How to find out the screen time on the iPhone

How to reset the screen password on iPhone or iPad in iOS 14/13

Screen Time allows you to control how you interact with your iPhone or iPad. This helps to limit and monitor how much time you and your family spend on certain applications, websites, etc. D. This helps to create a balance and it is better to manage time. You can set a password to protect the settings and control who can make changes. If you forgot the password for screen time on iPhone or iPad, here’s how to drop it.

Note. Make sure your device is updated to iOS / iPados 13.4 or newer.

How to get around the screen time by resetting settings

If you know the password for screen time, you can easily configure the screen time parameters or turn off these restrictions. So, in this post we mainly talk about how to get around the screen time without a password. The next leadership will show you how to reset the settings of the iOS device to factory settings to remove the restrictions on the screen time and various parental controls. We will take the iPhone as an example to show you how to get around the screen time.

Step 1 Turn on your iPhone and open the settings application. Scroll down to find and touch the general.

Step 2 Select the discharge of the option in the lower part to enter the main discharge integration.

How to Bypass/Hack Screen Time Passcode on iPhone and iPad

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Step 3 Click to erase content and settings the ability to reset the settings on the iPhone. This operation will remove all settings, including the limitation of the screen time on your iOS device. But he will also shine all the data on your iPhone. So you should back up the iPhone files before resetting iPhone settings.

Step 4 When the reset process is completed, your iPhone will reboot itself. After that, you can restore some valuable iOS data using the proper icloud backup, created before limiting the screen time.

How to unlock iPhone through itunes

Oddly enough, but Apple also has its own program, which not only answers the question of how to unlock the iPhone without a password, but also decides it. Of course, this is iTunes. Despite the fact that many do not like it, she quite regularly fulfills her task to ensure access to blocked iPhone, regardless of whether you have a password or not. Over, the manipulations that you will have to do using iTunes will be approximately the same as in the case of Passfab iPhone Unlocker. Unless it will not be so convenient.

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  • Connect the iPhone to the computer via Lightning;
  • Run itunes or finder (depends on the version of the OS);
  • In the iTunes dialog box, select “Restore”;

You can reset iPhone through iTunes if you know how to introduce it into the DFU mode

  • Confirm the loading and installation of the latest version of iOS;
  • Wait for the update and confirm the reset of the settings;
  • Disconnect the iPhone from the computer and activate it again.

The key inconvenience that you will have to endure when unlock iPhone without a password via iTunes is that you must manually introduce the iPhone into the DFU mode. This is a special mode that is used to restore smartphones in Apple in case of any problems. In principle, this is not so difficult to do. Over, we have a detailed instruction on this subject. But turn on DFU with one button, as Passfab iPhone Unlocker does it, you must agree, more conveniently.

How to restore your SCreen Time password on iOS 12

You will need a backup iPhone or iCloud to get a limit code for your iPhone. Make sure your backup copy was created after the PIN-code of restrictions was applied to the phone.

Make sure you have an encrypted backup ITUNES or a backup iCloud. (The iPhone Backup Extractor can restore the secret code of Screen Time from encrypted backups of iTunes or an older password of restrictions from backups of iTunes or icloud. If your backup copy is not encrypted, the password will not be saved in it.)

If you want to use an iCloud backup instead of iTunes, use this guide to find out how to download it to your computer. You will need a license if you want to use an iCloud backup to return the password restriction. After the file is uploaded, it can be used by the iPhone Backup Extractor program, like any ordinary ITunes backup file.

On the left side of the application you will see a list of backup copies. Select a backup with your password.

Go to the “Utility” menu, click “Restore the time / restriction password”, then press the “Start” button and wait.

Utilities → Restore the screen time / password menu of restrictions

Then click the Start button, and it will begin to restore your screen limit code.

Press the “Start” to restore the screen time or password restriction

In a few seconds, your password for the iOS time or password password will be restored. For demonstration purposes, the PIN code, restored on the screens below below 1234. 1234. But this should be the password that you forgot.

Some simple methods of hacking on screen time in iOS 13/14

How to change the screen time to iPhone

This is a simple and effective way to get around the restriction of screen time. Make sure you know the password for the iPhone, otherwise the parameter “use the password for screen time” is not turned on. Then follow the instructions below.

Step 1Go to your iPhone settings. Scroll down, find and touch the general option.

Step 2Click on the date and time option. Turn off the automatic update option and manually change for the weekend or holidays.

How to hack the screen time on the iPhone for games

If you need to hack the screen time on your iPhone for games, you can delete applications from your iPhone, which will remove the screen time limitations.

Step 1Just hold the game applications for several seconds, you can click the X icon to remove the applications and data from the screen time.

Step 2After that, you can reinstall the game application from the Apple Store and go around the screen time for games on your iPhone or iPad.

How to hack the screen time on the iPhone for YouTube

As for hacking the screen time on the iPhone for YouTube, you can always open YouTube or other online broadcast using the Message application.

Step 1After you opened the “Message” application on your iPhone, you can find the applet icon on the keyboard screen.

Step 2Then you can use the applet to share your YouTube video links and watch them in the Message application.

How to restore screen password without losing data on iPhone / iPad

The easiest way to restore the screen access code with iPhone and iPad. This is used to unlock Apeaksoft IOS.

This is a SCreen Time password restoration program, which can restore any password that you installed for Screen Time. In addition, it can erase the password of the screen blocking (4-digit, 6-digit, individual numbers, alphanumeric code, Face ID and Touch ID) and erase the Apple ID for free use of your iPhone.

Restore any 4-digit code for screen time on iPhone and iPad.

Delete Screen Time password on iOS 14/13/12.

Restore screen access code without data loss.

Erying the screen password and Apple ID.

Steps to restore the password of the screen time are quite simple.

Step 1 Launch Apeaksoft IOS Unlocker

Download APEAKSOFT IOS Unlocker for free to your computer, clicking the link for downloading above. Install and immediately start. In the main intese, select the screen time.

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Step 2 Restore or erase the access code to the screen time

Connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable, and this software will automatically find your device.

Click the start and this program will begin the restoration or erasing of Screen Time access.

In a few seconds, your iPhone will be updated, and the access code you set to the screen time will be deleted or restored.

This software will begin removing the screen password from the iOS device operating iOS 12 or later version.

This program will restore the screen password from the iOS device operating iOS 11 and earlier versions.

How to reset the password on the iPhone

The most common. Using iTunes. In this application, you can start the restoration of the iPhone with all the data deletion, after which the password will be dropped. However, many complain that in the process of working with iTunes, mistakes may arise: I somehow tried to lose the iPhone 6, and suffered almost the whole day before I realized that it was necessary to change the cable. Of course, everything can go smoothly, but no one will give guarantees. Many also complain that the “moving” of iTunes to Finder in the new version of MacOS has not been too favorable to the stability of the application of the application.

For such cases, third.Party developers have provided alternative applications to restore the IPhone password. One of these is Imyfone Lockwiper, which can not only remove the password, but also remove the Apple ID account from the device, as well as remove the password at the “screen time” function.

The main screen of the application consists of three menu

Get to know Screen Time for families on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch — Apple Support

The utility does nothing supernatural (if you suddenly thought that the attackers could use it) is something like an alternative to iTunes, which works so simple that even an unprepared user can cope with the discharge of password. For example, it will be much easier for parents or other senior relatives to press one button if they suddenly forget the password than to deal with the iTunes integer.

First of all, you need to download the utility to a computer Mac or Windows. After installation, the program will immediately offer to connect the iPhone/iPad to reset the password.

You can’t connect the iPhone with a password just like that. You need to transfer it to DFU

As soon as you press the Start button, the utility will first load the latest iOS version. Its installation is an integral part of the password reset procedure. After the firmware is downloaded, the password removal from the device will begin. That is, in fact, the application performs the restoration of the iPhone in one click. It doesn’t matter how difficult your password is. You can drop any.

Next, the application loads the current version of the firmware, but you can choose the previous one

The only minus of such a solution is that in the process of resetting the password, all data from a smartphone or tablet are deleted and all data. However, this is not so important if, for example, you found the old iPhone 5s in the closet and want to sell it. You hardly need information that stayed there.

After updating the iPhone will be dropped

I repeat, the application is not a utility for resetting activation blocking. The program only removes the forgotten password, so the owner will have to log in using his Apple ID and password in any case. This was done in many ways so that scammers could not use this decision to reset information and getting access to stolen device.

This is a good tool for removing all personal data from the gadget, which eliminates the restoration of data after reset even by third.Party applications. And very simple, all operations are carried out in a couple of clicks. It will come in handy in case you suddenly cannot enter the password on the iPhone due to a broken screen or the number of incorrect attempts to enter a password is exceeded.

Reset the forgotten screen password on the iPhone

That’s all, your access to the screen time will be changed. If you cannot remember your Apple ID password, here is a complete guide that will help you first solve this problem.

What to do if the iPhone was blocked due to password

Well, and finally there remains the most ambiguous way with unconfirmed effectiveness. Unconfirmed, because its result may differ from case to case. It is to seek an unlock in the Apple service center. You will be required to provide facts proving that it is you who are the owner of this device. A commodity or cash receipt, an extract from the bank card account, box, warranty card, etc. Are suitable for their role.D. Only in this case they will be able to help you.

To reset the password from the iPhone will help you in the Apple service center, albeit for money

Iphone password resetting the password will not be free. They will take it for her as a normal smartphone rollback to factory settings. On average, it costs around 500-600 depending on the type of device. For example, I can say from my own experience that for some reason they always take it for the iPad, although the method of unlocking in both cases does not differ. Since you are dealing with an authorized service center, you will be given a guarantee for the work done, and you can pay for the service with a bank card.