How to find an Android phone at home

Can I find my phone if it’s turned off?

It is impossible to find a turned off phone if not only the SIM card has been removed, but also the battery. But if the device is still on, the owner has a chance to find it, both independently and with the help of law enforcement agencies.

A discharged smartphone cannot be tracked if it is turned off. In which cases it is possible to search for the device:

In other cases it is impossible to track an Android phone that does not send any signals to either the operator or the Internet access points. At least, the average user has only the options mentioned above.

But if the smartphone is still in working order, the user has access to these ways of tracking it:

When contacting law enforcement, you need to make sure that the phone is not at home. If the lost cell phone turns out to be there, the owner can write a fine.

In what situations you may need to search for a turned off phone?

Unfortunately, none of us is immune to the loss or theft of a smartphone. To encounter such an unpleasant situation it is not necessary to stroll through dark alleys in the late evening, to attract attention in public transport or simply to be inattentive in a public place.

Confusion, anxiety and fear that sensitive information may become public knowledge and most likely will be used for illegal purposes is only a small part of the whole spectrum of emotions that covers a person whose phone was stolen. Frantically checking your s, looking in all the compartments of your bags, you are horrified to realize that your phone is nowhere to be found. In such a situation, the hardest thing is to stabilize one’s emotional state and not to panic. Having mastered your emotions, you must proceed to a clear implementation of all necessary actions. Act quickly and clearly.

Turn on “Find your device” in the Android preferences

As we said, this feature is installed by default in all Android devices. However, if you want, you can install third-party specialized programs from Google Play, if you don’t have enough of the services offered by the developer. Let’s look at a few steps to make sure Device Find is enabled on your smartphone.

    1. Go to your phone’s Settings menu and open the Security option.

This is not the end of the setup process. Now you need to turn on location services and their history to find your device accurately. Use the following instructions:

    1. Go back to the Settings menu and go to My Location.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you can find your stolen or lost phone at any convenient moment, as long as it’s connected to a mobile network or Wi-Fi.

What to do if you’ve lost your Android phone

On any device that’s synced to your Google account. such as a PC or laptop. launch your browser and type “how to find your lost phone” into the Google search bar. Another option is to go directly to the service via a direct link. A map will open showing where your phone last connected to the network. The “Someone is looking for this device” notification will appear on your phone.

  • Lost phone can be called for 5 minutes with maximum ringtone volume even if the phone is set to silent mode.
  • You can lock your device with a PIN, password, or Pattern Lock. In addition, you can send a message that will be displayed on the screen. useful if the phone was not in the hands of a thief, but rather, for example, a waiter at a cafe where it was left.
  • You can also erase all data from the phone by pressing “Clear device” (although you will not be able to restore it). The “Find My Device” feature will be turned off, but you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about the privacy of your information.
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The options described above are available under a few prerequisites: the phone is turned on, tethered to a Google account, connected to the network, and available on Google Play. You must also have “Location” and “Find My Device” enabled in your phone’s settings.

If your phone is turned off

When your lost Android phone is turned off, you can trace it using Google Map: In the top left tab, click on “Chronology”. and select the search period. Important: The option will only work if you have “Location History” and “Send Geo Data” enabled in the Google Maps settings.

Android phone finder apps

Google has a separate Find My Device app to find your phone. Samsung and Xiaomi have Find My Mobile and Mi Cloud, too. From third-party tools you can use Lost Android and Cerberus. The search function is also built into many antiviruses: Avast Mobile Security, AVG AntiVirus, Bitdefender Mobile Security Antivirus.

How to find a lost Android phone by location

You lost your cell phone or it was stolen from you. Find out how and where to find a stolen or lost Android phone if you can’t even guess the approximate location where it might have happened. Of course it’s a shame to lose your phone. It stores a lot of information ranging from contacts to bank card details.

After all, the modern Android smartphone is not a simple means of dialing, it is a compact computer in your. without it many already can not imagine their active life.

Naive owners of a missing cell phone immediately apply to law enforcement agencies, write a statement about the loss, hoping that the police will be able to find the gadget and give it back to you. But this move almost never gives a positive result. the amount of damage from the loss of the phone is small, so no one will especially try to find a smartphone, even if the location of the crime is known.

But there are a few proven ways to help find your phone, even if stolen in a large and busy metropolis.

Review of proven ways to find an Android phone

The Android system is designed by Google, who cares about its reputation, so has created several service applications to find your lost phone. But to use them, you need to register in the system, you just need to do it, only with an activated account you can try to find your Android device.

You also need a connection to Google’s built-in GPS module, which detects the location of the lost gadget.

In addition to the service applications from Google, there are third-party applications that can also be used to locate it by location, number, or other data.

But even if you find your device, there’s no guarantee that your cell phone will be returned immediately. it can be dangerous, so it’s best to contact law enforcement for help in recovering your lost device. Please do not try to stand up to fraudsters.

How to find a smartphone over the Internet

The first thing to do when you lose or steal your gadget is to open your Google account and go to the “Security” section.

If you have forgotten your Google credentials, username, and password, these methods will not help you.

Find the “Your Devices” section and click on any link:

When you go to “Manage your phone,” you choose the one you lost.

Here is an option to disable the Google account on your mobile, and thus protect some of your data.

Then follow the link-question “Lost phone” and once again, confirming the account, get to the management.

  • analyze your last activity
  • Lock phone
  • call it
  • Log out of your account
  • contact the operator
  • lock data

If you lose your smartphone nearby, activate the “Dial-in” function. The device will ring for 5 minutes at maximum volume, with a different tone. You’ll have plenty of time to locate your phone.

If your cell phone is not around, use the “Find” function.

Tip: With remote control, the best option is a full lock. That way, at least an attacker can’t blackmail you by knowing your personal information.

This function is especially useful for owners of corporate numbers, as it can store confidential information, not intended for unauthorized persons.

But if it is turned off and there is no Internet, through this service to detect the cell phone is not possible, so any manipulation with it will not help.

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“Find a device”. a built-in feature for searching

Any cell phone is equipped with a search option, so finding a lost phone is likely through the built-in “Find Device” functionality.

Through this function, you can disable all running applications or restore them, and the service is available for all Android from Google. No need to install other applications.

Find from a computer

To find a lost cell phone, if stolen, you need a connection to the Internet on your computer through the browser to locate.

But this option might work if you’re connected to the internet, but if you’re turned off, you can’t be found.

So, to locate your lost device, do the following:

  • Open the browser on your computer, type in the address
  • sign in with your google account if prompted
  • All your devices will open, you only need to click on the device you were able to lose

After all the actions you will have an opportunity:

During the lock you can leave a message and add the number of any other subscriber to contact you.

This option is designed for decent people. Pressing the green button will call the number you specified.

Clearing your phone will erase all data and you will not be able to locate your phone after that.

Search with another smartphone

For a quicker search you can use any other device of a family member or friend.

Go to “Protection” or “Security” in your device settings.

Find “Find device” and select the function of the same name.

Log in to search as a Guest, then enter your username and password from your Google account.

Now you can perform all the actions described above, when logging in from your computer.

Searching for a phone using Google Maps

  • make sure that your smartphone has internet access or you have enabled mobile communication and location. If everything is turned off, it will be impossible to locate through this option
  • On your PC, open the google search and go to “Maps” (under your account)
  • at the top left open the position “Chronology”. here you must specify the exact date of the search.
  • After these steps, the lost phone must be found and you can see its location on the map

Finding the phone at home is not difficult for Android users. The “Remote Control” feature is usually the default on smartphones, but it’s best to make sure beforehand:

  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Then to the “Security” menu;
  • There, select “Device Administrators.”
  • Check the “Remote Management” box.

Now you will definitely be able to find your gadget in case of loss. And how to find a phone in the house right now? Especially if it is in silent mode.

  • Go to the Android site.Go to com/devicemanager and log in to your Google account;
  • The site will show a list of all the devices linked to the account: select the lost device;
  • Next, we hope that the remote control feature has been connected automatically, as it was with our distracted editor;
  • If it is, you will see the geolocation of your phone. If the map shows that the smartphone is in your apartment: rejoice, this is a small victory!
  • You will also see a menu with three options to choose from: call, lock, and erase. Choose “Call. Turn off televisions, washing machines, and other noisy appliances. Listening. Your phone will ring even if it was on silent mode. Tested by!


The developers of the application did not stand aside and have thought over how to find the lost phone at home. So you can take care of yourself ahead of time. The most functional of the two:

As you have understood, these applications are only for Android. In the case of the first two, you must initially generate a code request, such as: “Okay Google, find my phone.”. Hearing this during the search, the device will start ringing even if it’s in silent mode.

Clap to Find has an even simpler functionality. the name says it all. Once installed and set up, the next time you lose your phone, you just need to pat. After each clap, the gadget will make a sound. The only drawback is that there is no guarantee that the phone won’t start beeping during a concert where everyone is clapping.

If you have other Apple devices, the process will be a lot easier. Using Find iPhone, you can find iPads, iPods, and even MacBooks. Use any of them:

  • Go to the utility “Find iPhone”, or find the function through “Settings”➝iCloud;
  • Next, select the desired device;
  • Press “Play Sound. You will hear the ringtone even in silent mode.
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If you have no other Apple gadgets than your iPhone, you can go to the iCloud website., go to your account, and do the same thing.

Apple Watch

If you have a smart watch, the task becomes even easier:

Important: If you use these utilities to find that the device is outside of your home, lock it. You can also write a message on the main screen, say, “I lost my phone. Please call or send an email to”. You can placate the person by writing that they will get a reward for returning.

There are many options. We can only hope that the passerby who found the device will be bona fide. You can keep calling from search apps even on a locked device to find it in the location the map points to. In case you find your phone, you can recover it and continue to use it.

Popular Location Tracking Apps

As you can imagine, there are quite a few of these apps. Here I will describe only 3 of them that I liked for one reason or another: functionality, performance, design, directionality, etc.д.


This app helps you keep track of your family members’ movements. In fact, you create a group where everyone can see the location of others as well as their message and call history.

Friend Locator

This app got here not only because it’s very easy and convenient to track your location and get information, but also because it’s completely free.

Phone Number Tracking

It seems not the most popular program on Google Play, you will say. However, it is not at all. Since the app is paid, a lot of the features are closed. That’s why people give you poor ratings when they don’t understand it.

In fact, it is a very functional application. You can track any device by phone number. And if you install this client on your device, you can:

  • Make it invisible
  • Remotely receive records of conversations, messages
  • Get screenshots remotely
  • Monitor app usage data

Life360: stay with the family

I like the app very much. I myself began to use it. Honestly, it’s not just a tracking tool. it’s a whole social cross-platform system.

You can create different groups of users, communicate with them. You can also find many other free and paid features.

After registering you are immediately offered to enter a code to join an existing circle (group). When you create any circle, it is immediately assigned a code. This allows users to add to it. You can also create any circle and send a code yourself.

Once the circle is created you can add places and locations to the circle. For example, a house, a job or a certain area (places). Thus, when you leave or enter one of the members of the circle, you will know about it. Agree. this is just a great solution for parents.

Among the free features, in addition to these and chat, there is also the ability to set up notifications about the battery level on the device of any of the participants of the circle. One more thing that is very important. the ability to set up a panic button. If necessary, you can, by clicking on this button, send your location to the selected contacts.

Premium Account Features

The premium account has a few benefits that I think are worth paying that 5 a month for.

First, it is an additional feature Driving. This is a whole segment of this platform that tracks a driver’s driving style. Thus, when an unsafe style is detected. the app will automatically notify certain members of the circle (for example, parents).

Other useful and interesting functions:

  • the ability to create an unlimited number of locations
  • 30-day location log
  • Optimized location updates for circle participants

Also, according to Chris Hulls, the creator of the platform, Life360 plans to create a shared calendar and task book. And this, as you understand, will greatly expand the capabilities of the application. And will enable joint planning from anywhere in the city, country, or even the world.