How to find out mail by phone number

Recover mymail by phone number

How to restore mail mail on a phone number or, using other means, if the password to mail box is irrevocably lost, lost, forgotten?

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When the password you enter doesn’t fit, you can log into your inbox using the service to restore it. But before taking more complicated steps make sure you enter your login and password correctly. Check what’s in the address:

  • the username is not misspelled (maybe you just typed the adjacent character, missed or swapped letters, put a hyphen instead of an underscore, etc.).д.);
  • Your domain name is correct;
  • Caps Lock mode is off (or on when you need it);
  • keyboard layout is correct (English or Russian);

If you are still unable to log in after trying several times, go ahead and reset your password.

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  • Enter your username/email address. Click “Forgot your password”.
  • In the command line of your google browser, Choose “Other question” instead of your password.

Learn your email password

Find Someone’s Gmail id By Using a Phone Number. Mobile Number Se Gmail id Kaise Pata Kare

find, mail, phone, number
  • Launch the browser, click on the three vertical dots icon in the upper right corner and go to the “Settings” section.
  • go down to the bottom of the tab and expand the advanced options.
  • In the “Passwords and Forms” category, click on “Password Setting”.

To recover your phone number, click on “Forgotten your password?” → “Other ways” → “By number” and enter two middle digits. A code will be sent by SMS. Enter it, and then give yourself a new password.

  • Type in your browser. this will take you to the mobile version.
  • Click on Mail.
  • Enter your email box name (login) in the fields that appear, and select the domain (, list) in the dropdown list.your phone number, or, specify your password.

How do I remember my email address

Almost every email service has a way to restore your login data. Following simple instructions you will be able to “Remember” your email address. You may need your phone number, which is typically associated with an email account.


First, let me show you how you can remember your email if you use Gmail. To do this, go to the form to enter an email address and password.

You need to click on the inscription “Forgot your email address? E-mail?”, After that the system will bring you to the instruction for recovery. You’ll be presented with several options that can help you recover a forgotten address.

To be more specific, there are only two. You can restore your email address using a phone number or a backup address you set up at one time.

You will receive a verification code, which you must enter in the field below. This completes recovery. the service will offer you to change your password or do something else.


As well as in case with Gmail, you should pass to official site Yandex, to a section with mail, to the form of input of login and the password.

Here you need to click on the inscription “I don’t remember the login”. Mind, in Yandex for an input in the account you can use the login, the postal address or phone. That is, if you know any of these, you can try to log into your account. If not, continue. click on the inscription.

The procedure here is similar. Yandex will ask the number which has been attached to the account.

Find Gmail Account By Phone Number | How To Know How Many Gmail Account On My Number

Enter the phone number, captcha characters, press the button “Continue to”. This option not always helps, because in some cases there is no access even to the phone number. Or you simply do not remember it. But nothing, and there is a way out.

You need to go to the support page, specifically the one where this problem is described. There you will be able to create an appeal to technical support users. operators will help you “remember” Your mail by phone number, account number in Yandex.Money, Yandex counter number.Metrics or a site on which the metrics code from this account, the identifier of the advertising campaign in Yandex.Directe.

Following these simple instructions, you can restore the e-mail address of Yandex.

There is no way to remember your mailing address using built-in tools. There is a possibility to recover the password only if you remember your login. In our case this option doesn’t work. What about?

I have found several recommendations that may help you. They are trivial, but nevertheless some newbies may simply overlook it.

So, the options if you forgot your email box :

  • If you linked your mailbox to your phone number, I recommend you to go to the SMS section and search there. maybe your mail address is stored there. It’s usually written in notifications, alerts, or some other message that may be associated with your mailbox;
  • If you have been using your inbox to communicate with friends or acquaintances you could ask them to look through your email history. Of course this is not the best way, you will have to ask other people for help. But what to do when a box is urgently needed and no other options remain;
  • You can also try to remember your address through other services. If the device is actively used at the moment and you have not performed a complete cleanup or reinstall the system, you can try to find your email in the browser history;
  • Finally, you can try to remember your login. You just need to think and sort through your options. Perhaps you used your first name, last name and date of birth. Or a nickname from an online game or something similar. You can try to brute force your way into your account.

Other email services

Your options may be different at other mailboxes. You may have to contact technical support. Or there are special tools you can use to restore access by phone number or backup email address.

This will depend on the service. Somewhere access can be restored very easily, but somewhere you will have to prove your involvement in the account. provide various documents and provide some important information.

In this article I looked at three of the most popular services. They are used most often in Russia and CIS countries, so there is no point in describing others in detail. If you use email from Rambler or Yahoo you need to use instructions from these services.

You can also address to user support. They will give you all the tips and links you need. If you do not have any other option, this is what I recommend doing.

Free Nuga app to find your Instagram status using your phone number online. You can download from the App Store and install on devices running iOS version 9.0 and newer: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

After downloading the Nuga app, you can begin your search:

  • Open Nuga.
  • Enter the cell phone number of the person of interest (in international format) using the virtual keyboard.
  • Press the “Show” button.
  • We get the name of the user’s personal page, which is attached to the cell phone number you entered during the search.

The first search attempt is free. If you want to use the service repeatedly, it is suggested to buy 10 coins for 10 searches for 379.

To confirm the embedded purchase, it is necessary:

Technology of searching by IMEI number

The first thing to do if your smartphone is stolen is to file the appropriate report to the police. There you will be asked to specify the IMEI and provide documents for the smartphone, this can be a receipt, warranty card, etc. д. After that, your application will go to the department that deals with such problems. Then the police will send a request to the mobile operator. In reality your smartphone will be searched only if the reason of its theft was a criminal offense. If you just lost your own smartphone no one will look for it.

If you are not sure of your email address, you can try to restore it via your phone number. But it is important that you have access to this phone number. you will be able to read messages from it.

When registering a user is asked to enter the phone number to be able to restore access to e-mails at any time. If you have done so, it will not be a problem to restore your e-mail address, even if you do not remember it.

Let’s say you are not sure what you called gmail on Google, and you want to access it.

  • First we open the gmail page. Under the fields where you have to enter your login and password we find the caption “Forgot your address?”
  • Click on this inscription. The next field opens where you are prompted to enter either an address or a phone number.
  • Enter the number. Then you will be prompted to enter your surname and first name.
  • After that a page will open, where you should ask for a confirmation code, which will come to your phone via SMS. We press “Send.
  • Get the code and enter it into the field that opens. After that you will be redirected to the mail. If you have more than one account, you will first be asked which one you are going to use.

The same way you can restore the address on other platforms. Yandex, Rambler, Mail and so on.

In case the phone number you specified as a means for recovery is no longer valid, or if you have failed to find the mail address by the above method, try one of the following options.

  • Look in the browser memory. if you have at least once logged in to this PC and saved passwords, then the memory of your data should be stored in its depths. For example, in Google Chrome you can view saved passwords at the following address: chrome://settings/passwords, where you can see the name of your e-mail account next to the sites where you have logged in and may have used it to enter.
  • Try asking your friends with whom you correspond. They may have your address.
  • If you’ve been using your computer for a while, your mail may still be cached in your browser. On a site where you have a registration, click in the login box. If you have been saving data, the mail name may appear there by itself.
  • If you know your mail service, try writing to their support. You will be asked for more data, but there is a chance that access will be restored.

The fishing line on the search of postal items

Checking for missing mail is done through the company’s website. First of all check the status of the shipment by tracking number:

If you can not do this, you must apply for tracing the item through the website of the company in the “E-mails” section.

The “E-mails” function allows you to request reference information, form a claim to search for postal items in Russia and abroad, and evaluate the work of post offices and their employees.

Receipt of Electronic Registered Letters will free the user from paper-based notifications from government agencies. This feature only works in a few areas so far

Viewing a password in email

You may need to view the password for your online and email accounts due to forgetfulness, uncertainty about the password you enter, and/or other reasons. The right action can be done relatively easily using your favorite or built-in browser on your computer or smartphone. Today we’ll tell you how to view your password in