How to enable VPN on the phone in chrome. How to configure VPN

The VPN abbreviation decodes as Virtual Private Network. a virtual private network. When connecting the user to the Internet between them, there will always be at least another link. a provider. In some cases, there will be several of these links-for example, if you connect to the public point Wi-Fi. In this case, the connection is considered unprotected, Data is transmitted in open form, without basic encryption.

If you do not want to open access to your data to everyone, you should learn to use VPN. Connecting to the VPN server, you get the opportunity to use any of the many servers located at different points in the world.

What is VPN for Google Chrome for

As a rule, VPN is used for two targets. go to blocked sites, as well as to maximize your digital trace on the network.

In normal mode, all data goes through provider or another access point, while they are encrypted in a certain way. and then go along the virtual channel between the device and the server. Then all the data transferred to the server on behalf of the user may start traveling on the Internet.

Когда формируется «тоннель» между компьютером и сервером, в котором вся информация зашифрована, провайдер не понимает, на какой именно ресурс заходит пользователь.

This prevents the ability to kidnap your data even if you connect to the Wi-Fi public networks. The confidentiality of visiting any resources is maintained, and only you can view your history.

The legislation regarding the Internet is now actively updated and tightened. Some kind of censorship is introduced, which limits the work of many sites. and not all of them are suspicious or problematic.

Many sites of those who are already (for some reason) are prohibited, in reality are very useful. VPN helps to get around locks and get to these sites.

How to setup a vpn in google chrome

The site is blocked

For use of VPN, special skills do not need special skills. with some zeal and attentiveness, any user will be able to configure his work so that he can get to almost any site.

What are VPN for Chrome

VPN for chromium can be divided into three categories:

  • Retopic. They are universal for operating systems, are easily installed and integrated into the browser. Used to protect the entire device from hacking. Often established in large organizations: banks, tax, etc.D.
  • Mobile. Suitable for a phone or tablet based on iOS or Android. Easily integrated into the device. Functionality helps to configure the application to perform specific tasks.
  • Browser services. Limited by their functions compared to the desktop version. At the same time, they have a reliable encryption and protection system, open services, social networks and sites that are blocked for the current geostation of the device.

Let us consider in more detail the last type of VPN for Google Chrome, an extension that is installed directly in the browser. Now it is at the peak of popularity among users, because it is easy to work with it and you can install in a couple of clicks. We offer to download the Troywell VPN extension on a computer or laptop, which will reliably protect from scammers and make the Internet more accessible.

How to install VPN extensions for Google Chrome

Now it is possible safely and without fear for leakage of data, or searching stories to sow the Internet, with a free VPN connected.

На заметку! Перед установкой расширения – почистите историю браузера, cookies и кэшированные файлы.

VPN with extensions on Google Chrome 2022

We compare the 15 best free vpN expands for Google Chrome. 1 time per week we update information about VPN services.


enable, phone, chrome, configure

There is a free tariff, but you need to pay a conditional 1 dollar when registering. Restrictions: tariff for 1 device; limit up to 10 GB per month; 8 seats with servers.

Proton VPN

Turbo VPN

Secure VPN



VPN Master

Super VPN


There is a free tariff. But restrictions are acted: it can be used on 2 devices at the same time; maximum 20 Mbps/s.; Limit 3 GB per month.

There is a free tariff. But restrictions are valid: there is no simultaneous use on 10 devices, there is no confederalism.

Read more about VPN services

Windscribe VPN includes 1000 servers in 60 countries. There are various payment methods: electronic wallet kiwi, Yumani, webmani, using a bank card of any international type. After payment of VPN there are 30 days to return funds if you don’t like the service. The paid tariff has the ability to connect up to 5 different devices. Can be installed as an extension for Google Ghrome.

  • Access to a large number of servers
  • Banking information is under protection
  • Deep data encryption
  • High connection speed

Proton VPN has 1832 servers in more than 60 countries. There are various payment options. If you pay a VPN service, but something will not arrange you. It is possible to return your funds within 30 days. With the connection of a paid tariff, you can use a VPN for 10 different devices. Free version for PC and smartphones.

Psiphon VPN has more than 1000 servers in 20 countries. Fully free VPN service for PC and smartphones. Expansion for Google Chrome. there is.

enable, phone, chrome, configure

Secure VPN 36 servers in 22 countries. Payment passes through electronic payments systems. If you bought a paid version and something did not suit you, there is an opportunity to return funds. Paid tariff provides the ability to connect to its account up to 5 different devices.

  • Rent of the allocated IP and a whole VPN server
  • You can choose IP manually
  • Speed ​​and traffic restrictions
  • Suitable for torrents and Netflix
  • Quick
  • Log does not lead

BrowSec VPN 1000 servers in 42 countries. You can pay for the service using any world banks, as well as electronic payment systems. Within 7 days after payment, it is possible to return funds if you do not like the service. Paid tariff provides the ability to connect to its account up to 5 different devices.Can be installed as an extension for Google Chrome.

  • AES-256 military level encryption algorithm
  • Inexpensive tariffs
  • Free version
  • For torrent and streaming services are suitable

How To Add VPN Extensions To Google Chrome Browser

Zenmate provides a large number of servers and 75 countries to connect. Payment passes through a visa, master card, webmani, kiwi. If after payment VPN and something does not suit you. Return your funds within 30 days. Paid tariff provides the ability to connect up to 5 different devices to the account. You can set an extension for Google Chrome.

Super VPN provides more than 1000 servers in 64 countries for connecting. There are various payment methods. If you pay VPN and something does not suit you, it is possible to return funds within 3 days. In a paid tariff, you can connect only 1 device. There is an extension for Brazur Google Chrome.

VPN 1.eleven.1, also known as Warp VPN. VPN service, which does not hide your IP, and by encryption of traffic bypasses locking, increases Internet speed, protects devices from malicious software and other threats.

In the paid version of ITOP VPN has more than 1800 servers and 100 countries. There is the possibility of payment using all virtual payments and bank cards systems: visa, master card, maestro. Within 15 days, it is possible to return funds if you don’t like something. In a paid tariff, you can connect up to 10 different devices to your account.

VPN Gate has more than 1000 servers in more than 100 countries. Within 30 days after payment, you can return your funds if the service does not like.

Adguard VPN has 50 servers in 11 countries. It is possible to pay using electronic wallets and international debit cards. Within 30 days you can return your funds if you don’t like Adguard VPN. The paid tariff has the ability to connect up to 5 devices. There is an extension for Google Chrome.

  • The connection speed is high
  • Own protocol
  • The connection speed is good
  • Torrents supports
  • Log does not lead
  • Small number of countries and servers for connecting
  • Connection only through the ADGUARD protocol
  • There is no way to install on a router

Hola VPN includes more than 5,000 servers in 300 countries. You can pay using Pay Pal and credit cards. If the service does not suit you with something. returns cash within 30 days. You can connect up to 10 different devices to your account from a paid tariff. Expansion for Google Chrome. there is.

Avira VPN includes many servers in 25 countries. You can pay for the service using all virtual payments systems. If after payment you do not like Avira VPN, it is possible to return funds within 30 days. A paid tariff provides the ability to connect an unlimited number of devices to its account.

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Security and bypass of locks: 7 free VPN and proxy for the Google Chrome ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ browser

The relatively new Ininja service helps users easily change their IP address. Unlike some other services, Ininja does not use user computers for routing encrypted traffic. You can access 9 VPN servers in different countries for free, which will allow, for example, without problems gaining access to sites inaccessible in different states. Among the main advantages of the tool are the speed of work that exceeds the capabilities of Tunnelbear, Hotspot Shield, Hola and other popular VPN products.

Free VPN service without traffic restricting and data transfer rate, which selects a virtual location in 15 different countries. You may not notice the significant differences of Hola VPN from other extensions from this list, nevertheless, the mechanism of work of this service is completely different. Hola acts as a one.rat service: computers of the system participants are used as routers for data transfer. A recent scandal was associated with this when the creators of Hola VPN were accused of selling traffic and the presence of vulnerabilities of their software.

Another tool that allows access to blocked resources is Betternet proxy service. It is not very suitable for ensuring security, only for bypassing content locks on the network.

Another popular VPN service. Its free version allows the use of servers from a limited list of countries. the USA, Canada, France, the Netherlands and Denmark. Paid account users can choose from a wider list of countries.

The creators of the service position it as a tool for access to blocked sites. Project servers are located in the USA, Canada, France and Denmark. Despite the fact that the project administration claims the absence of restrictions on throughput, in reality it will depend on the number of active users of a particular VPN server.

After registering Zenmate, free VPN is available without a traffic limit and data transfer speed. Of the interesting functions. the possibility of memorizing sites, when visiting which you need to activate VPN. In the future, it will be turned on automatically when entering the desired resource.

Popular VPN service with a network of servers in more than 20 countries. The company pays great security attention and even conducted a public audit to confirm that the service does not use user connection and does not sell their data to advertisers.

As they say, if proxy does not require money from you, then it earns selling your logs

Gentlemen, it is safer to buy from Digital Ocean VPS the cheapest in 5 per month, raise your VPN there, and use it. They certainly never be covered, and you can still raise SOCKS for telegram (although it is not entirely safe, but this is a separate topic) and your personal mail server. I tell you as a paranoid with experience.

Avira, by the way, is now for free license for a year for its VPN, a freebie at the link: https: // wwww.Avira.COM/De/Phantom-VPN-XMAS-BZD?X-C-Channel = LE.

Why not use Hol. 1 Link to Habre for search

I’m just wondering how they compensate for their free? advertise their own paid services through the established expansion? Analyze all unchifted traffic and statistics of addressable sites and sell to advertisers?

Set Zenmate and after 3 days he refused to work until I buy premium. In my opinion, this is not called “free”

tell me better expansion for mosila, how to hide your plugins from sites?

Protonvpn. The base set was free, although slow, I don’t remember now. Minus you have to wait for an invitation.

PS and not suitable for fans of the gates of Steiner and the theory of conspiracies :). He is the brainchild of Cern

I generally use the opera in it and the adblock was stuffed and VPN in silence

I have a hide at work, does not let in a discord

DiscordApp.COM/CHANNELS/@me. The connection hangs and hangs for an hour, and then the page is simply rebooted and everything is again.

I have been using Zenmate as I have been using it for several years. Infuriates that they are very often asked to subscribe to, but I am impregnable and using a free tariff. Enough with the head

Tunnelbear like a convenient integration. Even in a curtain in 8 androyd integrated. And traffic to go to spotifai once every 2 weeks is enough

Yes, nafig these extensions are needed. Antizapret.ProstovPn.Org and no problems

Bear services. We check 6 popular VPN providers for privacy

Nowadays, without VPN, anonymity, safety and the ability to circumvent regional restrictions and locks lead to this technology not only a technically savvy audience, but also simpler than people. And they, of course, will not put and configure OpenVPN on their server and prefer provider services. What choice awaits us in this case and is it possible to trust VPN providers? Let’s go through the most famous of them and check.

First, we will decide on the criteria that we will look at. I propose to put forward such requirements.

SSL-serity domains. If there are problems with her, then attacks are possible like MITM.

Lack of substitution in a license agreement. A provider for which users’ privacy is not an empty phrase, should not try to make you agree to anything.

Support for persistent encryption and modern protocols. In some countries, with the help of DPIs, standard connection types are successfully blocked, such as PPTP, L2TP IKEV1, OpenVPN UDP and others. A self.respecting provider must provide a way of bypass. As for encryption, everything is individual here. I only note that the PPTP protocol, coupled with MS-CHAP, was hacked in 2012. Since then, any person, having paid 17, has the opportunity to decrypt traffic.

Cyberghostvpn-German-Romanian service, conducting its activities since 2007. A few remains afloat so much time. This service offers three types of connection: L2TP, OpenVPN, IPSEC.

There are no ways of bypassing locks. There is only the ability to connect the TCP protocol on the 443rd port when using OpenVPN, which is already ineffective in countries with DPI. The SSL certificate of the resource was issued by Comodo and is valid up to 23.02.2019.

Two years ago, Cyberghost was in the center of the scandal. One of the updates of his client installed on the user’s cars a root SSL certificate. What is bad? The fact is that when you install the HTTPS connection, your data is protected by the SSL/TLS protocol, which is confirmed by a special certificate issued by the authorized company. The browser is checked with a list of OS certificates and, if everything goes, allows you to enter the site. Cyberghost update added its certificate to this list, which opened the possibility of attacks like Man in the Middle.

The company hastened to release a refutation, but later another problem was revealed: a branded client for Windows logs systemic data, such as the name of the video chip, the processor model and user name. What can I say? The reputation is spoiled.

As for Privacy Policy, everything is very interesting here. In an article from his knowledge base, the server leadership clearly and without an eve declares that logs are not underway. However, viewing the “Privacy Policy” raised me certain questions.

IP is hard to believe in “Anonymization”, and the rest does not cause warm feelings. Any data collection contradicts the answer in the knowledge database, where it is stated that there are no logs.

NordvPn. the service is rapidly gaining popularity, registered in Lithuania. Has been operating since 2013. The column “Our partners” earlier indicated that the office received a CCNP certificate from Cisco, but then this information disappeared from the site.

Why is the certificate information disappeared from the site? How it was possible to get this certificate without any merits? There are no answers, and clearly removed for a reason.

In the “Privacy Policy” there were also problems. One item says that the logs are not conducted at all, the other tells us that the service has the right to store a limited number (how many?) personal information within two years.

The site claims that the server pool consists of 5178 units, which are located in 62 countries. Connection methods used: OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSEC. Nice bonus. the ability to bypass DPI through Stunnel.

With NordvPn, everything would be fine if it were not for the story with a Cisco certificate and not a licensed agreement that allows the owners of the service to collect information, but does not specify which one exactly.

But there is another interesting moment. Two Reddit users undertook an independent study, judging by which NordvPn belongs to the well.known Datamine company Tesonet.

It seems that this is what allows the service to spend half a million dollars a month (just think about this figure!) for the purchase of reviews and advertising your product. So, according to Nordvpn spent 497 thousand dollars for advertising for one February 2018. Where did the money come from? I think the answer is obvious.

It turns out that using this service is extremely dangerous: instead of anonymity, there is a chance to provide detailed login logs. And finally, another unpleasant story. In an advertising impulse, NordVPN employees wound the rating for sub.reviewed reviews on the Trustpilot This fact is confirmed by the resource administration.

In the Google Chrome browser on a computer

Google Chrome did not differ from other applications. For him, you need to install a special expansion.

Click on the menu icon and go to additional tools. expansion. Or just click here.

We go down to the very bottom and click the link of the expansion.

We will transfer us to the extension store, the applications. In the search line, drive the key word “VPN” and activate the expansion point.

It is important to find something worthwhile. At the time of writing this lesson, I can say with confidence that VPN Hotspot Shield works quite well.

But do not forget to look at the reviews tab. to make sure that the extension is still relevant and work normally.

After installing the expansion, click on the icon and turn it on.

By the time you read this lesson, it is likely that the VPN Hotspot Shield does not work so cool, or maybe it is no longer among the extensions. In this case, try others. As I said, before installing a VPN, do not forget to read reviews to understand that the free version really works.

By the way, if you do not work in. classmates and some other sites and you set up VPN-are for them, then I advise you to establish the Yandex Access extension.

I myself use this particular extension and I recommend it to everyone. The developer of this extension Yandex himself and they wrote it for those who do not work VK, classmates, Yandex Mail and so on.

To date, there are many different extensions. The minimum weight allows you to run them even on a weak device from the technical side. Below is a list of the most popular, convenient to use and at the same time free servers.

  • Expressvpn;
  • Nordvpn;
  • Hola;
  • Zenmate;
  • Hotspot Shield;
  • Dotvpn;
  • Windscribe;
  • Tunnelbear;
  • Cyberghost.

The main drawback is to limit the choice of the country, traffic or display advertising. But you can buy a license (its cost is usually much lower than that of desktop programs) to remove restrictions and use all functions to the maximum. Paids work more stable and faster, since they value customers and reputation, and their reliability at a higher level.

over, choosing a free server, it should be remembered that this provider user trusts his anonymity and personal data.

How to enable VPN in browsers

It is very simple to do this. it is enough to establish the desired expansion.

The server only works within a particular browser in which it is installed, and the messengers do not affect programs and messengers.

enable, phone, chrome, configure

Google Chrome

  • In the browser, call the menu by clicking on the icon in the form of three vertical points (located at the top right). Go to “additional tools”. “extensions”.
  • Open the panel with the menu. for this, clat on the icon in the form of three horizontal lines, which is located on the left. Below there is a button “Open Chrome online store”, click on it. A new tab with a store will appear. In the search line on the left, insert the desired name of the extension. Click “Enter”.
  • The installation process will start, which will take a few seconds. The corresponding notification testifies to the successful completion, and the icon will appear on the top panel.
  • If you climb this icon with the left mouse button, the expansion menu will open. You can change the location by clicking on the country. Free version offers only a few options.


  • Installation will begin to take a few seconds. A notification will be displayed on the screen, and an icon will appear on the top panel.
  • Click on the icon, a menu with understandable navigation will appear: you can choose a country from the list and then turn on VPN. To turn off. press the same button.

Opera has a built-in VPN, which is convenient to use-there is no need to install something additionally, just click on the icon and activate the option by moving the slider.

enable, phone, chrome, configure

Near the search line there may be no badge. To add it, you need to go into the settings using Altp clamps, open additional parameters, scroll down and move the slider to the right.

Mozilla Firefox

  • In the browser, open the menu (three horizontal lines located at the top right) and select “Additions”. This can also be done using a combination of Ctrlshifta keys.


  • The completion of the process will be confirmed by a notification on the screen. Click on the icon that is located near the address line (right). Turning on and disconnecting in a standard way.

If in the catalog Yandex.There will be no specific server, it is recommended to install it through the Chrome store.

After installing the addition to any browser, a specific VPN may require the entry of email for activation, and this step cannot be missed. If you want to fit the email address or delete the extension and install another.

With an anonymous server, blocked sites open without problems. If the page load speed is slow or there are any errors when connecting, you should try another server.

It is not recommended to install everything in a row, since it can be unsafe. Be sure to study the rating, reviews, number of installations.

How to configure the VPN (VPN) application on a smartphone

There is a simpler way to connect VPN. There are already ready.made applications for this. They are paid and free. All of them work according to one principle-hide the real IP address of a person and his location.

The integration of applications usually differs, but the basis is always the same:

  • There is a button on the screen, pressing which we turn on the VPN;
  • Server selection-you can choose, IP address which country is better to use. The program automatically connects the program to the most fast from the available. But this function is not always free. For example, with VPN99, the choice of countries opens only after buying a paid tariff. And Turbo VPN offers a choice of several servers even in a free version.

Example of Turbo VPN design for Android. You can connect to different countries even in free mode. Illustration: Elizaveta Chupikov, photosklad.Expert

Examples of applications that work on Android and iOS.


  • works on all devices (smartphones, tablets, computers. there is an extension for browsers);
  • Confidentiality. the company claims that it does not store user logs. So, he does not find out what sites the user visited;
  • Uses a modern Wireguard protocol. It is faster and faster than OpenVPN, which until recently used all VPN services.

You can pay for 1 month (459) or all year at once (2 290). There is a version for Android and iOS.

The integral intensity is typical for such applications. Illustration: Elizaveta Chupikov, photosklad.Expert


Paid application. 7090 per year (at the time of writing of the article). But there is a free trial tariff. 7 days. The card must be tied immediately, but the money will begin to be written off after the completion of the trial period. There is a version for Android and iOS.

  • large selection of servers;
  • fast connection;
  • There is an application for phones, tablets, PC. everywhere you can go under your own account;
  • There is technical support where you can contact.

Surfshark application with a pleasant and understandable integration. Illustration: Elizaveta Chupikov, photosklad.Expert

How to configure automatic inclusion of VPN on iPhone

A convenient solution was provided by developers for iPhone users. You can choose the application, and the VPN will automatically turn on when entering it. To do this, install 2 applications:

Please note: automation works with this VPN application. You can try to connect another, but the script is possible. For example, automation instead of background inclusion will physically open the VPN application, closing the main application and thereby starting the second scenario. disconnecting VPN.

How to connect automatic vpn on

  • enter the installed “commands”, go to the “Automation” menu;
  • select “Create automation for yourself”;
  • In the new list, select the item “Appendix”;
  • At the next step, put a check from the inscription “Open”, click “Choose”;
  • enter the name of the application;
  • select “General”, then “Next”;
  • On the new screen, select “Add action” and enter the name of the VPN application used;
  • make sure that the script “enable VPN connection” is selected;
  • click “Configure the connection”, “Next”
  • On the next page, move the slider “ask until the launch” in an inactive position (so as not to burn with color);
  • confirm that you do not need to additionally ask you when starting the application.

How to configure automatic shutdown of VPN

  • Repeat the first three points from the previous list;
  • put a check from the inscription “Closed”, click “Choose”;
  • enter the name of the desired application;
  • Choose “Ready”. then “next”;
  • On the new screen, select “Add action” and enter the name of the VPN application used;
  • make sure that the script “Turn off the VPN connection” is selected;
  • Select “Configure the connection”, “Next”;
  • On the next page, remove the slider “ask until the launch” in an inactive position;
  • confirm that you do not need to additionally ask you when starting the application.
  • One automatically turns on VPN as soon as the user enters the application;
  • another turns it off when the application used is closed.

The scheme will work when connecting to the Internet (Wi-Fi or mobile Internet).

How to configure VPN on a computer (PC)

You can also connect the Internet on a laptop or stationary computer in different ways. For example, you can use special extensions for the browser, connect the VPN in the settings of the laptop itself.

Important: if you plan to configure the VPN on PC itself, you will need the same data as when setting up the connection on smartphones. In this case, you can use the services of paid or free providers. To connect with PC, you can use a free site that we have already mentioned earlier. https: // www.VPNGATE.Net/EN/. We describe settings below.

Important: all passwords, common key, account, which we indicate in the material, are relevant only for servers collected on the website https: // www.VPNGATE.Net/EN/. This information is relevant at the time of writing. This site also posts the instructions for connecting. If the connection conditions change, the information in this material will no longer be relevant. If you have used the services of another site, all additional information must be clarified on it.

How to configure VPN on Windows (Windows)

In Windows 7, you need to immediately enter the “Networks Management Center”. All further steps are identical. VPN setting on Windows 10. Illustration: Elizaveta Chupikov, photosklad.Expert VPN setting on Windows. Illustration: Elizaveta Chupikov, photosklad.Expert

How to correctly configure free VPN (VPN) on Mac

  • select “System Settings” in the Apple menu, then “Network”;
  • In the left menu, select “Add” in the “Inte Wee” field you need to select “VPN”;
  • Be sure to select the type of connection. To do this, in the pop.up menu “Type VPN” you need to choose the right one (standardly select L2TP);
  • It is necessary to call the network and click “Create”;
  • you need to fill the remaining fields. Server address-IP address from the site (for example, Public-VPN-171.Opengw.Net), the name of the account. “VPN”;
  • open “authentication settings”, in the “password”, “common key” fields, enter “VPN”;
  • press “ok”, “apply”;
  • In the “Additionally” tab, you need to check the checkpoint “Send the entire traffic through the VPN”;
  • It remains to click on “connect” and wait until a new connection icon appears at the top of the monitor.

Change DNS

As you know, a domain names system is used to access Internet pages (Domain Name System). DNS server addresses are kindly provided to us by the provider. But, since all providers are obliged to obey the law, the basic DNS servers have the same restrictions that are spelled out in state “black lists”. It’s easy to get around the problem. you just need to replace the standard DNS addresses with those that do not limit access to the content you are interested in.

If you use the network connection via Wi-Fi, then you can also replace the DNS addresses with standard Android tools. This is necessary:

Go to the settings of the selected Wi-Fi network;

In the window that appears, open additional options;

Change the IP settings (by defending-DHCP) to “static IP” or “user IP” (depending on the version of the OS and the shell, the name will differ);

After expanded settings appear, it is necessary to change the addresses of servers at DNS1 and DNS2 points for any, such as Norton ConnectsaFe DNS. (DNS1) and (DNS2).

Carrying DNS for mobile networks is a little more difficult. To do this, you need a special application (for example Set DNS) and an open Root access to the system. How to get the rights of a super sex user, you can always find out in the topic about your Android device in the corresponding section of the 4pda forum.

So, to configure the DNS substitution for mobile networks, you need:

Install set DNS, open and distribute the rights of a ROOT access;

In the upper left side of the main screen, open the menu with a list of available DNS addresses;

Choose the right one (the description can be found on the Internet, but we advise Google DNS or Open DNS);

Apply the settings by pressing the Apply button;

Reload the device or activate the “Flight mode” mode for a short time.

It is worth noting that such a radical way can negatively affect the functionality of the system. To return to the basic settings, you must select DHCP/Disable in the list of DNS addresses and repeat item 5.

Readers are advised by 4PDA

Advises Hunter_032: in the Google Chrome browser you can include traffic saving. Since the data will be compressed on Google servers, you can open blocked sites.

Advises Wladen: Orbot and Orweb to help. Here you have access. And they work quickly.

Advises URRK: UC Browser and Puffin successfully open locked sites.

Advises TANC0R0: in China, the method of saving traffic or the use of Puffin, UC or any other browsers do not work. We use psiphon or VPN.

Advises wwwam99: the best and fastest VPN for Android is the Zenmate application. It is free, it does not require Root and the speed is good, up to 10 Mbps, failures and brakes did not even observe through mobile networks, which is enough for a smartphone.

Advises Hynix26: I use VPN on Hideme. I bought an annual subscription and do not worry about this at all, you don’t even feel that it is turned on.

It advises Vre: Anonymous Browser will solve all problems with access and anonymity with mobile connection and Wi-Fi.

The extensions of the Chrome browser (Yandex, Edge) ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

The user needs to configure access to the SBIS personal account (tensor). To do this, you need to install an extension from the Google store. As they say: “I did it a hundred times”. But this time something went wrong, and, when installing the expansion, I get an error:

Hands already dropped, but found completely fresh information

As a result, in order to establish an extension in your favorite browser, you need to install a VPN (I used ITOP VPN. does not require any registration at all), connect to the VPN and only then set the extension.

If the user agrees to work in Mozilla Firefox. you can install it, there is no such dance in it.

I hope I helped someone save time. He killed himself for half a day today.

year Windows XP. We remember how it was ⁠

In the fall of 2001, a significant event took place in my life: Microsoft invited me to the official presentation of the Windows XP operating system she had recently released. The event was held under the slogan “Windows XP is a change in the lifestyle”, and in general I agreed with this formulation. First of all, because I got acquainted with this OS at the stage when it was called Microsoft Codename Whistler-in fact, thanks to the beta testing program, I got to this holiday of life. And the first release of Windows XP was light even earlier, on August 24, 2001, that is, exactly 21 years ago.

In the internal documentation of Microsoft, this version of the OS was designated as Windows NT 5.1, and taking into account the fact that Windows NT 5.0 had a commercial designation of Windows 2000, version XP (from the word “Experience”, “Experience”) was its deep modification. The developers set the task of making the “business users” and the commercial sector of Windows 2000 Professional more “user-fighting”, adding the convenience and simplicity of the Win9X line, but preserving the characteristic NT reliability. Initially, Microsoft planned to develop two independent branches of the OS on the NT. Neptune platform as a “home” editorial office, with emphasis on games and multimedia and Odessey. for corporate users. But the parallel development of two Windows families demanded too large resources, and in January 2000 they were united in a common project, which received the code name “Whistler”. in Honor the same town in British Colombia, where Microsoft employees loved to spend time, skiing.

The first alpha version of Windows Whistler, shown in April 2000 at the Winhec conference, was not much different from the usual Windows 2000 Professional both from the point of view of the integration and the internal content. It was attended by some elements from Neptune, including the updated Logon Screen, a built-in CDs recording program was added, a prototype of a fast switching mechanism for user accounts Fast User Switching and, perhaps, everything. Closed beta testing started in June 2000, and the first public beta with the designation Build 2296 (Beta 1) appeared on October 31. In some places it also found mention of Windows 2000, and the system was still quite “raw”. One of the most funny bugs of this assembly was that the icons fixed by the user in the updated main menu could not be unscrewed without the fuss with a tambourine system register.

Beta2 (Build 2405) has already outlived more serious changes: testing the Microsoft Product Activation mechanism began, and the system required the product key during installation of the system. The OS appeared Internet Explorer 6, Windows Media Player 8 and the “Search Companion” (search assistant), which will accompany all subsequent Whistler assemblies up to the final release. I remember that this novelty almost brought me to a heart attack: at some point, the computer began to make terrible grinding sounds, very similar to the sound of a dying hard drive. It turned out that the rattle proceeds from the speakers, and its source is the pesel from the search panel, which, being left unattended, begins to comb the fleas with a characteristic sound accompaniment. The theme of the watercolor design appeared in Beta 2. the harbinger of the future theme Luna, which was not yet ready at this stage, and was added a little later, in public assembly 2428.

To the version of Release Candidate 1, the system has already gained the usual view as a whole. On Butskrin and in the ABOUT window, instead of “Microsoft Whistler”, the official “Windows XP” was already listed, and in assembly 2469, instead of the gaps of the Red Moon Desert wallpapers with scarlet desert velvet, “S or Safe” for the first time debuted.

In the Release Candidate 2 version, released on July 27, 2001, Windows XP took its final look, and Microsoft remains to eliminate only small roughnesses. Then the global marketing program for promoting and promoting a new operating system, on which Microsoft, together with its partners from Intel, AMD, ASUS and Lenovo, planned to spend more than 1 billion. The leaders and stars of the first magnitude were involved in advertising, including Madonna with her song Ray of Light, used in Windows XP television advertising in North America. The syllable of the new system selected the phrase “get ready for flight”, but after the tragic events of September 11, 2001, it was hastily replaced by “yes, you can” (yes, you can).

Before the official release, Microsoft released several more test assemblies under the general name Pre-RTM (2531-2542). It is noteworthy that in the assemblies of 2531 and 2332 as wallpaper by default used a dull blue-gray picture with the original name “Windows XP”, but already in build 2535 “serenity” was returned to its legal place.

In the release of computers (Release to Manuapacturers, RTM), which took place on August 24, 2001, the assembly of 2600 went, it became the first and main official assembly of Windows XP. On this day, a pathos event was held in Redmond, to which representatives of the largest PC manufacturers were invited. They solemnly handed leather portfolios with a distribution disk of Windows XP, drunk with champagne and sent home on specially rented helicopters. From this moment, the Windows XP era report began, which ended on April 8, 2014 with the end of the expanded support of this system.