How to enter a safe mode on Xiaomi

Restoration mode on Xiaomi smartphones. Mi Recovery

Recovery Mode, aims the recovery mode or just a recovery is designed to completely clean the smartphone, return it to factory settings or removal of application cache.

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For more experienced users, the Recovery mode is useful to restore the Miui system from backup, create this very backup, update or install firmware from a separately downloaded file. Also, using the recovery mode, you can update the standard Mi Recovery installed in Xiaomi smartphones to the modified TWRP and CWM recovery.

In Mi Recovery, which is made specifically for smartphones with the Miui system, very meager functionality. Therefore, if possible, it is better to update it to custom TWRP or CWM.

We will figure out how to enter the recovery mode in three ways: from the system using buttons or using a standard Android method.

For models with a scanner of fingerprint

On gadgets equipped with this sensor, the security system is turned on as follows:

Next, you need to attach your finger to the sensor and hold until the loading strip does not come to the end.

Pay attention: you can return everything back only after rebooting the device. If the reboot did not help, use the overall discharge (in extreme cases).

Telephone repair

A lighter way to enter Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 safe mode.

The device is in the on state. Click the shutdown and hold, after a while, the reboot will go. After the mobile phone signal, we are waiting for 10 sec. And let go, and the finger immediately on the print recognition scanner, we do not remove it until the launch in the “safe mode” will begin.

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To remove the virus, you can use the Activity Launcher to combat viruses, we do the following.

We launch, select the last perfect action, all the actions of the “settings”, “all actions” find our malicious file and delete. This program is not blocked by the virus, and therefore you can erase the file.

Telephone repair

How to exit safe mode in android redmi note 10 | how to enable safe mode on android redmi note 10

How to open safe mode on Xiaomi Redmi Note 8?

Safe mode. This is a special function in Android 9 OS.0 pie, which can activate Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 with off unystemic applications. This helps when some programs do not affect the performance of the system. Using a safe mode, you can detect applications with viruses and delete them. This mode blocks malicious software and correctly includes Xiaomi Redmi Note 8.

Safe mode helps when some programs do not affect the performance of the system. Using this mode, you can detect applications with viruses and delete them. This type of loading blocks malicious software and correctly includes Xiaomi Redmi Note 8.

How to enable safe mode on Xiaomi?

  • Completely turn off the smartphone;
  • Turn on the smartphone and when the MIUI logo appears simultaneously press and hold the volume and power increase buttons until the recovery menu appears;
  • Using the volume buttons, select the Safe Mode mode and confirm the power button;
  • After rebooting, the smartphone will start in safe mode.

Why is a safe regime needed

As on a stationary computer, the safe mode of Xiaomi smartphones is designed to eliminate problems in the work and solving regular software errors.

The common situation in which this function may be useful. The user’s actions have led to a violation of the smartphone software and it is necessary to correct this situation.

After its activation, only important system applications and services will continue to work, and all other programs and utilities can be easily deleted and returned to the mobile device to the original working condition.

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Two ways to enable the mode

For devices with Android OS, at least 4.4:

  • Press and hold the power button on the power on a working tablet or phone. The menu will appear with options to “turn off” and “restart”.
  • Hold for a long time the field with the inscription “Disable power”.
  • A request will appear on the display, the options are as follows: “Transition to a safe mode”, “Go to safe mode?””. When choosing this function, a warning will appear “All third.Party programs will be disconnected”. When choosing, the device will reboot.
  • In the lower part of the display, the “safe mode” icon will appear.

In many Chinese phones and tablets, the Android version is modified and on it you can not turn on the safe mode in this way.

On these gadgets, its activation is carried out using a combination of keys during the restart:

  • Disconnect the smartphone and then hold the power button. When it turns on (usually this process is accompanied by vibration), click the volume buttons and hold until the gadget is turned on.
  • Disconnect and turn on the phone. When the logo appears, press the volume reduction button. Most often, this method is used on Samsung Galaxy.
  • When you turn on, press the power key and volume increase. When a logo appears on the display. Let them go. This method is found on the unpopular phones of the Chinese manufacturer.
  • As well as in the previous method, but only you need to hold the button to lower the volume level. An additional menu will appear on the display. Select the Safe Mode function. This method is found on LG manufacturer’s phones.
  • Turn on the smartphone. When the logo appears simultaneously, click both volume control buttons, hold it until.
  • When turning on, click the “home” button (there are not all devices).

What is a safe mode in Xiaomi: why it is needed, turning on and off

Safe mode on Xiaomi smartphones is a tool that allows you to completely delete programs that have the delete button inactive due to the elements unfolded from RAM, viruses and check the condition of the components with repeated failures. This article will talk about 5 ways to include this mode.

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How to enable Xiaomi safe mode

The latter is for devices with this option. Xiaomi Redmi (4x, 5, 6, 7), Note (4–7), for example.

Works on Android 4.4. The procedure is as follows:

  • Turn on the phone.
  • Close and hold the power button until the standard shutdown menu appears.
  • Click on the shutdown button and hold the safe mode or proposal to go to it until the new menu items.
  • Press on the emerging button/agree. After that, the phone will reboot and start in the required mode.
  • Start rebooting in a standard way.
  • Press after the appearance of the Xiaomi logo while loading to the screen area where the main menu button is located in the on state.


  • Disconnect the smartphone.
  • Turn on the device, holding the power button until the Xiaomi logo appears.
  • Release the power button and squeeze the volume.
  • Wait for the load to complete and release the key.

How to Enter / Exit Safe Mode in Any Xiaomi Redmi Note Phone | Turn OFF / ON Safe Mode

  • Call the shutdown menu.
  • Holding the inclusion key, touch the inscription screen turn off.

How to disable safe mode on Xiaomi

Turning on and disconnecting a safe mode is a simple procedure, but you need to use it only when there are malfunctions in the operation of the device.

enter, safe, mode, xiaomi

How to enable safe mode for miui 12?

To turn off a safe mode on a smartphone, click on the shutdown button and hold it somewhere with one second. When a menu appears on the screen, just select the “reboot”. Wait for the loading of the device and and all!