How to find a lost Android via computer

How to find a lost Android phone

Cell phones get lost quite often. they fall out of s and handbags, and some users just leave them in places, suffering from forgetfulness. If you’re worried about losing your smartphone, check out our review. In it we will tell you how to find a lost Android phone through your computer, using the basic features of the Google Android operating system and third-party programs.

After losing a cell phone, users wonder. lost Android phone, how to find it online? Modern communication capabilities really allow you to quickly find your lost device. But to do this, the following conditions must be met:

So if you lost your phone somewhere in the mountains, where there is no cellular service, or it has a dead battery and the phone is turned off, it will be impossible to find it via the internet. If it was lost in the city, you can count on finding it. Since the basic features work through a network, you need to make sure that your phone was activated for mobile internet. and the rates are very low.

If the phone will be online, the chances of finding it will be quite high. That’s why having a mobile internet connection when using the basic features is a must. Determination of coordinates via GPS leads to rapid drain of the battery. So you need to activate the location on your phone by cell towers. In the city, especially on the street, the accuracy will be sufficient for rapid location of a lost device. If you don’t want to lose it irretrievably, keep geolocation on.

In order to find a lost Android phone, you need to activate the remote control function in advance. It is very simple. go to “Settings. Security. Device Administrators” and check the “Android Remote Control” item. Now your device is ready for remote search. You will also have the following opportunities:

If geolocation is turned off, you can activate the buzzer and locate the phone by it (relevant if you lose your phone at home or in the office). The remote lock will be an obstacle for those who found your phone and want to dig into it. As for cleaning, everything is clear without Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Note that an intruder will be able to use even a locked phone. for this, a general reset is done through the service menu, at startup. If you have some important data on your smartphone and you can’t find it because it’s geo-located accidentally, do a remote wipe.

Now, if you want to find an Android phone, you need to visit the Android Remote Management page at Here we agree to the terms of the agreement and wait for the system to locate the phone. Here you will find buttons for calling, remote locking and remote cleaning.

How to find a lost phone. How to locate a cell phone by satellite, Internet or IMEI

Home Articles How to Find a Lost Phone. How to locate your cell phone by satellite, internet or IMEI

To lose your cell phone practically means to be without everything: there are all contacts, photos, notes, opened social networks and whatever else. It’s good, if your gadget is just lost and hasn’t fallen into wrong hands, but if not? How to locate the device in this case? There are several different ways to do this, which you will learn about next.

How to find your phone by IMEI

Every smartphone has its own identifier called IMEI. It can be seen on the package or under the back cover of the device itself. One of the advantages of this serial code is that it is almost impossible to change. If someone inserts a new SIM-card, the identifier will not change, and the phone can be found by IMAI immediately, as soon as the gadget turns on, but only the police have equipment for such search. There are services on the Internet that promise to find your device by IMEI for a fee: remember, these are scammers!

How to find your phone if it is turned off

There is a situation: you have lost your smartphone, tried to call, but to no avail, and eventually the battery is dying, and the gadget turns off. Can I track my phone if it’s turned off?? In this case, you have to apply to law enforcement agencies, because to find the device on their own will be very difficult. This requires special equipment, which finds the devices on-board GPS-sensor and a connection with a satellite.

If the cell phone is stolen, and the intruders immediately shut down the device, you also will not be able to find it by yourself. You can call all pawnshops, but it is best if you go straight to the police department and report the theft. You need to have your identity documents and proof that the smartphone belongs to you: serial number, purchase receipt.

How to find a lost Android phone through your computer

iPhone owners can live in peace: the developers have created a program, how to locate the phone, and built it into the system. Thanks to this everyone can find out where their gadget is in a few steps, even if it was stolen and turned off. As for Android cell phone owners, they’ve recently been able to do this, too. There is a program Android Device Manager, which, after some settings, helps to find the Android through Google.

Search for your phone through your Google account from your computer

ADM shows the location of the smartphone, allows you to lock the gadget, delete information from the card. How to find a missing phone using this app: Settings. Security. Device Administrators, enable Android Device Manager. If your device has been lost, with this function you will be able to find your phone through your Google account. To do this, log in to the Android and click on the device you want. A map will open with your location. If the device is stolen, the chances of finding it through Google are slim.

How to find the phone by phone number

As soon as a person discovers that the device is lost, he begins to frantically go through all sorts of ways to quickly find it. It happens that when you call the device is picked up by someone who found your device: you make an appointment and just pick up your smartphone. If this does not happen after several calls, the lost person starts frantically searching the Internet for the fastest ways to get his gadget back.

One of these are fraudulent sites that, for a fee, promise to accurately track your cell phone by the number you enter using satellite. Everyone should be warned: it is impossible to find the phone number, you just lose your money and time. The only valid option to find the number is to apply to the police with a complaint or use one of the built-in applications for searching described above.

How to find phone by GPS via computer

Almost every major company that creates mobile, has its own programs to find the device via satellite. Thus iPhone can be found using the AppleID and an account in iCloud, Samsung uses the service Find My Mobile, Windows-based devices. Find My Phone, and Android is easy to find through your Google account. Your data security has been taken care of in advance.

If you want your smartphone to be always under control, but none of the above methods suits you, then you can easily use third-party applications to find your phone via GPS. Download the program for free or buy it for a small fee at a special app store. You must turn the app on and leave it running for it to work. You can find the geolocation online later on your computer. Each application has its own instructions, so read them carefully before installing.

How to find an Android phone if it’s turned off?

When the lost Android phone is turned off, it can be tracked using the Google map: in the top left tab, click on “Chronology”. and select the search period. Important: The option works only if “Location history” and “Send geodata” are active in the Google maps settings.

You can find out the location of another phone using the standard applications in the operating system. For example, via Google Maps: to do this, you need to go to the app on the tracked phone, activate the “Show me where I am” menu item, specify your phone, email, and tracking period.

How to locate a person by phone number without his consent?

Now you can find out the location of the person by phone number without his consent, simply by performing a query using a command you already know 148-number #. Do it with all your family and friends so you can locate them in an emergency.

Unfortunately, there are no other ways to find your phone via SIM card. Read more about locating a lost or stolen smartphone in a special article.

Is it possible to find the phone by IMEI?

It is impossible to find any phone via satellite and IMEI. But if you prepare your phone for possible loss, it’s more than realistic. It’s done with apps that track smartphones via GPS. This is the functionality of the “Tracking by Phone Number” application from the developer Family Locator Inc.

You only need to press the key combination #06#, followed by the call button.

Is it possible to find a lost phone without a SIM card?

You can find a lost phone without a SIM card through your Google account, which is tied to Android smartphones.

To find your lost Xiaomi phone, you need to do the following steps:

  • Log in to your Mi account
  • Go to the Mi Cloud website
  • Click on the “Find” function.
  • This will open a Google map, which will mark the approximate location of the smartphone.

ways to find a lost phone by yourself

How to find your lost phone and how to prevent it from being stolen. working ways. Information about fraudulent resources that supposedly help to find lost phones. You can’t use them, but some people don’t know that.

Finding your phone through Google

To successfully find a lost phone in the future, enable the “Find Device” feature. Go to “Settings. Security & Location” or “Google. Security,” and select “Find Device.”. Activate “Remotely search for device” and “Remotely lock and reset. On some phones the function is activated with a single checkbox.

Locate your smartphone

To locate a missing phone, go here and click on the device. On the next page, enter your Google account password. After a second, the smartphone management page opens. Select one of the items:

  • Find. the map will display the current location of the device.
  • Ringtone. turns on the beep. The function will make it easier to find your smartphone at home or in the office. when you lose your phone and can’t find it.
  • Lock phone. set a password to unlock and a message for whoever finds it. Unlock only available by password.
  • Sign out of your phone account. to prevent access to your account. Does not affect search functions.
  • Contact your operator. to block your SIM card and set up forwarding.
  • Delete all data from your device. use when storing sensitive information in your smartphone. Further searches will not be possible.

Be sure to activate “Find Device” feature after purchasing your smartphone, it works only if it’s enabled. If the phone is turned off, it cannot be found.

Your desired phone must be connected to the Internet to perform a successful search. Do not forget to activate positioning at least by a cellular network (turning on GPS is fraught with fast battery drain).

Lock your smartphone while searching. this will prevent access to your data.

Find my device” mobile app from Google

To use the application, activate the “Find Device” function using the above instructions. Download it from Google Play, install it on another smartphone or tablet. Run the app, authorize with your Google account. After a couple of seconds, a piece of map with the exact location of the phone will appear on the screen. go in search. Turn on the ringer through the app or lock the handset to avoid data theft.

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Phone finder services by subscriber number and IMEI

Let’s look at working and non-working ways to find a lost phone. Some of listed services are fraudulent.


This portal is not suitable for lost phone search. It’s informational:

  • Shows the model of the smartphone by IMEI;
  • Shows the status. stolen or lost (if the handset is stolen, enter its IMEI in the form and add a list of lost or stolen);
  • Can show the discrepancy between the smartphone and its IMEI number (if it was reflashed).

It does not show the location of the device.


The creators of the service claim that they can find a lost device by phone number. It doesn’t really work. cellular operators don’t share location data with third parties and services. The service is fraudulent, it’s designed to cash in on gullible users.

We conducted an experiment. we used the service, despite Yandex’s warning. Entered the number of the currently switched off handset. The system showed a connection, correctly displayed the region. this is public information. Detected a city. wrong, the handset was in another city during the experiment. There was a Wi-Fi enabled. erroneously, as it is a simple phone. After a few seconds, the service supposedly found your location, requiring registration and money. PLNET is not searching for anything, which was required to prove.

There are a lot of such services, they show only the operator and regional affiliation (this is open data). They will not be able to determine the location.

Other ways to find your phone at home and on the street

The easiest way to find a lost phone on your own is to go back to the place where the loss was discovered. It may have fallen out of your into the grass. Look for it on your desktop, look through your drawers, visit your colleague’s office. If it’s lost at home, use the “Find your device” service from Google. Activate the call and you’ll hear where your lost handset is. Use the same method when looking for your phone on the street. it will identify the intruder.

How to prevent theft of your smartphone

Keep your smartphone in your inside s, because it is impossible to get into them. Anti-theft backpacks are a good defense against theft. While holding the phone in your work bag, hold your hand over it. this will help you sense that someone is trying to get into it. Don’t leave your smartphone in a visible place, including on your office desk or on a table in a cafe. Also take preventive measures. install software for remote locking and searching.

All Ways to Find a Lost Phone

It happens that a mobile device is lost or stolen. The ” assistant” stores various data, photos, videos, contacts, which, if at all possible, can be restored. a painstaking task. How to find a lost Android phone, even if you don’t know its approximate location. this will be discussed in the article, which will provide different ways.

Many inexperienced users, noticing the loss, first of all write a statement about the loss and give it to law enforcement. But this is not the most effective way, because the amount of damage is not so great, so few people will agree to make special efforts to find.

“Phone Search”. a service from Google

The loss of a mobile device is an unpleasant phenomenon, but you should not get upset before time. New versions of Android allow you to track your gadget via satellites and cell towers, and even lock it remotely.

If the smartphone is not lost, but it was stolen and the chances of recovery are minimal. you can remotely erase all the data from it, so that they do not get to intruders.

For these features to work, you need to make sure that:

  • the phone is on (the owner’s SIM-card does not need to be in it);
  • Google account is linked to it;
  • The “Remote Control” feature is activated on your phone;
  • Geolocation and Internet are enabled;
  • The model is detected in the Google Play store.

If you turn off the location setting (geo data), the probability to find a lost gadget immediately decreases.

Usually, geodata transmission is turned off in order to save battery power. Satellite search does “eat” a lot of energy, but in the city this option is not needed, as a more economical option. search on cellular towers is enough.

Activation of geodata transfer on Android:

  • Go to “Options”.
  • In the sub-item “Personal” select “Location Services”.
  • Check the box for the search method “By network coordinates”.
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A way to find out which gadgets are “linked” to the Google account:

  • They open the browser, enter “Google” in the search” and log in to the site under their account.
  • Open the page showing recently used devices, where the desired gadget will be located.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Then to “Personal”, and from there to the sub-item “Protection”.
  • Choose the item “Device Administrators.
  • They find the item “Remote management of Android”, put a tick near it, open.
  • A “Activate Device Administrator” box appears?”, where you need to select “Enable”.
  • Go to the site “ user selects the “Settings” item (the gear icon).
  • Click on “My Devices”, which shows all the gadgets attached to the account.

Another way to find your lost phone and use the remote control features with the help of services from Google. go to the site, and enter the data of the account to which the gadget is tethered.

If the username and password are correct, the user will see a list of connected devices. From this menu you can:

  • find a lost Android phone (or stolen). A map will be shown on the right, with the location of the smartphone on it (it needs to be connected to GPS, Wi-FI, or cellular networks to be determined). If all these services are disabled, you will see a message saying that nothing can be found. Similarly. if an intruder has deleted an account from the phone;
  • make your smartphone ring (option “Ring”). A convenient way to find an Android phone lost within an apartment. The device will start ringing at full volume, even if the sound was originally turned off;
  • Lock the device. The function works only if the gadget is connected to the Internet. In remote mode, it is blocked, and a message is displayed on the screen, such as a request to return to the owner;
  • erase all the data, i.e. reset the phone to factory settings. If an SD card is installed, the data may not be deleted from it (all depends on the specific model).

If a malefactor deleted the account or reset the settings to the factory default, the above functions will not be available and the chance of finding a lost phone is reduced.

How to find your smartphone if it’s been factory reset or your account has been disconnected

How can you find a lost phone if there’s no way to locate it. Here’s hoping that it was connected to the Internet or Wi-Fi for a while before it was found missing (during which its location was determined). What you need to know:

find, lost, android, computer
  • Activate your Google account from a computer or any other device.
  • Go to
  • Open the maps menu and go to “Timeline.
  • There you choose a day for which you want to know the state of the gadget. If the location was found, the corresponding points will be displayed on the map. Sometimes there are no results for the selected day. In this case, look at the line, where the gray and blue columns are the days and places where and when the phone was detected.

Third party applications

If the “official” methods did not help, you can use a third-party software:

  • Where’s My Droid. Free software that can help you find your Android phone, even if it’s hidden. Feature. an alarm sent to the lost gadget. Thanks to it, there’s a chance that the device will show up on GPS on Google maps. If it succeeds, the user can lock the smartphone by remotely setting up a password system. The program also has SIM monitoring. alerting the owner when the SIM card or number is changed;
  • Cerberus anti-theft. Software for remote administration of the gadget. Software allows you to remotely control your phone (via website or SMS). This is necessary for finding a lost android, locking with a password, triggering an alarm. When the SIM card is replaced, the software will start sending SMS to the owner, notifying him. The peculiarity of the software is that it “hides” in the application drawer, which means that an intruder will not be able to delete or stop it. It is worth noting that you can use the application for free for a week, then you have to buy it;
  • Prey anti-theft. Free software to search for lost gadgets. Once the application is installed, the device will run a background process that allows it to be tracked in the future. It is also necessary for remote control. If GPS is activated, the phone will show up on the map. One of the useful features is taking photos with the front and main camera (you might be able to catch a thief).