How to forward this number on iPhone

Call forwarding on iPhone. how to enable it?

Modern cell phones have a number of features that allow you to handle calls. One of the most popular among them is redirection of incoming calls to an alternative number. How to enable call forwarding on iPhone we will tell you about.

Call forwarding of all iPhone models working within the GSM network (CDMA models require the appropriate service from the operator) allows the unconditional forwarding of all incoming calls. That is, all calls to the number will be redirected automatically.

How it can be useful? For example, when you need to accept an important call on another number, if the battery of your iPhone is low, or there is a need for business communication from your personal phone.

How to set up iPhone call forwarding

How to set call forwarding from iPhone to another number.

It is necessary to distinguish two types of forwarding of incoming calls: configured on your smartphone or configured with the help of your operator.

On the iPhone the call forwarding settings section does not have a lot of options and features. To activate the chip, do the following:

Go to the Settings menu Phone Forwarding.

Setup Conditional Call forwarding on iPhone Running iOS 12, 11, 10, 9 or 8

Activate the master switch.

Under Forwarding, enter the number to which calls will be forwarded.

Press the Back button to save the changes.

As you can see, the Cupertinians didn’t take care of adding a normal Done or Save button to make changes and do not allow you to add a number from your phonebook, you will have to enter it from memory or copy it from the clipboard.

After activating the option, you’ll see a special indicator on your smartphone.

The forwarding you set up this way is unconditional. Absolutely all incoming calls to the smartphone will be redirected.

For more flexible forwarding settings, contact your operator. Using application, personal cabinet or USSD requests operators allow you to set call forwarding more flexibly, for example, only for cases, when main number is in conversation or it’s unavailable.

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Call forwarding from an operator has more settings, but requires more time to turn on and off. Call forwarding on iPhone works quickly, but without any settings.

Please note that carriers may charge for call forwarding.

Turn off procedure

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to settings and select Phone.
  • Next open Call Forwarding.
  • Set the switch next to the corresponding entry to Off. In this position, the switch will be white and the circle will be on the left. The picture shows it.

There is no need to remove the phone number, it will be erased automatically. As we can see, the disconnection procedure is the reverse of the activation procedure. It is also relevant for old versions of iOS operating system.

Dual-simo phones made life easier for those who had to buy two phones to be able to connect to different mobile operators. On the one hand, convenient, on the other hand, the device becomes useless when the battery is dead or out of range. Thus two phone numbers become inaccessible at once. What to do? Return to more than one smartphone?

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No need for two phones with call forwarding

There is more simple and reliable way, which gives wide opportunities to be always within reach. call forwarding. How this feature is useful? Assuming the problems with communication or with the phone for various reasons, you can set the call forwarding to any alternative number.

For your information! Modern technology allows you to set up forwarding not only to another phone, but also to the numbers of electronic messengers, which makes the function even more convenient and in demand.

Types of redirections

For you to understand which option to choose, we have described for you all possible options the operator offers:

  • To all calls. In this case all incoming calls will be automatically redirected to the specified number from your region as well as from other regions, including landlines;
  • Your phone is busy. If at the moment of incoming, the subscriber is talking with somebody else, the call will be redirected to another number. This is very convenient for companies when there is a big stream of calls to one number but they are redirected to other numbers for quick processing;
  • The phone is turned off. If at the moment of incoming call your smartphone is switched off, the subscriber will be automatically redirected to another number. It is convenient, for example, when your telephone is dead or you have decided to transfer all calls to the working one;
  • Didn’t answer the call. For example, the subscriber called you, waited some time until rings, but you did not answer, then the call will be automatically redirected to another number. Again, this option is useful if you forget your smartphone at home.
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There are many situations when the call forwarding is required under the “pressure” of life or work circumstances. Most often they are due to the fact that it is not possible or desirable to accept an incoming call to a specific number. Some reasons lie in the fact that:

  • The phone battery is discharged or will soon completely “run out”;
  • at the end of the work day or on weekends you need to limit the flow of work calls to your personal number;
  • while on vacation, calls to the company cell phone must be diverted to a colleague who is left behind to be replaced;
  • when arriving in another country, the user has purchased a SIM card of the local operator;
  • The old phone number is no longer in use.

How to redirect a number on your iPhone

After call forwarding is activated, absolutely all calls which come to a particular phone number on your iPhone will be automatically forwarded to another one. Only unconditional call forwarding can be enabled on your smartphone, and this tutorial will show you how.

Why you need call forwarding on your iPhone

When call forwarding is active, you’ll see a special icon in Control Panel next to the cellular operator’s name, which has a phone receiver with an arrow pointing to the right. It is near the operator for whose SIM-card the call forwarding is set up.

Only unconditional call forwarding can be activated via iPhone. In this case, all calls to a particular phone number on the iPhone will automatically be diverted to another phone number. If you use several SIM cards, you can set up forwarding for each one separately. Unconditional call forwarding is used, when the phone is unexpectedly empty, and in the near future the number, which its SIM-card uses, is to receive an important call. It can also be turned on for business calls when going on vacation and leaving things to a colleague or employee.

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iPhone 6: How to Forward a Call to Another Number

Except the unconditional call forwarding, which assumes transfer of absolutely all incoming calls, there is also a conditional call forwarding. As it is clear from the name, it differs in the presence of specific conditions of readdressing: when a number is busy, if it is out of home region, if a subscriber doesn’t receive the same incoming call several times in a row. In order to set up conditional call forwarding you need to contact the support service of the cellular operator you are using and consult on the nuances of this operation. Usually activation of conditional call forwarding occurs through specific USSD-request.

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data). a special technology that allows the exchange of information between a subscriber’s mobile device and the operator’s software complex in real time. Usually this is done through the system of code requests in the format #XX#.

Call forwarding settings from one number to another

How you can enable call forwarding to another phone. Instructions below. Open “Settings” “Phone” “Call Forwarding.

Activate the option (move the slider to the right) and enter the phone number you want to forward incoming calls (calls) to.

You don’t need to confirm anything, just enter the number and you can leave the settings.

Note that this redirection will take place under any conditions (even if the smartphone is on and you hold it in your hands).

Call Forwarding on iPhone: How to Turn On Quickly

The reasons why you need to set up call forwarding on your iPhone can be very different.

How to set up call forwarding on iPhone

But there are not many ways to configure it.