How to enable Wi-Fi on the laptop keyboard

We turn on and set up Wi-Fi on a laptop

For the most part, users prefer to use wireless Internet. This is not surprising, because before only a stationary computer was connected to the World Wide Web, and the use of the wire was logical, today in each house there are at least three or four gadgets that need to go to the network. How to activate Wi-Fi on a laptop and, if necessary, do not make a setting, is not known to every user, and it is this topic that is devoted to the text below.

Lapps manufacturers provide two options for starting a wireless connection on the gadget. By means of keys and directly through Windows. Depending on the brand that created the device, the launch process of the buttons may differ in the combination, but the essence of this does not change.

To turn on Wi-Fi on a laptop, you must use the button specifically designed for this: it is combined with one of the kes F and indicated by the Wi-Fi vene. So that she works, she is pressed simultaneously with FN. After that, the corresponding LED will light up on the device, and on the screen will display that Wi-Fi is turned on. If the device has previously connected to this network, then no additional actions should be taken. You can turn off the gadget from the Internet with repeated press on the same buttons.

As mentioned earlier, in the vast majority the Wi-Fi inclusion button on the laptop is combined with functional F:

The combination of keys for turning on Wi-Fi on a laptop inside one brand is often different, since there is no single agreement between manufacturers. Even in models of one company released at different times, they use different combinations.

If the laptop is old, then the button is not necessarily combined, you can rarely see this today, but in old MSI or HP models this is a frequent phenomenon. However, each brand was found in such a situation. Later they began to take care of the aesthetics of the appearance of the device, and the buttons began to combine with others. In old devices, the desired button can be located both on the top panel directly among other keys, and look like a switch located on the side panel next to the USB outputs.

Important! Any laptop is equipped with a “air” mode. When it is turned on, all wireless joints stop working. If it is included on the laptop, then the key combination proposed above will not work, the “Avia” of the regime has a kind of priority.

Some manufacturers, such as Sony, Dell or Samsung, allow you to turn on and off the flight function from the keyboard on the button, respectively, the aircraft is drawn. If there is no such button, then you should turn off the mode directly to Windows. At the same time, in the old versions of the OS of a separate regime, it is not provided, it appeared only in the eight.

Checking the adapter

After checking the drivers, you should make sure that the Wi-Fi module is working. The presence of an icon or in a system tray means that the transmitter works normally and the connection to the network is installed.

If the icon looks like this or so. So, the Wi-Fi module is not connected to the wireless network. Click on this icon. In the event that a list of access points is opened (as in the picture), go immediately to step 4.

And if about such a window appears, most likely the module is disconnected physically. How to include it, we will consider further.

enable, wi-fi, laptop, keyboard

Wi-Fi setting on different versions of Windows

With the physical inclusion of the module, you will figure it out quickly enough. Sometimes the Wi-Fi setting ends this: the system performs the rest of the necessary actions independently, displaying a list of available wireless points. But sometimes you have to establish a manual connection.

Regardless of the Windows version, you first need to check that the Wi-Fi module drivers are installed without errors:

For fidelity, it is better to go to the official website of the laptop manufacturer and find the latest version of the wireless network module driver for your model. In addition, click on the adapter with the right button and select the “Encabe” item (if its work is stopped).

enable, wi-fi, laptop, keyboard

Windows XP

In theory, Windows XP should stop using it for a long time, but on some old Dell models and other laptops the legendary system still continues to perform its functions. Wi-Fi in Windows XP is adjusted as follows:

In the conductor window there should be the icon “Wireless network connection”. Its presence demonstrates that the Wi-Fi module works correctly. Click the icon with the right button and select “Turn on”. Further:

  • Double.Click on a wireless connection to open the settings of its parameters settings.
  • Click on the link “Change the order of preferences”.
  • Select “Network at the access point” and set the “Automatic connection” mark.

If the list of available points does not have a network that your router gives out, click “Update the list”. Then select the desired point by name and click “Connect”. If the network is parole, you will be invited to enter access code, after which the connection will be established.

Windows 7

On Windows 7, the procedure for connecting to a wireless network has changed a little, becoming a little easier. Now all available networks are displayed after clicking on the Wi-Fi icon in the system tray. But if there is no icon, then:

  • Go to the Networks Management Center.
  • Click “Change in adapter parameters”.
  • Find a wireless connection and make sure that it is turned on.

After turning on the wireless connection, the wi-fi icon will appear in the tray. Click on it to see the list of available points, select the network and click “Connect”.

Windows 8

On Windows 8, the procedure for connecting to Wi-Fi remained the same, but the “on the plane” mode was added, with which you need to be able to work. If the adapter driver is installed and the wireless connection works correctly, then on the notification panel you will see the Wi-Fi icon, when you click on which a list of available networks appears.

If there is no icon, perform the same actions as on Windows 7. Open the window “Change of adapter parameters” and turn on the wireless connection. If there is no wireless connection, check the drivers and the condition of the module. Everything should be included and installed.

If the adapter is turned on, the drivers are installed, but the available networks are not found, check that the notification panel does not hang the “on the plane” mode icon. If it is, you need to turn off this mode. To do this, click on the icon and transfer the slider to the state “disconnected”.

Windows 10

On Windows 10, everything remains the same with small changes, so you will quickly figure out how to connect a laptop to Wi-Fi:

If the access point is not displayed, try to configure the network parameters. Click on the link of the same name. The section “Network and the Internet” of Windows 10 parameters will open.

You can go to the section changes in the adapter parameters and enable the wireless connection. Simply put, on Windows 10 you have several equivalent options. You just need to choose a more convenient way for yourself.

Through the “Device Manager

If none of the above methods helped you, it’s time to move on to heavy artillery. And you will have to start by entering the “Device Manager”. You can do this:

  • Through the “start”;
  • Or using a combination of the Win R keys. In the field opened, type MMC DEVMGMT.MSC. You will automatically send you to the “Device Manager”.

As soon as you open it, click on the section “Network adapters”. If next to her you see an icon with an arrow down, this means that the module is turned off.

To turn on the Wi-Fi adapter (module) on the laptop, just click on the right mouse button and click “Encabise”.

Frequent problems and ways to solve them

Unfortunately, turning on Wi-Fi on a laptop with Windows 10 is not always possible the first time. The common problems include:

  • Physical absence of a wireless module in the device. The laptop provides a built.In adapter, and on PC it is most often external. If you are sure that the Wi Fai module is installed, you can proceed to the next step.
  • There are no drivers to an adapter of a wireless network. In most cases, Windows 10 itself sets the necessary. But this does not always happen. There are times when you need to install a Wi-Fi driver on a laptop with Windows 10 yourself.
  • The module is provided, but it is disabled. Programmatically or using buttons. How to enable the device, it was considered above.

Other errors that can knock down the path are possible. Consider their decision in more detail.

The connection is limited

There are situations when you seem to have managed to turn on Wi-Fi on a laptop, but in the right of the lower Treie Windows 10 there is a network icon with an exclamation mark. The system informs that the connection is limited or there is no access to the network.

To solve the problem on Windows 10, take these steps:

  • Restart the laptop and router;
  • Disconnect the antivirus and firewall, and then try to turn on Wi-Fi on the Windows 10 laptop and computer (depending on what you use);
  • Make sure you paid for the Internet services;
  • Check the settings of the router.

As a rule, if a limited access problem appeared after setting up the router, difficulties arise due to it. Enter the device menu again and set the settings taking into account the recommendations of the provider. Now you need to save, enable and turn off (restart) the device.

Before connecting Wi-Fi again on a laptop with Windows 10, try the router on another device. If it works correctly, then the problem is not in the router. As an option, you can connect a router directly using a cable.

If these actions did not help turn on the Internet, try installing IP and DNS addresses yourself. To configure Wi-Fi on a laptop with Windows 10, do the following:

  • Click on properties.
  • In the window that opens, set the data connection manually.
  • IP address 192.168.One.1 (the last digit can be 0). The mask will be prescribed by itself, in the column of the main gateway, duplicate the IP number, and the server DNS (preferred and alternative) indicate 8.Eight.Eight.8 and 8.Eight.4.4, respectively.

Now you know how to manually configure Wi-Fi on Windows 10 on a laptop. If this method does not work, try installing the IP automatically, and write DNS manually.

We select a few more ways to solve the problem on Windows 10:

  • Try to turn on the laptop if it is disabled. Perhaps the system automatically turns off the adapter.
  • Update the driver to a wireless adapter (more about this below).
  • Check that the IP version 4/IPV4 is installed.
  • Make sure that the region is correctly exhibited in the router.

Following these tips helps to understand how to connect to Wi-Fi on Windows 10 if you have problems with access.

Problems with drivers

As noted, Wi-Fi may not work due to the incorrect installation or the absence of the necessary software on Windows 10. To check this version, enter the start, and then the parameters.

And below click on the device manager. There, find the network adapters tab.

As a rule, two options are displayed there:

If you turn on Wi-Fi, try to update the driver. For this:

  • Enter the manufacturer’s offside;
  • Find your laptop model;
  • Select the Wi-Fi adapter driver;
  • Indicate the desired operating system (Windows 10);
  • Save the driver on PC and run it;
  • Wait for the installation, reboot the device.

How to fix Keyboard Not Working typing Wifi Password and Search bar on Windows 10. 8.1. 7. 11

At the final stage, check the Wi-Fi connection on a laptop with Windows 10. If everything is done correctly, and the reason was in outdated software (or its absence), the problem should be eliminated.

The adapter is not active

There are situations when you need to turn on Wi-Fi, but instead of the status of “accessible” on the screen there is an inscription about the absence of connections or disabled.

In this case, enter the device manager with any of the available methods, for example, through parameters, expand the section with network adapters, select your model and press the right mouse button to the desired line. Next, select the option “Encabise”. Now try to turn on Wi-Fi on a laptop with Windows 10. The Internet should earn.

The network is not available

If there is a red cross on the network icon right in the bottom right, this speaks of the shutdown of Wi Fai.

To enable the module, act on the steps indicated at the beginning of the article. Go to the parameters, go to the Wi-Fi section and translate the cupbox of the same name to the right. If the toggle switch is not active, try updating the driver or delete and install.

In airplane

Sometimes problems with Wi Fay on Windows 10 arise due to the “on the aircraft” mode. In this case, all transmitting devices are disconnected. Do the following:

We described four different methods for turning on a wireless network card. One method is hardware, three are software. All software tools are supplied with the operating system and do not require installation of additional software packages.

Important! In the event that your Wi-Fi does not turn on any way, perhaps the network card has burned down. In this case, it is recommended to use special USB-Wi-Fi adapters, because, as a rule, it is cheaper than replacing an integrated Wi-Fi Module in the motherboard.

The assessment of each of the software techniques is displayed in the consolidated table.

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How to set up wireless Internet access

Those who use a lot and often use a computer, know how much Windows 7 differs from 10, and even more so from XP. Therefore, let’s figure out how to connect and configure a wireless network on a laptop, depending on the OS, which is installed on it. Still one of the most popular operations, 7 remains. Let’s start with her.

Windows 7

Connect a wireless network on the Windows 7 laptop can be as follows:

  • Start with a wi-fi driver check. This will allow you to understand whether it is established and how correctly it works to avoid difficulties with connecting. To do this, go to the “control panel” and select the “Equipment and Sound” section;
  • In the list find the Settlement Adapters subsection. The points of Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Wireless inscription should be present here. The latter means the presence of drivers. If it is not, then you need to install them by downloading from the Internet or from the disk. If there is an inscription, but the exclamation mark is shining, then you should click “use”;
  • If everything is in order with the drivers, then you can proceed to the inclusion of the built.In adapter. To do this, open the “control panel” and go to the “Network and the Internet” section;
  • Configure of the connection. Before you start using the network, you will have to configure it. To do this, go through the “Networks Management and General Access Management” (in the section “Network and the Internet”). There, find the item “Change in the parameters of the adapter”;
  • And finally, the most important thing is connection. Find the wi-fi icon on the desktop, open. You should stand on a home point of access and click “Connection”. Enter the password. Successful connection to the wireless network of the laptop will be reflected in a modified shortcut.

With all other OS, the principle of action, how to connect a laptop to Wi-Fi (no matter Windows XP, 8 or 10 you have the same. Unless the name of the points will be slightly different.

Start adjustment, as on 7, we advise from checking the drivers and setting up adapters. You can always find detailed instructions above. If you have successfully coped with these points, you should try to connect via the icon in the TEA. If you could not connect a laptop to the Internet via Wi-Fi, then we go in the following way:

Windows 8

You can connect the Internet via Wi-Fi on a laptop with Windows 8 if the device has a built-in Wi-Fi module and all the necessary drivers are installed. You can check this with a right button on the “Start”. Further “Task Manager”, “Network Adapters”.

If the items are not marked in this list with a questioning or exclamation icon, then everything is in order. Otherwise, you need to update the drivers or download them.

Next, you need to configure the Internet on a laptop via Wi-Fi, that is:

  • Put the cursor to the right side of the screen, to the upper corner, the menu with large icons will open;
  • Find among them “parameters”. Then click the icon with the image of the Wi-Fi antenna;
  • Click on it, a small menu of the “network” will open. Here you need to turn on the slider “Wireless network”. Select your access point, click “Connection”. Enter the password.

Windows 10

To connect Wi Wi on the Windows 10 laptop, you follow:

  • Find the connection window in the tray in the form of an icon with a computer and antenna;
  • The “Network Parameters” menu will open;
  • Click on the name of your access point, enter a password.
  • I can’t configure the Internet on a laptop via wi-fi? Check the availability of drivers updating and their performance. To do this, go to the “control panels” to the “Devices” section;
  • In the list of drivers, find the item “Network Adapters” and expand it. The name of the wireless adapter should be the word wireless. If you click on it with the right mouse button, you will see if it is possible to update it. If there is no driver, then it should be downloaded and installed.

How to find a Wi-Fi on on a laptop?

By the way, on many models, the Bluetooth adapter is also activated by the Wi-Fi switching button. Unfortunately, not everyone can immediately find the Wi-Fi on on the laptop. There were even such cases when people carried a laptop to the service center with a complaint “Wi-Fi does not work” just because they did not find the inclusion button. If you also encounter such a problem-let’s look for the Wi-Fi Turning button together. On old laptop models, the Wi-Fi adapter turned on this slider:

The slider was most often located from the right end of the laptop. We move one way-turned on Wi-Fi, move to the other-turned off Wi-Fi. It should be noted that this is the most reliable solution, as many years of practice showed. Then they began to make a separate button for turning Wi-Fi on the case. On some models, she walked rectangular:

The Wi-Fi turning button is located most often on the panel under the laptop screen. You can recognize it by Wi-Fi icon in the form of the antenna. On many models of laptops, the Wi-Fi switch button is combined with a functional button. As a rule, the F2, F5 or F12 buttons are used:

At the same time, to enable Wi-Fi, you must first press the FN button and only then the functional key with which the Wi-Fi functions combined.

Note: There are models of laptops, where there are two buttons buttons of turning on Wi-Fi:

How to fix wireless capability is turned off. Hp

Pay attention. One button in the front left corner of the laptop, and the second is combined with a functional key F2. If one of them is not pressed to turn on the adapter, Wi-Fi will not work.

If you pressed the Wi-Fi on button, but the wireless network is not available, then look at the article how to turn on Wi-Fi on a laptop.

How to enable wi-fi programmatically.

A wireless adapter can be turned off software. That is, it was turned off in the Windows operating system settings. Turn on Wi-Fi on a laptop if it is turned off in the operating system settings in two ways.

1 method. Inclusion through the network control center and total access.

Click the Winr key combination and enter the command in the window opened: NCPA.CPL.

enable, wi-fi, laptop, keyboard

Thus, we will immediately open the section “Change of adapter parameters” (in Windows XP this section was called “network connections”). Here we are looking for “wireless network connection”.

If it is gray, it means that Wi-Fi is disabled. Click on a wireless network connection by the right button and select the “enable” menu item item. After that, try to connect to a wireless network.

2 method. Turning on through the device manager.

In the devices dispatcher, as a rule, network adapters rarely turn off, as it simply does not need and do it only in extreme cases or, this is due to a failure. And if the Wi-Fi-adapter is disabled in the device dispatcher, then in network connections there will be no icon “Wireless network connection”. To enable Wi-Fi, you must first go to the device manager. To do this, as in step 1, click a combination of Winr keys and in the “Perform” window Write the command: Devmgmt.MSC, click OK. Windows dispatcher will open.

In the section “Network Adapters” we are looking for a device in the name of which there is Wireless or Wi-Fi. We click on it with the right mouse button and select the “Encabe” menu item item. If suddenly the device refuses to start and an error will be given. Try download the drivers for the adapter from the official page of the manufacturer and install them.

Note: There is another feature that you have to do if the laptop has a pre.Installed from the Windows factory. It consists in the fact that sometimes you have to launch a program for managing wireless networks from a computer manufacturer. Such programs go with almost every laptop. They are called “Wireless Assistant” or “Wi-Fi Manager” and are on the Start menu. “Programs” (“All Programs”). I met a couple of laptop models, on which it seems to be the Wi-Fi everywhere, but until you run the utility-the network adapter does not catch.

If you turned on the adapter, but you can’t connect to the wireless network-look at this article: Solving problems with Wi-Fi.