How to enable screen recording on your phone

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In Android Q (aka Android 10) appeared built-in operating system screen recording option. It works on all devices that support the tenth version of the most popular mobile platform. By default, screen recording is deactivated. To run this feature, you need to activate the developer options:

  • Open the section “About the phone” in the settings of your mobile device.
  • Go to “Software Information”.
  • Scroll down to the build number and press it several times. After that, you will see a message about the activation of developer mode.
  • Go to “Settings”. There will appear a new subsection ” Developer options ” or ” For developers “. open it.
  • Go to ” Debugging ” and find the item ” Feature flags “.
  • Find the ” settings_screenrecord_long_press ” option in the list and move the slider next to it to the “On” position.

After activating this option it will be possible to run the built-in utility to record the screen of the mobile device. Hold down the disconnect button on the smart phone and then press the screenshot key. A new window will be opened in the Settings and Notification Panel, followed by a menu with the text ” Start Recording “. You will need to click on this button. Then a warning message will appear that recording is about to start, and all user actions will be saved on the video. Click the ” Start Now ” button.

A new window “Screen Recording” will appear in the Settings & Notifications Panel. There will be buttons to control the recording: start. pause. stop. The video clip recorded in such way, by default is stored in gallery in the built-in memory of the mobile device. You cannot take a screenshot while capturing video data from the display of a mobile device. There may be a recording error.

How to make a video screen on your Android Samsung

The Galaxy Note 10 and newer models of smartphones and tablets from Samsung have a built-in screen recording feature. Open the quick settings panel to start the recorder.

Tap on the “Stop” button to end the recording.

How to add Screen Record button to control center in iOS 12

You can record video without any third-party programs. The Android operating system is constantly improving. In the new Android OS you can take a screenshot anytime you want. You can pause the video, save it and share it on any social networking site. social networking site. No special settings and additional options are available. This makes the firmware even easier to use.

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First you have to open the application. By default, it is hidden from users, but it can be launched with a special command. To do this, you need to:

  • Turn on the “Developer options” option. Name may vary depending on the model of the phone.
  • Go to settings, choose the section with the information about the smartphone.
  • Find the item that specifies the build number. This should be clicked on several times. A notice should appear, stating that the user is now a developer.
  • Return to the main settings page. The “Developer Options” option should appear in it. It is usually located at the bottom of the main list. If the section is not there, you can go to advanced settings. Click on “Extras”.
  • Turn on screen recording. Open the developer options and select the “Feature flags” option. It is located in the debugging section. Find “settings_screenrecord_long_press” and activate the setting.
  • Record the video. After activating the desired settings, press the Power key. This will open a menu. Then hold down the screen capture button, or screenshot. A pop-up window with “Start Recording” should appear. This will display settings for pause, cancel, save. The video will save to a specific folder on your phone. You can change where you record in the settings.

Start screen recording with a key combination: Press and hold the power and volume buttons at the same time to begin recording. You can turn the feature on and off as needed.

Recording iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch screen captures

  • On iOS 14 or later, go to Settings, Control Panel, Items.
  • Swipe up from the bottom edge of any screen.
  • With an effort, press
  • Tap “Start recording” and wait for the three-second countdown to complete.

How to record a screencast on iOS devices

In order to record video from your iPhone screen, you need to do the following. First, it is necessary to enter “Settings” and open “Control Panel”, then click on “Adjust controls”. This menu will open:

Then you should pay attention to the item “Screen recording” and press the ” ” sign to the left of it.

screen, recording, your, phone

In order to drag a shortcut of the activated function to the home screen, it is necessary to press the “Home” button and pull the bottom of the screen. The button to create a screencast will appear in the “Control Point”, then it can be placed on the main display as well. Button “Record screen” looks traditional: dot in a red circle.

If you press this button, recording will start without sound by default, but if you press and hold the button, the following menu will appear:

Here you can record the sound from the microphone of your smartphone. To stop the recording press the function button again.

Programs for phone screen recording on Android

It is impossible to record the screen of Android devices without using special programs. Below is a list of such applications. you can find them on Play Market. Note: they are listed in a random order that has nothing to do with the quality, functionality or usability of the specific program.

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AZ Screen Recorder

The program is free with built-in purchases. AZ Screen Recorder does not require root rights. Phone screen can be recorded as long as you want, no limits. The functionality of the utility is very extensive: you can pause the recording, select the resolution, bit rate, video speed and clicks display, record audio from the microphone. The free functionality also includes the ability to add images and texts to the video and save the clip on your device or SD card. Advanced features include a converter for GIF files, a drawing option and more.

V Recorder

Free app; extended functionality available in in-app purchases. Available to record screen video with sound. V Recorder allows you to change the aspect ratio of the screen, pause the recording, take screenshots. Image editor and flexible video settings available. In addition to recording, the application provides opportunities for editing clip trimming, speed control, hundreds of free themes, the option to draw stickers, filters and much more.

Screen Recorder. No Ads

Screen Recorder. No Ads has a very simple interface. If the question of how to record video from the screen, he who has recently used gadgets, he will be comfortable with this minimalistic interface. You just have to start the recording and it will start after a short pause, the time of which is indicated by a countdown. The video is unlimited in length, there is an option to record sound. This recorder has a more extensive functionality than you might think, although all options are only available in the paid version, but the price of the utility is low. On Android versions earlier than 5.0 root rights required.

iPhone X: How to Screen Record & Enable Audio Microphone : Record Gameplay, Videos, etc

Super Screen Recorder

Super Screen Recorder is another answer to the question how to make a video without ROOT. Records video with no time limit, takes screenshots and converts content to GIF format. The free version includes a video editor, sound recording feature, a picture-in-picture option to organize broadcasts and a drawing function. There you can also create your own watermark. Screen recording can be done in various resolutions up to 1080p.

screen, recording, your, phone

Screen Capture

“Screen Recorder allows you to do screen captures of Android devices without requiring root rights. No limit on the duration of the clips. You can capture screenshots, make screenshots, set the resolution from 240 to 1080 p. Pause option, can change the screen orientation. Recording starts after a short delay and a countdown allows you to start the recording without missing a beat.

Screen Recorder. Face Cam Screenshot Capture

Screen Recorder. Face Cam Screenshot Capture. This is a free program that allows you to do screen recording with music and sounds, you do not need a root. Thanks to the floating button, you can record video from different applications without switching directly between them. There is a pause option, the ability to change the orientation and resolution of the screen, to use “picture-in-picture” if the user wants to organize a broadcast. A video editor is included, where you can cut, collage, rotate, duplicate snippets. There is also a gallery of stickers, memes, emoticons and filters for creating videos.

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How to record a screen on a laptop [with sound / without downloading]

Cell phone users can use the phone‘s built-in screen recorder to record their screen. And how to do screen recording on a laptop? If you have a Mac or Windows 10 laptop, you can use the built-in screen recorders. If the system is different, then you have to ask for help from third-party programs. Regardless of which program you choose, you need to clearly define the purpose and the reason and expectations of the recording before you do it.

Android Screen Recording: How to record your Android screen (2 Ways!)

On what you will record with a screen recorder depends on which method suits you best. Such requirements as HD quality, unlimited recording time and no frame lags, as well as sound recording are especially important for recording business meetings, presentations, tutorial videos, etc.д. If speed and ease of use are a priority for you, some online screen recorders can already meet your needs, without downloading. This article presents 4 practical and fast ways to record laptop screen with sound on Windows and Mac.

The purpose of such a video is to show the attractiveness, effectiveness, usefulness of such a program. Demonstration of the sequence of operations with the program, an application.

How to record video from Xiaomi screen with and without sound?

  • Click on the “Screen Recorder” icon.
  • A window will open.
  • Here you’ll find a ton of settings.
  • The main thing for us here is the “Resolution” (the bigger the picture, the clearer the picture, but the volume of the video increases):
  • And, of course, the sound source. click on this item, and then you will be offered a choice:


Mobizen is a free screen recording app. Unlike most other similar utilities, Mobizen boasts a built-in video editor. So you can trim unnecessary frames or make other small changes in your video before publishing content.

The application supports Full HD recording and does not require root rights. The utility is capable of capturing up to 60 frames per second. So Mobizen is great for recording gameplay clips of games. And thanks to Facecam support and audio recording via microphone, the utility can be used to capture screen and camera images at the same time.

  • Distributed for free.
  • Supports Facecam and microphone recording.
  • Supports Full HD.
  • There is a built-in video editor.