How to enable the keyboard backlight on the Toshiba laptop

How to enable backlight on the keyboard: instructions for laptops and computers

Hello. Today I will tell you how to turn on or off the keyboard backlight on a laptop or computer. If something will not work out for you, then you can safely contact me in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев-most importantly, do not forget to write a model of a laptop or keyboard that you use with PC.

Let’s play the game with you. The fact is that manufacturers of laptop keyboard and PCs set the key in different places, turning on the backlight. They also use different icons to indicate the desired key. Let’s try to find it yourself.

First of all, find the auxiliary button FN. It is usually located in the lower part of the keyboard between the Ctrl and Alt buttons (left or right of the space). I think to find it will not be difficult for you.

Now the task is more complicated, and you will need to include all your deductive abilities. We are looking for a key with an icon with outing rays. It can be a horizontal fishing line for a trimmer, a keyboard emblem, or the letter “a”. Most often, this icon can be found in the upper line of the keys “f”. But sometimes it can be among the letters, on a gap, arrows or auxiliary keyboard-calculator. As hints, I prepared a sign with images of the emblem, which are used by popular manufacturers.

Laptop.Button laptop
Dell or Xiaomi

As soon as you find this button, click on it at the same time and the FN key. If the key is located separately outside the keyboard, such as Lenovo Legion, then the auxiliary key is not needed and it is enough just to press it. If this key is in the auxiliary keyboard-calculator, then the FN button (most often) is not needed, but the Numlock mode should be turned off.

NOTE! Just do not confuse the keys with the icon of the full sun. These keys increase and reduce the brightness of the screen.

Some manufacturers generally hide this button-that is, there is simply no icon. In this case, we look at the instructions for our model below. If you found it, but it does not work, we read the last chapter of this article.

“Plus” and “minus” we find on the auxiliary keyboard on the left. To increase and decrease brightness, see where the icon arrow indicates. Also make sure that the Numlock mode is turned off. If that, just click on this key, and then again try the combinations that I indicated above.

enable, keyboard, backlight, toshiba, laptop

If you have a short keyboard, then we use:

Everything is clear here. One combination increases (turns on) the brightness of the backlight, the other reduces (off).


In most models, to activate the backlight, it is enough to press the keys:

In 15-inch Lenovo Legion models, without an additional calculator keyboard, on the side you can see separate buttons-one increases the power of the backlight, the other reduces it.

If you have an additional keyboard-calculator, then the necessary keys are most often assigned to the numbers:

Just click on the right. But at this moment the Num Lock mode should be deactivated. If the buttons do not work, then first click on Numlock. And only then click on the numbers.

ASUS is much simpler, there are keys that is responsible for the backlight. To enable or increase the brightness of the glow, click:


If you want to turn off the backlight, then click:

Other keys are on some models:

enable, keyboard, backlight, toshiba, laptop

And disconnecting or reducing the brightness of the backlight:

In more rare cases, other buttons are used:


enable, keyboard, backlight, toshiba, laptop

If the keyboard supports several brightness modes, then to increase the glow will be used:

FN F10

HP beech also has several options. Most often used:



To control the backlight on Huawei laptops, click a combination of functional keys FN F3. You can quickly find the last key on a special icon speaking about backlighting. Clutching these keys on your monitor will appear a hint to set the brightness of the keyboard.

By default, the system has a setting, where after 15 seconds of the inaction of the keyboard and mouse the backlight is turned off. If you want to change this time out, then, first, make sure you have the latest BIOS version. Then act like this:

Open the “PC dispatcher”, click the “Settings” icon (there will be a gear icon nearby), and then click the “System Settings”.

Next, we will need the “Keyboard” section, the “backlight” section and the parameter “turn off in the absence of activity”. In the drop.Down list, select the desired configuration.

How to turn on the backlight

Unfortunately, in Windows 10 there are no built.In components to configure the backlighting buttons. But some large manufacturers to change the default buttons lighting settings offer their own software. For example, Dell on Windows 10 offers the keyboard backlight settings, brightness adjustment, automatic shutdown after 5, 10, 30, 60, 300 seconds of inaction. To view all the settings, Dell users need to open the “keyboard properties” settings, and then go to the “backlight” tab.

How to turn Non-Backlit Keyboard to a Backlit Keyboard for laptop

Asus and Acer

Turning on the backlight on the ASUS laptop is carried out in a couple of presses. To start:

When the lighting sensor is active, ASUS buttons will automatically turn on/off the LED in accordance with the environment. For manual settings in most ASUS laptops, FNF4 are used (to turn on the backlight and increase its brightness) and FNF3 (to reduce brightness and complete turning off the diodes). If the Acer laptop keyboard is not working, use FNF9 key combination, or a special Keyboard Backlight button located on the left.

Sony and Lenovo

Sony also offers options for standard keyboard brightness settings on some of their models. To see the settings, you need to open the VAIO Control Center, and then press the “keyboard” and “mouse”. “keyboard backlight”. Here you can configure the software for automatically turning on or off diodes based on external lighting. Like Dell, Sony also offers the possibility of automatic disconnecting diodes after inaction of operations with the keyboard. To turn off the function, remove the flag next to the “Enable backlight in low lighting conditions”. Here you can configure the automatic mode and temporary interval. 10 s, 30 s, 1 minute or “do not turn off”. Lenovo does not open new horizons of using diodes. Turning on the keyboard backlight on the Lenovo laptop is quite simple. Using a combination of the keyboard. That is, with a disposable press of the fnprobel, the driver will turn on the backlight on medium brightness. Pressing FNTROBEL will increase brightness. Another pressing of the hot key will completely turn off the keyboard backlight.

On the road at night or at a presentation in a dark room to see a laptop keyboard can be quite difficult. To avoid such troubles, select HP Pavilion models under the keyboard that illuminates each key. The backlight symbol is usually displayed in the left side of the gap. If this function is turned on, you will not have to turn on the light for a letter from a letter or other text. Diodes can be activated in several ways depending on the laptop model:

  • Turn on the laptop and press the F5 or F12 key (depending on the model).
  • Find the FN key next to the Windows button in the lower left side of the keyboard. Press the gap, holding FN to turn on the backlight.
  • Press the key lighting button if your laptop model has it. A special backlight button is marked by three points in a horizontal line (found in DV6-2022er, DV6-3250US models and other DV6 laptops).

If none of the combinations has worked, check the entire series of functional keys. The necessary key can be in another place. If nothing happens, check the BIOS settings. To do this, select the BIOS Setup or Bios Setup Utility, and then, using the arrow keys, go to the System Settings tab. Be sure to turn on the Action Keys Mode (put in the Enabled value) if it is turned off.

If the lighting is valid for only a few seconds, it may be necessary to configure the Time out in BIOS:

  • Reload the laptop and immediately press the F10 until BIOS opens.
  • Then, using the keys, go to the “Additionally” tab.
  • Go to the parameters of the Built-in Device Options and click Enter.
  • Here, choose a time-out keyboard backlight.
  • Press the gap to open the settings, then select the desired delay.

IMPORTANT. When choosing “never” (Never), the diodes will be active, which will lead to the rapid consumption of the battery charge.

If there is no such setup in BIOS, the function is most likely not supported. Detailed information can be obtained in the operating instructions or on the manufacturer’s website according to the laptop model. To configure brightness (if the laptop supports such a function), press the functional button two or three times in a row. If it does not work, try to press fn with a functional key.

Macbook and Microsoft

All the latest MacBook models automatically adjust the brightness in low light using the built.In light sensor. You can also set up parameters by hand using hot keys. Settings for automatic disconnecting of diodes after a certain period of inaction are in the Boot Camp Control Panel. To open it, click the Boot Camp icon on the taskbar with the right mouse button and select the Boot Camp Control Panel item. Microsoft Surface users can use Altf2 to increase the brightness of the keyboard, to reduce Altf1. Other popular manufacturers, such as HP, ASUS and TOSHIBA, settings for adjusting the brightness of the keyboard do not offer.

How to change the color of the backlight on the DEXP keyboard?

Are not present in all models of the DEXP line. Your new keyboard has many unique backlight modes. You can switch them in two ways: sequentially by pressing fnsl, or by pressing fnins/hm/pu/del/pd, depending on what type of backlight you need.

In order to enable the keyboard backlight on the laptop (Acer, NP, Dell, Samsung, MSI and others) you need to hold the FN button (it is located in the lower left corner) and press the additional key unique to each manufacturer. Accurate information can be gleaned in the user’s instructions.

How to find out if there is a keyboard backlight on the Lenovo laptop?

The keyboard backlight on this laptop is turned on and turns off by pressing the FNEMBLE keys. On the key, you can see an impromptu flashlight icon. This is precisely what this key, combined with the FN key, turns on and offs the subscription.

DEXP positions Liquid Metal as a game keyboard, play, for example, in shooters, is quite comfortable. To turn on the backlight. Just press the Scroll Lock key. Then the keyboard begins to glow with all the colors of the rainbow.

How to understand if I have a keyboard backlight on a laptop?

Many people write that it is enough just to look at the keys of the row: from F1 to F12. If you see the icons associated with the illumination, then you have the illumination function. As if not. Take any laptop, look at these same keys. You will see more than one button with the designation of light. Over, each of the manufacturers selects its own backlighting keys in a special way.

Let’s better use a one hundred percent method. Find the box from the laptop or any document where the model of your device will be indicated. Next, score the following in the search engine: Technical characteristics. We click on any link from the issuance and find the “keyboard backlight” item. On the contrary, there should be either a checkmark or a cross. This is the only way to make sure there is a function on the laptop that illuminates the keys. The main thing is to accurately indicate your model and check whether it coincides with the results of the search engine.

There is another option: go to the “Center Mobility Windows” section. This is done like this: in the “Start” menu we go to the “control panel”. In the search on the right we write the “Mobility Center” and click on Enter. In the issuance we find the “Windows Mobility Center” button and click on it.

If in this section there is a item “The brightness of the keyboard backlight”, then congratulations. Such a function is available on your laptop. It looks something like this:

How to fix the non.Working keyboard of the Toshiba laptop | Easy and fast. Driver Easy. Others

Typically, the keyboard is turned off with the same button as it turns on, but there is no only solution for the case of turning off the backlight, since each model has its own features regarding the use of functional buttons.

  • Combination of buttons FNF4, FNSPACE or FN and space;
  • The use of an individual button that should perform this particular function;
  • Turning off the lighting is multifunctional. Pressing the FN button or responsible for the backlight button several times.

Important! Normal backlight operation is automatically turned on when starting the laptop and turning off when it is sleeping or gibernation.

How to enable keyboard backlight in toshiba laptop

“Skiming” with illumination

Producer companies seeking to facilitate the use of computer technology and increase its attractiveness for the buyer constantly complement it with new functions. When choosing a mobile PC, the presence of a mode is often taken into account, which allows you to enable the keying key in the dark or in the absence of proper lighting. The option is becoming more and more in demand, but there is not all devices.

  • Buying a keyboard that supports this mode;
  • Updating the operating system to the desired version;
  • Installation of additional drivers.

How to turn it on

Unlike PC on most laptopes, the option is built.In, but before turning it on, it is worth making sure that it is present on the selected device model. To do this, it is not necessary to scroll the instructions, you just need to carefully consider the characters applied to the functional keys F1-F12. For example, the keyboard backlight icon may look like the drawings below.

Depending on the settings, brand and laptop model, this button can turn on the mode either on its own or in combination with the “FN” or “Function” button. The latter is located in the lower row of the buttons and is responsible for activating the additional functions of the device.

If there are no designations, you can turn on the backlight on the laptop keyboard using various key combinations. In addition to lighting, functional keys allow you to turn on the standby mode or hibernation, turn off the monitor, start the system rebooting. To restore the normal mode of operation, you will need to re.Press the corresponding combination of buttons.

ASUS (Acer similarly)

ASUS has equipped only the latest laptop models with the keyboard backlighting with the keyboard, it is impossible to enable a useful option on devices of earlier release. The owners of the brand new ASUS laptopes become available three modes:

ASUS laptops have the opportunity to enable the operation of the light sensor in automatic mode. To do this, you need to fulfill two conditions:

On most laptops of Acer, you can turn on the keyboard backlight by a similar combination of keys. But on some models, lighting appears after pressing the FNF7 or FNF9 combination (if the backlight is applied to the latter). The lack of a symbol means that the device is not equipped with a useful function.

The vast majority of laptopes from the company “Hewlett-Packard” can be turned on with single keys F5 or F9 or their combinations with the FN button. Which of the combinations works depends on the model, as well as the keyboard operating mode, which is activated in BIOS. Sometimes the glow of buttons in the dark can be turned on after clamping the F12 (FN) key.


You can turn on the backlight on the smart technique of the latest generation from Lenovo. In the manufacturer of this brand, the keyboard operating mode is assigned to the combination of the FN button with the “gap” and “ESC” keys.

Make sure that the laptop model supports the keyboard lighting function, you can carefully examine the Escape and Space buttons and Space. The flashlight icon should be applied to them.

The keyboard backlighting is equipped with most modern Dell laptops. So that on the device at night, the LEDs can be turned on, you should make sure that the mode is activated in the BIOS system. Then you need to click on one of the keys. F10 or F6. In rare cases, the option is assigned to the “Strelka-Vorovo” button.

Sometimes functional keys do not work: this means that they are blocked. To enable them, you will need to click “Function” “Escape”. After that, you can repeat the attempt.


In the laptops of this brand, the set of keys FN F9 is responsible for backlighting. However, if the second button does not have the corresponding symbol, most likely the gadget is not equipped with a light function. Also, Acer has models where the backlight is regulated by the FN F6 buttons.

Turning on the device on the device with Windows 10 OS 10

In some cases, illumination problems can occur due to errors in Windows settings. Therefore, if the laptop has a light function, but it does not turn on, the following actions can be taken:

  • You need to go to the “Start” section;
  • Then go to the “control panel”;
  • Next, find the “center of mobility”;
  • It will have a “keyboard backlight” block;
  • The slider located there must be put in an active position.

If you need to change other settings, you can click on the block responsible for the backlight and select the desired parameters in the window that opens. Here you can change the brightness or set the time to turn off the function.

Some computer equipment manufacturing companies install their own applications on gadgets through which you can manage and change factory settings. Therefore, if there is such an application on the laptop, the solution to the problem must be sought through it.

Thus, if your laptop has a backlight function, it must be used. After all, with its help, you can reduce the eye stress and increase the comfort of using the device. Therefore, when there are any problems with the inclusion of this mode, it is better to understand the situation and act depending on the model of the device.