How to find a channel in a telegram on iPhone

How to find a channel in a telegram named?

If you know the name, then the search for the channel will not be difficult. It is easy to enter it “@name” into the search line and the desired object will be found immediately. It is necessary to pay attention separately that the name is unique and the other channel with it cannot exist.

To search for the channel in the telephone version of the messenger, you just need to click on the magnifying glass and enter @name “. All relevant objects will be shown to the search query, t.E. Those that contain a piece of search query in their name.

On Android

Owners of smartphones based on Android OS You can use a simple search scheme:

After choosing the right public, pre.Viewing will open. To join the channel, just press the corresponding icon. Search the community is quite simple, even an inexperienced user will cope with the process.

On the iPhone

Search for a channel through the Apple smartphones applies in a similar way, as on the phone with Android OS:

After pressing, the iOS virtual keyboard will appear. After entering the data, the search results will appear. Iphone request is entered in this format “@USERNAME”.

On the computer

If the user uses the application through a stationary computer or laptop, then you need to find a public according to this algorithm:

Search for public with a certain topic can be found by entering keywords, for example, “psychology” or “science”. A list of popular communities will appear in the results.

In general search, only open telegram channels are available. To get into a private channel, you need to find the author and request an invitation-liner from him. Before you subscribe to the public, you can first familiarize yourself with its contents.

The developers of the popular Telegram messenger made a convenient program integration, a system for searching for groups, channels, chats. Owners of mobile phones and computers can use the detailed instructions described above to search for telegram channels. Using such communities, users can promote their accounts, share important news and events.

Search nuances on a computer and phone

There are no special differences in the search engine on different devices. There are only differences in the main menu and the program integration. In the application on smartphones, the search is located at the top of the screen on the right side. The icon is presented in the form of a magnifying glass, activated by one press. The PC displays the search line on the left side of the screen. The option on all devices is the same.

The function of searching for communities, people, groups is understandable and simple. Even a novice user will cope with her. But in the process of using the option, a problem may arise. The results will not be displayed in the tape. This may be due to the following reasons:

To eliminate problems, you need to check the literacy of the input of information. Make sure that there were no administrative changes. If the input is performed correctly, but the search does not work, you need to restart the software and try to repeat the actions again. Also complicates the search procedure for the privacy of the channels.

Every day, thousands of new communities appear in Telegram messenger, billions of messages are created. Therefore, knowing the algorithm for the search for the right communities or people, the user will feel comfortable.

All available ways to search for channels in telegrams

All users (at least the overwhelming majority) know the search function in Telegram. At least everyone knows where the search line itself is located. In all versions of Telegram (desktop and mobile searches, it is above the chats. In the mobile version it is hidden by default, it can be “showed”, pushing the chats up, while already at the top of the list of group dialogs).

The main ways to find this or that public in the messenger are tied precisely on the search line.

Let’s understand this issue in more detail. Through the search line, you can enter the name of the desired channel. You will also receive a similar accurate result when you introduce a link to public.

The format of such a link is @channnelforexaple. In addition, you can look for the channels you are interested in by keywords (if you do not know exactly the name of the public, but you know only part or the direction of the channel in general).

It is also worth noting not very effective, but having the right to exist a search method. Through catalogs. If this is a popular public, then he will surely appear in one of the thematic catalogs. You can find such catalogs on the network (in the search engine for a key request) or in Telegram itself.

Here are a few catalogs in the “cart” that can help:

We hope this article will help to solve your problem, because finding the channel in Telegram is not so difficult. In addition, in order to avoid further random removal of important publics, be sure to keep links to them, which will help to avoid long searches in the future.

Actions with channels

Now you know how to use the search in telegram on the iPhone. It remains to figure out how to use these communities:

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  • To move on to the contents of the channel, it is enough to tap the name once.
  • In the dialog box you will see news posts. To join the channel, click the “Subscribe” button.
  • If you are no longer interested in this community, then go to the additional menu and you choose the option of disconnecting from the channel.
  • Using the lower button in the dialog box, you can turn on and disconnect the channel notifications.
  • If you click on the channel icon, then open a page with a description of the community.
  • There is also a search in this chat. With it, you can find specific publications.

No one can write messages in the channel, except for the administration. But all subscribers can send publications to other users.

How to find a channel or group in a telegram

Many users of the messenger create their own groups or channels that you can subscribe to. Their main difference is in the number of subscribers and the possibilities of admin/subscribers. It may seem that it is difficult to find interesting groups, but this is not so. It is enough to understand the algorithm of the work of the messenger’s search system in order to actively look for communities in interests and subscribe to them in order to exclude the need for their reuse.

By name

Each channel has its own unique name, which is a universal assistant when searching for it. The main thing is to be registered in the messenger to gain access to his communities.

A good help for users is the search line.

It is enough to enter the name of the public and press the Enter button, after which the system will automatically give out a list of groups with a similar name, among which the desired version will have to be located. It is enough to click on it once and the system will transfer you to the news feed, after which the “Subscribe” option will become available.

The easiest way is to find a group in Telegram by its name, which is quite simple to enter in the search field

Such an algorithm of action is quite simple and suitable even for inexperienced users. The main thing is to correctly introduce the names of public and communities, not forgetting that many of them are prescribed in Latin letters.


The developers of the Telegram messenger systematically improve its functionality, which greatly simplifies the search task assigned to users. It turned out that you can find the right community using a link.

Most often, such links are presented in various catalogs that can only be found on the network.

In addition, they can be obtained directly from the hands of the administrator or one of the group members. After that, just click on the link to go to the news page of the public.

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The method is considered one of the simplest, because he immediately transfers the user to the right group, without requiring a lot of time.

By interest

When working with the search engine of the Telegram messenger, it is not at all necessary to know the exact name of the group or have a link in hand. You can focus on a topic that is most interesting to the user at the moment.

To do this, open the messenger and enter any word into the search line that will correspond to a certain topic.

If you are interested in the relationship between people or with oneself, then you can introduce the word “psychology”. If esotericism is included in user interests, then “fortune telling”, “occult rituals”, etc. D. The system will automatically give out the most suitable options, among which it remains to choose any you like.

If you do not need a specific group, then you can find the necessary interest on interests by starting to enter the overall topic into the search engine

This method is perfect for users who do not have sufficient information or just want to find several useful publics. It allows you to see which communities on a given topic generally exist, to find their news feeds and after that enter into the most interesting interesting things.

Search via search line

This is the easiest way to quickly find a channel in telegrams if you know at least one word from its name. To do this, you need to enter this word into the search line of the messenger and see what will appear in the issuance. The search procedure on the smartphone and PC is slightly different, so we will show how to do this in both cases.

Search for searching from a smartphone

Suppose you are looking for a channel for hunting lovers and you know that in its name there is the word “hunting”. We drive a request and analyze the issuance.

The telegram channel can be found by its name through the search line (the results will be displayed in the Global Search tab).

Instructions for searching with PC

Searching for the channel from the computer is even easier: in the desktop version of the telegram, the search line is located directly above the list of chats and channels.

The telegram channel can be found by its name through the search (the results will be displayed in the General Search tab).

Why telegram channel is not visible in the search?

As you can see, the search results on the smartphone and on the PC is the same, but scarce. Telegram offered us only three channels, whose name includes the word “hunting”. And it is not clear: whether there are so few channels devoted to hunting, or a global search for hackite with a sample.

We introduce the word “hunting” in English (“hunting”) and see what will happen in the search this time.

There are more results, but not all offered channels

Check our request written by Latin. “Ohota”.

We see that now more thematic channels have appeared in the issuance.

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Alexander We summarize : To find the desired channel through a standard search for telegrams, you need to try to enter a request in three variations:

  • Meager extradition (only a few popular channels fall into the top);
  • It is impossible to find a channel if there are no thematic words in its name;
  • Only public channels and chats can be sought.

Step.By.Step search instruction in Telegram

People who first downloaded the program are worried about how to look for channels in Telegram.


There are a lot of channels in telegrams, how to find which new users may not know and get confused from a large stream of information.

Initially, the search engine built by telegram was quite primitive. The system could only recognize the material by an exact link that is not always known. In the fall of 2017, an update was released, which gave the opportunity to search for keywords. Now the public in telegrams can be found according to those found both in the name and in the description of the channel. But the internal search is still imperfect, as it gives out only the first three results.

There is only one search line in Telegram, which does not provide extended settings. With the introduction of the request, its processing begins with the contacts and messages of the user, only after that it begins to view the open channels. Two subparagraphs “Messages” and “Global Search” are displayed in the results. Where, the first is the owner’s personal correspondence, and the second is public channels that a person is not signed for, as well as pages that are not present in a personal address book.

By name, you can find a channel in telegram according to the same principle as by keywords. The program is most often installed on the phone so that it is convenient to use outside the house and office. Owners usually worry how to find a channel in telegrams on the iPhone, since many processes in this device differ from other smartphones. In this case, there is nothing to worry about. In the application for iPhone, telegram channels are no more difficult to look for on any other device. The integrated search also works on the computer, but is located in a different place.

Attention: if you introduced a phrase, keywords, but only messages and an address book were displayed, arrange the gaps. Global search should fall out.

Chat is a mess of messaging. The system was created primarily for communication, including business. Therefore, for many there is an acute question of how to find a chat in telegram. Such a platform, as a rule, is less than the channel. But unlike him and groups, in the life of a chat, subscribers can take a more active part. Not only comment on records, pictures, but also upload your own posts, materials.

Various chats in telegrams are diverse, which not only beginners, but also experienced users have to search. In the catalog you can find topics on hobbies, regions, marketing, travel, business and much more.


If the program is installed for work, it is especially important to figure out how to find a group in a telegram that is needed.

Suitable groups in telegram can be sought in different ways.

  • Choose an interesting public in one of the social networks and look into the section with contacts. Surely there will be a link to their telegram channel or group. Since most of them are trying to expand the zone of presence.
  • A direct link can be found through search engines.
  • Use the catalog of the system.

It’s easy to get into the group of interest, just take two simple steps.

Closed groups and channels of telegrams can only be found by direct link. The easiest way to get it is to ask to send one of the participants. Also, links are often placed on sites of loved ones on the subject, or after an article on a specific topic. In this case, it is not necessary to specifically look for Telegram channels. The authors have already made a better selection in this niche.

Possible problems when subscribing to a telegram channel

In some cases, participants are attempting to connect to subscribe to the Telegram messenger to closed.Type channels (closed). It is worth noting that it is impossible to issue a subscription yourself in this case. Private, private public will not be able to find using the function of general search. To connect it, you will need a special link, which must be obtained from the administrator or creator of such a closed public. Also in Telegram there are a community with a paid subscription.

There are several different ways that allow you to find out and view the number of subscribers on the Telegram channel. The first method provides for the creation of a special bot that collects all information about subscribers to the database. The second method provides for the translation of existing subscribers, under monitoring and creating a database (database), to another channel.

It is worth noting that there is an easier way to get a list of subscribers. However, it is relevant for Desktop version of Telegram. To look at the subscribers, you need to select the channel, then go to the point (right) information, and click on the column located in the lower part with the number of participants. Then you should press the image (icon) of the magnifying glass and enter the symbol (star) in the opened field.