How to find Wi-Fi on Acer laptop

How to enable and connect Wi-Fi on an asus laptop

Most of the models released from the conveyor over the past decade, as a rule, has a built-in Wi-Fi card. If you set out to find out if there is such a card on your computer, then follow the advice given in this section:

  • If you are a user of Windows 7 or more old versions of this OS, then open the “Device Manager”. You can do this by clicking on the “My Computer” icon with the right button, selecting the “Properties” context menu item and in the window that opens on the button with the inscription “Device dispatcher”. In the dispatcher window there is a tree.Shaped list of all equipment of your laptop. Select the “Network Adapters” subsection and expand it. In the list of network cards, find a device containing in the title the word “wireless”, as in the figure below:
  • If such a device has been discovered, you can read more about how to connect Wi-Fi on ASUS laptop. If not, then run to the store at a new computer. Your for this purpose is unsuitable.
  • Windows 8 users do not need to do a few other manipulations. Open the lateral right menu and select the parameters item. In response, a frame with interactive icons will appear, one of which will be in the form of a “ladder”. If such a icon is present, then everything is in order.

Having done these operations, you can start the settings themselves. Turning on Wi-Fi on a laptop means to get the on-included adapter we found in the list. We will focus on this.

Turn on Wi-Fi on the Acer Aspire laptop with a button

All modern Acer Aspire laptops have a wi-fi wireless module in their arsenal to work with the Internet. However, by default, when you take out a brand new computer out of the box, Wi-Fi is turned off on it. There are two ways to turn on and off the wireless module:

The easiest way to activate it is to click on a certain combination of keys-“fn” plus some other button on the keyboard, most often from the series “F1-F12”.

Like many other brands, for example, HP Pavillion, on some modifications of Acer Aspire laptops there is a separate slider in the end of the case to turn on the Wi-Fi signal. If you have just such a model, then you need to transfer it to the Internet activation position.

After that, a characteristic Wi-Fi icon will appear on Windows toolbar. To connect to the Internet, you need:

Hardware connection

On new Wi-Fi devices is disabled by default. In some cases, the owners accidentally turn off the adapter with a combination of keys.

How to connect Acer Acer Aspire to a wireless network:

  • Activate the switch. It is located at the end of the laptop case, marked with the inscription “Wi-Fi”. In the off position, it deactivates network detection.

Turning on wireless Internet by means of the keyboard panel

Laptop manufacturers have provided several secondary ways to connect their devices to wireless networks. They can be sliders, separate mechanical buttons on a housing or keyboard.

If you carefully study the keyboard of the portable personal computer ASUS, then you will see a symbol of the network wireless signal on one of the buttons. The specific key is not allotted for him, so it will be determined by the laptop release series.

On the more modern series of ASUSTEK products, Wi-Fi is switched over by simultaneously squeezing the “FN” “F2” keys.

On the more modern series of ASUSTEK products, Wi-Fi is on the simultaneous clamp “FN” “F2”

In case of unsuccessfulness of this method, try to resume the operation of the device again and repeat the similar press press.

According to information from the FN and F2 developers themselves, they can also lose their functionality due to the use of irrelevant drivers. You can update the system parameters through a specialized ASUS Live Update utility or by downloading drivers from the official ASUS website.

ASUS Live Update

If not one of these methods does not work, then try contacting ASUS service centers for repair.

Installation of drivers

Without appropriate module, simply cannot function. Therefore, it is necessary to establish it.

Turn on Wifi Laptop Solved

Only a few steps should be taken for this:

  • Open the “Device Manager”;
  • Next, click “Network Adapters”;
  • Pay your close attention to the line with the word “wireless”. When displaying the rows of the icon “!”, Usually yellow, we can conclude that the problem has already been found. But even if everything is fine, it is still recommended from the official resource of the developer to install on again, t. To. This will not bring any harm to the computer.

Move on

If, after installing the Wi-Fi driver, he has not “wound up”, we continue to look for a problem. Models such as Acer 1000, 1690, 2012, 5610, have a special inclusion button. It can be located anywhere: from the side, back, front, above the keyboard. If you do not work Wi-Fi on the Aser laptop, it makes sense to look for such a button.

The most interesting thing is that she can look like. Some models depict an antenna on the button. If so, then the search for a switch will not be difficult. But in most models there is the most ordinary key that needs to be found and pressed. The buttons in some models of Acer laptopes have light indication, which is very convenient. No need to rack your head over whether the transmitter is turned on or not.

How to enable Wi-Fi on Acer laptop with Windows 7 and older?

Wireless Internet connection technologies have massively entered the life of a modern person. In a cafe, administrative and educational buildings, in hospitals, houses-everywhere there are access points to Wi-Fi. The wireless network is convenient. Users are no longer tied to numerous wires, they can freely move around the room. Wi-Fi routers also often put in apartments.

How To Connect Wifi in Acer laptop Windows 10

Problems with connection sometimes arise among laptop owners. In addition to the correct setup of the router, you need to enable network detection on the device. On different models of laptops, wireless Internet is connected in different ways. We will tell you how to turn on Wi-Fi on an aser laptop.

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Wi-Fi inclusion methods on Acer laptops are described in the following

Activation of the module

Sometimes, after installation and rebooting on a Wi-Fi-adapter computer, it is already activated, and you can immediately connect to a wireless network, but if this is not the case, then the user will need to produce the following:

  • Find on the side faces or other laptop panels a button or switch specially designated for these purposes. Basically, the manufacturer next to it applies a drawing with an icon symbolizing a wireless network. In case of detection, install it in the “inclusive” position, while on some models a green indicator begins to glow;

Note: some owners of Acer Aspire, as well as owners of Acer Ferrari, are found right above the keyboard or on the front panel of the laptop.

Occasionally the manufacturer has it at the PC end.

After the user made sure of the absence of a physical toggle switch and that Wi-Fi still does not turn on, you will have to continue the search for a specially designated button on the keyboard itself. Also, in most cases, it should have an image symbolizing Wi-Fi. If the desired key is found, then a simple press on it will not lead to the activation of the adapter. It is necessary to click it, holding the key with the letters “FN”;

Note: the most commonly used combination of FN and F5, but sometimes the F3 or another functional key is responsible for turning on the button, so the user may need to experiment with all the options if there are no characteristic icons themselves on the buttons themselves.

Hardware connection

On new Wi-Fi devices is disabled by default. In some cases, the owners accidentally turn off the adapter with a combination of keys.

How to connect Acer Acer Aspire to a wireless network:

  • Activate the switch. It is located at the end of the laptop case, marked with the inscription “Wi-Fi”. In the off position, it deactivates network detection.

Using OS tools

The algorithm of action consists of the following stages:

Note: if the user was not able to find the desired icon in the TEA, then in the above section you can get through the “control panel”;

  • Then, in the displayed menu, click the “Change of Adapter Parameters”;
  • If there is a Wi-Fi module, we can conclude about the correctly installed devices, which means it is simply deactivated, while the inscription “Wireless network connection” is usually gray. It is necessary to call the context menu from it and click “Turn on”.

Connection via “control panel”

Sometimes the connection to the router is disabled programmatically. On the Acer of the 520 series and others, you need to start the control panel. To do this, press the “Start” button in the lower left of the screen.

On Windows 7, the section is called the “control panel”, on 8 and 10 “parameters” or an icon with the image of a six.

  • Select the section “Network and the Internet”, click on it.
  • Enter the connection center.
  • On the left side of the window, the column with menu subsections, click on “Change of adapter parameters”.
  • A window with a list of available network connections will appear. You need to click on the “wireless connection” with the right button, select the “enable” context menu item item.

On laptops of models 3613LC, especially on Windows 7, wireless connection can fail. If there is no Internet, although the network is turned on, it must be disconnected in the control panel and re.Turn on.

If the connection to the Wi-Fi network did not work out, the problem is likely to lies in the incorrectly installed or unidentified software.

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Using special applications from the developer

If the owner of the ASER laptop has reached this section of the instructions after unsuccessful attempts to dig in Windows tools, then you will need to use special applications from the developer and start the adapter.

These program controls should already be in the laptop.

You can find them by performing the following sequential steps:

If it was not possible to enter the Wi-Fi Module to all the above methods, then the problem of a technical nature is most likely, and it is recommended to take the computer to the service center for diagnosis and subsequent repair.

Preliminary actions before Wi-Fi activation on Acer laptop

Typically, Wi-Fi on Acer can be activated directly from the operating system after the first laptop launch. However, if this cannot be done, then you can alternately try several options for solving the problem. They will be described later.

To simplify the perception of information, the article uses reductions: PKM is the right button of the “mouse”, and LKM, respectively, is left.

find, wi-fi, acer, laptop

Checking the relevance of drivers through the “Device Manager”

The network driver is responsible for the stability of the Wi-Fi adapter. To check its performance, you need to do the following manipulations:

  • Click PKM on the icon “My computer” on the desktop and press the line “Properties”.
  • On the left side of the opened window, click on the option “Device Manager” LKM.
  • In the list of parameters, expand the section “Network Adapters”, clicking on the arrow nearby.
  • Find the Wireless tab and analyze its condition. If a yellow sign of exclamation is near the name of the module, then it works incorrectly. To eliminate the problem, first of all, you need to download the current version of drivers with a page on the official website of the manufacturer of your laptop Acer.
  • Update the driver. About how to do this correctly will be described in the next section of the article.

Note! If a gray arrow is located next to the name of the wireless adapter in the device dispatcher, then the Wi-Fi module is disabled and it must be launched. To do this, just click PKM by the name of the adapter and in the contextual type window, click on the line “Turn on”.

Turning on the adapter Wi-Fi through the device manager

Download drivers for Acer from the official site

This method involves manual installation of laptop drivers. To implement this method, just take a number of steps according to the instructions:

  • Go to the official website of your laptop on the Internet. The resource address is spelled out in the user’s manual, which is supplied with the device, or on its reverse side.
  • On the Acer website, you need to deploy the tab “Drivers and Manuals”.
  • In the central part of the window, enter the serial number of the PC module. This information can also be found on the back of the portable computer. If there is no information about Snid, then you can download a specialized utility that will automatically determine the laptop number.
  • You can use an alternative option for searching for the Acer model. To do this, in the “Category” field, select the type of your device. Most often, it will be a “laptop”. In the “Series” section, click on the corresponding option from the list, and in the “model” subsection, indicate the specific PC model. After these manipulations, the user will be on the page of his laptop Acer.
  • Make sure that the loaded page really corresponds to the laptop model. A computer will be an image of a computer on top of the displayed window. In the “Product Information” section, information on the technical characteristics of the device can be applied.
  • In the “Drivers” section, find the line “Wireless Lan Driver” and click on the “Download” button located on the right.
  • Wait for the completion of the download and start the archive with files from the download menu on the computer.
  • In the archive of the left key of the manipulator twice click on the file “Setup.Exe “.
  • In the installation window, follow the simple instructions of the installer, pressing several times according to the “Next” button.
  • The process of installing the driver on a network adapter will begin, at the end of which the user will only have to click on the “Ready” button.

Important! After performing the actions described above, you will need to restart the laptop to confirm the changes made.

Download drivers for Acer from the official site

Quick connection

After activating the wireless Internet on the Acer laptop, you will need to select a Wi-Fi access point and connect to it. This process is divided into the following stages:

  • Turn on the laptop.
  • Press the LKM on the network icon in the trial of the taskbar in the right lower part of the screen.
  • A window will unfold with the names of all access points located nearby to the laptop.
  • Click the LKM by name of the desired network, and then click on the word “connection”.
  • Enter a password for access point. This is a security key that protects the Wi-Fi network from unauthorized access.
  • Wait for the connection and check the result. Wi-Fi should earn, and next to the name of the selected access point will appear several vertical stripes, antennas.

For reference! In the wireless network settings, you can activate the functions of an automatic connection by installing a checkmark next to the corresponding line so as not to enter the password every time after turning on the PC.

Turning on wireless Internet on Windows 10

This is one of the most popular Windows operating systems at the moment. Everything in it is as simple as possible, and even an inexperienced PC user will be able to figure out all the subtleties as soon as possible. There are several ways to launch Wi-Fi on Windows 10 OS, each of which deserves a detailed consideration for a complete understanding of the topic. Further, we will talk about these methods.

How to connect Wi-Fi on an asus laptop through the parameters of the operating system

Windows 10 parameters are a special menu in which you can configure the operation of the main functions of the system. In order to enable Wi-Fi through the parameters, it is necessary to act as follows:

  • Click the “Wini” button from the PC keyboard at the same time to open the desired tool.
  • Go to the “Device” tab.
  • Stick up to the end of the list of the proposed parameters and click on the line “Device dispatcher”.
  • In the window that opens, find and expand the section “Network adapters”.
  • Select the name of your Wi-Fi module from the list of devices presented and press it PKM.
  • Select the option “Turn on” and check the result. It is not necessary to restart the computer.

Additional Information! You can go to the Windows operating system parameters of the Windows operating system, you can not only combine the buttons on the keyboard, but also through the control or menu panel “Start”.

Windows 10 parameters

Reloading the network adapter

To activate wireless data transfer on a laptop with Windows 10, it is enough to restart the built-in Wi-Fi module. This is easiest to do according to the following scheme:

  • Click the right key to the “My Computer” icon on the laptop desktop.
  • In the contextual type menu, press the LKM once on the line “Properties”.
  • In the window that opens, go to the “Device Manager”, clicking on the corresponding option in the column on the left of the properties menu.
  • After the previous action, a window will be displayed on the screen in which a list of devices connected to the computer will be presented along the sections. Here the user needs to deploy the section “Network Adapters” by clicking on its name PKM and pressing the “Disable” item.
  • Wait for the completion of the deactivation of the module and do similar actions to include it. That is, click once again according to the word PKM, and then click on the line “Turn on”.
  • Check the result. Now you can go to the connection section and synchronize with an affordable Wi-Fi access point by entering the corresponding password for it.

Note! If other devices are connected to the laptop, then they will be displayed in the list of devices manager.

Thus, you can turn on wireless Internet on ASUS laptops in various ways. The most common of them and simple in implementation were discussed above. After reading the above information, it will be possible to understand how to turn on Wi-Fi on the ASUS laptop.