How to find out the TV code for the universal remote

Setting up

In order to connect and configure a multi-functional Chinese remote control, first of all you need to charge it. that is, connect the power connector to the right type of battery. AAA or AA batteries are most often suitable.

Sometimes such batteries are replaced by batteries of the same size, which is much more advantageous because it is reusable, as batteries can be recharged via an electrical outlet.

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After the charging of the remote control will be completed, it can begin to synchronize it with the equipment. The universal remote control without settings will not function, and they can be performed manually or automatically.


General principle of setting of universal remote control is approximately the same algorithm of actions, suitable for most devices:

  • plug the TV into the mains;
  • The remote control can be pointed at the TV screen;
  • Find the POWER button on the remote control and hold it depressed for at least 6 seconds.;
  • The volume control option will appear on the TV screen, at this time press the POWER button again.

After this procedure, the universal remote control is ready for use. You can check the functionality of the remote control after activating it this way:

  • turn on the TV and direct the remote control to the TV
  • Dial number “9” 4 times on the remote control, keeping a finger on this button for 5-6 seconds after pressing it.

If the manipulation has been performed correctly, the TV turns off. Most common on the market are remote control models, manufactured by Supra, DEXP, Huayu, Gal. The settings algorithm for these models has its own nuances.

  • Remote control Supra. point the remote control to the screen of a switched on TV and press the POWER button for 6 seconds until an option to adjust the sound level appears on the screen.
  • Gal remote control. turn on the TV and point the remote control at it, press the button with the picture of the multimedia device you are currently tuning. When the LED lights up, you can release the button. Then you press the power button, and at this time the automatic code search starts. But as soon as the TV turns off, you have to quickly press the button with the letters OK, which will allow you to write the code into the remote control memory.
  • Huayu remote control. point the remote at the switched on TV set, press SET button and hold it. At this time, the indicator light will be on, on the screen you will see the option to adjust the volume. By adjusting this option, you need to set the necessary commands. And to exit this mode, press SET again.
  • The DEXP remote control is pointed at the TV screen which is on, and at this time the remote control is activated by pressing the button with the brand of your receiver. Then press and hold the SET button until the indicator light comes on. Then you have to use the channel search button. When the indicator light turns off, immediately press the OK button to save the automatically found code.

It often happens that the automatic code search does not produce the desired results for various reasons. In this case the settings are made manually.


Manual synchronization can be done when you know the activation codes, or when you were unable to set up the remote control in automatic mode. Codes for manual adjustment are chosen in the technical passport of the device or in special tables created for your brand of TV. In this case, the sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Turn on the TV and point the remote control to its screen;
  • press the POWER button and at the same time type the previously prepared code;
  • Wait till the indicator light turns on and pulsates twice, in this case the POWER button is not released;
  • Check the operation of the main buttons of the remote control by activating their functions on the TV.

If after tuning in the TV with a “foreign” remote control not all options are activated, you will need to separately find and activate the codes for them as well. Algorithm of remote control setting of various famous brands will differ in each case.

  • Manual remote control adjustment Huayu. turn on the TV and point the remote control at it. Press and hold down the POWER button and SET button simultaneously. At this time the indicator light will start to pulsate. Now you must enter the code that suits your TV. After that the indicator light turns off, then press the SET button.
  • Setting remote Supra. turn on your TV and point the remote control device at the screen. Press the POWER button and at the same time enter the code that suits your TV. After indicator pulsating you can release POWER button. code is entered.
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The same way to enter a code and in the remote devices of other manufacturers. All remotes, even if they look different, have the same technical device inside.

Sometimes even on more modern models you can find appearance of new buttons, but the essence of the remote control device remains the same.

In addition, it’s worth noting that in the last few years smartphones, which are also built into the remote control, with which you can control not only the TV, but also, for example, turn on the air conditioner. This control option is universal, and the synchronization of devices in it is done via a built-in smartphone Bluetooth or Wi-Fi module.

How to set the universal remote control to the TV (codes)

The remote control from the TV, for example, Tricolor TV, by itself is a useless device, it can only be used in conjunction with another device. a TV receiver, for which it was created.

The principle of operation of the remote control is based on three actions:

  • When you press the device button, you mechanically activate the microchip, in which a certain sequence of electrical impulses is created;
  • The LED element of the remote converts the command received into infrared radiation with a wavelength of 0.75-1.4 microns, and sends a signal to the paired device;
  • The TV has a phototransistor, which detects this IR signal and converts it into its own electrical impulse, transmits it to its control unit, so that the command you set is executed.

The method of communication used in remote controls is called PCM, or pulse code modulation. Its peculiarity is that each command is assigned a separate 3-bit sequence, for example:

switch off TV; 001. select next channel; 010. return to previous channel; 011. increase volume; 100. decrease volume; 111. switch on TV, etc.д.

That is, when you press the button on the remote control, the electronic circuitry turns on the IR LED according to a preset pattern: “111”. ON, ON, ON, with a clear signal step length, e.g. 3 milliseconds. If you select a volume control button that has a code 011, the LED will perform three of these actions with a predetermined delay: turn off, turn on, and turn on again.

There are three different types of remote controls on the market:

Original and non-original remotes are control devices created for one particular model of technical devices. The only difference is that the first type is produced by the manufacturer, which assembled the TV, and non-original remote controls are produced by different companies under license.

Universal remotes (URDs) are learning control devices that:

  • Can be tuned;
  • Suitable for many models of TVs;
  • Can be used instead of the lost remote control for any technical device.

Universal remote control can be chosen by shape, size, color, design depending on personal preferences. Inside such a device there is a special program and a special database of codes, which allow to determine signals from almost any TV.

How to determine the remote control code

Need to determine the remote control code encountered when purchasing a new remote control and its subsequent programming to control technology. If it’s an original device, bought to work with a particular model of TV or set-top box, you won’t need to tether it. In this case, the remote control is initially set up to work with a specific technique.

Universal remote control works on the principle of transmitting infrared signals in a specific sequence through a LED to the receiver installed in your TV, set-top box or other equipment. Actually signals are transmitted in the form of specific commands. To read infrared codes from the remote control, it uses a phototransistor in the receiver.

How to Set Up a Universal Remote Control for Your TV?

The process of setting up the remote control involves establishing a firm connection with one or more cameras.

How to program a universal remote control for your TV (the easiest and most common way):

  • Turn on the remote and the TV.
  • Locate and press the “OK” or “Set” button, depending on the control tool.
  • Enter the code and release the buttons you pressed in the previous step.
  • Make sure that the devices are working properly.

If this action does not help, we recommend that you check that the code you entered is correct and that the programmable device supports the TV. If everything is okay but no result, we recommend referring to the manual of the remote control. It lists all the necessary synchronization measures, which may differ from the standard.

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How to configure the universal remote control? All such remotes for TVs, players, air conditioners, barriers and gates work on the same principle.

Each button when pressed can generate a code for a certain sequence of IR remote control pulses, one code out of many, according to the presetting for the specific machine.

These codes are in the non-volatile memory and are recorded during the production, so it is impossible to make a single device for absolutely all brands and models. If this model of TV is not preloaded in the memory at the factory, the remote control will not control such a TV. The question of how to configure a universal remote control, comes down to selecting from a variety of codes one appropriate to your TV, barrier or other device.

There are two ways to configure it:

  • Manual code entry. each brand of equipment has its own code of encryption buttons of the universal remote control. It’s enough to enter a specific numeric sequence so that the universal remote control will be adjusted for a particular brand of equipment.
  • Automatic code search. in this case, the universal remote control slowly goes through the various encodings of the equipment. In the case of detection by the user. such as turning off the TV, you need to press a certain button, disabling the automatic retrieval mode. Last code will be stored in the memory of universal remote control and will be used for controlling.

Codes for universal remote controls

Universal remote control for TV how to set it up: the table shows the codes of remote control settings for TVs and other equipment.

Table: Setting codes of universal remote control

Aiwa remote control code 0072 remote control code Akai 0074
ACer product code 0077 Artel remote control code 0080
Akira remote control code 0083 remote control code AOC 0165
Asano console code 0221 Blaupunkt remote control code 0390
BBK remote control code 0337 remote control code Beko 0346
Bang-Olufsen remote control code 0348 Bravis remote control code 0353
BenQ remote control code 0359 BQ remote control code 0581
Changhong remote control code 0627 Crown remote control code 0658
Cameron remote control code 4032 Casio keypad code 0499
Digma keypad code 1933 Econ remote control code 2495
Dexp keypad code 3002 DNS remote control code 1789
Remote control code Doffler 3531 Elenberg remote control code 0895
Eplutus remote control code 8719 Erisson remote control code 0124
remote control code DAEWOO 0692 Fusion remote control code 1004
Funai remote control code 1056 Grundig remote control code 1162
GoldStar remote control code 1140 remote control code Graetz 1152
Hisense keypad code 1249 Hitachi remote control code 1251
remote control code Hi 1252 Haier remote control code 1175
Helix remote control code 1406 Horizont remote control code 1407
Huawei remote control code 1480 Hyundai remote control code 1500
Huawei remote control code 1507 Hyundai remote control code 1518
Iffalcon remote control code 1527 remote control code Izumi 1528
Kivi remote control code 1547 Konka remote control code 1548
JVC remote control code 1464 LG remote control code 1628
Loewe remote control code 1660 Mitsubishi remote control code 1855
Leeco remote control code 1709 Marantz remote control code 1724
Metz remote control code 1731 Mystery remote control code 1838
National transmitter code 1942 Nesons remote control code 2022
Nordstar AC remote control code 1942 Novex remote control code 2022
NEC keypad code 1950 Nokia remote control code 2017
Orion remote control code 2111 Polar remote code 2115
Polarline remote control code 2087 Panasonic remote control code 2153
Prestigio AC remote control code 2145 Remote control code Rolsen 2170
Philips remote control code 2195 Pioneer remote control code 2212
Remote control code Rubin 2359 Saturn remote control code 2366
console code 2429 remote control code 2483
Sharp remote control code 2550 Shivaki remote control code 2567
Remote control code Sitronics 2574 Skyworth remote control code 2577
Starwind remote control code 2697 Supra remote control code 2792
Samsung remote control code 2448 Sanyo remote control code 2462
Sony remote control code 2679 Telefunken remote control code 2914
Thomson remote control code 2972 Toshiba remote control code 3021
TCL remote control code 3102 Techno console code 3029
Vestel remote control setup code 3174 Xbox remote control setup code 3295

How to turn on and set the subtitles

Most TV-panels of different models, including Philips TV, have “Subtitle” mode. To activate the option on the remote control there is a button with the same name, it may be called otherwise. Check the documentation of the specific model of TV.

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The mentioned “Subtitle” mode allows you to enable, disable or set to automatic application mode for content broadcast in a foreign language. Here you can set the main and additional language of the text display.

Smart TV through the “Show advanced controls” menu allows you to customize the text information not only in terms of selecting your preferred languages. Available settings such as text color and character size, layout, encoding and other parameters.

Correct setting of universal remote control to the TV

Today, almost everyone in the house has a TV, computer and other equipment, including entertainment devices, and some of them are controlled by the remote control, which is very convenient for manipulating the means of media content playback.

Usually, purchased equipment is completed with the original remote control adapted to work with a specific device. In certain situations you might need a universal variant of the device, e.g. because the original one broke down, to watch content on different screens, or to get rid of multiple remotes.

Setting up the watson urc 22b 6n remote control

Du kan programmere din ONE FOR ALL. så den har en sekvens af kom- mandoer ved at trykke på en knap. En sekvens af kommandoer, du jævn- ligt bruger, kan du komprimere, så du skal trykke på en tast. For eksempel vil du gerne slukke dit fjernsyn, din videomaskine og din DVD- afspiller på samme tid.

Eksempel: For at programmere makroen, nævnt ovenfor, på røde tasten på din ONE FOR ALL 3:

Tryk på og hold M (MAGIC) tasten, indtil det røde LED under POWER tasten blinker to gange (rødt LED under POWER tas- ten blinker en gang og derefter to gange).

Tryk derefter på “røde” tasten, som makroen skal tildeles.

How to program an RCA universal TV remote control, no code required

Tryk derefter på TV, POWER, VCR, POWER, DVD, POWER.

For at gemme makroen, skal du trykke på og holde M (MAGIC) tasten, indtil det røde LED under POWER tasten blinker to gange (rødt LED under POWER tasten blinker en gang og derefter to gange).

Når du senere hen trykker på ”“røde”” tasten, slukker ONE FOR ALL 3 for fjernsynet, videomaskinen og DVD-afspilleren.

To erase the Macro from the “røde” key, press:

Her skal du holde M (MAGIC) TASTEN inde, indtil det røde LED under POWER tasten blinker to gange (rødt LED under POWER tasten blinker en gang og derefter to gange).

Список кодов R-TV2

Некоторое время назад сломался пульт от телевизора «Сокол 37ТЦ6150». Пришлось купить универсальный пульт R-TV2 (он же RTV-02). After I programmed it I foolishly threw out the instructions, relying on my good memory and the internet.

But when I needed this instruction again, I doubted that I was entering the right code and no information was found on the World Wide Web.

After 2 days of extensive searching, a solution to this problem was found. And this entry is more as a memo to myself (just in case). And maybe some of you might need it too.

R-TV2 (RTV-02) is a universal remote control which contains more than 800 codes for various brands of TV sets, including codes for modern LCD TV sets. The remote will retain the codes you picked up even if you remove the batteries.

  • Press SET button and hold the button of the desired brand for 5 seconds. Indicator should blink.
  • Release the buttons when the VOL signal appears on the TV.
  • Check the basic functions of the remote control. If they work, the installation is complete. If they do not work, repeat step 1 or use the second way to find and install.
  • Press the SET key and the POWER key simultaneously until the indicator light turns on.
  • Press the three digits of the code on the numeric keypad of the remote control. When the third digit is dialled the light will turn off. setting is complete.
  • If you want to stop the setting, release the SET key for a while.
  • Press SET-key and POWER-key simultaneously and keep them pressed till the indicator light turns on.
  • Press VOL button until maximum volume is reached. Then press the SET key to save and exit the mode.

D. Automatic code search.

  • Hold the SET key for about 5 seconds. Searching will start when indicator light turns on.
  • When the VOL icon appears on the screen. Release the button and check the other function keys. If switching occurs. setting is finished. If not, repeat step 1.

Next is a list of R-TV2 (RTV-02) codes