How to find a channel in Telegram on iPhone

How a channel is better than a blog or a community

The question of how a channel is better than a blog or a public space from the reader’s point of view has many answers, and they will all be correct.

In the end, elementary in that in social networks most of us are already subscribed to a huge number of very different pages that compete in advertising budgets to get to the top of our feeds: this has been happening for a couple of years, “” started recently, but it’s a fact: there is too much garbage in our feeds. A channel is just a subscription to a memo. No liking the brand, adding to friends or joining the soda club. You go in, take a look, if interested, subscribe, and you get content on that topic.

For active Telegram users, the large number of channels and chats in the dialog list can create difficulties. For Android systems, there is a special client for Telegram Plus capable of dividing content into tabs.

But the question of how a Telegram channel is better for a brand, a social media specialist, or an author of a “blog” should be considered in more detail and point by point.

Viewability of notes on channels may be up to 100% of the number of subscribers. Typically, at 60-80%. Your total reach can be much higher, as any reposts. to other channels, group chats and even personal correspondence. are counted in the view count. Compare that to the 10-15% reach of the timeline on. or the paltry 5% or so of the free reach of the feed on ; if you have a channel with 10,000 subscribers, your entry will be viewed by roughly your entire audience in a week. In order to achieve similar free reach for non-viral publishing, for example, on. you would need to have about 200 thousand likes on your public page.

There is virality in Telegram. Notes are “sniffed” by other channels, group chats and private dialogues in the same way. As Telegram’s ecosystem develops, virality potential will only grow.

Typical “sharable” publications. Coverage is 2 and 4 times higher than the number of subscribers.

Hack: the publications related to Telegram itself are the best hits.

  • According to our estimates, 90% of the Telegram audience in Russia is not yet subscribed to any channels. This is primarily due to the lack of “discover” tools, i.e., site search and discovery.
  • Indeed, how would you know that messengers in principle have blogs and public pages, not to mention public and non-public group chats (and bots), if you are not a reader of Accordingly, the potential for growth is very large, even assuming that Telegram in Russia will never grow in principle, which of course is not the case.
  • There are already ways to both manually and automatically promote your channels to the active Telegram audience. For example, recently announced on vc.combot and Sociate’s Telegram ad, various channel directories. mostly manual, but there are also automated tops, which I’ll talk about a little bit below.
  • Channels can already be monetized, and brands can get some of the best value for money from them. Large author’s “blogs” sell advertising privately, for “medium” the exchange is launched, which will allow to earn both for the development of the channel and for a loaf of caviar.
  • Prices: our tests show that conversions to subscriptions or starts are up to 95%. This creates excellent opportunities for brands, even despite the modest total audience volume.

These are not all the reasons, but to summarize what has already been written: it is worth trying, the audience in Telegram is high-quality, the level of Digital and IT presence in it, according to Russia, is at the level of specialized sites (if the Affinity index for “software” category at 300% tells you something, then yes, this is it).

The Affinity index data is based on traffic to the web version of the group chat statistics pages and primarily reflects the figures for Telegram’s “active core.

What’s in the world? The popularity of channels around the world directly correlates with Telegram’s popularity. It is most popular in Iran. all the largest channels are concentrated there. If you look at one of Iran’s channel directories,, you can see that popular channels have around 1 million subscribers, with all viewability figures kept at the same level as smaller channels.

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Possible search issues

The search in Telegram is not too complicated, and the interface is intuitive. But there are certain nuances that can complicate the task.

One of the most common problems is that the data is not displayed when searching by login. There could be three reasons for this.

Note: If the group is not displayed by login, check the correct entry. And make sure that no changes are made by the site administration. If everything is correct, restart the program, regardless of whether it is on your computer or on your phone, then try searching for Telegram channels again.

Searching for channels on Telegram is also complicated by the fact that some sites are protected by privacy settings, many groups are closed. They can only be accessed by direct link or by invitation. Despite the imperfection of the messenger functionality gives a lot of opportunities for online business, entertainment, information, business and friendly communication.

How to find and enter your private channel, where you were alone and from which you accidentally left?

Tricky question, I had to remember all my TV skills. The described situation is in fact common, but telegram does not offer users any obvious solution. To be more precise, there is a solution, but you will not learn about it from the official help or from the settings of telegram clients. So, I will show you how to find and return to a private (private) channel, where you are the creator and the only subscriber, but from which you accidentally left.

First, update to the latest version of the Telegram client (using the official desktop client for Windows and the mobile client for Android as an example).

This is what a private channel looks like where you are the creator and the only subscriber. Links to such channels look like

A private channel cannot be found “from the outside” and no one knows the private link except you, so I recommend that you save it to avoid getting into tricky situations. But, what’s done is done.

The first step is to launch the desktop client, sign in with the account you “lost” your channel and export your data. This is how you do this: open Settings. Advanced settings. Exporting data from Telegram. Tick the “Private channels” box and leave the other settings as default. Export.

After you have finished exporting, open the export_results file in the uploaded data.html and find the block that says “Exported supergroups and channels you left are listed here”.

That is how you will find the channel itself and (most importantly) know its name, if you did not remember it for some reason. In the example, the channel is called “Very Hidden Channel“, which is where I came from earlier. An important nuance why exporting alone is not enough to get back into the channel. you cannot unload links, neither public nor private, in the exported data.

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The second step is to open the mobile client, sign in with the same account and search for the name of the desired channel

Telegram is a smart messenger! If you did not reset the private link, it will offer you the channels in which you are the founder, even if they are private and you have retired from them. Just subscribe to the channel again and it will appear in your feed where you can open and manage it. Good luck!

How to find a Telegram channel: a detailed guide

There are thousands of channels in Telegram. It is important to understand how to find a Telegram channel that is right for you. Doing so can be a daunting task. It gets even more complicated if you don’t know or can’t remember the exact name. Now we’re going to look at a few ways that may help you in this.

We recommend you look at our Catalogue. Telegram Channels sorted by country and category!

Subscribe to Telegram Channels

So how to join the right channel? Let’s look at the example of a cool news channel, which collects all the most interesting from Aliexpress “Ali-Baba’s Chest | Topchik from Aliexpress”. Of course, you can subscribe to it at this link and always keep a selection in front of you, but let’s try to find it on our own.

How to find a Telegram channel

  • Open the Telegram app
  • Click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the screen
  • Enter the word, phrase, topic, or media you are interested in
  • If you know the exact name of the channel, enter it

How to subscribe to a Telegram channel

When you have found the channel you want, it is easy to subscribe to it. You just need to open it in the list of suggested channels. You’ll see the feed in front of you, which you can read before you subscribe, and then click “Join” at the bottom of the screen.

Done! You can now scroll through the feed and be notified of new posts. But if you don’t need them, I recommend you turn them off. This is actually what I do for all my mailing groups. It is easier for me to enter and scroll through the day’s content myself than to get a notification every 5 minutes from another group.

You browse through them, figure out what you like, and join.

How to turn off notifications in Telegram

The easiest way is to click on “Mute” at the bottom of the group screen. If it needs to be enabled, then click “On” in the same place. sound.”. If that’s too easy, then open an additional menu by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and select “Disable Notifications” or “Enable Notifications”. In doing so, you will be offered a time for which it can be done before you turn it off. This way you can silence any group, channel or just a chat room for a nap or an important meeting.

Another way is to click on the name of the channel at the top of the screen and move the notification slider to “Off” under its description

How to compile Telegram channels into a folder

A relatively new feature which appeared not so long ago allows you to collect any groups and channels into folders. For example, I put all work-related stuff in a separate folder, and what I consider to be newsletters in another folder. This makes it much easier to find what you want.

To do this, on the Telegram home page, where all chats, groups, and channels are displayed, tap the name of the channel you want to move somewhere and hold for a bit. An additional menu will open at the top of the screen. Click on the three dots at the top of the screen and select “Add to Folder.

After that, you will be prompted to select one of the existing folders or create a new one. After that, you will be able to move the channels you want to the folder.

How to find chats in Telegram

Information on the most effective ways to find thematic chats from SMM expert Vasily Alatartsev, author of Telegram channel Cybermasters (@cybermasters).

Very often we receive questions not only from newcomers, but also from more experienced users, how to search for chats (groups) in Telegram.

Indeed, there are difficulties with the search. Telegram itself has severely limited options, and there are no official chat catalogs. A regular user can type in a search query and get from 3 to 10 results, according to telegram, “the most relevant.

However, the results will be a natural hodgepodge of channels, bots, chats, and personal accounts, and it is impossible to see ALL the results, unfortunately.

Part of your searching needs is covered by unofficial bot directories, thematic channel directories, communities of interest, services such as and But when you need to find a narrow thematic chat or to gather as many chats as possible of the same subject (for example, for subsequent parsing the audience for advertising mailings), those solutions are not suitable any more.

I will describe all effective and known to me ways of searching chats, which I myself use. With a comprehensive approach you can even find unique to the subject communities. Let’s go!

In the search box you type the command with the required key: “ partners.joinchat” (the command is given without quotation marks, and replace “affiliates” with your keyword).

If the query is popular, on the last page of search results click the link “show hidden results”, because “Google” believes that the results are very similar.

If you do not understand something, here is a link to the full search results of chat rooms by the request “affiliate”.

It is important to understand that, depending on the key, you may get a very good output, and may not. In addition, there are channels, bots and duplicates, so in any case, you need to manually check the links. To facilitate filtering, here is a little tiphack. The private links to groups and channels are different: links to chats are generated by Telegram as, and links to channels always start with AAAAA, for example

The smartest ones can make a script which automatically parses Google search results and generates dozens of unique links to your communities.

First, there is no service or directory that has ALL the Telegram chats. This directory could make a team of developers carts, but. do is unlikely to do. I associate this with the fact that Telegram is positioned as an anonymous messenger, and every public chat can become private at any time. It means it will have to be kicked out of the directory or privacy is out of the question.

Secondly, any directory requires constant updating, and it is possible, again, only with the full data on ALL chat rooms. The problem follows from the first point. if the owner of the chat goes from public to private, then without access to the chat, you can not find it and update.

Actually it was a little literacy, but now you can begin the search.

The first resource is a directory of chat rooms around the world from the chat moderation service

Unfortunately, the directory has no functionality, except sorting by country and the ability to add your chat room. There is a “sort of rating” but for the man in the street is absolutely unclear on what principle it is built, why the ranking in the directory is in this order.

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The second resource is well known is probably the main tool for analyzing and rating telegram channels. But thanks to the separation of channels by topic, a convenient search and sorting by criteria, the service can also be used to search for chat rooms. You have to do it manually. You open the channel card, go to it by clicking on the link and find information on the channel or in the description of the associated chat. A lot of admins are trying to open thematic communities and pour into them the audience from their channels.

Yes, it’s crude, but you can find something. Just enter your query and search among the results for the chat rooms. As a rule, the names or usernames contain the words “chat” and the word related to a certain subject, and therefore they are indexed by Telegram and given out accordingly. For example, on the request “arbitration chat” you can find some large and not very large communities. I wrote about the disadvantages of this search at the beginning of the article.

There are some more specific ways, for example, search or buy ready databases of thematic chats, search for references to other chats among thousands of messages in admins’ publishers. But these and other approaches, in my opinion, are less effective and more costly in resources. I hope that my experience will be useful, and if you have something to add, I will be glad to know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

You are welcome, it will come in handy exactly, I myself regularly use and clients have long been sounding these ways.

type in a search query and get 3 to 10 results in the output, according to telegram “most relevant” It would be interesting to have part of the reverse task. we have a thematic technical chat in TG. No spam, no parsing, etc.п., On the contrary. we consult for free.

Here’s how to get it up to “relevant according to telegram” results?

There is no analytics either. it is unclear where users who join the chat come from. It’s likely that most came by finding the link online.

Need to see the chat itself, getting into the top depends on several factors. And by what query do you want the chat to appear in the search? Write me all this in VK niktobesfamilniy more to discuss.

There are analytical systems that allow you to know this.

Combot displays only those chats in which it is added, but in the case of Russia, many add it to channels as well, I understand, to increase the number of subscribers, t.к. this bot is anti-spam and it is useless in the channel, so there is a large number of records in the statistics, but in fact, 90% of them are channels and not chats.

Until Telegram gives up the shameful aggressive spamming in the form of user invites. Not even worth talking about groups and chats. No sane person with a real audience would create a community so that everyone who wants to come steals subscribers without any problems.

To all who say that it is normal, I say that it is either your job or you do not have a real audience. Because of this, real people do not create groups, although they are very handy. And those who created it are shocked.

I will accept an objection on the merits from owners of real projects who are ready to leak their users to me for free. This is for those who ala people if they don’t like it. leave.

So let the Admins of will leak the email base of memebers. And I will spam it, and those who do not like it will leave. Of course, if you suggest that, they will say you are sick in the head and they will be right. But in telegram it is in the order of the day!

I hope this shameful approval of spam will soon stop telegram!

And while telegram allows, you can type in a Google or Yandex search for “Telegram user invites” and for a nominal fee of 20 you will be sold user friendly software and will be trained and helped if necessary. And you will add all users from any chat room of your competitors to the group!’ And it’s not forbidden by the rules!

And let the bots keep saying that this is normal. I hope someone from Telegram will soon come up with the idea that it slows down and prevents many people from creating communities in Telegram groups.

find, channel, telegram, iphone

Somebody should have a brain there and realize that it’s time to abandon this practice long ago. Already pretty famous and these bloated bot stats are a huge drawback and the reason why you can’t create groups in telegram!

Emotions, bro. First, tegram strictly punishes for the mass inveit, from autospelling to banning of chats and accounts of those who took part in invites. bulk invites = spam, and Telegram is seriously against spam and always states it everywhere. Secondly, it is difficult to invite, and to buy a software for 20 Bakinskiye it is well not an indicator. The maximum that a potential newbie will be able to do is to spar with the audience and try to send something, after which all of his accounts will be deleted. Third, really if the chat is normal and the audience is adequate, then no one will unsubscribe from the chat because they spammed in a private message or inveited it into another chat. One does not fit with the other. Plus, you can prohibit invitations to groups and channels. In short, increase the level of knowledge, and then emotions such a thing.

1.Yes, okay! If telegram was against it, he would have prohibited the inveit. No one bans anything. In any case, if you do 500 people a day. 2. Do not tell me a fairy tale here. Give me any chat room (which over 2-3 months) and show me where and I’ll give you it for FREE will invite. 3. A normal site? Let them give me the user base!

In short, those who invented the Telegram will get these reviews and hear that they are spammers and Telegram their crap until they forbid the invites a priori, just make the function itself impossible! Telegram and Roskomnadzor hire only morons. And let them read it, maybe they will be ashamed.

You can’t even write Telegram correctly, and you’re already busy analyzing the functionality and what the development team should do. Funny. Are you by any chance one of those who sits in the Duma and forbids everything?? ))

Do not lecture and troll me here. The correct name for “spam dumpster” so you don’t call them that either.

I can tell you more, I have a positive story to tell about Telegram groups and how they can be used to their advantage. It’s basically a good tool to retain an audience.

But as long as it’s allowed on there it’s a cesspool, a shame and a disgrace! As long as they don’t ban it, let them read it and let people stay away from this spam cesspool!

The likelihood that your comment will be read by someone on the trolley’s development team tends towards zero.

They don’t seem to read anything at all. They have created the biggest platform for drug dealing spam dump. But how can they put themselves on the same level as the normal social networks?

Well there’s nothing but kiddie porn, suicides and dope shows on there all day long bitching about it. Yes so spinning that Roskompozor decided to block this filthy.

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Besides Putin, nobody saw it there. Don’t get politics mixed up in here.

As knowledgeable people have explained to me. This inveit will be possible because Telegram needs it for fake statistics for Durov to claim records. And as long as they will do it, no one will ban this spam.

That’s why I’m telling them that it’s time, but it’s going to be too much.

You can keep the user, I’ll add him to the same group. In two weeks it will be in at least 30-50 groups. And no one blocks them for spam.

find, channel, telegram, iphone

Durov himself should see what kind of movement we are experiencing. But he did not take into account that now those who bring real people there will leave Telegram and he will be left with these spammers and bots!

I can respond to your crazy Комментарии и мнения владельцев endlessly, it’s my article, I’m interested in increasing its attendance and t.д. )) But here’s the real thing, you’re such bullshit. Close the option of invitations in the privacy settings and no one will let you in. If you’re letting this pass you by, it’s obvious that your goal is to stir up a debate.

You are talking bullshit. As soon as these assholes remove the Invite, I will personally check your article and advise everyone. In the meantime, honestly. I didn’t even read it.

Close the settings. Let Telegram ban spam and make it like any normal social network. No one in the world is allowed to do this! You can burst here and troll me, but the real people read, and believe me, none of them will create a group until the invite. Not a single friend of mine does not do it. And when they ban it, they will see how stupid they are because it will grow.

I am also interested in promoting your article. That is why I am writing these Комментарии и мнения владельцев. The only difference is that despite the fact that they write that it is normal, as experience shows real people who recognize it do not create groups. So while there will be an Invite, many people will read this article, but no one will use it. As soon as they ban the invites, I will come and tell you about it first. And besides you write real flight cases as it is possible to use groups and I will refer to your article I am not sorry. But until they take the invite away, it’s a spam dump!

If Durov operated with the same categories as you, he would be pressing the Комментарии и мнения владельцев here with us, but now he is over there, at the helm of a great fucking messenger, and you are at the bottom of the Комментарии и мнения владельцев thread under the VC article.

Durov is a freak who has as much to do with this messenger as you or I do with as Zuckerberg does. Let’s not develop these topics. My message is one thing, ban invites and it will be the best messenger in the world. And I’ll be more effective at it for free than all those who pay for it. And until they remove the invite, they’ll get these Комментарии и мнения владельцев everywhere.

Features of inline search functioning

Immediately after the introduction of channels on Telegram, the ability to find them was severely limited. only by the link to the channel. Since 2017, when the messenger update came out, the search functionality has expanded. It is now possible to use keywords, which can occur in the channel description as well as in its name. At the same time, even today, the built-in search cannot be called full-fledged for the simple reason that only the first three results are displayed.

The search bar is the only one in the messenger without the ability to perform advanced searches. The query entered by the user is processed in the following sequence: first the fragment is searched in contacts, then in correspondence, and only after that. in open channels and public groups.

The results are displayed in the same order and categorized. If the subtitle is “Global search”, it means there are chats/channels you are not subscribed to, or people who are not in your contact list.

If you decided to search for channels in Telegram by a given phrase and only messages appear in the results, add a couple of spaces and the global search will start.

Search for channels on your phone

In the smartphone app on the main messenger screen, the search bar is located in the upper right corner as a standard magnifying glass icon.

If you search for a link, the phrase must be preceded by the @ symbol and contain only Latin characters. Telegram has no thesaurus, much less a syntax analysis unit, so you should write without errors. they won’t be corrected, as Google desires.

Search by keyword. best option if you do not know the channel address, but remember that this word combination was used in its title or was mentioned in its description.

If you find what you are looking for, click on the search result and then click “Join” at the bottom of the screen. The found and added channel will be available in the list of dialogs and from that moment you will receive notifications. this is a default option. If it gets in the way, you can turn it off, which is what many people do.

Search on your computer

The principle of the search on a desktop PC is exactly the same, carried out with a similar sequence. The only difference is another interface. Accordingly, the search panel is in a different place.

By the way, for the desktop version of the messenger, if you use an older version, there may be problems when performing a global search, up to the complete inoperability of the function. The solution is obvious. upgrading to the most recent and stable version.

How to add a Telegram channel and find it

There are several ways to search for channels in Telegram, let’s look at them:

To find the desired channel, you need to know its name. It is important to make sure that it is the exact name, otherwise you’ll find the wrong channel or you won’t find it at all. The name should be entered using the @ symbol. For example, @gagadget. You can see a search field at the top of the screen where you should enter the channel name. The search results will appear at the bottom, and we click on the necessary one. Then at the bottom you can see the Join button. You’ll also see all of the channel‘s previous posts.

The second way to search is through third-party sites. If you are looking for a channel on another site, the Telegram channel link will look like this: or Pay attention to proper spelling of the link, so that you will not enter any malicious sites.

If you click on the link, it will open a new window in your current browser, after which you will have to choose from the possible options:

To open a channel in the application, just click the OpenTelegram Desktop button. If the app isn’t already installed, you’ll need to click the blue Get Telegram button.