How to find out the password from Vifay on the iPhone

How to find out the password from Wi-Fi on the phone?

In some cases, on the smartphone you need to view the password from the network to which it is connected or connected earlier. There are 3 main ways for this. Some of them require the installation of Root rights. The article does not describe how to get passwords from Wi-Fi networks, to which the phone has never connected, and you should not look for hacking tips here. But if you want to access the wireless network, which has already been connected earlier, then this material is for you!

Как узнать пароль Wi Fi на iPhone

The method helps when I forgot the password if the phone is connected to the network at the moment. Root is not required for this. Through the Internet browser on the smartphone, you can go into the settings of the router and see the network security key in the same way as on a stationary PC or laptop. How to look at the password from Wi-Fi in this way:

  • We launch any Internet browser on the device (for example, opera or chrome).
  • We dial the Wi-Fi Router’s address via the phone (this may be 192.168.One.1, 192.168.One.0,,, 192.168.Eight.254 and t. D., The right address is usually recorded on the back cover of the router).
  • The entrance page to the web-integrator of the router will be displayed. Standard data for entering the settings (if they have not changed earlier): Admin login, ADMIN password.
  • After the entrance, we look at the settings. To view the password, open the tab with a wireless network security.

When authorizing Vifai, to whom the phone is connected, you can not only watch passwords and settings, but also change them. Also, instead of a browser, you can use a special Android application to access the router. But they are not produced for every router model.

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Using a router

You can find out the key to the network using a router code. But this method may not work with all routers. You can check the security key as follows:

  • Connect to the Wi-Fi network on the phone
  • Open iPhone settings
  • Go to the “Wi-Fi” section
  • A line with the name of the network to which the device is connected will be marked by the blue letter “I”. Click on it.
  • Go to the “Route” tab
  • Find the numbers belonging to your router and copy them
  • Go to the browser and insert the copied data into the search line
  • Click on “search”
  • In the window that appears, introduce “admin” in both lines and press “ready” or “continue”.
  • After that, the settings of the router should open, among which you need to find “Wi-Fi”.
  • In a line with a safety key to see the necessary numbers.

How to find a password if there is no macbook

Recently, legal ways to solve such a problem as finding out the Vai Faya password on the iPad/iPhone without MacBook. I can use Jailbreak illegally (jailbreak). This procedure, in fact, hacking the operating room, although it makes it possible to view Password through tweaks from the unofficial Cydia store, but can also turn the smartphone into “brick”, which is not amenable to restoration. Therefore, we do not recommend carrying out such manipulations, so as not to completely kill your gadget.

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So, at the moment there are two proven options how to find out the password from Wi Faya on the iPhone without using MacBook.

  • The Wi-Fi Passwords List program in the Bigboss repository:
  • Install and run the utility;
  • Choose the network you need;
  • The password will be displayed in the “Password” section.
  • Use the “Share password” function. Read more about how this function works on different versions of iOS, read in a separate article.

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Check Wi-Fi Password using KeyChain

When you use the same connection on the Mac, you can find out Password through a personal computer. For these purposes, you will need:

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Open “Applications”. Next. Go to “Utilities”. Then download “KeyChain Access”. You have the opportunity to apply the search function. 2. Click on the button with the inscription of interest to us. It is located on the menu on the left side. 3. Read detailed information. 4. In the window that opens, put a checkmark opposite the option “Show”. 5. If you need to introduce a login, a secret set of secret symbols of the admin. Click on the “Allow” button.

Also, the code from Wi-Fi is helped by such a useful tool called 4MEKEY. Thanks to him, you can control codes. Its functionality allows you to find Password Wi-Fi on iPhone, iPad from a personal computer, Mac, which were once saved. The utility again makes it available websites that you have not visited/uploaded for a long time.

Remember that in this particular case, without the presence of a MAC, it is impossible to perform the following actions:

So prepare a personal computer or laptop, then connect the iPhone or iPad to it. Use a USB cable for this. 4mekey will immediately identify your device, instantly displays information about it on the screen.

Click a button that is accompanied by the inscription “Start scanning”. This option will allow you to find Keys that are hidden in the memory of the gadget. You need to wait a while.

As soon as the operation is performed, you can familiarize yourself with all the Wi-Fi accounts and codes saved in the browser, letters, credit cards. Thus, Apple ID will display the consonant categories.

Using another device (IMAC, MacBook)

On the phone itself, you can not view the access keys from the networks to which you once connected (this can only be done on very old phones: 4, 5, 5s). But access to passwords can be obtained through a computer on MacOS (for example, MacBook or IMAC). This method is quite simple. The main thing is to log in in your account on both devices and configure the ICloud KeyChain utility. To synchronize the computer and mobile device, you need to connect them to each other. Detailed instructions on how to find out the password from Wi-Fi on iPhone: 1. On the computer we turn on the utility “Key bunch”. 2. In the submenu on the left, select the line “icloud”. 3. The opened password list must be sorted by type (Internet password, Airport network, programs, etc. D.). 4. Under the type of “Airport network password”, access keys to wireless networks are located, to which the device connected and remembered. Click on a line with the name we need to open properties. 5. In the window that appears, the password is in the last line. To display it, it should be noted with a tick the corresponding point. The password can be copied and transferred to the desired device. This method allows you to see the necessary combinations on iPhone, iPad and other devices on iOS.

If the phone is currently connected to the network, then you can see the code from it through the settings of the router. To open them, you need to dial in the mobile browser Safari the Router address. You can see it on the phone. For this:

  • Make sure the connection is actively.
  • Go to the iPhone parameters, select the “Wi-Fi” item, then click on the “I” icon opposite the name of the current network. The desired IP address is indicated in the router field.

After entering this address, an authorization window will appear in the search bar of the Safari browser, which is needed to access the settings. Standard user name and password for most routers. Admin and Admin. They can also be indicated on the back cover of the Wi-Fi router. We described in more detail about the location of data for entering the settings of the router here. After their input, the webman of the settings will open. To view the code, we find a tab related to the safety parameters of a wireless network.

If the connection is currently inactive, and you do not have a network key, then you can connect the computer directly to the router using the LAN cable (no password is required for such a connection). In this case, the key can be viewed in the same way through the settings. This is how the line with the desired combination looks like the example of the TP-Link router.

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To find him there is no need to download third.Party software, to do labor.Intensive operations. But at the same time, you initially need to carry out Connect without using the LAN connection.

The algorithm of actions in this situation is as follows:

  • We recognize ai-pi address of the router. This is done in order to get the opportunity to get in the settings menu and see the unlock ID. There are several methods that allow you to do this:
  • We turn the router and find a link on the sticker, which will open a page with current parameters, model, etc.;
  • We take the gadget connected to Wi-Fi;
  • Open the menu with settings, go to the “Wi-Fi” section;
  • We look at the settings about the state of the current Connect;
  • Copy the IP address of the router;
  • Open Safari or choose another browser. Enter the copied link into the address line and click “Enter”.
  • If all your actions were correct, then the entrance page will be displayed. The standard name of the admin acts here. By the way, if the login and code are not accepted by the system, download Google or other search engine. They will help you recognize the actual information in the entrance for your brand of the router.
  • Find the desired. You can find it by opening in the next sequence such tabs as “Wireless mode”, “Protection mode” and further.

Method: Find out the password using the router code

This method does not act with all routers, but sometimes it was he who saved in difficult situations. The bottom line is to check the password using the router code.

  • Connect iPhone to Wi-Fi.
  • Go to the settings.
  • Open the Wi-Fi connection panel.
  • Opposite the connected network you will see blue “i”.
  • Click on her.
  • Look for the “router” in the tab (the numbers that belong to your router should be displayed in this field).
  • Copy these numbers.
  • We go to the browser.
  • Enter numbers into the search field.
  • Click “Search”.
  • Next, you should display a pop.Up dialog box with two fields (password/login).
  • In both fields we write “admin”.
  • Press you ready/okay.
  • If everything went well. The settings of the router will open, in them we are looking for a connection “Wi-Fi”.
  • Find the field with a security password from Wi-Fi.

How to find out the Wi-Fi password on the iPhone using the iCloud KeyChain manager

Apple developers have created a special ICLOUD KEYCHAIN ​​or Keys Binding. Using this program, the user can synchronize all passwords for different devices running iOS.

In the same program you can see the access key for the Wi-Fi network. But there are some restrictions here. So, the smartphone should be connected to the network, from which you need to get a password. In addition, you can only view the key ligaments through macOS.

To begin with, the user will need the application “Key bunch”. To launch it, it is necessary to open the “utilities”. After that, find the appropriate program. It can also be called “ICloud KeyChain”. Then follow the instructions:

  • Go to the icloud section. To do this, click on the corresponding point in the upper left corner.
  • A list of all accounts to which the user saved passwords will be displayed on the screen. Here you need to carry out sorting by type, clicking on the corresponding section.
  • You should find the name of the Wi-Fi network from the list with the type “Airport”.
  • Go into properties.
  • In an open window, enter the name of the network, from which you need to find out the password. In the lower part is a string with the current access key. To display it, you should install the flag at the point “Show password”.

This method will allow you to find out the password from any Wi-Fi network, to which the user has ever connected.

How to share a wi-fi password?

The easiest way is to give friends to connect to your network is to share the access code in two clicks. This function has become available with the advent of iOS 11. To use this parameter, several points will be required:

  • Two devices must be placed nearby and activated on them Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.
  • The modem on your device must be turned off.
  • The “Share password” function is available only on the iPhone with iOS 11 and later versions or on the Macs with MacOS High Sierra or new.

We share the Wi-Fi password from one iPhone to another:

  • Connect your device to the network.
  • A window will be displayed on the screen with permission to share a password with another device.
  • Confirm the request.
  • After that, another flagship will be automatically connected to your network.

So easy and simply you can find out the password from your Wi-Fi network or share it with friends. Now there is no need to remember the code, and then look for it in your notes for a long time. Look at the network code as described above, and do not worry if you suddenly lose your password in the future. It can always be quickly found in the settings or bunch of iCloud keys.