How to find out how many people are connected to the router

Watch who is connected to the Wi-Fi network of the TP-Link router

On our site, there are already similar instructions for routers from ZYXEL, ASUS, and D-LINK. But how to see who is connected to Wi-Fi, if a router from TP-Link, I haven’t written yet. There are our nuances, so now we will consider in more detail.

I don’t know why, but many are interested in the question of who is still connected to my Wi-Fi, who “steals” the Internet and how to block it. I can say right away that if you have a good password on a Wi-Fi network, then in the list of connected customers, you are unlikely to see third-party devices. A good password should be installed, be sure to. There is even a separate article on this topic.

So, if you have doubts, and it seems to you that someone else has “picked up” to your Wi-Fi, then this can be checked without problems. And if you have a TP-Link router, then this instruction is for you.

We look at the list of Wi-Fi clients on Zyxel Keenetic

We definitely need to go into the settings of our router. To do this, go to address 192.168.One.1, specify data (login/password) to enter the router settings. Better yet, look at a detailed article on the entrance to the settings of the routers of this company.

After you get into the settings, go at the top to the Wi-Fi Clients tab. There you will see all the devices that are currently connected to your Wi-Fi.

If the list does not appear, then wait a bit, or update the page.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the list displays the following information:

  • Name. If this is a computer, then his name is displayed (I have “Help-Wi-Fi-Com”, this is a laptop). The phone on Windows Phone, signed just as “Windows-Phot”. And the iPad is displayed with the name.
  • MAC address of the device.
  • Awarded to him by the IP address.
  • How much traffic is sent and accepted.
  • The width of the channel on which the device works. If you have a car mode in the Wi-Fi settings, then it can be different.
  • Mbit speed/s speed.
  • How much time has passed after connection.
  • Signal. Network signal on the device. By this indicator, you can understand how far from the router is a certain device.
find, many, connected, router

Still, the list of devices can be viewed on the tab home network, to which you can go directly from the main page. It also displays the device connected through the cable.

And if you press the device you need, then detailed statistics will open by the connections of this device.

find, many, connected, router

So you can simply get the necessary information on connected devices. If you saw some kind of someone else’s device, you can block it, or just change your password to Wi-Fi network. And if the device says the name and surname of your neighbor, then you can figure it out in a different way 🙂 In any case, this is useful information that may come in handy.

List of Wi-Fi clients on ASUS router

Everything is very simple. We go into the settings of our router asus. We open the browser, go to address 192.168.One.1, enter the user name and password (by default Admin and Admin). And we are in the settings. If anything, here is a detailed instructions for the entrance to the control panel.

Immediately on the main page, you will see a network card, and there will be a customer item there. We click on the icon itself, and on the right there will be a list of devices connected to your Wi-Fi router. If you press the View List button, you will have a list with detailed information. If you notice, then even the signal level on each device is displayed there.

The names of the devices, IP and MAC addresses are indicated there. To make kaik changes for a certain device, just click on it. Another window will appear in which you can change the name of the bonds, IP addresses, tie the MAC address of this device to the IP address, turn on parental control for the client, block the Internet, and even change the device icon.

To block access to the Wi-Fi Internet for the client on the ASUS router, you must first install the Mac and IP Address Binding switch to the ON position. Thus, we will fix the static IP address for this device. And enable Block Internet Access. This we will block the Internet access for the Wi-Fi client. Do not forget to press the button to apply.

A icon will appear near the device, which says that the Internet is blocked for this client.

So, we looked at the list of connected devices, and even learned to block access to the Internet for individual customers.

find, many, connected, router

If you have found any third-party devices in the list, then the best way is to just change the password for a Wi-Fi network. You will connect with Wi-Fi with a new password, and third-party devices will no longer be able to connect.

Blocking an unknown device in a Wi-Fi router

How easy it is to find out who uses my Wi-Fi, we showed. Thanks to this now, you will easily find the one who steals the Internet. A banal shutdown of the thief from the network, it will not be enough. After all, after a short period of time, the thief to connect again and continue to steal traffic. Here it is necessary to take more radical measures, one of the effective measures, this is the setting of the MAC-filter function. Let’s look at how to include this function in more detail.

  • We reveal the section “Wi-Fi”. Click on the line “Mac-filter”.
  • Then you have a choice of settings for this function. Or in the paragraph “Mac of the Mac Filter” to put “allow”. Next, click below “Add”. Now it will be necessary to make all the MAC addresses of your gadgets. Thus giving full access to a wireless network.

PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi. How to See/Know who’s using, how many devices connected on your WiFi

  • Or set the meaning “prohibit”. With this choice, it will be necessary to introduce the MAC address of third-party devices. To which access will be closed in the future.

The second option will be faster, because usually there is one violator, therefore, you need only one MAC address to enter the MAC filter. But the devices in the house are many times more, and therefore add more to the filter. And do not forget, when a new gadget appears in the house, it is necessary to add it to the filter so that the Internet works on it.

List of wireless devices connected to tp-link

In order to get acquainted with the list of customers of the wireless network on the TP-Link router, go to the “Wireless Mode” menu item and select “Statistics of the Wireless Main”-you will see which devices and in what quantity are connected to your Wi-Fi network.

How to see a list of Wi-Fi customers on a router

Now in the store you can find more than 10 marks and about a hundred available for purchase wireless routers for every taste. Each brand has its own graphic intense, which externally differs from others. But the differences are usually only in appearance. The principle of action is the same everywhere. You need to either go to the Wi-Fi settings and find a list of customers there, or open the parameters of the LAN LAN and see which devices are already connected there. By the way, most modern customer access points can be seen directly by the main page, such as, for example, on Xiaomi Mi Router:

As you can see, the list of devices displays the names and hardware addresses of all devices that are now connected to a wireless network. An ordinary user will ask here. And what will give me this list if I don’t understand anything about it?! Calm down, everything is simple here. Look at this screenshot:

The list has the names of customers, that is, the so.Called hostname. The names of the devices specified in their settings. There are also IP and MAC addresses that identify every gadget. All this info can be viewed on the phone, laptop, tablet, etc.P. It is in information about the system, as in Android or in information about the network connection, as in Windows 10. Yes, even if this is some complexity, it is just enough to see who is connected to Wi-Fi, count them, then count your devices (including Smart TVs, game consoles, TV consoles, etc.P.) and compare the numbers coincide or not. If there is more on the list than yours, then you need to look for who is superfluous there! Something like that! Now I will show on a specific example.

How to protect your Wi-Fi from neighbors and other users

You still revealed the fact that someone outsiders are connected to you. If it were neighbors or some other users-it doesn’t matter. It is important that you need to protect your Wi-Fi network from outsiders. After all, if they were able to connect to her, then in protection there are not such holes. We will cover them, because this is not so difficult. I will show with the example of the router D-Link.

We go to the main settings of the wireless network. We check that the WPA2-PSK version plus Aes is used for authentication.

Here we change the password to Wi-Fi. The old one was broken. It means it must be changed to a more complex. Use at least 8-10 characters-letters, numbers, special digits.

Be sure to turn off WPS. If you used to have a bunch of WPA2-PSK and AES, then most likely your router was hacked through a hole in WPS. We find the corresponding section in the menu and turn off this function in general:

Change the password of the administrator, which is used to enter the router’s personal account. This is the case so that no one can get into the web-intese to see or change the network settings there.

Be sure to check for a new firmware for your router. If it is, be sure to update. Use only the latest version of the software.

The implementation of these four simple actions by 99% will help to protect your Wi-Fi router from the encroachments of outsiders. The main thing, in the future, is not allowed to set up third parties and do not disclose them a password from Wi-Fi. If you often have guests, then it makes sense to make a separate guest network for them.

How many devices can a router handle?

How to find out how many devices are connected to the router

Check the list of users contacting the network at the moment, you can in the router settings. This web resource is located on the IP address of the router, for example, http: // 192.168.One.1 or http: //, as well as on the manufacturer’s website. Similar information, as well as the accounting data for the entrance, must be applied to the model of a particular router.

The settings integer look in different ways, depending on the manufacturer, but the essence is the same everywhere-you need to find the “Wireless” (or “Wireless”) tab, where there will be information about how many devices are connected to the router via Wi-Fi. As a rule, everything is quite informative, a list is displayed indicating the assigned IP and MAC addresses, and most importantly, names. This information is enough to identify the tan and excommunicate it from the free Internet.

Using Android devices

You can find out who has connected to your Wi-Fi through your Android. To do this, you need to download the Wi-Fi Analyzer-Home Wi-Fi Alert application. Which will turn your smartphone into a Wi-Fi analyzer.

Upon completion of the installation, launch the program and click on the “Scan Network” button. After a minute waiting, the program will show all the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. Those that are connected without your knowledge will be marked with red. If you are sure that these are your devices, then you can add them to the proven:

Using Wi-Fi Analyzer, you can also find the least uploaded channels for a wireless router and even strengthen your network signal. The program will be interesting to specialists who often encounter setting these networks, as well as ordinary users.

  • View graphs according to the ratio of signal level
  • Display of the number of channels for each network, AD HOC properties, encryption
  • Sorting channels by rank
  • Display of information about the connected network: IP, Local Mac, DNS, Link Speed, Gateway, Serverip, Hidden Ssid.