How to find a group on iPhone

How to find and enter a chat in Telegram?

At the moment, the number of group chats in Telegram is way ahead of channels. And just looking for the right one can take a long time. Therefore, there is a search box and the following algorithm for action:

  • Open the app on your phone.
  • In the Chats section, slide your finger down the screen from top to bottom to display Search.
  • Start typing the name of the group. For example, Healthy Eating. You can enter both letters and numbers in the bar.
  • Scroll through the results that appear.

If the search returns nothing, you will be prompted to specify your request by specifying parameters such as the group topic and category. When you’ve found the group you want, select Become a Member in the Group Info. The administrator will consider your request, and if he or she wishes, he or she will grant it.

As for the publicly available channel, you don’t have to wait for management to decide if you want to subscribe to its news. You just need to click the Subscribe button, and all the news of the project will be available to you.

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How to search for chats in Telegram: search directly in the messenger

The first thing to remember: If you search for the name of the chat (group) in Telegram by trying many variants, you are unlikely to get anything out of it. In order to begin communicating, you must know the exact address of the community. It looks like this: @chat_name.

The names of chats and groups can be found on special directory sites. They collect relevant information about chat rooms and sort them by subject.

For example, if you’re into programming, you can chat with like-minded people at @web_structure, @ru_python, @devops_ru, and many others.

In the Directory you can find information about chat rooms and channels devoted to regions, travel, business, internet marketing, and many other interesting things. How to use the Directory:

  • First you need to choose one of the thematic categories;

Get to know group messages on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch — Apple Support

  • A list with many communities will open in front of you;
  • Focus on the number of subscribers, as well as on the description of the subpublication;

The description opens when you click on the name of the community. Also, administration contacts are often listed there right away.

You can leave a review for any of the publics! Leave your opinion about the Telegram Groups you find, so other users know what to expect inside.

This way you can easily and quickly search for interesting communities.

To join a group, just follow 2 simple steps:

Little tip: how to search for chats in Telegram

A small but effective tiphack. Of course, when we know a particular user it is much easier to search.

But even if we have no idea what @username is for a Telegram chat, and there is no desire to search through the directory, you can enter the word “chat” into the search box.

This narrow your search down to just chatting communities.

Searching for chats becomes easier if you add this word to your query

It’s very important to distinguish between Telegram groups, supergroups, and channels. These are three different types of communities, which, although they have similarities, are still created with a different purpose.

Direct groups in Telegram

Many users confuse Telegram Groups and Telegram Channels.

Groups are actually chat rooms where up to 20,000 people can communicate. That is, it is not a one-way broadcasting, as in classic channels, but a full-fledged process of communication.

Groups and channels can be open and closed. In the second case, you will be able to join a Telegram community only through an invitation link.

Features of Telegram Groups:

  • They are not always easy to find. there are fewer directories for chats and fewer separate aggregator channels;
  • The maximum number of participants is 20,000;
  • By default, each member can add new people, as well as change the name and avatar of the community;
  • Cross-platform. accessible from any device where you are authorized;
  • There is a search, and you can also put hashtags, clicking on which will display all the posts with their mention;
  • You can turn off notifications;
  • Bots can be added to such communities;
  • You can send any files up to 1.5 GB;
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Supergroups in Telegram

Supergroups are an extended version of regular Telegram groups. They have many similarities: there’s search, hashtags, notification settings, the ability to add bots, and cross-platform.

But there are also unique features:

By the way, even if a user is muted in a supergroup and doesn’t receive notifications about new regular posts, Telegram will still “beep” him that a message has been pinned.

Also, disabled notifications won’t work if someone mentions the user (wrote their @username). Now you know how to reach all members of supergroups!

Channels in Telegram

The main difference is that only the administrator (or designated users) posts in Telegram Channels.

The channels do not have a limit on the number of readers, at least it is not known to anyone.

Another important difference: when you write something in a Telegram group, your avatar and name are displayed, but in a Telegram channel when you publish a post its avatar and title will be displayed.

Next, let’s talk about how to find groups in Telegram.

If by groups you mean Telegram Channels, then use the Catalyst or our article about the main ways to find Telegram Channels.

Possible search problems

Searching on Telegram is not too complicated, and the interface is intuitive. But there are certain nuances which may complicate the task.

One of the common problems, when the data is not displayed when searching by login. There can be three reasons for this.

Note: If the group is not displayed by login, check if it’s correct. And make sure no changes have been made by the site administration. If everything is correct, restart the program, regardless of whether it is on your computer or phone, then try searching for Telegram channels again.

Finding channels in Telegram is also complicated by the fact that some sites are protected by privacy settings, and many groups are closed. They are accessible only through a direct link or an invitation. Despite the imperfection of its functionality, messenger gives a lot of opportunities for online business, entertainment, information, business and friendly communication.

Despite restrictions threatened by Roskomnadzor, Telegram remains one of the most popular messengers in Russia. Wherever a large audience gathers, hobby groups are sure to form. Channels have become such groups here. And we will tell you about them.

A pleasant, intuitive user interface and free use attracts users to this messenger. and Telegram is a cross-platform cloud application, which means that one account may be used from several devices. It is designed for both Windows or Mac desktops; and for smartphones: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone. The branded microblogging variant. channels. is designed like a standard chat room, only the circle of people who are allowed to leave messages is limited. The launch of the blogging platform was first announced in November 2016. The higher the public’s interest in this type of information source, the more questions. Although the functionality of channels is constantly changing, the general principles remain.

How to find a channel via the search bar by name

In both mobile and desktop versions of the Telegram app, there is a search line to help you find the desired channel. To do this, it is advisable to know its name, because the search is not smart and will only consider titles. Click on the Lupa image, the input line opens, and start typing the first letters. While searches used to be based only on channel nicknames consisting of Latin letters, the search now includes Cyrillic names as well. The system will prompt you frequently requested options. Popular channels often have duplicates with a similar name. This is done by dishonest bloggers to lure their audience and use it for advertising purposes. So be careful and check the name through reliable sources.

If you do not know the exact name, you will have to use other search engines first, such as Yandex or Google. Maybe in some forums there was a mention of the search for a public forum. If you are not looking for a specific channel, but for an interesting blog in a particular category, you can find various selections and directories with telegram feeds on the web. There you can see the exact name and, copying it, continue your search again in the app. Another option is to ask friends. Maybe someone close to you has already joined an interesting news blog and share the link with you.

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Why Search Can’t Find a Channel

  • The most common is an outdated client-server. An application not updated to the latest version sometimes crashes. So make sure your Telegram version is up to date.
  • Another reason is incorrect typing in the search bar. Make sure you have not missed a letter, and that you are typing in the right layout.
  • Telegram may block a channel if it is used to distribute forbidden content: porn, violence, drug dealing, etc. In this case it also will not be visible in the search.
  • A public channel may not be included in Telegram’s list if its administrators deleted it. In this case, all content will no longer be available.
  • If you have the exact name of the conglomerate, but it is still not in your search results, most likely the copyright holder has closed it to the public.

How to find a private channel in Telegram

Not all Telegram channels are publicly available. For open channels, information will be available even for accounts that are not subscribed to updates. To start studying the information, just open the chat room. For closed Telegram blogs, in order to see the content, you must get access from its creator. The administrator, after receiving your request, may accept or refuse to subscribe. Often private microblogs are created if the material you post is intended for an audience of 18. You cannot find them in a regular search, either. They can only be accessed using a special link or by invitation from the administrators.

To get such an invitation, you need to contact the owners of the blog. You can find them on other social networks and search engines. As a rule, if a channel is interested in increasing subscriptions, it seeks to distribute invitation links itself. But you may have to pay to subscribe. Since Telegram does not charge money, the owners of a public blog will tell you about the conditions of payment.

How to find a Telegram Channel for buying

Large Telegram audience attracts businesses. A well-publicized microblog can be an excellent sales tool in the hands of an experienced marketer. And if there is demand, there will be supply. You can see a lot of ads on the Internet for Telegram Channels with a ready-made, assembled audience.

But we want to warn you against such a purchase. The number of users does not always equal the quality. The audience may have been gathered by pornographic content, and they won’t like reclassifying the channel to another topic at all. And the engagement and activity of subscribers can be very low. Therefore, it is better to create your own account for business and promote it by more traditional methods.

If you are looking for source of information without advertising noise and annoying spam, consider Telegram news channels. The functionality is designed so that new posts without extra Комментарии и мнения владельцев from other users come to you in a common feed. You can mute notifications if you wish. Well, you already know how to find a channel in Telegram.

Hi there. Continuing the great overview of the messenger. Right now, let’s find out how to find a channel in Telegram. You will quickly learn how to find the information you need and you will read without leaving the application.

How to find and add a person on Telegram

Because of Telegram’s great emphasis on privacy and protection of users’ personal data, built-in search has significant limitations. It is more suited to finding contacts you have already added, and content in channels and chats involving you.

As for people, there is not much to count on a global search. Finding a person, like on social networks, is quite difficult here. The most reliable way is to search by phone number. But it is only available if the user has not opted out or hidden the number in their privacy settings.

You can try to find the person by nickname, if you know him/her from other social networks, as well as by name and surname. In both cases, the chances of success are slim, since the nickname can be changed, but not everyone specifies the real name.

But the biggest problem is in the algorithms of Telegram’s global search itself: it produces a relatively small number of results that it considers relevant. There is no way to influence it or adjust the output.

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Telegram for your computer and smartphone has a search function, which can be used to find messages, chats, and channels. To do this, type in a name or a keyword in the search bar. The results will appear below, and you can simply click on it to go to the channel and subscribe.

Unfortunately, the built-in search does not work as we would like it to, and quite often does not find the necessary channels. Especially if the name does not match the login. In this case it is better to resort to other methods.

  • Further, on the left in the uppermost panel and near the search bar click on the human icon
  • In the drop-down list will be all members of this group / chat Telegram
  • Rejoice at the result and see what we have posted in this or that chat.
  • Launch messenger.
  • Right in the main window, at the top of it, there is a search bar (the “Lupa” icon on the right)
  • The system will process your request in 1-2 seconds and display the results.

How to search by name

This is the main type of search for communities (chat rooms), but accordingly requires a certain knowledge of the object sought.

So, you need to know what name is given to the community, or at least a part or a fragment of it.

Open the application “Telegram” and go to the search line, in a mobile app, you need to click on “Search”, in the dexton app is the top right corner.

Next, start typing in the desired community name, for example “@seochat” is a community dedicated to all things “Search Engine Optimization”.

Now you just need to click the “Join” button to become a member of a Telegram group. But previously familiarize yourself with the rules set forth in the group, in order to avoid getting banned by the administrator.

The names of communities and their divisions by categories can be freely found on the Internet, where you will find the main topics the Telegram community considers and discusses.

Features of Telegram chats

The messenger functionality gives account owners a lot of opportunities, including the running of themed “clubs of interest. You can create diverse communities for any purpose. A group, also referred to as a chat room, may be of the closed or open type. You can join a community by invitation from any of the participants or add yourself by sending a request to join. In Telegram, there are also secret chats that you cannot find and connect to using the messenger search.

  • Regular groups are a community of a small number of people (up to 200 people) communicating, sharing files. To such chats a new interlocutor is added by the invitation of the founder of the conversation or any of the participants. Usually this kind of communities is created to unite friends or colleagues in a dialogue and will be closed by default.
  • Supergroups gather a large number of people (up to 5000). These kinds of chat rooms often have several administrators to keep them in order. Anyone can subscribe to public groups. The new participant will be added only with approval of the administration. Each community has a set of certain rules, and the administrator has the right to delete unwanted participants if they break them. Deleted from the chat, users caught in the ban will not be able to join the group anymore. Participants can, if necessary, independently leave groups, then other interlocutors will be visible that one of them has left the community. A particular privacy of correspondence is inherent. Data is encrypted using strong security protocols; information from conversations is stored only on participants’ devices. Messages are deleted from all phones, if they were deleted by one of the interlocutors. There is also a possibility to automatically delete messages after a certain period of time by setting a timer. Messages will also be deleted if you exit the Telegram profile. Participant is connected to the conversation by its creator, and it is impossible to apply to join the chat. Such private conversations are created for a very small circle of people. This function is only available in the mobile version, so if you get an error report when joining the chat, most likely your chat partner is using Telegram Desktop or the Web-client.