How to find out if the video card on the laptop works

How to find out whether the video card works or not. 8 ways

One of the simple ways how to check the video card for serviceability is a visual inspection of the device and a computer check (PC) assembly. A clear feature that helps to find out that the video card is faulty is the dark screen of the monitor, stripes, the transition to a meager color palette. Check if the monitor itself is included, whether it is operational. This is necessary:

  • See if the indicator is on the corresponding button, if not, then click on it.
  • For additional diagnostics purposes, connect another monitor to the PC (already proven, exactly working): if the image remains unchanged, then the graphic board is faulty.

The alternative visual characteristics that help to judge, about the incorrect performance of the video card, include:

  • The correct operation of the monitor with the periodic appearance of unusual distortions of images, artifacts:
      long horizontal stripes of light gray, dark gray color;
  • Horizontal, alternating with vertical stripes;
  • Sometimes. Supposedly “broken” pixels in different places.
  • The appearance of a blue “death screen” is a message about the critical error of the operating system (OS) Windows during the reinstall of drivers.
  • A special sound signal coming from the BIOS, which informs about improper operation of the video card. At the same time, the type and tonality of the signal will be curtained from the BIOS version.

To check if the video card works on the computer (PC) and make sure that it led to the appearance of a malfunction, you need to check the functioning of the rest of the PC. Work order:

  • Check the power supply. Connect the computer to the network, listen to whether the cooling system has turned on. The fan.
  • Listen to the presence of a familiar sound signal informing about the loading of the OS, look at the state of the monitor. Whether a normal image or screen has appeared still dark?
  • Click on the power button (turning on the computer), see if the LEDs flicker. This flicker announces the initialization of the test check of the hardware part of the computer before loading the operating room.
  • Check the operability of the monitor by connecting it to the donor (other system unit).

If all the equipment (both the system unit and the monitor) functions normally, but when connecting together, the screen still does not respond, then 99% the malfunction lies in the video card. In this case, you can contact the service center if the warranty period has not expired, and the protective seals are whole. The second option is to clean the card ourselves. If you decide to conduct additional diagnostics of the video card and clean it, you must:

  • Disconnect the computer from the network, unscrew the fasteners (bolts, screws) of the system unit and clean the internal elements from dust.
  • Unfasten the latch, disconnect the video card from the motherboard. If there is no experience of analyzing and knowledge of the device of computers, then the card can be detected by the wire that connects the monitor to the unit.
  • Thoroughly inspect the video card for the presence of burned and damaged elements, traces of combustion, damage to contacts and deformation of the soldering, by which you can find out whether the video card has burned down.
  • The presence or absence of other effects can be detected using a tester and screwdriver. Examples. The presence of a short circuit in the chain, the fall in the resistance on the bagel. The transforming transformer. These negative processes and the presence of a small layer of thermal paste (verified by a smooth disconnection of the microcircuit) can lead to a processor overheating with a video adapter.
  • If all the elements are intact, it is necessary to wipe the contacts, the junction of the elements with a cotton swab dipped in dissolved technical alcohol.
  • It’s time to assemble a computer, to re.Start.

You need to be especially attentive when buying a used device, since they could use the previous owners too intensively, try to disperse it. The most common problems are:

  • Low productivity due to the fact that it was used in the process of mining cryptocurrencies, performing super-complicated computing operations or using powerful, demanding computer games;
  • The device was subjected to other serious loads;
  • Overheating, a sharp change in temperature due to incorrect installation and operation of the map, for example, in a cramped case with insufficient ventilation and high dustiness;
  • The presence of hardware breakdowns, for example, excesses of fan blades;
  • Loss of initial characteristics. This can happen as a result of not proper recovery and GPU reinforcement (graphic processor).

You can check the video card for performance at the time of purchase in two ways:

How to Benchmark Your GPU on Windows 10

  • Testing the graphic board on the seller’s computer by starting powerful games and performance checking, when playing a video, a benchmark (reference performance test) in specialized programs, for example, Furmark. This option is available if the video card is purchased at the seller’s apartment. If the meeting is scheduled for neutral territory, then the second option is suitable.
  • Visual inspection of the board. Here it is necessary to use the flashlight and carefully check the device for the presence of broken and burned elements, blackened or damaged sections of the board.


The first solution that you can use is the AIDA64 utility, which allows you to perform a very detailed diagnosis of the entire system. You can see information about all the devices connected, which is very convenient.

The most important thing is the opportunity to find out which video card is currently working.

Note! In addition, the program proposes to study a lot of information about the established graphic adapter.

To achieve the desired result, follow such a simple instruction:

  • Install the utility on your PC, and then run it. In front of you you will see a pleasant graphic intense for mastering. Sections are located on the right side, you need to choose a “computer”.
  • After that, some expectation will follow. The fact is that the utility needs time to collect all the information about your system. When everything is ready, you will see a fairly massive amount of data.
  • Sweet the page down with a wheel on the mouse or slider located on the right at the edge of the window.
  • Find the category “display”. The most important point at the moment is the “video adapter”. Opposite it, a video card model will be written, which is currently used to display the image to the monitor.
find, video, card, laptop

Important! If two modules are connected at once, they will both be involved to optimize the work. Below will be a description of methods that allows you to deal with this principle in more detail.

How to Check Graphics Card Specs on Windows 10

We set up switching a video payment

Usually, if two graphic boards are installed on a PC or laptop, they must switch automatically, depending on the load. For example, when starting the programs loading the system, discrete is automatically involved, and with ordinary tasks (listening to music, working with text editors), internal is activated.

But there are times when switching in automatic mode does not work. It is then that you need to configure switching between adapters on their own. How to do this, I already wrote here.

Another wonderful free utility, first of all, it is designed to view the characteristics of the board: memory volume, type of memory, memory frequency and nucleus, active PCI Express, and T.D. But also with its help you can see which video card is currently working.

  • After installation, launch the utility and go to the Sensors tab.
  • At the very bottom of the window, we choose the video payment of interest to us.
  • We launch any program or game, look at the “GPU Load” indicator if the utility we started working from the video payment we have chosen, in this case from discrete, this indicator should increase.

How to find out if the video card on the computer works using Windows services

There is another way to check the video card for serviceability. It consists in using the built.In services of the operating system (OS) Windows, but only if it is installed on a computer. To check the equipment, you need:

  • Use the Winr key combination and call a window to complete tasks requiring administrator rights.
  • In the pop.Up list of the panel, select DXDIAG or manually enter, and then click on the OK button.
  • Go to the “screen” tab and view information about the device, downloaded drivers, information about malfunctions in the “Note” field.

And in this article we will talk about how to check whether the video card works, and if it turns out that it is completely working and the reason lies not in it, then how to identify and eliminate the problem. We will analyze several ways.

Before proceeding with the audit, you need to make sure that the rest of the components are working.

The computer freezes or goes into the blue screen

If the computer freezes or goes into the blue screen, the reasons for this behavior can be very different. The blue screen often appears with faulty RAM or processor dispersal. In this case, you need to look at the text of the error. If the system blames the video drive, then the reason in the video card.

Also, indirect signs of a fault of the video card can be sorties during an intensive load on the graphic subsystem. For example, when rendering videos or in games.

How to determine serious problems

If stripes or other image artifacts appear on the screen, the card must be tested. Checking is done by different methods.


This utility allows in real time to track the growth of the temperature of the graphic processor. The program can be checked by the video card for serviceability if the operating system unexpectedly hangs, overloads, falls into the blue screen. If the temperature of the graphic processor in a simple increases to 60-70 degrees, then it is time to do the prevention and cleaning of the laptop with the replacement of thermal paste.

Directx means

Most modern discrete video cards support DirectX instructions. Another way to check the video card on the laptop is to use the diagnostic tool built into the system. To start the test, press Winr and enter the DXDIAG command.

find, video, card, laptop

Directx handlers automatically check the adapter parameters. With their help, you can check the correctness of the drivers and their digital signature. This helps if the cause of video cards in the system are viruses or damaged system libraries. If on the tabs the monitor 1-2 is correctly displayed by the data of adapters, as well as the drivers used, then with accelerators everything is normal in a programmatic sense, and problems should be sought in their hardware.


This program not only contains a built-in GPU-Z utility, but also allows you to load the adapter, conduct its stress test on critical loads. In case of any malfunctions in the form of video memory failures or data transfer tire due to poor contact, Furmark will determine the malfunction.

To check the performance of the video card, do the following:

find, video, card, laptop
  • Launch Furmark;
  • The utility determines the adapters installed in the system;
  • For the selected, set the screen resolution and start testing.

Important! Starting other programs during Furmark is not recommended. The utility conducts a resource.Intensive image render, while fixing all the performance indicators.

At the end of Furmark (after 15-60 minutes), all collected statistics are displayed on the screen. Here you need to pay attention to the following data.

  • Type of temperature schedule. If it is not parabolic at the beginning and even after reaching a stable temperature, it goes up sharply at the very beginning of the test, then the card is clearly overheated and the maintenance of the cooling system is required.
  • The occurrence of any image of the image in the form of rowls, stripes or areas of artifacts means malfunctioning in the work of the adapter memory.
  • If during operation the system fell into the blue screen or the image is gone, then the card has serious problems and requires replacement.

The load test allows you to determine the problems of the adapter at an early stage and not reach the situation where the image on the screen completely disappears, and an urgent laptop repair is required.

How to extend the life of a video card

So that the video adapter does not force to be nervous and change the usual mode of operation, the laptop needs to be regularly served. The cleaning of the device is required, regardless of how careful its owner. Must also comply with simple rules that many users are corny ignorant. Laptops cannot be placed on soft surfaces, blankets, bedspreads. You can not use the device, closing the side air ducts.

For reading or watching films in bed, it will not be superfluous to buy a special cooling stand. Or tritely put a solid sheet of plywood or plastic under the bottom of the device. Caring for their laptop, making prevention, providing ventilation, we can guarantee that video adapters will not fail unexpectedly and work out their due service life.

The performance and performance of the video card fully affects not only the speed of applications and games, but in general on the functioning of the entire device. By the way, it is worth noting that the games are considered one of the most effective programs for testing PC (in many utilities, separate “parts” of games are used and the number of frames per second is checked for them).

If you notice the first signs of a malfunction of the board (freezing the picture, the appearance of multi.Colored points), you should immediately check the performance of the video card.

For most people, the performance of the graphic adapter is measured exclusively in the amount of memory. However, there are cases when cards with a smaller memory, for example, 1GB, work somewhat faster than devices with 2GB. This is due to the fact that the performance of the graphic adapter also depends on the installed processor, tire frequency and other parameters.

Below we will consider several options for checking the video card for serviceability and test it in different modes using special utilities.

1) Before starting testing, updated the video card drivers. You can do this by going to the official website of the manufacturer and downloading the necessary files from there.

2) usually the performance of graphic adapters is measured by the number of FPS. Frames per second that are issued in different games with different graphics settings. For most games, 60FPS is considered a good indicator, however, for less demanding applications, sometimes and 30FPS is considered an excellent level.

Carefully inspect them and make sure that they are in normal condition. When at least one swollen capacitor is most likely, the problem is in it. In this case, it is recommended to take the card for repairs.

Check the video card online

Modern developments allow you to check the video card installed on a laptop or computer without installing special software. It is possible to diagnose the help of a free online service. To do this, you need to go to the official page of the manufacturer of your video card.

The following actions must be performed: on the manufacturer’s official website, find the item “Your computer is ready for new games?”And agree to start testing.

Testing data will show whether the selected game is suitable for your laptop. However, the data obtained will be common, and for more detailed diagnostics, special programs should be used.

New applications are produced all the time, and programs that help keep the computer parameters under control and the serviceability of computer “iron”.

The considered resources will check in the most efficient way, with a minimum installation of applications. The Windows 10 operating system has programs that do not require Internet connection to find out some of the computer data.