How to enable video on a smartphone. Other ways of correcting error

For playing a video in the Android browser, Flash Player is usually required. However, problems can occur even if there are the necessary components or the use of other playback technologies. for example, through the HTML5 player.

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Installation Flash Player

In modern browsers, Flash Player is built by default. But if you use the observer that is installed on the default Android, then it may not be the desired component. The only way to solve the problem is to use another browser. Download from Play Market one of the listed web faces:

After installing the browser, check whether the video is played in it. If the problem was the absence of Flash Player, then the use of another web facial will solve it.

Separately, Flash Player cannot be installed on Android. such an opportunity is not supported, starting with the Android 4 version.0. There is not even a component in Play Market. You can download it from the Adobe website and install it from the APK file, but for work you still need a third-party browser-for example, Dolphin Browser.

What video formats exist for Android devices

Typically, most manufacturers equip Android devices with functional players that support most of the famous video formats. So there is no need to additionally install video viewing applications. But if there is no video player or he does not suit the user, then Google Play or AppStore to help. You need to choose only a player that supports the desired format.

Top-leader of video players for smartphones and tablets (table)

  • Subtle setting of hardware decoding
  • stability
  • The possibility of individual video settings
  • Support for gestures
  • instant transition on a temporary scale
  • hardware and software decoding
  • Intuitive file manager
  • Network reproduction
  • Support for popular video and subtitles formats
  • Reproduction HD-video
  • Automobile of video files

The list of players is much larger, provided in the list are the most popular downloads.

Reasons for the problems of video playback on Android devices

One of the common problems of watching video on smartphones or tablets. the video file is not played. It can be caused by various reasons. Problems arise when watching the saved video and during online review.

Problems with video playing

Obstacles of viewing the saved video

  • An attempt to reproduce the format not supported by the player.
  • Lack of codecs necessary for playback.
  • Insufficient amount of RAM or low.power processor.
  • Simultaneous launch of several applications.
  • Overflow of a smartphone or tablet memory.
  • System settings failure.

Unsupported format

If a smartphone or tablet does not reproduce a video file saved in internal memory, due to the fact that the player does not have the support of the desired format, then to solve the problem you can use the following algorithm:

  • Download and install MX Player, it is a universal player on which all common video formats are reproduced;
  • run the video player;
  • In the settings menu, open the Decider folder;
  • set the marks in the points “use by default” and “for local files”;
  • reproduce the saved video from Android devices.

The player does not support video format

The problem with the availability of the necessary codecs

In most cases, the conduct of such a procedure helps to eliminate the problem of reproduction. If this operation did not help, additional codecs should be set. To do this, you need to read the page of the decoder of the video player. It may indicate a recommendation which version of the Codecs (for example, ARMV7 NEON) must be installed. Then it should be found in Google Play or AppStore, download, install them and restart the device.

The hardware of the device

For modern devices with Android OS, such problems should not arise, because they have graphic processors and RAM more than 512 MB. But if a tablet or budget smartphone or old, watching videos may be difficult. In this case, you can normally watch videos only with a low resolution of 240p or 360p and not higher. Or change the device to more new.

Parallel launch of applications

Sometimes the tablet allows watching the video even as FullHD, and the video is not played. The reason may be the simultaneous opening of several applications and RAM does not cope with the tasks. To eliminate the problem, it is enough to clean the memory of the device, view and disable applications that you can currently disable. For example, games.

Insufficient memory

To eliminate the problem, it is enough to monitor the number of space on the hard drive. In any case, it should not be reloaded. From time to time you need to clean the cache of memory. For storing large videos, it is better to use flash drives or cloud.

The reasons that impede the online viewing of the video

If videos are not played online, then the reason for this may be:

If it freezes, slows down online viewing video

The reason for the impossibility of watching videoonline can be several. One of the most common is the absence of a plugin Flash. The solution to this problem is simple: either install another browser that has Flash Player support, or separately install or update Flash for your device. But before trying to solve a complex, you need to understand some points:

  • For Android 4.0 Flash plugin is not supported and you won’t get it in the store.
  • Downloading from sources, you need to remember the possibility of infection of the device with viruses.
  • Before installing Flash Player, you first need to remove the previous version of the plugin.
  • After updating or installing the Flash plugin, you need to check if JavaScript support is included in the browser.


AllCast is another way that allows you to broadcast the image from the screen of your gadget on the computer screen. This tool is universal because it is available on devices running Android and iOS. Using AllCast, you can bring not only the desired video on the computer screen, but also the gameplay of some mobile game. Unfortunately, some users argue that this program sometimes does not work, and when using it, the gameplay sometimes slows down, but this happens infrequently.

To transmit the picture from the Android device screen on the computer using this method, you must first install the Allcast from Google Play, as well as install the AllCast Receiver extension for the Chrome browser. After that, you can easily connect the phone to the computer through the duplication function and watch any films and series as much as you like.


The last application on our list, which you can use for streaming video on PC, is called Mirroring360. Initially, this tool was launched as a program for duplicating the screen of iOS, Windows and Mac devices, as well as Chromebook. But now he also received support and OS Android. When using this application, users can observe on the screen of their computer everything that happens on the smartphone screen. Video, games and watching online films are just some examples of content that you can enjoy from the big screen using this tool.

To mirror the screen of your smartphone using this tool, just download and install the program on your PC, and then a mobile application from Google Play to your smartphone. Make sure both devices are connected to the Internet. Now wait until the application on your phone with Android recognizes the application installed on your PC, and then just connect it.

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Remove unsafe applications from your mobile phone.

Troyans also pose a danger to your Android phones. If you loaded any application or software from an unreliable source, delete it.

iPhone Voicemail Not Working? (How To Fix It)

There is a chance that this violates the smooth operation of your mobile device, including does not allow you to play mobile videos or makes your videos damaged.

Install VLC Player / MX Player on Android phone.

Perhaps the media player on your Android phone does not support the video code that you are trying to play. Install a compatible video player, such as VLC Player, BS Player or MX Player, from the Android app store.

Update Android OS to fix the video playing problems. Before updating Android OS, it is recommended to always create backup copies of your mobile data, such as contacts, photos, videos, etc. D.

Although the OS update does not lead to a loss of data, any technical failure during the process can lead to loss or damage to your mobile phone. So it’s better to play it safe than to repent.

How to update Android OS in a mobile phone

  • Connect your Android phone to Wi-Fi
  • Open the settings on your Android phone.
  • Scroll down and tape the device.
  • Touch updating. In some mobile devices, this may be updated software or renewal firmware, depending on the Android version.
  • Touch check the availability of updates
  • Touch updating
  • Click “Install / restart” and “install / or install system software”. depending on what you see. The process of loading and installing.

After the installation is completed, your mobile phone will automatically reboot.

How the problem is solved for Android

You cannot consider this a serious YouTube problem. But really comfortable can be called the background listening mode.

enable, video, smartphone, other, ways, error

This site stores many videos, music, lectures and not only. Some of them are only interested in listening, since nothing is happening on the screen at the same time. But I want to listen, parallel to other things on the smartphone. YouTube does not give such direct opportunities to most users.

The question arises whether it is possible to listen to YouTube in the background, so that playing when switching to the home screen would not be interrupted.

Here you can distinguish several solutions at once, which are conditionally divided into paid and free.

Given the unwillingness of most users to pay for applications, the bulk of it naturally prefers to use free capabilities. Although an objectively paid way to solve the problem gives a number of additional advantages, and not just background reproduction.

Launcher developers are trying to solve the issue by software changes. There are examples of intervention directly in the core of the operating system. But the ordinary user is practically inaccessible.

enable, video, smartphone, other, ways, error

On some smartphones there is a second display. A striking example can be called Yotaphone 2 generation sample. At the start of the YouTube application, playing was carried out on the reader screen (E-Ink), and the main screen was provided for work.

There is a way to launch background mode on gadgets with root. But here it is important to understand that the user takes responsibility for remote security.

If you do not want to buy special smartphones, make flashing or delve into Android files, it is easier to use the methods below.

Effective solutions

Consider several options that will help us watch the video and start background mode.

Only one of these methods is paid and this cannot but rejoice us.

Premium from YouTube

YouTube red expansion used to work. But they refused him, and switched to Premium.

This is an alternative paid version of the official application from YouTube. With it, you can turn on background playback and listen to materials even after blocking the screen.

There is also no advertising and there is access to YouTube Music.

But you have to pay for such pleasure. It is valid for 4 months for free. z atem 199.00 ₽/month.

Chrome and Firefox

In order to make background playback for free, one of these browsers must be installed.

For work, try to use the most relevant version of the browser. For Chrome, this is a version of 70 and above.

To gain access to the background reproduction, you need:

  • run the browser;
  • Open the video hosting site;
  • go to the settings;
  • press 3 points on the right;
  • Go to the section “Request the website of the desktop”;
  • enable video playing;
  • Go to the main screen with the button home.

Everything is quite simple. In Chrome, sometimes you will have to press the reproduction button again.


A good way to view the video in the background and download the video to your device.

This program is an analogue of YouTube application for android.

To open access to playing in the background, you need to install this analogue of YouTube, open the application, go into your account, relevant for the official application, and everything.

This is an extremely convenient program that allows you to play the video in audio mode, and gives appropriate functionality to the user.

You can also view YouTube videos, remaining in the background, you can via Og YouTube.

Positioned as an alternative application. Offers not only background reproduction, but also quite extensive functionality when viewing rollers.

It is enough to download, install and log in. Further, as with the usual official application.


If your device works on Android, you often use YouTube, but you want to listen to videos in the background for free, download this application.

It is located in Play Market from Google. Downloading and installing a minimum of time, it does not require a lot of free space.

This application allows you to start playback on the background even if the screen is blocking. Thereby additionally saves the charge of a smartphone or tablet.

Awesome Pop up

A fairly common application for all users, which allows you to quickly start playing a video on YouTube without unnecessary problems in the background.

When the video is turned on through this application, playback will occur in a pop.up window. This allows you to perform other actions in parallel without stopping the video.

For work, you need to open the application, find a video through the search and click on the video. As a result, a separate window will open. It can be moved by display.


If you want to constantly listen to the videos on YouTube in the background, and do not need the viewing of the pictures, you can use the following application in question.

The background mode is not just turned on here, but there is the possibility of calling a small pop.up window. Download the application, go into it, open and enjoy listening.

Picture in the picture from Oreo

The latest version of the Android mobile operating system is called Oreo.

With the advent of this version of the operating system, users have the opportunity to use the picture mode in the picture. This cannot be called an application or some special software. This is rather some cheat.

With this mode, a small window for viewing when you exit YouTube can automatically appear. As a result, the window can be moved throughout the display. By clicking on it, the picture increases or opens a panel with tools to control playback.

Previously, many were sure that this opportunity has exclusively among those who have made a paid Red subscription from video hosting.

But then the Red Red has been replaced by Premium. Google decided to open access to this function not only to subscription holders, but also to ordinary users. This is relevant only for those who have the latest version of the operating system.

It is important to consider that such a function will not work with content, which is classified as music. Because of this, paying a subscription to Premium many will have to do. Either you will need to choose other methods of bypassing this problem.

The Android operating system is quite flexible, and often gives very useful opportunities to its users. Among them and background reproduction of rollers on the largest video hosting.

Yes, YouTube actively imposes a paid subscription, which should not be abandoned by everyone. It really expands the possibility of using the site and the application, and for some users these are important additions.

If you do not want to pay for a background, use browser playback, or download and install alternative applications. You can always find a way out of the situation. The main thing is to look for and use it correctly.

How to connect a phone with a TV

Essentially, users have two criteria for connecting a smartphone to a TV. The first. no wires, the second. the phone should be in an active state so that I can control it without problems. In principle, the request fully satisfies the Wi-Fi Direct function, which the author of Androidinsider previously talked Artem Sutyan.

Connection of a smartphone to TV without wires.

Wi-Fi Direct. This is a protocol of data wirelessly, which allows you to exchange files, regardless of the availability of Internet connection.

To connect the phone to the TV, you need:

  • Open the settings on the TV.
  • Go to the network connection section (globe icon).
  • Next, go to the Wi-Fi Direct subsection and turn on the function.
  • Then go to the settings on the smartphone, wi-fi.
  • After that, go to Wi-Fi Direct and select your TV.

I must say right away, this is the easiest way to connect a phone to TV. The only thing that not all TVs are supported by this technology. Fortunately, there are several other ways that are no worse.

How to broadcast a gallery for a TV

The next chip is perfect for those who want to broadcast photos or videos from a smartphone to a large screen. DLNA technology will help us with this. The conditions for the connection are as follows:

  • Both devices must support DLNA and be connected to one Wi-Fi network.
  • The TV must be connected to the router via the LAN network cable.

Broadcast pictures from a smartphone to TV.

To connect a smartphone to a TV via DLNA, you need:

  • Go to TV settings.
  • Activate the DLNA function.
  • Open any media file on a smartphone.
  • Next, click on three points opposite photo or video.
  • Tap to select a player and specify your TV in the list of available devices.
  • Further, the picture automatically plays on your TV.
enable, video, smartphone, other, ways, error

If for some reason you did not manage to use this chip, the Google Play has a special Bubbleupnp for DLNA application, which may help you.

The algorithm of actions is approximately the same.

  • Make sure that TV and smartphone are connected to one Wi-Fi network, as described above.
  • Launch the application on the Android Smartphone.
  • Next, go to the Devices tab and select your TV.
  • After that, open Library.
  • Go to the folder where your photos or videos are stored.
  • As soon as you open the file, it will immediately be broadcast on TV.

Bubbleupnp application for connecting a smartphone to a TV.

Fipe Player. for high.clay video

A distinctive feature of Fipe Player, which highlights it against the background of competitors, is the possibility of playing a high.clay video up to 4K. It is also worth noting the entertaining playback function with which you can watch a video on a “floating screen”, which is superimposed on top of the device’s desktop or other applications. Very comfortably! And you often watch a video on your mobile devices? Tell us about this in our chat in telegram.

BS Player. Show the film and spare the battery

BS Player is another multifunctional application for playing video files on Android. It is equipped with hardware acceleration of video reproduction, which increases the speed of work and reduces the power consumption of the battery. And also on the spot here is almost all popular formats of multimedia files, the possibility of playing several audio streams at the same time, support for playlists and so on. Plus, there is a number of topics for changing the appearance of the program and, like Fipe Player, there is an option for playing a video in a pop.up window.

The video on Android is not played [what to do?]

Question from the user


Please tell me, my smartphone does not play part of the videos: both online and simply from the SD card. I tried to watch these videos on my old phone. With him all OK.

I think maybe this is due to the fact that I have a new version of Android 10.0, and on the old 7.0. What do you say?

There are few introductory ones (it would be nice to see a link to the video that is shown and which is not). And by the way, most likely the version of Android has nothing to do with.

Most often, the problem with playing is observed due to the missing codec (which is encoded by the video), or due to incorrect browser settings (sometimes when trying to open old site with games on Flash Player).

In general, be that as it may, I will consider everything in order, where to start and how to check.

Why may not be played on the phone on the phone

  • Check the current time. hourly belt and date. With incorrectly displayed parameters. some services (especially from Google) may stop working in normal mode;
  • When using advertising locks (ADBLOCK) or VPN. it is recommended to turn it off during the search and elimination of the reasons (in some cases they are shown. “The culprits”);
  • If you watch the video through the browser, try turning off hardware acceleration (in Chrome you need to open the page: “Chrome: // Flags” and enter “Accelerateded in the search. “. with” Enabled “the found parameter to translate into the” Disabled “mode);

Disconnect hardware acceleration in Chrome

enable, video, smartphone, other, ways, error

If we are talking about old sites with flash games and online video, it is very likely that it appeared. Problems are associated with turning off Flash Player (which is happening since 2021.).

For example, the mobile version of the Chrome browser for Android. generally goes without Flash Player (and for a long time), and it cannot be turned on.

As an alternative, I would recommend trying the above methods from this note. They still reproduce such videos, games, content (approx.: for which you need Flash Player).

Format and codec to which the video is compressed

As you know, each video is concise in a particular codec (otherwise no capacity of the network would be enough. ).

So, if the video does not open, there is no image when viewing (or when trying to open it, an error appears “It does not manage to play the video”). it is likely that:


  • video format is not supported. For example, not every phone will be able to reproduce FLV or MKV formats;
  • There is no desired codec (often at the same time the reproduced video either does not have sound or image (just a black screen)).

You can solve such a problem in two ways:

    Before copying the video on the phone. drive them through special. The converter on the computer. For example, in the “Video Master” (how to use) there are ready-made templates for a variety of phones. Choosing one of them. The program quickly converts a video that will definitely be reproduced;

For which device to prepare files / video master

If the video has opened, but it slows down strongly, freezes

A rather popular type of problem. Usually, the phone begins to freeze or very slow down when trying to open 4K (FullHD) video (especially if the device is “weak”/old).

The solution in this case will be similar. the video transcoding in the MP4 format with an acceptable bitrate and resolution (for your device).

To help!

How to convert a video in MP4 (which supports most TV, PC and mobile gadgets: iPhone, iPad, Samsung, PSP, HTC).

Slow Internet connection / alternative

If you do not have enough speed of your channel to view the online video (for example, due to some of those. work by the provider)-“hanging”, frequent pauses in 1-2 seconds are observed. (buffer), and pr.

To help!

How to check the speed of the Internet on the Android phone. see. Instructions

As an alternative option, in this case, in this case, first download the video in the memory of the phone, and then watch. This can be done with the help of good old torrent programs ☝ (by the way, not everyone knows that you can also use torrents on the phone).

In addition, with the help of torrent trackers, you can always find an analogue of the video that you do not play (only in a different quality and compressed by an excellent codec!).

To help!

How to set up and use a torrent on Android (or how to download torrent files from your phone).

In some cases, the inability of the browser to display a page with videos and pictures is associated with the errors of the cache. Most often, with this problem, the layout of the page is leaving, and instead of a block with a video, it is displayed “unknown that”.

To clean the cache in Chrome (for example), just enter the settings, open the personal data tab and click on the history cleaning point (see. screenshots below). It is recommended to delete the entire cache and the story completely.

If, instead of a block with a video, advertising offers are displayed, obsessive windows pop up (even on those sites where they were not before). it is likely that your Android is infected with a virus (or advertising in). This can also be one of the reasons for the impossibility of watching videos, pictures, etc.

To help!

How to delete the virus from the Android phone. see. instructions

In some cases, it is possible to remove completely viruses and advertising software from the phone only using the discharge (the so.called Hard Reset. T.e. The return of the apparatus to the factory pre.settings).

IMPORTANT: During this operation, all files, contacts, etc. Information from the phone will be deleted, keep everything you need in advance.

To help!

How to reset Android settings to factory [Hard Reset] (T.e. Delete all data from the phone, tablet).

Does not open the film, there is a sound and there are no videos and other problems with the video showing (uploaded films) on Android smartphones and tablets

Another problem that the new owner of Android devices risks stumbles is the inability to reproduce the video in some formats-AVI (with certain codecs), MKV, FLV and others. It’s about films downloaded from somewhere in the device.

Everything is simple enough here. As well as on a regular computer, on the android tablets and phones to play content media, appropriate codecs are used. In their absence, audio and video may not be played, but only one of the general flow can be lost: for example, there is a sound, but there is no video or vice versa.

The easiest and fastest way to force your Android to lose all films is to download and install a player with a wide range of codecs and playback parameters (in particular, with the ability to enable and disable hardware acceleration). I can recommend two such players. VLC and MX Player. which can be downloaded for free.

After installing the VLC Player player, just try to start any video with the show of which there were problems. If it is still not reproduced, go to VLC settings and in the “hardware acceleration” section try to turn on or disable the hardware decoding of the video, and then restart playing.

MX Player is another popular player, one of the most omnivorous and convenient for this mobile operating system. So that everything works in the best way, follow the following actions:

Download MX Player. Install and run the application.

Go to the application settings, open the “Decoder” item.

Mark the HW Decoder ticks, in the first and second paragraphs (for local and network files).

For most modern devices, these settings are optimal and the download of additional codecs is not needed. However, you can set additional codecs for MX Player, why scroll the decoder settings page in the player to the very end and pay attention to which version of the codecs you are recommended to download, for example ARMV7 Neon. After that, go to Google Play and use the search, find the appropriate codecs, t.e. Enter in the search “MX Player Armv7 Neon”, in this case. Install codecs, close completely, and then start the player again.

If the video is not played with the HW decoder is not played, try to turn it off and instead turn on first just the HW decoder, and then, if it doesn’t work, SW is the same in the settings.

Additional reasons that Android does not show video and ways to fix this

At the end, several rare, but sometimes encountered options for the reasons for the fact that the video is not played, if the methods described above did not help.

  • If you have Android 5 or 5.1 and does not show the video online, try to enable the developer mode. And then in the developer’s menu, switch the Nuplayer stream player to Awesomeplayer or vice versa.
  • For old devices on MTK processors, sometimes (recently I have not encountered) to meet with the fact that the device is not supported by a video above a certain resolution.
  • If you have any parameters of the developer mode, try to disable them.
  • Provided that the problem is manifested in only one application, for example, YouTube, try to go into the settings-applications, find this application, and then clean its cache and data.

That’s all. for those cases when Android does not show the video, whether it is online video on sites or local files, these methods, as a rule, are enough.