How to find out the version of Windows CE at the navigator

Installing several GPS programs through an alternative menu. Part one.

Consider how you can install several navigation programs on one navigator operating on Windows CE.

We will install programs on the example of the Prestigio 5000 navigator with screen resolution 480272.

It is important to know what screen resolution your navigator has. If you do not know where to find it, forget the name of the model of your navigator in any search engine. Further in the links you will find a description or technical characteristics, where you will find out the screen resolution of your navigator.

In practice, three types are found: 320240; 480272; 800480.

At the end of the instructions there will be links to alternative menu for all types of permits. When you find out what resolution your navigator has, you download the folder you need.

In addition to these options, there are many other alternative menu options on the Internet. The choice is yours.

The purpose of the alternative menu in the following. When buying a navigator, it contains one navigation program. But you want to put some other program, for example, Igo8, in order to go to Europe.

Therefore, in order not to change the program in the settings every time, you can install an alternative menu.

Then, when you press the Navigation button, you will have another substitution, which will have two, three or four buttons, according to the number of installed navigation programs.

First of all, we connect the navigator to the computer using a USB-line in a removable disk mode. If suddenly the navigator is not defined as a removable disk, then in the navigator itself you need to find the “Settings” section. We go into it, find the subsection “USB”. We go into the subsection (drawing below).

There are two sections here: “Mass Storage” (1) and “MS Activesync” (2). We need to activate the first option.

Исправление ошибки Navitel “Карты не найдены” и Выход из Windows CE

After that, the navigator must decide on the computer.

find, version, windows, navigator

We go as a memory of the navigator. In our case there will be an internal memory. If your navigator also has a memory card, then it is better to copy a folder with an alternative menu there.

Most likely, a memory card will be needed, since two or more navigation programs are unlikely to fit on the internal memory of the navigator.

Then we open the downloaded folder with an alternative menu. If you have a navigator with screen resolution 320240 or 480272, then the “Menu” folder will be inside; If with the resolution of the screen 800480, then the folder will be called “Mobilenavigator”.

We go into this folder, there will be another “Menu” folder. It is this folder that we move to the internal memory or memory card of our navigator.

Immediately, in the same way, we copy the folder with another navigation program or on the internal memory of the navigator, or to the memory card. We will copy the folder with the IGO8 program.

Then we need to rename the folder with the “native” navigation program. We have Navitel, we will rename in Navitel2.

And we rename the Menu folder into “Navitel”. We make a substitution for the navigator.

We go into the new “Navitel” folder (which used to be “menu”). Watch the drawing below.

Here we find a launch file with the name “Menu.Exe “. The name of this file must also be changed to “Navitel.Exe “.

Now, if you press the Navigation button in the navigator, then the Navitel navigation program starts, but an alternative menu.

Then we go to the Navitel folder. Find files with “Ini” extension. These files are responsible for bookmarks in an alternative menu. We are interested in the GPS file.Ini “(see the picture below).

Open this file. It will appear approximately the following need to find a place noted in the figure.

In this line, you need to register the path so that when you press the Navitel button in the alternative menu (we see Navitel four lines above), it is the Navitel program, and not some other.

Therefore, we are prescribing a new path to the Navitel program. “\ Residentflash \ Navitel2 \ Navitel.EXE “. On this path “Residentflash”. This is the name of the internal memory of the navigator. If the Navitel program was on the memory card, then the name would be “SDMMC”.

Carefully check what kind of memory carrier is this or that navigation program to start, and did not have to rewrite the file.


This is a well.Known and well.Established program that has versions for Android, Windows CE and iOS. The number of reviews on the Android version is not large, because most users use a WINCE version.

The program is free, but cards (except for global) for it are paid. You can buy a map of the whole of Russia or separately in the districts. Often navigators with navitel sold in stores contain a license for maps of all of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus. The license is attached to the serial number of the device. There are no third.Party suppliers of free cards for navitel. Maps are updated for free 1-3 times a year. Over, to use new cards, it is usually required to update the program itself.

Updates of cards can be downloaded directly from the Navitel program, but judging by the reviews, this process sometimes focuses to infinity. It’s good that on the Navitel website in your personal account you can download the card files separately and then copy them to the desired folder for the device.

Additional capabilities of Navitel

You can download SpeedCam data (this is a single base of road warnings about the traffic police control chambers, traffic police posts, speed restrictions and other “dangers” for the driver). Information about traffic and weather is loaded online, you can add/indicate the event yourself (accident, for example).

Our assessment

Laying the route, maintaining to the goal, notification. All this works in the navigator very well. The only negative is that the voice search is not provided. In general, this is a convenient navigation for long trips, without access to the Internet.

An interesting fact: a developer from the Czech Republic, but the program is sharpened for Russia (or rather, the post.Soviet space).

  • Install a special Navitel Navigator Update Center utility on your computer;
  • Using the official resource of the developer;
  • Via the Internet from the device itself, without connecting it to PC.

At the end, you should make a software shutdown of the external USB memory and disconnect the device from the computer. Thus, the update is completed and you can run the navigator with new cards.

You can update the maps directly from the software menu of the mobile router. It is important to have a connection to the Internet, preferably through Wi-Fi. This is due to a large file volume of cards.

How to flash any GPS navigator under the control of Windows CE

After buying a GPS navigator and primary short.Term use, the consumer very often begins to understand that this is not quite one or at all what he wanted from the GPS navigator. And therefore, he tries to expand the capabilities of his device with different truths and by crook, especially since GPS navigators can be more than it seems at first glance. This material is designed to help you understand the user of the navigator in this difficult issue on the example of the NEC GPS example, the GPS-501 model under the control of Windows Embeded CE 6.0. An alternative menu will be installed for the navigator of this model, as well as the most popular navigation programs Navitel Navigator and IGO 8. The first thing to do before the firmware is to purchase a memory card of the maximum capacity supported by the navigator. As practice shows, the card should be at least 2 GB in order to accommodate all the necessary programs specified above. Type of supported cards and maximum capacity is indicated in the navigator passport. All programs and an alternative menu will only be installed on this memory card, so as not to accidentally spoil the original navigator content. The memory card must first be formatted on the computer in the FAT32 file system. Also, to connect with the computer, we will need a cord with USB connectors. Mini usb. Usually it comes with the navigator, but if it is not, you have to purchase. GPS navigator can interact with a computer in two ways. The first way, it is recognized as a mobile device synchronized with a computer that can be controlled using ActiveSync (for Windows XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (for Windows Vista). To do this, you have to download them and install them on a computer. The advantage of this method is that you can access directly to the operating system itself and its components, but the conversion of any files directly in the navigator will not be available. In order to change any files, you need to download them to a computer from the navigator, then change it for yourself, then pump it again to the navigator. In this case, the speed is very low. Over, there is no need to change anything in Windows. The second way, the device is recognized as an ordinary flash drive, with the possibility of editing files directly on the navigator and, accordingly, the high speed of their recording. With this method of access to Windows files no. In order for the navigator to be recognized as a computer as a flash drive, you need to include it, go into the settings, and install a checkmark in the menu of the interaction with the computer opposite the Mass Storage Device option. In the NEC navigator, the GPS-501 model is simply indicated by the “flash drive” pattern. When connecting to the computer, the cable will pop up the image of the battery (that is, the charging mode via USB cable) and the image of the flash drive, click on the flash drive. After the computer identifies the device, two new removable disks will appear in it. The first alphabet from the emerging discs will contain the content that is already installed in the navigator, in the NEC GPS-501 it is called ResidentFlash, that is, the internal flash drive of the navigator. This disk is not touching. But the second (empty) disk is a set memory card. As a rule, it has the name SDMMC (but can be called otherwise, for example, mmcstorage). These names are important for further prescribing programs for execution of programs. To definitely be confident in the name of these discs, the navigator must be connected as a mobile device synchronized with a computer (select the corresponding mode in the settings, as indicated above), start the Activesync program, go to the navigator and see (rewrite) the names. Installation of an alternative menu. An alternative menu is the menu from which all the establishment of the program will be launched, including navigation. As a rule, an alternative menu contains many additional programs, as well as games, which allows you to use it as a mini-computer. In order to install an alternative menu, the following actions must be done: 1.You need to find out the screen resolution of your navigator, as well as the version of the operating system under which the navigator works. This data is in the navigator passport. It depends on which menu you need to find on the Internet and download. Make sure that the file you downloaded contains not only the empty menu itself (shell), but all the programs. You can find the menu by driving a phrase “Alternative menu for navigator” in the search engine line. You can also add at the end the resolution of the screen of your navigator to narrow the search circle. Search methods are checked and work 100%. 2.After finding the menu, we unpack it on the installed memory card, for this we connect the navigator to the computer as Mass Storage Device. 3.When you turn on any navigator, we immediately see its “native” menu, which, among other things, has the “Navigation” or “Navigation” button. Accordingly, this button is launched by navigation programs already installed in the navigator (“native”). It is necessary to assign to this button the launch of our alternative menu. To do this, go into the navigator settings, then open the menu where the launch file is indicated. In the NEC GPS-501, this menu is called the “Navi Way”, in other devices it can be different, but the essence does not change. There we will see two folders, one is an inner flash drive with an appropriate name, the second is a memory card with an alternative menu. We go to the memory card, go into the folder with an alternative menu and select the desired launch file. We appoint it. We leave the menu, remove the checkmark opposite the automatic launch line, save the settings. To do this, in the NEC GPS-501, click the image of the diset. Reload the navigator. After turning on, press the Navigation button. Our alternative menu is loaded. Set it up for ourselves. Choose the language, set time, etc.D. The alternative menu usually contains a large many different additional programs. You need to check their performance by launch. If the error pops up that the file is not found and it is impossible to start the program, it is necessary to correct the Addons file.Txt, which is in the folder with an alternative menu. You need to find this file, open it with an ordinary notebook and check that all launch paths are correctly spelled out. For example, if MP3Player does not start from the Multimedia section in an alternative menu, open the Addons file.Txt and look for the following line: [Multimedia] mp3player = “”, “residentflashprogsmultimediamp3player.Exe “and we see that it is recorded incorrectly, since the placement of the launch file in the internal flash drive of the navigator (Residentflash) is indicated, while the SDMMC memory card (for the NEC GPS-501). Therefore, the line should have the following view: [Multimedia] mp3player = “”, “SDMMCPROGSMULTIMEDIMP3PLAYER.Exe “If you have no need for any programs or entire sections that are in an alternative menu, just delete the strings with the corresponding names in the Addons file.TXT. For example, you absolutely do not need office programs in your navigator, for this in Addons.Txt in lines: [modules] multimedia = “icons/media.BMP “,” Multimedia “, 0 Navigate =” ICONS/NAVIGATOR.BMP “,” Navigate “, 0 Office =” ICONS/BOOK1.BMP “,” Office “, 0 Soft =” ICONS/UTILITS.BMP “,” Office “, 0 Delete the line” Office = “ICONS/BOOK1.BMP “,” Office “, 0” and save the Addons file.TXT. At the next time the alternative menu in the navigator, the Office section will simply disappear in the navigator. You can also remove the Office folder from the ProGS folder from the ProGS folder.

4) what are the cards for navigators?

Cards are raster (drawn, copied with a scanner) and vector. Dissing cards are usually a pattern of the card scanned and converted into the GPS format of the device. Typically, such cards are free for devices and are used for some specific terrain (for example Lake Seliger). Vector cards are usually paid and preloaded to devices or sold separately for subsequent loading.

Now there are many navigators from different manufacturers in the Russian market: American (Garmin, Navigon), European (TomTom, Navroad), Russian GPS (JJ-Connect, Global-Navigation, Lexand), Russian Glonass (Mio Tech) And many Chinese.

How to find out the version of Windows CE at the navigator

That’s how it was right before: I wanted to buy, for example, a vacuum cleaner. I went to the store and there the consultant tells you everything about vacuum cleaners.

And now: I wanted to buy a vacuum cleaner. I climbed into the network, read everything about vacuum cleaners up to which cats are more afraid of, came to the store and stand explaining to the consultant about vacuum cleaners, and he stands and feeds from your knowledge.

All of you have already been faced with GPS navigators. So, before dare to buy this device. Remember: not all GPS navigators are the same useful!

This is somewhere abroad you can go a store and buy a good product. In our country, going to the store, you need to know what exactly you want to buy and how much it should cost. Otherwise, you will be fucked like a sucker and put it like a sticky.

And now, with enviable constancy, there are people who come to Eldorado, call for a seller, and say: “I need a GPS navigator”. And they come out of this store with a frank garbage bought for a lot of money.

For example, recently comrades in this way bought a sophisticated Pioneer Avic S2 for 10.000 with functions: Bluetooth loud adapter for mobile phone mp3 player of multimedia viewing photos

In short, all functions, except for one single. Navigation. Think about what a trifle.

Because it never occurred to his comrades when buying a navigator to ask the seller one single question: “And the map of our city is there?

Because it does not occur to the shitty company Igo that Russia. This is not only Moscow and St. Petersburg. But also dofiga of various small cities, such as Lipetsk, Voronezh, Saratov, Orel and Uryupinsk, and t.D.

Because it does not occur to the Eblans from Eldorado that it is not necessary to sell navigators on the Russian periphery, for which there were no cards of this very peripheral, and the near future is not expected. For the futility of this lesson for a foreign developer.

One. Comparative analysis of navigation systems

Meanwhile, there would be my comrades in the subject. I would buy Garmin Nuvi 205 for 8.000 for which there are maps of 63 regions of Russia, all regional centers have been applied at least. With the names of the streets, and half. With contours and numbering houses.

Having become the happy owner of this device, people with disappointment discover that there are 500 of them.The 000 city on the map is depicted by one single point at the intersection of federal tracks. And more or less detailed maps are only Moscow, St. Petersburg, and at best, a dozen large cities of Russia.

find, version, windows, navigator

Here is a brief comparative analysis of the navigation cards for 01.03.2009:

Navigation system Card manufacturer The number of regions of Russia with detailed coating The number of regional centers with houses
Garmin Navik 63 38
Navitel Navigator Navitel 34 27
Igo 2006 Teleatlas 26 nine
Auto.Rest Teleatlas 26 nine
City Guide Geocenter Consulting 32 6
JJ-Connect Auto District JJ-Group “Megapolis” sixteen
TomTom TomTom 2
Igo 8 There are no Russian maps

Not currently the cartographic coating is certainly the leader of Garmin, in second place. Navitel. The rest of the navigation systems are perhaps only for those who prefer not to travel by their car outside the Moscow Ring Road.

find, version, windows, navigator

Navitel Navigator 9.13.66 for Windows CE, for Q1 2021 maps.

If you got the Garmin navigator. Rejoice: you can buy (or download;) fresh cards. And ride them.

If you have a PDA for Windows Mobile or Palm OS, or an intellectual phone for Symbian. Also not a problem: download Garmin Mobile XT, spread, pour cards. And get a full Garmin.

But what to do if you already have a certain hardware navigator with the software that completely does not suit you?

Globalization and laziness of manufacturers gives obvious advantages. A huge number of PNA devices (Personal Navigation Assistant) have appeared on the market now). On the base. Windows CE! All Pioneer, Mio, JJ-Connect. These are just such devices.

Brief theory so that you understand what we are talking about. In fact, such a device is a miniature computer with a miniature Windows, controlled instead of a mouse touch display. True, the manufacturer took all measures so that you would never guess about it: instead of a screw screensaver, usually the manufacturer’s screensaver, instead of the desktop. A special program that limits the user to the working menu of the device with their own functions of navigation and system settings.

PLUS. The fact that bypassing the manufacturer’s shell and gaining access to Windows. We can install a bunch of the right and original software on the device, and generally use it as a full.Fledged PDA. Craftsmen report the facts of installation on automobile navigators of various games, book.Readers, video players and even office applications.

MINUS. This is a PDA, and a PDA under the Windows. And Winda, as you know, knows how to buggle, and sometimes even fall off. Although Wins is declared as an operating system with increased stability. The reckless actions of the user when communicating directly with Windows can turn your PNA into an unrequited useless device.

Some smart manufacturers (such as Pioneer) put two flash drives on the PDA. Working and backup. Always available only for reading, and give the opportunity to produce the so.Called “cold reset”. Когда содержимое рабочей флеш картой с установленной виндой и программным обеспечением затирается содержимом резервной флешки. On the one hand it is reliable. Bringing such a PDA to a non.Working state is quite problematic. With another. It is not very convenient: all the software you set can be destroyed by one handle press and replaced with a standard factory system.

They are twisted from this situation quite simply: a standard Autoruncation file is put into the root of the external SD card.Exe, which is launched by automatic after a cold reset and detecting a card, and sets all the necessary software from the MNAVDCE file.CAB.

Instructions for installing third.Party cards in Navitel Navigator

So, you have a detailed instructions for installing third.Party cards in Navitel, which appeared due to the fact that many have certain difficulties with this issue.

First, and most importantly! The cards posted in our country are not official cards for Navitel Navigator, do not require registration, and are not designed to work in the atlas along with official cards from Navitel.

Therefore, it is not recommended to place them in a folder of official cards, which were bought by you along with the program, or go in the supply of your navigator! The consequences of this will be the appearance of duplicates of objects when searching, as well as a probable refusal of the program to lay any route, except in a straight line!

However, some cards posted in our country are quite friends with each other, and they can be used in one atlas. Find out whether the cards are agreed or not, you can experimentally, or by asking on our forum.

If you need a map of the whole of Russia (for a long trip for example), and find out whether all the cards you need is working with each other, there is no desire or time, you can use one of two options:

Atlas of the Commonwealth of Independent Projects. Created from alternative maps of various regions tested for collaboration with each other. Attention! Cards in the atlas can be older than separately laid out.

Atlas of Russia from the data of the OpenStreetmap project. Perhaps some regions on it do not differ in excess detail, but this is the best option for the route of a long trip, since the card was originally created as a single whole. Due to the large size of the card, due to possible problems during indexing and brakes during operation, it is recommended to leave the maps of the map only the necessary regions in the atlas.

So, with the theoretical part we finished, we proceed to practice.

Warning about dangers

To download the file about dangers on the forum, we find the item “SpeedCam” in the “Navitel” section. Select a file for our country and upload it to the external memory of the device into the NavitelContent folder. Speedcams.

This is the installation and configuration of the Navitel program for an auto.Navigator running Windows CE completed and will not require additional settings in the future. Use information wisely and be vigilant on the road.

Installation Navitel 8.7 on the car navigator Windows CE.

Today we will establish navigation on a car navigator Navitel version 8.7 with Russian maps.

We connect the navigator to the computer I have a Prestigio Geovision4250 navigator, they are all identical, work on Windows CE 6.0.We will put navitel pierced on all COM ports with auto settings of the port and speed.We go into the internal memory of the navigator, remove the Navitel folder.There may still be a Navi folder, it can also be safely removed.Open the NavitelContent folder in it, we open the Maps folder and delete the old map.

If you had another navigation, then the NavitelContent folder needs to be created.We go into the downloaded “Navitel” folder in it we go to “Navitel8.7.0.192.”And go to the” NoinetautoGps “folder.The NoinetautoGps folder contains the Navitel folder, which we throw into the internal memory of the navigator.This is done to keep the identical path to navigation.If the navigator supports the choice of the navigation path before navigation, then you can name as you want, and already choose the executable file in the navigator settings.

Open the Navitel folder in the navigator.In it we delete the Demomaps folder and delete the SpeedCam file.TXT “.We throw cards (Q1 2014 with an extension of NM7) to the Maps folder this folder is in the NavitelContent folder.Now we load SpeedCam for Russia, take the arrows and throw the general into the “SpeedCAMS” folder into the internal memory of the navigator, they are in the text format in it are coordinates.

Disconnect the navigator from the computer, start.Choose the language of the intense, the language of the card and voice, click OK.We accept the license agreement.

Next is the search for COM ports on which it works.These Windows CE navigators work on seven COM ports.Each COM port has four speeds.Here, Navitel with a car settings of the COM ports and the speed of these ports, therefore, he will select the port and that speed at which the navigator works.