How to fix it is impossible to connect an error on Android

Authentication error when connecting to Wi-Fi Android

Using a smartphone, you can connect to wireless networks using various communication standards, including 802.11AX. Despite its modernity, when working with it, like any other Wi-Fi, there may be different problems in the form of cutting speed, constant breakdown of the connection, the inaccessibility of certain sites, and errors that make the use of the Internet completely impossible.

The reason does not always serve as the parameters of the router, from where the network is heard, but also the features of the phone. The article describes options for eliminating the problem that are relevant for users of modern versions of Android. And specifically, we will tell you why there is an authentication error when connecting to Wi-Fi on Android and how to eliminate it.

Methods for correcting the connection error

The error “Your connection is not protected” appears not only in Google Chrome, but also in other browsers created on the Chromium architectural platform. This means that the methods proposed below are also applicable to Opera, Vivaldi, Amigo, Yandex, Sputnik, Brave, Orbitum, Falcon (Qupzilla). In these browsers, the error correction procedure has differences, but very insignificant, since each of them has an identical integration.

We check if the problem arises in the incognito mode

When, when trying to visit a certain resource, the message “Your connection is not protected” appears on the Android screen screen, the first thing to do is open a new window in incognito mode. This will need:

If the page opens and works in the usual format, you can take the following steps:

After deleting temporary files, you should re.Switch to the site address, checking whether the problem has been solved. In most cases, after performing such actions, the error no longer appears. If nothing has changed, you should proceed to the next method.

Cleaning the cache for Android

Quite often, errors in the work of the browser occur due to the accumulation of file “garbage” in the history of views and cache. To restore the previous performance, you need to delete cache data. This can be done as follows:

In conclusion, you will need to restart the browser and try to re.Gain access to the site. There are other options. We advise you to read how to clean the cache on the Android phone.

Check the date and time on the smartphone

Often the appearance of an error is due to the inconsistency of the date or time of the user requesting the certificate, and the server that provides it. Synchronization of these parameters will help to eliminate the problem, and the inclusion of the Auto Refine option. This will need:

Here you need to set the flag opposite the “Automobile of the hour zone”, and change the time and date using the relevant options.

Set up the right antivirus and firewall correctly

In some antivirus programs and firewalls, there is a function of protecting network connections for HTTPS protocol. Under certain circumstances, it can conflict with the similar function of the browser used on the Android device. This leads to the fact that when trying to enter the site, a notification appears “your connection is not protected”.

To check whether such programs really have a negative impact, you should turn off them in the settings, and then try to open a problem web resource again. If you have managed to go to the address without problems, you need to make the desired site address to the list of exceptions in the antivirus software.

Some users are trying to disable or limit the activity of the antivirus for the sake of their favorite site or page. However, it is recommended to do this if it is confident in the absence of risks of information leakage and the ability of the system to work in normal mode. You can generally read how to check the phone for the Android virus.

Set up Wi-Fi if it is public

Sometimes the error “Your connection is not protected” appears after connecting to the public Wi-Fi network without password. In this case, the browser or Android system tries to block the transition to addresses and links, warning about the absence of security and the possibility of intercepting personal data and confidential information.

Unfortunately, the first method may not always be affordable, so it is advisable to use the second. This requires:

  • Go to Wi-Fi settings. Touch the name of the network to which the smartphone is connected and hold for 2-3 seconds;
  • When a pop.Up menu appears, select the “change network” option, and then activate the “additional parameters” item;
  • In the IP settings window that appears, change the type of activity from “dynamic” to “static”;
  • In field 1, prescribe the parameter. 8.Eight.Eight.8, in the field 2. 8.Eight.4.4.

From this moment, error messages should no longer appear anymore. If the method has no success, it is worth moving on to consider the following method.

We check the expansion of the browser that can block the connection

Along with built-in antiviruses, blocking the connection with the required web resource is capable of the functionality of the site and various extensions. To eliminate problems, it is recommended to turn off the extensions for a short time. Depending on the observer used, the procedure may vary slightly, but in general, the procedure for the following for different browsers:

  • “Google Chrome”. Open the “menu”, in the “Settings” section, select the “Extension” item, and turn off each of them sequentially;
  • “Opera”. Expand the “menu”, find the “extension” item and go to the “Expand management” tab, and then remove the flags opposite everyone;
  • “Yandex.Browser”. Make a “menu” path → “add.Ons” and deactivate each of them.

Check the browser updates

An important condition for the correct operation of the Android operational system is considered to update the device to the latest version. The browser is no exception. Otherwise, the occurrence of errors similar to the within the framework of this article will not be able to avoid. To update it is enough to visit the Google Play company store, and then perform a few simple actions:

This method of transition to a fresh version of the web facial is considered the safest and most reliable. Therefore, it is advisable to use it.

We delete programs that can block the connection

The error “Connection is not protected” is able to appear when an antivirus is installed on the mobile device with the switches of SSL scanning or special protection against unverified HTTPS. When switching to an unsafe site, it is blocked.

Date and time as perpetrators of all problems

In modern gadgets, many applications (especially network programs) are synchronized with the clock. Any manipulation with the current date leads to application errors. The gadget himself can inform the erroneous date: he will ask to translate the watch in line with the current time.

In order not to configure each time on the phone manually, put a box in the “Date and Time” settings opposite the “Date and Time of the Network” or “Synchronize the Time over the Network”

Main reasons

Consider the most common causes of error when trying to connect to Wi-Fi. Very often the fault of this is ordinary human inattention, problems with poor.Quality software on Android and much less often the hardware malfunction of the router.

Incorrectly scored password

Most often, authentication error when connecting to Wi-Fi on Android occurs due to a banal error when entering the access key, that is, password.

Check carefully what you introduce. By default, the introduced symbols are displayed in the form of circles or stars, for security reasons.

impossible, connect, error, android
  • Click in the very edge to the icon (if any) of the block, key, eyes or inscription: “display the characters/show the password”. Then the introduced symbols will be displayed properly, and you probably write the right password. Large and small letters have different values, the register is taken into account, so be careful.
  • If the first item does not work, write the password in any text editor, copy and insert your Wi-Fi password directly in the password entry field. Learn that you only need to copy the password itself. If extra gaps get into the exchange buffer, then it will not work.
  • Check the correct Wi-Fi password using another device. Connect to the network using the same key, but from another gadget. If everything succeeded, the problem is on the side of the first device. If not, then you need to intervene in the settings of the router.

Data encryption type

“Disabled, the authorization of Wi-Fi Android is required”-this error may appear due to a mismatch of the type of encrypted data. You can fix this using router settings. Do not forget to check the Wi-Fi telephone settings for a particular network to verify them with what is indicated in the ointment admin panel. When connecting a new network on the phone, you can set parameters such as DHCP, Proxy and so on. Try to use standard values.

Incorrectly exhibited date on a smartphone

All modern phones on iOS, Android are able to synchronize the time on the Internet. If there is no access to the Internet, correct it manually by going into the dates and time settings of your phone. Set up the exact data and try to connect to the network again. Sometimes it helps to eliminate the error.

Faulty router

Suppose you tried all the tips from this article and not one of them brought you closer to victory. If it still shows that the authorization of the Wi-Fi network is required on the phone, it is possible that the router has failed or began to work unstable. This is a rare case, but it is not worth excluding it.

Try to restart the device. If it does not help, and you are 100% sure that the problem is on the side of the router (and you can check it by alternately connecting several different devices), then drop all the settings to the factory. Perhaps this will eliminate the problem, but if it did not help, you should reflash the device.

impossible, connect, error, android

It is worth doing this only if the device is no longer on an official guarantee, otherwise you risk losing it. Downloading the firmware is recommended only from the official site. When and this does not work, apparently the problem in the hardware. The router will need to be attributed to the repair to the service center. If he is under warranty, this should be done first of all, and not referring on your own.

Disconnect the energy saving function

The energy conservation option on your Android device is designed to save battery charge. And you know that Wi-Fi discharges this battery pretty quickly. If your device is in this mode, it can also interfere with Wi-Fi connection and violate the network availability. Disconnect this mode and see if this will help.

Any good Wi-Fi network has a password if you do not like neighbors using your throughput. However, if you enter an incorrect password or enter it incorrectly, you may not be able to install a safe connection on the Android device. Make sure you have entered the right password (even the wrong title and lowercase letters can lead to locking).

What does a mistake mean

This message means that the Internet does not work on a smartphone, although Wi-Fi is turned on and there is a connection. Some users immediately start panic and run with the phone to the service center. However, this error does not always mean that a smartphone or tablet has broken down. Most problems with the Internet connection are associated with external reasons.

Check if you acted correctly. A detailed algorithm, how to connect Wi-Fi on the phone-by link.

If Wi-Fi works and there is no Internet, most often the reason is related to the connection of the connection on the router or its incorrect setup. It is also possible that the Internet simply does not work due to problems on the side of the provider or because the money ended in the account of the user. Therefore, check if there is an Internet on a router. Try connecting to a network from another device. If the problem with the connection arises on the second smartphone, then there is no Internet due to the router.

If the Internet does not work on only one device, then, most likely, this is a problem of settings of your smartphone. Perhaps there was a software failure, a virus or antivirus in blocking the connection, network settings were lost, etc. D.

impossible, connect, error, android

How to solve a problem with a mistake in Play Market

And so, if you are trying to download the application in the Play Market service, but you immediately have a message with the text: to configure the server connection, go to the “My applications” section, most likely the problem is in the Play Market itself, and you do not need go into any sections, because there are no solutions there. You need to perform the following actions:

Now we recommend that you restart the device to check the performance. By the way, we have already told how to update the Play Market on Android and what needs to be done for this.

Attention! Keep in mind that after cleaning the cache on Android, authorization under your account will be reset in this service, and it will be necessary to recover under your data again.

impossible, connect, error, android

Server error in Play Market: Reasons for the problem

The problem of connecting the server can occur due to the incorrectly installed system update or Google Dobrais. This is the most common problem. Also one of the possible reasons is a problem due to a crowded application cache.

It is possible that with Google a speech and there are no problems, but there is simply no connection with the Internet. Check the mobile Internet or Wi-Fi included.

Also, the connection with the server may be absent if the device is the wrong date and time, for example, after the user removed the battery or completely discharged the device, these data are automatically discarded.

Affects the work of the Play Market and synchronization with the Google account, which all android users have. Perhaps the problem appeared due to the installation or deletion of the application downloaded through the store.

The connection problem may occur if you have installed a hacked application or use cracks for games.

And the last. Oddly enough, not all devices on the Android system support the application and web version of the store. This is due to the fact that some smartphones and tablets simply do not meet the requirements of compatibility. You can see the list of models on the Google Play website in the certificate section.

Problems on the side of the router: how to solve them?

Try to connect other devices to the access point. If you fail, contact the technical support of the provider. He will tell you how to properly set the settings. To change the connection parameters, you need to prepare a PC, open a browser and enter the IP address of the router.

  • Install the router so that the signal is freely distributed around the room;
  • Complete it antenna and direct it up;
  • Remove other devices due to which interference may occur.

Also, the representative of the provider can help change the firmware, if necessary.

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How to change the wrong password?

One of the most common problems. If you incorrectly entered the password from your network to change it, follow the instructions:

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Select “Wi-Fi” item.
  • Find the desired access point and clamp your finger on it.
  • After that, a window will appear in which you need to select “Change the Network Configuration”.
  • Enter the password and click.

After that, the smartphone should connect to the network. And if you completely forgot the password, you will have to change it in the settings of the router.

Solutions for TP-Link

The process of changing passwords on the TP-Link routers will differ depending on what your router you have: a new version with an updated intese or old.

Old firmware

To change the password on the TP-Link router:

  • Go to the settings of the router. To do this, open any browser and enter the IP address to the address line. Then the entrance page will appear where you need to enter the login and password to access the settings. By default, this is admin and admin, respectively.
  • Now find the “Wireless” section in the menu (wireless mode) and go to it.
  • Next, select Wireless Security (wireless protection).
  • There you will see the Wireless Password field, where the old password will be indicated.
  • If you want to change it, just wipe it and enter a new. Then save the changes.

New firmware

To change the password on a router with a new firmware:

  • Go to the settings of the router. The process is the same, only the entry page integration will differ.
  • Go to the Basic tab (basic settings), and then select Wireless (wireless mode) in the panel).
  • Next to the Password window, enter a new password and save changes.

Important! Keep in mind that if you have a two.Band router, distributing 2 access points, then you need to install 2 passwords. They can be the same.

Solutions for Zyxel Keenetic

To change the key on the Zyxel Keenetic router:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Select the “network Wi-Fi” section.
  • There, click on the point “Security”.
  • In the “Network Key” field, enter a new password and save changes.

Solutions for ASUS

To change the password from the ASUS router, follow the instructions:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Go to the “Additional Settings” section.
  • There, select “Wireless Network”.
  • In the upper part of the screen you will see a few subsections. Among them, select “General”.
  • In the Preliminary Key WPA field, enter a new password and save changes.

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Solutions for D-Link

  • Go to the device settings.
  • In the panel, select the “Security Settings” section.
  • In the PSK encryption key, enter a new password and save changes.

Other models

The algorithm of action for most routers is similar.

Huawei: “Advanced Settings”. “Wlan Settings”. “Wlan Advanced Settings”. In a special field, enter the password and confirm.

Rostelecom: “Setting up WLAN”. “Security”. In the “WPA/Wapi password” field, specify the new key and save.

Byfly: “Interface setup”. “Wireless”. In the Pre-Shared Key field, enter a new key.

Tenda: Go to the Wireless Settings section and in the Wi-Fi Password field enter a new key.

Mikrotik: “Wireless”. “Security Profiles”. Tab “General”. Enter a new password into a special window.

Ubiquiti: “Wireless”. “Wireless Security”. Enter a new key in the field.

In most cases, connection problems are solved by one of the above methods. If it was not possible, then contact the service center.