How to find a channel on Android in a telegram

How to find a telegram channel? ⁠ ⁠

Many say that social networks begin to “die”. And they are replaced by messengers. In Russia, telegrams are only beginning to gain popularity. Brainchild of the creator of Pavel Durov.

Actually, the channels in the telegram messenger are something like a mass mailing of messages to all users who want to receive interesting messages. It can be anything. From just your own thoughts to interesting news, videos, pictures How to find the desired channel will be told later.

Search in a telegram is not yet properly configured and high.Quality channels, with high.Quality content it is difficult to find.

Search for channels in telegrams is simple: you just need to use the “Search” field (an icon with a magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the screen).

Click on the icon with a magnifying glass. A magnifying glass. In the upper left side of the screen. The search field will open, where the alleged name of the channel will need to be entered.

Perhaps they will also be people with Netflix nickname, bots, as well as the name of the channel. It remains only to highlight it. And click on the “Subscribe” button (in Russian localization. “join”).

Here is a list of channels in telegrams that have already managed to prove themselves well.The user signed for any of them will certainly find out something interesting and will receive the information he needs.

Https: // t.Me/Number_kab. Channel for office stories. People send their stories from office life.

Https: // t.ME/NAZADV90. The channel for those born in the 90s lived in this versatile era

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Https: // t.Me/Createjoy. Interesting ideas of souvenirs, design of gifts and crafts for themselves and loved ones

Https: // t.Me/PubCity. Only the most creative advertising. Be in the topic of the most unusual from the world of engines of trade and top brands.

I am looking only for my messages. How can this be fixed?

Funny. It all started with messengers, then social networks crawled out in which most used instant messengers. Private and collective (groups) and everything again goes to the messenger and slowly.

Circle of pensioners. Learning “your Internet” together (joke). Very informative.

You can also use the belt of recommendations in the telegram itself, called @tgmarked

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Very convenient format for finding new and interesting channels.

And stir tea clock or against? And walk like, to put the left in front of the right foot or right in front of the left?

How to look for channels in telegrams on a computer: 3 ways

The search for communities in the messenger can be performed in three simple and quick ways. If you want to know how to look for channels in telegrams, then read this article.

Do not know what the cost of the subscriber in telegram? Then follow the link where you will find the answer to this question, and you can also choose the option you like yourself.

Step.By.Step instructions for finding publics on a computer:

In the left column above the dialogs, click on the search bar;

Dial the name of the channel you want to find, for example, “Ruscatalog”;

The system will display the results of the general search. There may be groups and channels that are similar in name or theme. Click on the one you need to open a news feed and subscribe.

The second method that allows you to find channels is a search by nickname. Username in Telegram is what is written in Latin through the symbol@”and is under the main name in the line. To fulfill the search, you will also need to enter a nickname through the “@” into the search line and press the desired public in the list.

If you know the exact name or nickname of the channel, then use these methods.

If you want to find not a specific group, but channels with a certain topic, you can also use these two methods. Just enter a thematic word in a search engine, for example, “psychology”, “fitness”, “business”, etc.D. You will receive a list of channels on a given topic and you can choose the best.

Interesting Pabliki Telegrams can be found on the Internet on various sites. Entire sections and pages are devoted to such catalogs, where the names of channels and a brief description are published. All of them are divided there on topics, which is very convenient.

Popular channels of telegrams

Below we will give a small list of popular channels in telegrams, and there will also be a link to a whole catalog of communities-there you can definitely find something to your taste.

We offer to familiarize yourself with the following channels?

  • Field jokes. Funny and topical photo collages and gifs, posts with photos in the style of “the biggest phakap” and “a second before”, screenshots of cool correspondence and much more.
  • Football News | News. All about football, fresh football news.
  • Music | Music 2020. New music in the world. Different styles, different languages.
  • Business ideas 2.0. Here you can spy of interesting ideas for the future business.
  • Food | Cooking | Recipes. Recipes for all occasions. From the first dishes for lunch to barbecue.
  • English from scratch. A bunch of useful and, most importantly, free material for independent study of English.
  • Stickers. The best stickers for telegrams. A convenient search system, by tags including.

Please note: if any of the links does not open, find the channel in the telegram on Android (as well as on iPhone and PC) you can find a local search, the instructions for which we brought above. And you can open this article through the Opera browser with the VPN included. All links will work in it.

How to look for groups in telegrams: Ways for a computer

We examined the options for searching for public devices. Next, we will tell you how to look for groups in telegrams if you use a messenger on PC.

In the left side of the screen above the list of chats, click on a line with a search;

Start dialing the name of the group, for example, “fitness”;

The search will display several options suitable for a given topics;

Select the public you need by clicking on it;

So, you will find yourself in the chat of the group where you can view its news and subscribe to it.

If you use the Telegram web version on the computer, and not the desktop, then the algorithm of action will be exactly the same. Use this instruction.

Each public in the messenger, in addition to the name, has username. It is formed automatically when creating a group or further changes by the user to its taste. As a rule, nicknames repeats the name in meaning, but there are exceptions. It can also search for communities in Telegram.

Enter the USERNAME group into the search line. It is written through the symbol ” @” in Latin, for example: @english;

Then select the desired public and click on it to view the news feed or join the community.

Как НАБРАТЬ Много Подписчиков в Свой Telegram Канал | СПОСОБ 2022

Now you know how to look for groups in telegrams on a computer and phone in two simple ways. But there is another 1 option for searching for public. We will talk about it further in the article.

How to add to the catalog

What is a catalog? This is a special platform in which existing projects are collected. They are distributed into categories, have a description and user reviews, so it is always easy to find what you need exactly. Therefore, in search of something new, they usually go into catalogs. On our site you can find one of the largest channels in Russia in telegrams. Therefore, be sure to add your site to it and!

How to do it? Everything is very simple!

How to find public communities, local search

How to find a group on iPhone or Android through a local search in a telegram:

  • Launch the messenger.
  • Directly in the main window, in its upper part, there is a search line (icon “Lupa” on the right). Enter into it the name of the group / channel or the keyword characterizing its topic. For example “work”, “remote”, “jokes”, “tourism”, etc. D.
  • The system in 1-2 seconds will process the request and give the results found according to it. The issuance is divided into 2 parts, you need the first called “Global Search”.
  • To join the selected community, go into it and under the chat window click on the “Subscribe” / “join” button.

The second part of the issuance, entitled “Messages”, contains the results of the search for a key word in the history of your correspondence.

Now about how to find a group from a computer in a telegram. The same system acts here as on mobile devices: search line → Title / keyword → View the result in the issuance. Therefore, we will not give separate instructions.

However, it should be noted that it is precisely watching the results when working with PC is more convenient, since when you press the name of the community, you immediately see all the information about it (block to the right of the chat window).

Please note: the instructions below are how to look for private groups through the Internet in a telegram, is also suitable for searching for public communities. This option is sometimes more effective, so we advise you to try it too.

How to find a channel in the name of 4 presses in a telegram

If you are interested in some channel and you want to find it and subscribe, then read this article. We will tell you how to find a channel by name in a telegram and other possible ways.

This can be done very quickly. Follow our simple instructions for mobile devices:

Open the section “Chats”. On the iPhone it is located in the lower phone panel;

In the search, begin to dial the name of the channel;

You will see the results. Select the desired channel and touch it to open it.

If you use a mobile application on Android:

Tap the icon of the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the screen to open the search engine;

Write the name of the channel and start the search;

Select the channel that you are looking for to open and subscribe to it.

From time to time, the messenger fails in work, and the search stops working. Users enter a request, but the system does not issue results. In this case, it is necessary to simply postpone this process and wait a bit. Try to return to search later. As a rule, everything returns to normal after a couple of hours.

If you use Telegram on a computer in a desktop version, then follow the instructions below:

Above the left column with chats and channels, click on the search line and enter the name of the channel;

When the results appear, click on the desired channel from the list and go into it.

By the way, the search can give the results even before you finish dialing the name of the channel. Therefore, it is far from always required to introduce it completely.

Telegram channels collect a huge audience of like.Minded people. Unfortunately, you cannot leave your Комментарии и мнения владельцев in them. Subscribers of communities of this type can only view publications and make their repost.

Search for video in Telegram

To find accounts with video content, dial in the search line “Kino” or “Series”. In the issuance, select profiles or communities with the right topic and subscribe to them.

If you have not decided on the choice of content, dial in the search for the word “what to see”. The system will display links to groups with cinema news and reviews.

Subscribe to them in order to receive messages about the appearance of interesting broadcasts in a timely manner. Ease of use provides sorting by genres, duration, etc.D.

Bots provide substantial assistance in searching for video. They view not only Telegram, but the whole Internet. Finding the desired video, the bot downloads it. As a result, any video will be available in the messenger regardless of which resource it was originally.

Enter the name of the bot in the search line, then find it in the issuance and add it to the contacts. After that, start communication in the dialog box, pressing the “run” button.

I have my favorite Telegram channels with free films:

  • “Cinema”;
  • “New films”;
  • Filmy_kinomania;
  • Newfilms_online;
  • Topfilm;
  • Ivideosnews;
  • Animevost;
  • Kinogo.

Find Any Channel On Telegram | How To Search Private Telegram Channels | Telegram Channel Search

In addition to films and TV shows in the messenger, you can find many interesting programs of cognitive or humorous orientation.

Watching films on the Telegram channel “Kinozal”.

How to find an interesting channel in Telegram

When there is a goal to find a long.Forgotten or accidentally remote community, I act as follows.

  • View messages by typing the name of the group in the search. If it was mentioned in other active conversations, then you will be able to join it through the link.
  • Look in Yandex. Make a request for the right title, subject or other data on the channel.
  • Find the public in the social network (without registration). TG link can be seen in the description, status or section with links.
  • Ask a friend to send a link-imprisonment to a closed chat.

If none of the ways work, use open online catalogas with remote moderation.