbnails for a video, you can use the camera button to get screenshots in one click.

Option 2. Screen Recorder on Mac with QuickTime

Step 1 Presentation QuickTime.

Step 2 Click File New Screen Recording.

Step 3 Press the red Record Button to start.

Option 3. Recording screen on MacOS Mojave

If you’re using macOS Mojave, you have a third option. Its a new feature for Mac screen recording.

Step 1 Press Command Shift 5 to start recording toolbar.

Step 2 Select the recording area and click capture.

FoneLab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorials, etc. Д. On Windows / Mac, and you can easily adjust the size, edit video or audio and more.

screen, recording, your, computer
  • Record video, audio, webcam and take screenshots on Windows / Mac.
  • Preview data before saving.
  • It’s safe and easy to use.