How to find a phone number in Yulia

Search for ads on Avito by phone number

Many of us use the Avito site, where thousands of ads are placed on the sale of various goods or services. We turn to some seller, get the goods, remain satisfied with the purchase, and then plunge into the whirlpool of our everyday affairs. It takes some time, and we may again need such a product, but it is not easy to find it in a bype of similar ads. It is then that the number of this seller comes to our aid, which we once saved in our phone book. Below we will analyze how to find an ad on the Avito site by mobile phone number. And also what we need for this.

On the network you can stumble upon a lot of deceivers. Search for ads on the Avito website by a mobile phone number seems to be a way to avoid problems. However, excessive gullibility in relation to dubious sites will jeopardize the safety of your own data.

The merchant’s number is usually displayed to the right of the announcement. You can’t copy it to the exchange buffer. You can only manually drive into a text editor or phone memory.

Do not trust suspicious personalities requiring prepayment. It is better to buy expensive goods personally, and not order from another city. If something in the behavior of the seller seems strange, you should interrupt all contacts and do not make a deal.

How can you find a seller by name

The Ula appendix does not provide for the opportunity to look for a user by name. Despite the fact that the search function is available, using a special line you can find the product by its name.

If you want to save the seller’s contacts in order to re.Order the goods from him or ask questions regarding use, another method is used. A simple procedure will not lose access to data. You need to open the seller’s profile and subscribe to it. To do this, on the screen on the left there is a special button. Now you can easily find those who sell goods of interest to the user.

To communicate with the seller, you can use different methods, for example, a message or a call, if the user indicated in your personal account such an opportunity. Owners of accounts on Yulia note the convenience of additives of their favorite goods to the Favorites, which allows at any time, now or later, to return to their viewing.

“Yula” is an information platform that is rapidly gaining popularity in Russia. On this service you can not only publish your ads, but also collect information on other publications.

Such a service is very in demand using ads on the Yula portal, you can find partners on existing databases in a short period of time. How is the search?

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What to do if the seller on Avito turned out to be a fraudster in Avito

Since the existence of the online service Avito.RU has identified several popular working fraud schemes.

Some attackers successfully use them to this day:

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  • Goods with an advance payment by mail. In this scheme, the seller proposes to send the goods only if you pay an advance payment or its full cost;
  • Users receive messages on the phone with a notification that the profile on Avito will be blocked. In opposition to this, you need to send a numerical code to a certain number. The money will be written off from the phone irrevocably;

Also, users are often forced in different ways to give their personal valuable information. Often the victim loses its savings because of his trusting.

How to find your ad on the Yula website

When you added the goods to the Yulia website, it will be here until they buy it or you yourself will not turn off the ad. There are also other reasons, but they will be described a little later. So that you can find your ad on the Yul website, use the search line.

For example, you posted an ad called “Selling iPhone 11”. Try to introduce exactly the same phrase in search and find an ad with your photo.

You can find out your ad according to other parameters: price, size of the discount, name. All of them are visible immediately on the overall search page. This method will be useful to those who are trying to find their ad from someone else’s computer or in a mobile browser. But if you are logged in in the store’s personal account, then you can also find your ads in the section with the name “My ads”. This method is available both on the website of the online store and in the mobile application for mobile phones and tablets.

In your personal account you can find what you have already sold previously through the Yula store. To see the list of these ads, open a section with the name “Archive”. Here goods can be found if you have not deleted data about it earlier.

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Tips for free posting ads in Julia

The submission of a free announcement in Julia is now possible only using the mobile application for OS “Android” and iOS.

The Internet “Yuli” has several cut functionality, you can only view ads or write them to the author, the function of creating a new ad on the site is not available. But there is a way of bypass, more about this!

When creating a new ad in Julia, I recommend listening to the following tips:

  • By default, Yul shows ads, the location of which is from you within a radius up to 5 km. It will be optimal for each product that you lay out, place at different points of your city (if the city is large), for coverage of most of the territory;
  • Use an informative and attractive title, which should differ qualitatively from similar ads. Be creative;
  • Be sure to use a photo of the product (ads without a photo people often ignore);
  • In contact information, be sure to specify your phone, since not everyone wants to correspond with you by e-male;
  • Select the correct category of your ad, since the wrong category can prevent the potential buyer from finding your product;
  • Try to raise your ad upward, using all available tools for this;
  • Most people have a formal time limit, therefore, for example, you can declare a discount on the goods to some number;
  • If you have it, it is better to use several accounts to demonstrate your product (at the same time, the descriptions and photos used on different accounts should also differ, otherwise you risk getting into the ban).

How to change the profile in Julia?

To activate the function, create a new one or edit the existing ad. In the “Contacts” block, select the connection method “in messages”. After that, the “Call” or “Show Phone” button will disappear from your ad.

On the Board of Ads of the Yula, phones are not published to receive technical support. Instead of making calls, users are invited to send messages. 7 (495) 725-63-57-the only contact phone for legal entities and partners of the company.

How a safe transaction yula works?

You need to open the seller’s profile and subscribe to it. To do this, on the screen on the left there is a special button. The application “Yula” does not provide for the opportunity to look for a user by name. How to find a profile in Julia?

  • You should go to the application;
  • Below, click on the avatar “profile”;
  • Activate “Settings”;
  • In the subsection “Personal data” is clicking on the image of the telephone;
  • A window appears, enter a new phone there;
  • Confirm.

Encrypix Assassines allowed users to completely hide the phone numbers of the editorial office of the article

To make normal services, the team must have at least one adequate sale, and not just copy different nonsense for each other.

To stop unauthorized calls to personal numbers is not a task that should solve business services, like Yul, but the function of the Ministry of Digital Development. You just need to prohibit them regulatory, as is done all over the world. And Russian bureaucrats just sit down pants and do not do nichrome. The most offensive is that they don’t plant. Konstantin Noskov went for a walk, although the multimillion.Dollar country fired these calls. I don’t know who Maxcut Shadaev is, but I hope he will solve the issue with unauthorized calls. Then, the surface, and businesses will focus on solving their problems, not state.

Come on, they would call on the announcement) loans begin, calls allegedly from the bank, some crap advertise and t. P.

Gorgeous option, I always use. It is much more convenient to answer in messages when it is convenient. And not interrupt to idiotic calls with questions, the answers to which are in the description of the announcement.

So most of the calls are just scammers who have a disposable SIM card.

On Avito, such a function has long been done. As a result, Hamst surge in messages and a crowd of scammers, especially in the tickets category.

Is it necessary to bleach your teeth before treatment?⁠ ⁠

Friends, I warn you right away- the post is not about politics. Today finally turned out to be a free day, and I decided to fix myself one tooth. Friendly dentistry 100 meters from the house where I recently moved. He came, filled a bunch of some profiles, documents, brought a card, assigned a pretty curator who followed me in all offices. Diagnostics and all preliminary gimp- free.

They made an X-ray, then some kind of clarifying X-ray, then took pictures with a huge photo with a gigantic lens all my remaining teeth, and finally sat down near a huge monitor, brought the photo of my tooth line at full screen (another spectacle, if increased 50 times) and They began to tell me horror films in the style of Stephen King. That you sailed a dude, that you did not have your own teeth to chew your own teeth for long. The verdict was in the spirit of Sado-Mazo. Here to tear, cut there, here to bring bridges, and then insert wires. Otherwise Akhtung. I will soon chew the porridge missed through the blender. Well, plus minus hundred. I’m saying all this is good, you are a hooon on that teeth first. And I’ll think about where I can find a lemon for your services.

They looked at me like a man from the film, “what men are talking about”, who came to the restaurant and ordered deflope. Sinister, pressing silence hung.

Then some kind of brisk girl in a snow.White robe with a neckline to the “holy of saints” and the deepest neckline jumped up, and she began to about loans in the bank with whom they cooperate. That these are not loans at all, but installments. And the neckline herself in front of my eyes is back-and here, back and here. And all this against the background of my open mouth for the entire monitor. I, although Aztski was excited, but did not give a look, and did not give weaknesses. I say, let’s first lay the hole on the voyooooon volume. In short, he pretended to be a felt boot and GNU his fishing line for a trimmer further.

They understood that you couldn’t spend me on the chaff, and started from the other end, they say very timely and you still turned to the address. You urgently need to start doing all this, in stages, not all procedures right away, so to speak. You need to stretch this pleasure for a year. And we will start with you with the signing of the Treaty of Intent to fix all my teeth from them. I say o-kay. With good intentions, not to spoil the credit history. But still. Let you lay a hole on me on Vooooooon. I hope I have enough money for this. I got the salary yesterday. As a result, I still need to sign an intent agreement with them and first whiten all the teeth, and therefore we’ll get you, so be your hole. And this is mandatory. Bleaching. Otherwise insidious microbes will not let it do normal. And, with an innocent smile, they voice me the price tag. 14,000 damn it, I’m in shock, called behind a loaf of a loaf.

So I have a question for dentists on this site or to those in the topic. But whether they told me the truth? Is it necessary to whiten your teeth first before patching a hole in one of them? As soon as I had never offered this anywhere, what do you say, comrades? I will be glad to any answer, in any form, but in the case.