How to enable the distribution on huawei. How to set up distribution on Huawei?

How to make a distribution on Huawei?

First you need to go to the “Settings” of your smartphone and find the “Wireless Networks” item. In this section, find the item “Personal access point”. In it you set the following parameters: “Device name” (your access point name) and “Password”. After that, activate the checkbox “Personal Hotspot”.

Open “Settings”, find and press “”, then “Modem mode” and “Wi-Fi hotspot” and enable it. Now other phones, tablets, computers or other devices can connect to your phone. If necessary it is possible to change a name, and a password to Wi-Fi, see the instruction below.

How to use your Huawei phone as a modem?

Using a USB cable, connect your device to the PC. Open Settings, go to Wireless Networks Personal Hotspot. and enable the USB modem function to allow another device to access the Internet.

Wi-Fi hotspot mode: Open the Settings app and select. Set up the name, encryption type, and password of the Wi-Fi hotspot, then click Save and turn it on.

What’s a personal hotspot?

An access point is a wireless base station designed to provide wireless access to an existing network (wireless or wired) or to create an entirely new wireless network. Wireless communication is through Wi-Fi technology.

Open Settings, go to Wireless Networks Personal Hotspot. and enable the USB Modem feature to give another device access to the Internet.

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Give out through Wi-Fi

The most popular way to connect other smartphones to the network is to create a mobile hotspot via Wi-Fi. To do this you need to perform a few simple steps. But first, read our article on 3G and 4G Internet settings.

  • Check if your Honor or Huawei phone has internet access. In the settings, select “Wireless Networks” and then “Mobile Network. Under “Basic”, “Mobile data transfer” mode must be enabled. A quicker way is to pull the bar at the top of the screen and make sure the “Data Transfer” icon is on.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Specify a name.
  • Choose or reject data encryption (WPA2 PSK).
  • Set a password if needed.
  • Save your changes.
  • Back to previous section.
  • Drag the slider at the top of the screen to the “On” position.

Done. You are now allowing other devices to access the network.

In this way you can use your hotspot device, which is used in crowded places. For example, if you go to a coffee shop or mall.

What is a hotspot in Huawei and Honor phone?

If you have to go out of town, or the Internet suddenly lost, the phones from Huawei will help you to solve the problem. You only need a favorable tariff and access point for a pleasant handout. Hotspot on Huawei and Honor. a feature that allows you to use the network as Wi-Fi. On how to turn on the access point read below.

The way to distribute the internet from your Honor and Huawei phone depends on the additional devices and systems used. Read more about this below.

Wi-Fi hotspot

For easy distribution via Android, operate your smartphone as a wireless router. Follow the algorithm.

Start searching for available networks on your laptop or PC. Once a new one is detected, connect. Set the settings in the new window.

USB modem

To activate the feature, turning your mobile into a wireless router is not the only option. If this option does not work, then implement a more USB-based method.

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Check the connection on your PC or laptop. Activate “Local Area Network Connection.”. Mobile internet without restrictions on another gadget. Note that using the cable that comes standard will greatly increase your Internet speed in the end.

Bluetooth modem

If Android requires a Bluetooth connection, then follow these steps.

  • Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone by sliding down the curtain and selecting the appropriate shortcut.
  • Go to Settings / “Modem Mode” / “Bluetooth Modem.

After the settings of the phone go to the settings of the PC or laptop.

  • Open “Devices and printers”/”Add a new device.
  • After the system searches for the desired smartphone, you must enter the password in a new field.
  • Allow gadget connections, enter code.

After these actions, the smartphone icon will appear in the window on your computer. Click on it.

Via applications

Developers offer apps for easy internet sharing. They are convenient because you can set the parameters once, so the system selects them each time you boot up the program. To find such a program, just open Google Play. The suggested variants are similar in functionality. There are paid and free versions. But keep in mind that the free program will have a lot of ads. The most popular and free option is Wi-Fi hotspot. Ideal for a public establishment, because it allows you to set a limited traffic.

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How to give out Internet from telephone to computer?

Open the smartphone settings. In section “Wireless networks” (“Network”) find item “Modem mode” (“Modem and access point”). Activate USB-modem. A new network with internet access will appear on the PC.

  • Connect your cell phone via USB.
  • Turn on mobile data transfer.
  • Go into the settings in the tab “Access point and modems”.
  • Activate “USB-modem”.
  • PC will connect to mobile internet.