How to get photos back from iCloud on iPhone

Restoring iCloud: How to restore calendars / contacts and other files from iCloud backup

Want to know how to restore calendars, contacts, reminders and other files from an iCloud backup file? Read this post and get the best iCloud recovery theory.

Situation 1: “I accidentally deleted some of my contacts on my iPhone, and now I really need them back. Can I recover lost files from iCloud backup?”

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Situation 2: “I bought a new iPhone a few days ago. I now want to transfer all the data from my old iPhone 6 to my new iPhone 8 Plus. I have all my data backed up in iCloud, so how can I restore the iCloud backup of my old iPhone to the new. “

As the default cloud storage service for iPhone, iPad and iPod, iCloud. a very useful tool for dealing with similar situations described above. Whether you want to restore or configure your iOS device or recover lost/deleted iOS files, iCloud backup will always help you do just that.

Now the question arises: how to reset the iPhone with iCloud backup without wiping the iPhone data? How to recover lost or deleted iOS data from an iCloud backup? If you also have one of these questions about restoring iCloud, find the correct answer here.

How to see what backups are saved in iTunes on your computer and delete unwanted ones?

Locally saved backups can take up a lot of space on your computer. To see and delete unwanted backups, open iTunes and go to Settings.

Then select the Devices tab. Highlight one you don’t want and click Delete Backup.

You will probably have friends or acquaintances with Apple hardware. Ask them to back up their data before manipulating to restore media files from your iTunes backup.

On your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, open Settings → iCloud, scroll down, and click the “Exit” button. Next, sign in with your account, and then photos and images will be uploaded from your backup to iCloud. All you have to do is copy the data to your computer or cloud storage.

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Don’t forget to return all settings and owner data from its backup.

How to recover deleted photos on iPhone

Losing important photos is one of the main problems of modern smartphone owners. To avoid it, you need to save files to the cloud storage or know how to recover them. Unlike Android smartphones. iOS devices have more options to prevent permanent data loss. Let’s tell you how to recover deleted photos on iPhone with standard means or third-party utilities.

How to restore files to iCloud Drive

By going to File Recovery, you can see a list of all files deleted in the last month. It includes files of related apps that support iCloud Drive, such as Pixelmator, Pages, etc.д. Deleted files created by these applications will be placed in this section for 30 days.

Just select one, several or all files (the “Select all” button), check the boxes next to them and click “Recover files”. All files will be moved to their default directories.

Deleted files stored in iCloud Drive without linking to the application can be restored directly from the iCloud Drive web interface.

How to recover deleted files from iCloud

When deleting a file from iCloud Drive on your computer, a message appears saying that the file has been moved to the trash and will be deleted from all other devices. If deleted from iPhone or iPad, iOS will tell you that the file is permanently deleted.

If you’ve emptied the recycle garbage can on your computer or confirmed the deletion on your iPhone or iPad, it’s still possible to recover the file on

  • Open Safari or other web browser.
  • Go to
  • Enter your Apple ID (iCloud) username and password.
  • Click on the arrow button.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Click Restore files under the Advanced heading in the lower left corner.
  • Check the boxes to the left of the files you want to restore, or click Select All if you really need to restore all.
  • Click Restore files.
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Once again, once deleted, files are stored for another 30 days, after that time they will be permanently deleted and cannot be restored. Each file shows how much time is left before it can be deleted irretrievably.

How to restore photos and data from iCloud on iPhone

Few people know how to restore notes from iCloud if they were accidentally deleted. You can get your lost data back within 30 days of uninstalling it, or it will be permanently deleted from Apple’s cloud storage.

How to restore photos from iCloud backup on iPhone

Before you restore photos from an iCloud backup, you should take one minute to learn about the associated impacts. And in what situations you can recover iPhone photos with the best experience. Once you recognize the advantages and disadvantages of recovering photos from iCloud, you will no longer suffer from unnecessary data loss.

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Pros and cons of restoring photos from iCloud directly

  • Transferring photos saved in the Photos app and other files directly to your new iPhone.
  • No need to install a third-party app.
  • Reset iPhone settings.
  • Restore all photos from your iCloud photo library.

How to backup your iPhone to Apple’s iCloud

How to restore photos from an iCloud backup

Open the Settings app. Select “General” and scroll down to find “Reset”. Click “Delete all content and settings” to restore iPhone to factory defaults. You’ll later be prompted to enter your password. Confirm “Erase iPhone” in the pop-up notification to reset your iPhone.

Step 2. Download and restore photos from iCloud on iPhone

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Your iPhone will automatically reboot. Select “Restore from iCloud backup” from the “Configure iPhone” menu. Log in using your Apple ID and password. Select the latest iCloud backup of this iPhone. Restoring all photos from iCloud on your iPhone may take some time.

You can now get your deleted photos back via iCloud backup. But other photos you haven’t saved before will be lost.

Recovering deleted photos on iPhone

1 step. Search for photos in the “Deleted Items” folder

If you recently deleted photos on your iPhone, take the time to close apps and reboot your phone to recover the photos. Before taking any action to restore photos, go to iPhone settings and check what information the smartphone shows in the main settings menu.

  • Go to “Basic” → “About this device” (this will display data on the contents of the smartphone, where you will see the number of photos and videos stored on the device).
  • Additionally, check the details in the data management menu. Go to “Basic” → “iPhone storage”.

If you see that the iPhone stores photo and video content, then go to the application: “Photos” → “Recently deleted” folder.”. Your photos may just be in that folder and you can easily move them back.

Step 2. Uploading pictures from iCloud

If you’ve set up syncing with iCloud, open Apple’s website. Use your iCloud username and password to log in. Go to the snapshots section and check the list of available files in the cloud. If they are there, download them to your Mac or PC from the cloud.

Watch the video, just repeat all the tips and you’ll be fine:

Step 3. Search for snapshots in your backup

Have you backed up from iCloud on your Mac or PC? If so, you’re doing great! To restore deleted photos on your iPhone, check to see if they are backed up. To do this, repeat all the steps and this

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Step 4. Searching for files using a PC

If you tried the previous tips and still can’t recover deleted photos, connect your iPhone to your PC to check if the files are on your system. If there is no computer, open your phone book and remember which friends have a computer and who will help you. There are cases when there are photos in the iPhone memory, but for some reason they are not displayed. The computer will “see” these files, so you only need to save them in any folder and restore them on your iPhone. For a quick tip on how to connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC, see

WARNING! As soon as you connect to your Mac or PC, make sure that iTunes does not automatically sync the data. Automatic synchronization can “overwrite” the remaining photos in the iPhone memory!

Found a photo? Super! Recover deleted photos and copy them to PC. To do this, copy photos and videos from your iPhone to your computer. If you don’t know how to do this yet or want to remember, check this out

Step 5. Check your iPhone through file managers

If the previous tips did not bring a successful result, let’s check the iOS system deeper. Deleted image files can be found using special programs: itools, ifunbox and other file managers. Advanced access to the iPhone file system helps to find files that are not visible on the phone, but it is possible to download them on a Mac or PC.

Step 6. Recovering deleted photos on your phone

So you’ve downloaded recently deleted photos from your iPhone and saved them to your Mac or PC. Now you are left with the next task. As long as the pictures themselves are not visible in the iPhone, it is enough to solve the problem of the phone’s file system failure.


Start with the simplest thing, close all apps on your smartphone and reboot it. Watch the video on this topic and just repeat all the tips:

If after a reboot the deleted pictures are restored, congratulations. If not, let’s move on to a successful result, there are still unused ready-made solutions to this issue.