How to find out a computer IP in a local network

What is a local IP address, how to find it out and change in Windows?

This phrase came from the English language and deciphered as “Internet Protocol Address”. IP computer address on the network is the address that is assigned to the machine when connecting to the network.

Two types of addresses are used: IPV4 and IPV6 (newer). The first is already losing ground and inferior to the second, since it cannot designate all computers on the Internet (there are not enough characters and combinations).

When the computer is connected to the network, two types of IP addresses can be issued, which differ in the approval mechanism for the device.

  • Dynamic. The most common type. It is issued by a router (the device with which you connect to the network) or the Internet provider automatically. As soon as the computer connected to the network, so it got it. Dynamic IP may change. It is worth rebooting the PC or re.Connect it to the Internet, as the IP address will change. This type is everywhere used by many providers.
  • Static. Assigned once and for all. It does not change under any circumstances. Typically, such addresses are distributed by providers for a fee. They can also be found on a home local network if the user set up the network himself and personally appropriated each device.

Also, there are various types of IP addresses depending on the type of network in which they are used. Distinguish between internal and external IP.

  • Internal. These are those that are assigned to devices within the same network. For example, this is a computer address in the local network of an apartment or house. Devices that join the router also have internal IP addresses.
  • External. The device receives an external address, connecting to the Internet directly. Here the router will have an external IP. A smartphone with the inclusion of mobile data will also have an external IP. But the computer cannot directly join. He needs a router or modem.

Many users confuse the IP address and MAC address of the device. These are different things. The fact is that the MAC address is assigned to the device (network card, router) at the factory. This is a unique identifier of your device. This is a kind of identifier of “iron”. That’s the whole difference.

What is IP address

IP address (IP from English. Internet Protocol). Digital identifier assigned by the device that operates in a public or local network based on TCP/IP protocol stacks. Without it, the existence of the Internet or any internal IP network is impossible.

You can compare the IP address with the phone number or the address of the house-both indicate the object. As a person calls the interlocutor by number, so the computer turns to another IP address device.

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How to find out a computer IP address in a local network

The possibility of determining the address on the Internet is offered by many web resources. But they will not help to determine the “gray” IP, because the “locker” happens without access to the Internet, and if there is an exit, then private IP “hidden” behind the network knot. Therefore, to solve this problem, it is recommended to use other methods, and most of them require that the network connection is installed.

This method of determining the IP address of a computer with Windows OS consists in using the equipment “Networks control center and common access”, this is a classic tool that many of you probably know and have already used.

To open this equipment, you have somewhat method, I like to use the pain of all the short names of Windows variables, which I have already talked about. Open the “Perform” window or you can in the command line window or in search of the Start button, enter the word NCPA.CPL and press Enter. You will have a “network control center and total access”. Relevant for any version of Windows.

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A longer method, mainly for Windows 7, 8.1, it will fall into this equipment, such an algorithm of action. In the lower right corner, in the Windows notifications, find the network icon and click on it right by click. From the context menu, select “Center for Control of Networks and General Access”.

To find out the IP address of the computer here, click the left click on your network intese in the window that opens, click the “Information” button, you will have a “Information about network connection” window, in which you will find the “APV4” field, this is the IP of your Windows 10 or another OS, but you must admit that through the command line the identification of the information we need was several times faster.

How to find out the internal (local) IP address

With internal IP addresses, everything is a little more complicated: on each platform they are checked differently.

How to find out the IP address in Windows

Find through the search for the “Team Strite” system. Click on its icon with the right mouse button and run on behalf of the administrator. In the window opened, enter the IPConfig command and click Enter. Data will appear on the screen, among which there should be a line IPV4. Next to her you will see a format code 192.168.One.40-this is the internal IP address of the computer.

How to find out the IP address in MacOS

To see the IP address in MacOS, it is enough to go to the “System Settings” → “Network” section and select the current connection on the side panel. The internal IP address MAC is displayed under the connection status.

How to find out the IP address in Android

The internal Android IP-address is usually available in the Wi-Fi settings section. The Inte Weighty Inte Weights can be very different, but you will probably find the right menu yourself without much difficulty. If not, you can install the free IP Tools program. She will display the internal and external IP address immediately after starting.

How to find out the IP address in iOS

On the iPhone or iPad internal IP can be easily found in the section with wi-fi parameters. It is enough to press on a round icon next to an active wireless connection, and IP will appear in the next menu.

How to find out the IP address of your computer

You can find out the IP address of your computer in several ways. Here are some of them:

Method 1. If the computer is connected to the Internet, a universal way to find out IP address (external).Go to some special site that automatically provides visitors with relevant information, for example, to this page (see. Above), or here. Http: // Internet.Yandex.Ru;

Method 2. Find out the IP address of the computer, connected to a local network (Local IP address), you can in the settings of the network connection. To do this, do the following:

In Windows XP: in the Start menu, go to the “control panel” and there, in the “network and Internet connection” section, open “Network connections”. In the section that opens, click on the right button on the “connection on the local network” and in the context menu select “Properties”. In the list that appears, you need to find the “Internet/IP) protocol and double.Click on it with the left mouse button (or select this item and press the“ Properties ”button). IP address can be found in the field of the same name, see. Screenshot (press to increase);

In Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10: On the keyboard, press the Winr keyboard combination, in the opening window, NCPA.CPL and press the Enter key. The “Network Connections” section will open, in which you need to click on the “Local network connection” or “network connection” with the right mouse button and select “Properties”. Next in the list, select “Protocol of the Internet version 4 (TCP/IPV4)” and press the “Properties” button. The IP address will be displayed in the field “Use the following IP address”.

Method 3. To find out the IP address of the computer, you can also use special programs, for example, GetMyip.

Getmyip does not require installation, consists of one file and can be launched even from a flash drive. Having launched it on the computer, the user will receive a complete list of its local IP addresses in a few seconds after a few seconds.

To determine the external IP address in the program window, you will need to press the Get Real IP button and wait a bit.

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How to find out the IP address of the site

To find out the IP address of your own or any site you are interested in on the Internet, you can again use the 2ip service to determine the network address of the website.

Just specify the domain name and click the “Check” button.

The method works in the opposite direction (allows you to find out the name of the site by IP), but not always correct.

How to change your IP

Many users want to hide their IP or change it. Why do it? There may be several reasons for this.

  • Blocking on forums, ads of ads and other sites. Many sites for violations block the user by IP. Therefore, a new account cannot be created. For this, a change of address may be needed.
  • View blocked content. Some authorities may block certain content for residents of a single country. To bypass the lock, you need to change the address.

Local Area Network connection doesn’t have a valid IP configuration-Easily Fixed

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You can change the IP address of the computer both using the operating system and using third.Party applications. If you need to change the address so that the system seems to be from another country. Then only with the help of programs. But consider all the options.

Using the Windows command line

We launch the command line using the already known method.

Cannot See Other Computers on Local Network Fix

In the console we enter the IPConfig /Release command and click Enter. She will drop the current IP.

Now you need to introduce Ipconfig /Renew. This team will update the already dropped address and it will change.

But often this option does not work. Therefore, you need to use third.Party programs. Consider the most popular and efficient.


This utility allows you to completely change even a static IP address of a computer. And for this you can choose a server from any country. The program will allow you to view the content that is not available to a particular country.

First you need to run the utility. Then select the desired server (in the screenshot) in the left column and click on the “Change IP” button (2 in the picture). The address will be replaced immediately. The advantage of this program is the presence of the Russian language.


The free version of the program has its restrictions. For example, there is only one Ukrainian server in the list of addresses for the shift.

To change the address, you just need to start the program and select the right one in the list of servers (1 in the screenshot). Only to change the address to Ukrainian makes no sense. Therefore, you will need to purchase a full version of the program.

Proxy Switcher

Simple program, simple installation process. All that is required is to start the program.

To get started, you need to press the green button in the program control panel (1 in the screenshot). The utility has a set of powerful tools for working with the connection. But ordinary user does not need them.

Definition of the MAC address of someone else’s computer in the local network

If we are interested in how to find out the MAC address of a computer located on the same local network with us, it is enough to complete the following command in the Windows command line:

In the information that appears, we will get an Apresn-PC computed MAC computer

And the last team that we will pay attention today. If you are not interested in the name of the computer, and checking the MAC address of each IP car is too dreary, you can just send an ARP request with a parameter.A

The result of the execution of this command will be a table of compliance with the MAC addresses and IP addresses on the network

Now we can find out both the IP address and the MAC computers in the local network.