How to find out what mail is the phone tied to

How to find out the email address by phone number?

If the mail was attached to the mobile phone number, then finding out the address will simply be. To do this, you need to go to the postal service page and use the function of restoring access through a mobile phone. In a few minutes, SMS will come to the phone, where it will indicate the login and password for entering the mail.

If the mail is created in the Gmail postal provider, you need to go to the Google Contacts service (in your account) and enter the email address into the search. In most cases, the service gives the name and surname of the mail owner. Find out who the owner owner can be by means of

E-mail restoration instructions

  • The easiest way is to ask friends, acquaintances that you wrote from the lost account. They copy the sender data from the letter received from you.
  • If the automatic entrance is saved, but the owner forgot the address itself, you can go into the “sent” letters and there you yourself see the information about the sender.
  • If you remember your login from an e-mail, under which you were registered, then you just need to add @, and then the mail service domain, for example, write everything without spaces, together. Some services offer several domains, just check each of them, if you do not remember what you have chosen when registering. Again, provided that you can go to the account, try sending a letter to yourself for verification. How to find out your email address, if you forgot the domain, read below.
  • If the box was tied to the phone or to another box, you can use the functions of the reminder available to the service. Unfortunately, such a hint is not provided. There is also no separate reminder in Yandex, however, a hint appears in the access restoration window if you used to come from the same carrier (computer). But, for example, in Google it is done quite quickly and without unnecessary difficulties:

How to Secure Email and Texts on Your Smartphone

  • You go to the Mail starting page.Google.Com;
  • Click on the link “Need help”;
  • Next, select “I do not remember the user name”;
  • Restore the name through an attached phone or other mail, fill out information about yourself. If you indicate a mobile notification, you are offered to choose an SMS or call;

Indicate the phone number associated with the account to receive the address address

  • Enter the verification code in a special field; After check, Google will show you your address attached to the named phone number or box.

There are many ways to learn your electronic e-mail. If you were not able to restore it, just get a new one, inform your friends, colleagues about the change in mail. It is recommended to record data so that they are not lost, on paper, in a cloud, in mobile notes. If you lose, follow our instructions, choose a convenient way to restore information.

Your email is being tracked WITHOUT your knowledge!

Find accounts related to your phone number

Many websites use phone numbers to confirm the user’s personality. This is a reliable way to determine the authenticity of users and ensure that bots and fake accounts are not created using fictitious emails. Websites and services such as Google, and. Often require confirmation of the phone number to allow the creation of an account and recovery in case of password restoration.

Unfortunately, finding accounts attached to the phone number is not easy.

This is probably the only way to find out which applications use your phone number, if only a request is sent to this number to restore the account. You should always pay attention to messages received to confirm any request for maintenance or received OTP. If you think that you have received an unintentional or unknown request, check and cancel the services.

You can also use some third.Party applications to find out in which accounts your phone number is used.

How to check the saved browser accounts

Most often we open websites and applications in the browser installed on your phone or laptop. The browser cache retains the entered data in various forms and fields. Many web sites use the Browser Cookie files to save the information you have entered for a faster display and saving time in the future. Check the account settings in the browser to quickly find out the secure accounts and information. You can also get a list of all the funds you created.

How to tie a Google account to the phone number

If the user needs to make it in the future to ensure a new phone number to his account, then he can use the system, as well as those opportunities that are available.

It is worth noting that the connection of the phone number was supposed to be at the first stages, when the user entered the first time, registered and indicated his work phone number. If it has changed, then it is necessary to do the following:

  • First you need to go to your Google account through any of the browsers on the phone. We enter using the email address and password that is known to the user;
  • Now it is necessary to click on the panel in the upper left corner and open confidentiality settings;
  • We click on the second point called “Help Treasure with you”, who asks about finding the user in other Google services by phone;
  • We lower our eyes and see the phone number that the user needs to be changed;
  • Click on the point “Change numbers”, which allow the user in the future not only included in the profile, but also to maintain contact with other users;
  • After that we change the phone, we agree with the system.

Thus, the user was able to tie a completely different phone number to the account from Google.

Note! For this method, you must have access to e.Mail, as well as the account itself. This is necessary in order to further change the data. Without this item, the change is impossible.

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Through the settings of the phone

If the previous option is not suitable for certain reasons, then you can go the other way using the standard application with the settings. It is there that it is possible to view the accounts, which was executed on this device. By tradition, we present to your attention detailed instructions:

find, mail, phone, tied
  • We go to the settings.
  • We go to the “Accounts” or “Synchronization” section. The name directly depends on the model of the smartphone, or rather, on the installed shell and the Android version.
  • Choose an interest of the account. For example, consider the standard situation when you need to find out the address of the Google electronic box.
  • We see a list of mail addresses that you have ever entered the phone used now.

We find out the email address through the settings

In fact, there is nothing complicated in this, so even a beginner will cope with the implementation of the instruction.

How to find out your email on the phone using postal services applications

Software products from large postal services are professional tools for working with mail. Naturally, all addresses are preserved in them. This is especially convenient, since a one.Time entrance ensures the safety of accounting information.

It should be noted that there is no need to install each of the options, since one application can work with various servers. However. With home performance above.

Consolidated information on how mobile postal applications can help in the question, presented in a video that is located below

The work of the service consists in the operational verification and withdrawal of new letters received from different senders. In order to find out the requested information, you need:

  • Download and install this program on the smartphone;
  • Will launch it through the corresponding icon;
  • When loading, a window with incoming messages will be shown;
  • To find out the detailed parameters, we turn to the menu, which is encrypted with an icon in the form of three horizontal segments located in the upper right corner;
  • A pop.Up side panel will appear, where the owner of the owner and the address of its email will be indicated.

The desired field is immediately under a miniature avatar.


This service is usually installed on Android smartphones by default. By starting the application from Google Help, you find yourself in the menu of the latest box used. A list of relevant unread messages will be displayed. To view what addresses synchronization occurs with, do the following:

  • Find the icon in the form of an avatar or the first letter of your name in the upper right corner of the working window;
  • Click on this element of a round shape;
  • A list of attached electronic boxes with addresses will be displayed;
  • Statistics on the number of unread letters will also be displayed.

The number of accounts for binding is not limited.


The principle of operation of the service is similar to previously described analogues. You can find out the email address on the phone through information on a pop.Up panel from the side on the left. To cause the appearance of this element, you need to go to the menu, which is indicated by the icon in the form of three stripes.

Other postal services

Any postal service will tell the address with which it works. Since access to the update is given by the user himself, indicating the password, it is very important to leave those programs in time that you do not use. This is one of the basics of cyber security on the network.

Among the available similar programs that can also be installed on a smartphone, you should highlight:

  • Outlook Mail. Windows Solution, works with various protocols. Easy design, understandable integration and efficiency of work distinguish this tool.
  • Protonmail. Guarantees additional parameters of anonymity and safety, a modern data encryption technology is used. The settings will also be pleased with flexibility.
  • ICLOUD MAIL. Cloud storage of data for those who appreciate the space on physical memory. Works with iPhones and products from Apple.
  • Yahoo! Mail. Provides an almost unlimited memory of the correspondence storage. Of the minuses. There are no folders, markings and templates for automatic insert.
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How to find out a person’s mail by phone number

Когда нужно узнать адрес нужно не своего еmail, а другого человека, то воспользоваться предыдущими способами не получится. Over, having only one phone number, it is extremely difficult to find the mail, it is good if you know at least the name and name of the person. Then several ways are opened before you.


If you are interested in working contact, and you know the name of the company where a person works, whose mail you are looking for, the easiest way will be to look at the official website of the company. If a person should and can accept emails on the specifics of his work, then most likely on the site you can find his email address. To do this, there may be enough phone number if it is used as a working.

  • Often, people indicate their electronics in the “Contacts” section and in social networks, if they want them to easily contact them. So, for example, in the popular Instagram network you can indicate your email address in the description of your activities on the main page. There is also an actively window “Contacts”, by clicking on which you can see the desired email address.
  • If you are lucky, you can try to see the data on other social networks, or. For example. Often users indicate mail in the address of their page or as a means of communication with them.
  • If the user whom you are looking for, owns the site, then you can find out the address using the Whois database. By introducing the name of the site there, you can get the address of the electronics to which the site was registered. But this will work only if this information was not hidden by the user himself.

Online mail generators

Email generator services are usually used to choose the original name for the mailbox. But they can help in this case. It is recommended to find out not only the phone number, but also the name and name of the person before the search. Any additional information can help.

It is important to note! Since email addresses are prescribed by Latin, and personal information must be entered by transliteration. Some names can be written in different ways, for example, Maria can be translated as Maria, Mariya or even Masha, it all depends on the imagination of the creator of the post office. So it is also important to consider and try different options.

Email Address Guesser

To use the service, you need to fill out the name and surname in the appropriate fields (you need to write Latin). You can also indicate the domain of the company if it is known. The program will issue a list of possible combinations. Next, they need to be copied and checked manually for their reality. Either sending letters on them, or through the programs for checking existing addresses (for example, MailTester).

You can always try to replace the name or surname with the phone number you know. And although it is not recommended to include other personal data in logins and passwords, many users neglect these facts.

Email Generator

The program works on the same principle as the previous. The introduction of a surname and name will also be required. The difference is that you can introduce two domains known to you at once. And the number of finished options will be 50.


Expansion installed on the Google Chrome browser. Works with all address domains, despite belonging to Google. To check the options of addresses, you need to go to your mail, enter the name and surname (Latin) of a person, if it is known. His domain, and click “Generate”. All possible options will appear that need to be copy and insert into the “recipients” field in a new message. Then the cursor should be brought to them in turn. If the address is valid, then it will be highlighted in green. When hovering it, a pop.Up window with accessible information about its owner will appear on him, and a photograph, if it is.

During the search process, you can try to change the name of the wanted person to his phone number.


Popular server abroad. Knowing the surname and name of the user, it will help to find his email. To do this, you need to go to the site, enter the data known to you in the corresponding fields and click on “Work for Me, Norbert”. Search will go. If you do not know what service the user can be registered in, this field may remain empty.

There is a paid and free version of the program. In free, up to 10 searches per day will be available to you.


Similar functionality of the program with the previous presented. The user also sets the person’s name in the search, and you can also indicate the domain at will. The difference will be that after the results with coincidences come out, you can start a re.Search for an email you are interested in. The system will begin comparing the address with its activity and accounts in social networks, comparing photographs of avatars both there and there. Thus, this service covers in the process of searching a larger series of sources and coincidences.


Anymailfinder. There is a paid and free version of the program. There is a free restriction on 20 successful searches per day. Search coverage does not apply to social networks. However, the program has established itself as a reliable source. To take advantage of the search, you need to enter a name or phone (in the column name) of the desired person on the program website, his domain (if known) and press the “search”. In the case of positive matches, the result will be released in a pop.Up window.


Another version of the program for finding a match and email addresses. In addition to standard information about a person: name, last name/phone number, mail domain, you can also indicate a work site where this mail can meet. The paid version of the program differs from the free ability to maintain the search history and the positive results obtained.

Turning off through settings

The function of exchange of information with the cloud is very useful, especially when working with several smartphones or changing your mobile phone. Depending on the selected settings, they will be loaded:

Synchronization with other installed services and applications, from third.Party developers is available. It depends only on the number of products and the type of product. The algorithm of action does not differ from how to remove synchronization from the Google account on Android.

We go to the system settings of the phone. This can be done using the gear icon in the notification curtain or using the “All Appendices” menu.

Click on the line “Accounts”. Will show applications using the conjugation function with the cloud and the address of Gmail, which are tied to the phone. In our case, 4 profiles are immediately tied to the smartphone, select the desired. To completely turn off the function, you have to repeat the actions with each mail.

We recommend: connect the phone as Flash card

In the opened panel, you can remove the account. Choosing “synchronization of accounts”.

We translate all the sliders into an inactive state. In order for the changes to enter into force, click on the icon with three points and in the context menu we slip on the “synchronize”.

Important: for all data to be updated, the smartphone must be connected to the Internet. Do not know how to distribute Wi-Fi from a smartphone to a laptop? Read in the article: “How to distribute Wi-Fi from phone to laptop”.

Mobile applications

Using smartphones on iOS or Android, you can search for your Google account by phone number. As in the browser version, information will be received only if you are looking for your account and indicate a personal phone. There are no differences in two operating systems, so consider the instructions for any smartphone.

The most convenient applications for the restoration of the Google profile are either Chrome browser or Gmail postal service. The instructions as an example use the mail, but the process will be identical for the browser.