How to find out the email address on the iPhone

How to unlock an iPhone account?

First, go to any of the mail applications, and then find your account-there will be indicated by the email address of your mail. In Google, for example, it is at the right.

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How to leave the mail on the iPhone?

Delete an account with the iPhone is necessary as follows:

How to Check Which Apple ID Email Used in your iPhone | Techie Prashant | HINDI

Go to “Settings “And find the section”Mail, address, calendars “”.

In the block “Accounts »Find a box that you want to erase and click on it.

On the next screen, click the button “Delete your account “”.

Confirm your intention to erase your account. Click on “Delete from the iPhone “”.

When removing the account from the mobile device, all the information that was synchronized with the account will also disappear. Therefore, before washing the account, make sure to transfer valuable information to a reliable medium.

Frequently asked questions about how to forget the email address Apple ID

Q1: Can I use the Gmail account for Apple ID?

Yes you can. In fact, the ICLUD email system has many restrictions. Therefore, instead of subscribing to the new iCloud email, you can actually use your existing email address to create Apple ID.

Q2: When I can use my Apple ID?

When you install the new iOS device, buy a product or try any other Apple service, you will need to enter the system using your Apple ID. So that you can access the service and get full control over your device.

find, email, address, iphone

How to find my Email address

Q3: should I make a backup copy of the file before deleting my Apple ID?

If you value data on your iPhone, then you should make a backup copy of your iPhone on your computer. After deleting the Apple ID identifier, you can restore your iPhone data if you want.

At the moment, we have presented you several ways to return your email. So, you do not need to worry that you can forget your Apple ID e.Mail no longer. Even if you forgot Apple ID, you can always use the unlock Apeaksoft IOS. To remove it. If you find this article useful, do not hesitate to leave a positive comment below. You can also follow us in and. To find out the latest news.

General algorithm

Any interaction with third-party services in the IOS IOS “Post” starts from the “Settings” menu, or rather, from the section “Accounts and passwords”, where, firstly, information about logins and passwords stored in the system for authorization, and secondly, a special platform is available for interaction with iCloud and “electronic boxes”.

Immediately after the transition to the section, click on the “Add account” menu item, and then it will remain to act according to the specified, depending on the added service (Mail, Yandex, Gmail), the algorithm.

Sometimes setting up new working or corporate mail takes no more than ten seconds, sometimes you will have to enter from a dozen additional values, choose servers and nodes, configure protocols. Even with a strong desire to hit when setting up, even newcomers who first work with the “mail” tool will immediately deal with all the nuances and receive a truly multifunctional, and most importantly totally customizable platform for personal and corporate communication on the network.

What to do if I forgot the Apple ID password?

Unfortunately, there are not rare cases when a user is faced with a situation intended for an attacker. Imagine. You have an Apple ID, but in all services it has long been registered, remembered, and you have not entered the password from it for a long time. And then your iOS gadget caught a system glitch, and you decided to restore it, after which you caught the screen with a request to indicate the Apple id. Such a screen will appear regardless of whether the loss mode is included or not. The main thing is that the option “Find iPhone” is active.

What to do in such a situation? You definitely should not panic. If this is really your Apple ID, the problem is easily solved. You just go to the site iforgot. Indicate the Apple ID login (it is also the email that you set when registering the identifier) ​​and, following the recommendations of the service, drop the old password and set the new. Specific recommendations depend on which degree of protection you indicated by creating an identifier. You may just need to go to the mail, to which the Apple ID is attached, but it is possible that you will also need to answer control questions or indicate a special control phone number.

What does the mailing address look like, and to which site it is attached

IVANOV_IVAN [Email Protected].Ru

Postal email (or in a simple e-mail mail) is a reserved address, postal service that allows you to send, accept letters with text, photos and other files.

Email is unique for each user and consists of two parts separated by a dog’s sign (@). Yes, it is called that.

  • IVANOV_IVAN (left.Wing part) is the name of the mailbox, which very often coincides with the login used on the post office.
  • (right.Hand part) is the domain name of the server on which this mail is located. The example shows that the mail is opened on the site.

There are several popular sites on which user mail is stored. I’m talking about Russia and some CIS countries. If you know the address of the mail, then you can quickly determine the site on which it is located. It is enough to look at the right side.

  • Google.COM (@gmail.Com)
  • Yandex.Ru (@ya.Ru, @ yandex.Ru). Instead of “RU” can also be used by BY (Belarus), KZ (Kazakhstan), UA (Ukraine).
  • ( @, @inbox.Ru, @list.Ru, @bl.Ru, @internet.Ru)
  • Icloud.Com (@icloud.COM). Used throughout the products of Apple (iPhone, iPad, IMAC, etc.D.). Is also a login for authorization on the device.

We figured out what the mailing address looks like, how to determine which site it can be on and what it consists of. Now proceed to the ways to recall or find out an email address.

On the site of the postal service

The mailing address can be viewed on the site itself in your personal account. On many information resources, for some reason, one very important detail is missed: you should be authorized on this service. If you have already entered the mail on any of the devices, then you just need to see the exact address. This is what we will talk about this chapter. Consider the most popular services.

We go to the official mail site. E look at the right upper corner, you will see your address above the line of “Search by mail”.

The second way is to open any letter addressed to you. The most important thing is not to open spam, as there is usually a list of addresses there. If you see the inscription “to you” in the line, click on it with the left mouse button.


On the computer on which you are authorized in Yandex, go to the site. Mail.Yandex.Ru. Click on your login and avatar, in the upper right corner of the screen.

After that, the window with detailed information will come out.

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You can also see the address in the letter. Open any. Further below the sender you will see your login. Click on it.

After that, he will begin to display with the avatar (we press on it again).

After that you can see a specific address.


How to understand that you are authorized on this computer with this service? If you have a Google Chrome browser or other browsers working on the same core, look at the right upper corner, if you see an avatar, click on it.

If there is no authorization in the browser, we go to the Google website.Com.

If you see the line “mail”, go to it.

Everything is done here, as in past methods, just click on the avatar.

If you are open directly by mail, then you can enter any letter, click on the inscription “me” (next to the line “who”) and see your address in the third line.

Mailing applications on iPhone

App Store, an official Apple Apple Appendix and Entertainment Store, breaks from multifunctional mail customers who facilitate work with any electronic boxes. But, if you choose the really best mail application, then you should dwell on three options:

find, email, address, iphone
  • . Smart sorting of letters, and integration of third.Party services (for example, developers allow phone numbers to immediately save to the address book, and dates to transfer to the calendar), stunning optimization and support of the gesture system, as well as drafts, platforms for quick answers and history, where you can save a whole library. If the classic “mail” has long been tired and the changes are needed, then mymail is the best option;
  • . And although there are no problems with the authorization of the Google electronic box in iOS, a third.Party application, gmail, in terms of functionality looks richer and more convenient than what the guys from Apple came up with. Everything here in the highest category. Quickly, clearly, with gestures and integration. Yes, and you don’t have to worry about quick updates to new iPhone and iPad. Google always monitor the new products;
  • . Surprisingly, the domestic service copes with all responsibilities perfectly. Here the same as competitors have a convenient intensity, the same opportunity to quickly transfer any data from third.Party applications. Even interesting additional technologies were found. Like parking addresses and schedules for sending letters during the day. The entire atmosphere is spoiled only by advertising that appears in a completely uncomfortable time.

Additionally, it is worth noting the following customers. (interaction with other services of the famous search engine is perfectly configured. Here is the search for hotels, and a taxi call, and the ability to attach an account directly from the wallet), (simply, but with taste), (very beautiful, but during operation With several accounts you will have to pay immediately).

It is very simple and convenient to read and send letters by e.Mail through the built.In application on your iPhone. Thus, you can always see important letters that came to you and easily write an answer to them. But this method still has a minus, you cannot send photos from it. To use the built.In mail, you do not need to install any applications on your smartphone, but you have to suffer a little with the settings for normal operation.

One of the popular mail services among Internet users is considered to be Yandex.Ru. Therefore, in this article I will try to describe in detail this process. For other postal customers, the principle is no different.