How to find out if the iPhone was in the repair

How to see the history of spare parts and service your iPhone

Apple added to the iPhone the function “Spare parts and the history of service”. Now iPhone users will be able to see whether the repair centers used original spare parts to serve their devices. The new function will strike at the suppliers of counterfeit spare parts and protect iPhone users.

Let’s see how this function works on different iPhone models.

In iOS 15.2 will appear the menu “Details and History of Service”. You can track the status of spare parts after repair

In the update iOS 15.2 will appear a function that allows you to check the authenticity of the installed spare parts. You can also view the history of repairs and all the details that went through the iPhone for all its time of existence.

You can get information by going into the main menu of the device and opening the “Details and History of Service” tab. It is worth noting that these data will be available only if the smartphone has already been in the repair, on the new gadgets the menu is not available.

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Apple also provides different information for various models of devices:

For the iPhone XR, XS, XS Max and older devices, including the 2nd generation iPhone SE, information about the battery replacement is available;

For the lines of the iPhone 11, 12 and 13, data on the replacement of the battery and display are available;

On the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models, you can find out if the battery, display and camera have changed.

If the repair was made using original spare parts, then the user will see the corresponding notification. If an unofficial spare unit defeated or previously used in another device is installed on the smartphone, the system will also warn the user about it.

Apple also said that the information in the “Details and History of Service” menu does not affect the operation of the device and are used exclusively for the purpose of servicing and repairing gadgets.

It is worth noting that in the fall of 2021, one of YouTube users noticed that with an independent replacement of the display on the iPhone 13, the Faceid module is disconnected. A month later, the Cupertinists responded and abandoned the idea of ​​preventing attempts to repair in unofficial workshops. After some time, Apple introduced the Self Service Repair program, which allows users to independently repair the iPhone and Mac.

How Apple determines whether the iPhone is subject to warranty repair

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They raised their head for a long time, whether your iPhone is subject to warranty repair, taking into account various defects? Now you can find out for sure.

The Business Insider resource has published photos of documents that describe possible defects in smartphones. It is on them that authorized service centers are evaluated by iPhone.

In the first document, a guarantee repair or replacement is subject to devices with defects from the green zone. Such cases include:

  • Single cracks on the glass located in the corner of the smartphone (there should not be a web)
  • Front chamber defect (displacement)
  • Garbage under the screen or abnormal (broken) pixels (only on the user’s application)

Problems covered with non.Warranty repair include:

  • Fluid hit (the user confirmed this)
  • Corrosion of internal components
  • Display defects (mechanical damage)
  • Single crack from which other cracks come
  • Various cracks on glass
  • Damaged 3.5/Lightning port (garbage that cannot be easily extracted)
  • Strong scuffs of glass, buttons or bent housing
  • The screen went (the bloated battery is not considered)
  • Spoiled microphone or speaker (clogged with garbage so that you cannot easily clean)
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Are not subject to official repair:

The leadership also provides situations in which fluid entering the iPhone can lead to a refusal of free repairs and removal from a guarantee.

The liquid fell under the display, the corrosion of the Lightning adjustor has begun.

If the user personally confirms the incapacity of the smartphone due to fluid entry.

The warranty does not cover the damage that occurred due to fluid entering the device.

Repair will be made for money. There is only one chance to stay under warranty: to show dry iPhone without corrosion, with a white/gray indicator (red. Kaput). He displays water entering the device.

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The last image shows which cosmetic defects are not covered by a guarantee at all. Look and remember.

The above rules do not apply to customers of the Applecare program. It allows you to repair or change the device even if there are mechanical damage. [Macrumors]

How to Check if iPhone is New, Refurbished or Demo | Identify Brand New iPhone

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Check the buttons

Another physical feature that should be noted is that on real iPhone, buttons such as sleep and awakening are in the upper right corner, and the volume switch and the call switch. In the top left corner. If the switch or buttons are not where they should be, then the phone you look at is definitely a fake. Some fake iPhone have buttons in the right position, but you can feel them by running them with your fingers. To make sure of this, press the buttons several times to make sure that they are not weakened and are not installed correctly. Iphone clones have poor button quality.

The original iPhone screen should be clear and without pixels. The screen uses the Retina iPhone display. Which has a higher pixel density, which makes it more clear, bright and bright. Fake iPhone has a dull color screen due to the low cost of components.

Check the management in more detail

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Checking the serial number Apple

Enter the serial number of your device to access detailed information about your Apple product. If you are the user of iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook or iwatch. Apple TV or Airpods (or any other Apple device), you can access hidden information about your device by simply entering the serial number. Use our Free Sn Lookup function and read secret information about Apple.

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Check out the instructions below and find out how easy it is to find a serial number when it is needed. You should not have problems with the search for this number for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Homepod, Mac or other Apple product.

Where to check first?

Remember that the place where you can find the serial number of the device depends on the product. Check the following places:

  • The surface of your product.
  • If your device is synchronized with iTunes, the serial number can be found there.
  • On mac:
  • Open the Apple menu.
  • Select “About this Mac”.
  • Large! Here is your serial number.
  • On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPod and Apple Watch:
  • Go to the settings.
  • Find and select general.
  • Select the “About Program” icon.
  • It is perfectly worked out! Here you have all the necessary information!

There is no problem with the product

Check out the information below, if you do not have your own product, since it was stolen or lost. Also when you cannot turn on your device.

  • If you have an original packaging. Serial number is indicated on the barcode.
  • In covers for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and iPod, open the “device” tab in the iTunes settings to get a serial number.
  • Take a look at the original product receipt or invoice, since there you can also find the serial number of the purchased goods.

What serial number / IMEI? How to find out a serial number or IMEI on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?

This is a unique number that identifies each individual device. There is no other gadget in the world with the same IMEI (international mobile equipment identifier) ​​or serial number. We can compare it with human DNA, which is a constant distinctive characteristic of a person. However, there is not a single exception, as in the case of DNA of the twin. Another better comparison. This is a fingerprint that identifies only one specific person.

Why do I need a serial number / IMEI?

If you have purchased a new device, you should check and record the serial number and IMEI in case of theft or loss. It can be used to determine its brand, model and serial number. The IMEI number is a 14-digit line with an additional 15th control number to check the entire line. Serial numbers may contain numbers, letters and other typographic symbols or can consist entirely of the string of characters.

Iphone serial number

  • These numbers can be found in several places such as settings, iTunes, on a physical device and on the original packaging.
  • IMEI / Meid serial number or number can be used to identify your device after you contact the Support Apple with some questions.
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How to find out serial number, IMEI / Meid or ICCI

You still have difficulties with watching the right number? Go to the next sections.

  • Iphone 11
  • Iphone 11 Pro
  • Iphone 11 Pro Max
  • Iphone XS
  • Iphone XS Max
  • Iphone x
  • Iphone 8
  • Iphone 8 Plus
  • Iphone 7
  • Iphone 7 Plus
  • Iphone 6s
  • Iphone 6s Plus

On these iPhone, serial number can be found in the settings. A IMEI / Meid. On a tray for SIM cards. However, when you need to identify your mobile phone, while on the Apple support service, you cannot open the settings menu, you can use IMEI / Meid instead of serial number.

For the six above iPhone, the serial number can be found in the settings and IMEI / Meid (Meid. These are the first 14 numbers IMEI) on the back panel. In the same way, if you need support, but you cannot open the settings menu, you can use IMEI / Meid instead of a serial number.

The four oldest iPhone serial number and IMEI / Meid are on the SIM card tray. Both serial number and IMEI are engraved on the back panel.

Serial number Apple iPad, iPad Pro and iPod Touch is located on the rear panel of the device. In the case of an iPad cell model, you can also find IMEI number. If you are interested in what meid is, these are the first 14 digits of IMEI.

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How to Check if Any iPhone is Refurbished or Replaced Activation Date!


Can you believe that the serial number of your device can also be found in iTunes? Check out the instructions below and find out how to find this number through iTunes!

  • First, connect your device to a computer.
  • Open itunes. If it does not open automatically.
  • Then find your device.
  • Select the Summary tab.
  • Large! Here is all the necessary information!

Important: For the iPhone, click the “phone number” to find IMEI / Meid and ICCID. For iPad (cellular model), click B to find CDN, IMEI / Meid and ICCID.

No device around the case

  • First of all, open the browser on your computer and go to the Apple ID account page (Appleid.Apple.Com).
  • Secondly, enter the Apple ID related to a specific device.
  • Find and select the “Devices” tab.
  • At the very end, select this device.
  • It is perfectly worked out! Here you can find the serial number of the device and IMEI / Meid number.

The second method acts only if you have an iOS 10 device.3 or later version, on which the input with the same Apple ID is executed.

How to check

Find the serial iPhone number.

The easiest way is to follow the setting path. The main ones. About this device and find the point of the same name.

In addition, the serial number of the device is located on the original box of the smartphone, and it can also be found in iTunes on a computer with which the device was synchronized.

If there is no access to the device or computer, you can find the serial number on the Appleid website.Apple.Com. After authorization under your Apple ID, you need to find the device in the device section and click on it.

Go to the service website Verification of the right to maintain and support.

Enter the iPhone and captcha serial number into the corresponding fields.

The service will tell you whether the owner has the right to maintenance by phone and date of the end of the annual warranty period.

The actual purchase date means that the company recorded the actual date of purchase of your device, which simplifies service and general connection with the company.

Technical support by phone. All Apple users receive 90-day support by phone from the moment the device is purchased.

Repair and maintenance indicates whether your product is covered with a limited Apple guarantee.

Do not forget that a year of warranty should be provided by the seller iPhone.

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What iPhone will track the tracking of non.Original spare parts

The presence of original spare parts after the repair of iPhone (left) and non.Original installed components in the iPhone (right)

Cupertinists initially stated that the chip will work on all iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models, later it became known that some older iPhones would show non.Original components.

◈ All models of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 will tell you if the battery, display or camera was replaced.

To view information, go to settings. The main. About this device. In the presence of replaced spare parts, you will see section History of parts and maintenance.

The system distinguishes the original apple components and the spare parts analogues. In the case of official repairs in an authorized SC, information and the date of cancellation will be available detailed.

Once again, we recall that the system will not protect against unofficial replacement of components with flashing controllers. In this case, iOS 15.2 simply will not see the fact of replacing the components. The system does not know about the replacement of other details that are not indicated in the list above.

Let’s hope that in future iPhone models, Cupertinists will expand the list of components for independent replacement and the system will be able to check their originality.

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