How to get a percentage on iPhone 11

  • Six new gorgeous colors
  • Anodized aluminum and 3D glass design
  • A13 Bionic processor.
  • The graphics processor
  • New main camera
  • Ultra wide-angle camera
  • Shooting in night mode
  • 12MP front camera

How to turn on the flash on incoming calls and notifications on your iPhone

  • Open the Settings app and go to Universal Access.
  • Select the Audio Visualization option.
  • Set the Flash Alert switch to On.
  • If necessary, also activate the Silent mode option.

How to check battery percentage on new iPhones

The new iPhones, with the TrueDepth camera protrusion, left little space in the status bar. And the ability to display charge disabled. These are all models from iPhone X and up (iPhone XS, XS max, 11, 11 pro, 11 pro max).

But you can still see how much space is left in the percentage of charge. Simply swipe down from the upper right corner to reach the Controls menu.

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common ways to fix a battery percentage that isn’t showing on your iPhone

According to our research, there are 5 ways to display the battery percentage on your iPhone. With the guide below, you can quickly solve the problem even if you don’t understand why the battery percentage isn’t showing.

Turn on battery percentage in the Settings app

To display your battery percentage on iPhone 6 or models other than X, you can set it in the Settings app.

  • People can’t see your chart or look for you.
  • Some information, such as messages you send, may remain visible to others.
  • You are still visible in your friends’ list of friends in
  • You can activate your account at any time.

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Step 1 Open the Settings app on the iPhone home screen and tap your name.

Step 2 Scroll down to find Battery face, tap on it and you will be presented with the Battery Percentage option.

Step 3 Tap the switch next to Battery Percentage to turn it on. Then the battery percentage will be displayed on your iPhone.

Note: For iPhone X, tap the top right corner and swipe down to Control Center. Then check the battery percentage in the upper right corner.

Reboot your iPhone

Sometimes your iPhone hangs in a certain mode and the battery percentage does not show on the iPhone. The solution is simple, restart your device.

Step 1 Close all apps, including apps running in the background. Press and hold the Power button until the power off screen appears.

Step 2 Move the slider to the right, and your iPhone screen goes black.

Step 3 Wait 20 seconds. Hold Power again to turn on the iPhone. Then the battery percentage should show up normally on the iPhone.

Manage the notification panel

The notification panel on the iPhone has only limited space. If you have enabled multiple icons, the battery percentage will not be displayed on iPhone 5 and other models.

In this case, in the Settings app, you can disable several services, such as clock, location service, alarms and others. (The iPhone notification does not work?)

After that, the battery percentage icon will be displayed on your iPhone as usual.

software update

As you know, outdated software can cause various problems, including a battery percentage that does not appear on the iPhone screen. So, you can try updating your iOS To solve this problem.

Step 1 Go to Settings. [your name]. General. Software Update.

Step 2 If a new version of iOS is found, tap Download and install enter your password to get it.

Step 3 When the software update is complete, your iPhone will reboot and the battery percentage will display normally.

iPhone reset

Reset to factory settings. Another problem for iPhone that doesn’t show battery percentage. However, it’s best to back up your iPhone first, as it will delete all your data and settings.

Step 1 Launch the Settings app and tap on your name.

Step 2 General. Reset. and select Erase content and settings.

Step 3 When prompted, tap Erase and enter your password. If you have activated activate lock, enter the password associated with your Apple ID to disable it.

Step 4 Once the process is complete, you can set up your iPhone as a new device and display the battery percentage on your iPhone.

  • Swipe from the bottom of the screen to the middle of the screen to open the toggle menu.
  • Pressing any app until the close icon appears.
  • Tap on a new icon, or swipe up.

On iPhone 6 and later models after updating to iOS 11.3 or later new features become available: viewing battery status and notification of the need to replace the battery. These functions are in the “Settings” “Battery” “Battery Status” menu.

How to calibrate the iPhone battery and save the iPhone battery charge

Have you ever encountered a situation where the battery percentage of your iPhone is jumping? In other words, you just fully charge your iPhone and set it aside. However, when you turn it on after a few minutes, it drops to 60% or even lower. It’s frustrating if you only take your iPhone out, but unfortunately see your iPhone‘s battery draining. To solve this problem, you need to calibrate your iPhone’s battery to get an accurate percentage. Fortunately, you can learn how to calibrate your iPhone to fix iPhone battery problems and get tips to keep it in good condition.

The iPhone does not show the percentage of charge. How to put charge percentages on your iPhone

This tutorial is about how to turn on the battery percentage display by Android 4, 5, 6, and 7 built-in tools (tested on Android 5.1 и 6.0.1), separately. on the latest Android 9 Pie and newer, on Samsung Galaxy phones, and about a simple third-party app that has one single function. toggles a hidden system setting on your phone or tablet that’s responsible for displaying the charging percentage. May be useful: Fast discharging the battery on Android, How to know the current capacity of the battery Android.

Note: usually even without enabling special options, you can see the remaining battery percentage by first pulling the notification bar at the top of the screen, and then pulling the quick actions menu (the battery numbers will appear next to the battery).

Previously, in almost all iPhones you could easily enable the display of battery charge in %, in the status bar. To do this you just need to go into Settings. Battery and select the appropriate option. But in smartphone versions with TrueDepth camera system (iPhone 11, 11 Pro, iPhone X, XS and XR) this feature has been eliminated. Still, there’s an alternative way to turn on the percentages on iPhone 11 and similar models. We will tell you about it today.

The easiest way. Your procedure:

  • Touch the right “tab” at the top of the display (where the charge indicator is located);
  • Swipe down and select Management Item;
  • At the top right will begin to display an icon with the battery charge indicator in %. You can close the control panel.
  • Swipe from left to right on the main iPhone display;
  • Click on the Edit command in the widget screen that opens;
  • Tap the “” (green) icon next to the Battery widget. The widget itself should be displayed in the upper part of the screen, with an icon “-” of red hue;
  • Swipe left to right again on the main display, bringing up the widget screen. Use the Battery Elements widget to see the iPhone‘s current battery charge in %.

Another frequent question of users “Percentage charge on iPhone 11. how to enable on all screens?”. The answer will disappoint many. it is not possible in principle. Maybe the developers will fix this soon, but today the “ears” in this model do not allow to display the charge in %.

The built-in Siri assistant is another option for how to turn on battery percentage on iPhone 11. Call the voice assistant by saying “Hey Siri” or by pressing the side Power key several times in a row. When the voice assistant starts up, ask it to “Show battery percentage“.

” iPhone 11 battery percentage how to turn on?” A popular question, but, according to Apple engineers, not really relevant. This option was originally removed because battery capacity was increased in iPhone 11 compared to previous models. Whereas % display is needed primarily (Apple engineers think so) for those people who actively use the smartphone and drain the battery. The opinion is controversial, but the fact remains that the options on how to turn on the percentage on the iPhone is reduced only to the above methods, any other alternatives are absent. We hope that the mentioned methods will be enough for your tasks.

Earlier iPhone models fully displayed the battery charging scale in %. However, in the X model was implemented top-to-bottom display. Because of the new design, iOS developers have chosen to change the content of the main status bar on the screen. And one of the components they abandoned was the “Percentage of charge” option. It will not be possible to activate it directly through the settings. But, nevertheless, there is a way how to turn on the percentages on the iPhone XR, as well as models of other models of the line X, XS and XS Max.

Turn on charging percentages on your iPhone XR. Here’s what to do

The first option is to do it through the Control Panel:

  • Touch the area at the top right of the screen where the battery indicator is located.
  • Swipe down to open the Control Panel.
  • In the upper right corner, you’ll see an icon that displays the % battery charge;
  • Close the Control Point by swiping up.

In fact, there is nothing complicated, all manipulations are done in a couple of movements.

The second option, how to turn on percentages on the iPhone XR (this includes all models of the X line and iPhone 11). do it through a widget:

  • Swipe from left to right on the main screen of your smartphone;
  • Select Change from the list of widgets;
  • Click the ” ” sign (green) next to the Batteries widget. After this action, the widget will appear in the upper area of the display, but with a “-” (red shade);
  • Next, through the widget screen you will be able to monitor the charge indicator of your iPhone in %, calling the list of widgets in a similar way (swipe from left to right).

iPhone XR charge percentage how to turn on all screens

The answer is clear. this option is not available. All because of the same “long ears” that are present in the design of the iPhone X, XS and XR. The updated look of the “apple” smartphone has forced Apple engineers to remove some options from the home screen. Perhaps an alternative option on how to turn on percentages on the iPhone XR by default will be available in future versions of the gadget. But for now we have to use one of the aforementioned ways.

By the way, in unofficial statements Apple representatives said that the display of % charge was removed among other things for the sake of the user. According to the manufacturer, many users are already in a hurry to unplug the smartphone when the indicator goes down to 39% or lower. Although in fact it is enough for a few hours of operation without excessive loads. In order to keep the gadget from being charged so often, it was decided to do away with the percentage charge indicator.

Why iPhone battery percentage goes up / down quickly?

The reasons for the iPhone’s battery percentage vary.

Here we have collected the most common causes of this problem.

100 Percent iPhone Battery Health. How I do it

Apple uses smaller lithium-ion batteries than traditional batteries in its iOS devices to charge iPhones faster and longer. However, lithium-ion batteries are far from perfect.

It has been reported that lithium-ion batteries can cause the battery percentage to go from one charge to another.

Sometimes the device suddenly shuts down with a charge of 20% or more.

Some users have complained that their iOS device doesn’t charge all the time when it’s plugged in.

Since the iOS 12 update, many users have complained that battery life has become shorter. Although Apple explains that the iOS update will save battery life, still some older iOS models such as iPhone 13, iPhone 14, etc., will not save battery life. Д., Getting stuck because of a battery percentage problem. To fix this, you need to fix the iOS system error.

Generally speaking, battery life is about 2 years. If your iPhone’s battery has been working for more than 2 years, the problem of a jumping / dropping battery percentage shows that your iPhone’s battery is damaged. Also, due to fluid damage or other faulty components, you need to replace the battery to fix the iPhone battery percentage jump.

After finding out why your iPhone battery percentage suddenly drops or rises rapidly, you can perform the following tips to fix the problem.