How to free memory on your Samsung phone

How to merge phone memory and memory card

In the Android operating system it is possible to combine the system memory and SD card into one virtual device. To do this, you need to take the following steps:

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to Storage and USB drives.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen click on the main menu icon. In it, select the item “Configure”.
  • Click on the option “Internal memory”.

After that the smartphone will consider the memory card and the internal memory as one device.

How to free the memory on your Samsung phone

As practice shows, no matter how big is the memory on your smartphone, with prolonged use of the device it is still filled completely. Samsung phones, as well as any other brands, in this case begin to work slower, hang up, etc.д. In addition, a notification appears that the smartphone storage needs to be cleared. For details on how to free up memory on your Samsung phone, see below.

To clear the memory of your Samsung smartphone, but at the same time not to lose the necessary information, it is necessary to take several measures

The first way to free up internal memory space on your Samsung Galaxy is to clean the cache and unnecessary files

The first thing you should do in a hurry to free up space on internal memory. is to clear the application cache and delete unnecessary files, even the contents of the folder “Download”, which often contains documents, photos or APK files that you no longer need.

Get into this folder from any file manager, if there is no built-in (in Samsung phones, it is an icon in the form of a folder labeled “My files”).

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Cleaning the app cache. this may be a task, for example for the program CCleaner, but it can also be cleared manually.

How To Free Up Phone Memory Space on Android – Storage Space Running Out [Solved] 7 Ways

To do this, applications must be found in the settings, select the most space-consuming programs and delete their cache memory (or all data, which, however, will also delete user data).

Empty the contents of a folder.You can also use your computer, if you connect your smartphone to it with the cable.

How To Free Up Space On Your Samsung Galaxy Phone Without Deleting Anything

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Connecting to cloud storage

On the phone, you can connect cloud storage, which later skeleton different data and files. For example, a service such as Google Drive. It will be great for storing photos or videos, apps.

This method of storage is convenient because at any time you can set up synchronization with different devices, including your computer.

How to clear the memory of your smartphone from unnecessary applications

“Many phones start to run slower over time, freeze and crash because the memory overflows. To solve this problem, but only temporarily, you can perform a factory reset. There is also a way to ensure the speed of the phone for a while and built-in means of cleaning the memory of the operating system “. said the expert.

In his opinion, it is necessary to clean up not only the memory occupied by files and photos (ROM or ROM) but also the memory “eaten up” by applications running in the background (RAM or RAM).

Using the built-in functions of the device

The first method does not require the user to download third-party applications from Play Market, because the Android system has everything necessary to analyze and optimize the space used. No fine-tuning is possible, but in 70% of cases this cleanup helps to identify and remove the main memory eaters.

    Go to your smartphone settings, then open Memory.

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How to free up storage space on All Samsung Galaxy phones

Important! The Memory tab on some manufacturers’ devices has a different name. For example: Storage and USB mass storage.

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You will see a list of the games and applications installed on your smartphone. Under the name of each program you can see how much space it fills. The most voracious in this respect are messengers and social networking clients. Consider how to reduce the space taken by an application by 2 or even 3 times.

Tap on any application that takes a lot of memory. Information about selected application will be shown, we are interested in Erase Data and Clear Cache buttons.

The first thing to do is to clear the cache, which will not affect personal information and will free up a couple of hundred megabytes of memory. But before you erase the data, remember:

If you erase the application data, your accounts will be logged out, and the photos and videos stored in the phone memory will disappear. This is especially true for messengers Viber, WhatsApp and Telegram.

The application itself will not disappear, so if you have accumulated a lot of unnecessary photos in folders of social networks data can safely erase.

The procedure can be performed for several applications, resulting in freeing up from 200 to 600 MB of space.

Cleaning your phone from unnecessary files

If the memory of your Android phone is full, the first thing to do is to remove applications, downloads, and system garbage. The largest amount of space on your smartphone takes the download folder and installed applications. An effective way to free up enough memory is to remove all unnecessary.

How to clear the internal memory of the phone:

  • Analyze all the applications on the desktop of your smartphone. Most likely it will be possible to find a few unnecessary or little useful applications that have not been used for a long time. It is better to delete them in order to free up memory;
  • Another common reason why the phone memory is full is because it stores a lot of videos and photos. We can filter out bad photos and useless videos. This may already solve the problem. If all the media is needed, or deleting it does not free up enough memory, the only thing left to do is to move the files. We recommend moving the data to a flash drive or to a computer;
  • Clean up downloaded files from messengers. They download the photos sent to your phone by default. Because of this, various cards, congratulations, photos of strangers and other things accumulate in the smartphone storage. The easiest way to clear this section. use the computer. Through Explorer we can open the folder with the same name from the messenger and remove its contents;
  • Check the folder where the browser uploads all the files. There is a lot of data accumulated here, clearing it will help free up a lot of space.
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These are the most effective ways to free up space on your phone, but they do not help everyone. The problem with the lack of memory remains?. Read more.

Why phone memory is full even though there’s nothing there?

When the smartphone writes memory full, everyone starts looking for personal files and delete them. Photos, music, videos fall under the handicap. But even after deleting hundreds of photos, it turns out that the internal memory of the phone is full, and only a little freed up. This is a common problem, everyone needs to know how to clean the memory of the phone and what to have. But initially you need to understand the most common causes of its appearance.

  • files in the downloads folder;
  • A huge cache of apps;
  • A lot of installed programs;
  • Using software from unknown sources;
  • browser download files;
  • A system failure;
  • hidden files;
  • files are stored on the internal memory, not on the card.

Sometimes users do not even realize that the files have been downloaded to the system, they click on the download from a website, several gigabytes are downloaded and all these files are placed in the “Downloads” folder. The user can forget about these files, and it is not easy to find them without a file manager, they do not appear in the gallery.

A common reason for the warning to appear is that the phone has a small amount of permanent memory. The user installs the memory card, but the files are still stored on the smartphone. You need to know how to transfer your files from your phone to your memory card, and thus solve the problem.