How to give out the Internet from phone huawei

How to Share Internet from Huawei Phone to Phone?

Wi-Fi hotspot mode: Open the Settings app and select Wireless Networks Modem Mode Wi-Fi hotspot Set up Wi-Fi hotspot. Configure the Wi-Fi hotspot name, encryption type, and password, then tap Save and turn it on.

  • Open the settings of your smartphone or tablet.
  • Select the Wireless category and open
  • Open the Modem mode item and activate the Wi-Fi access point.
  • In the parameters of the access point, specify the name of the future network and a password for it.

Distribute via Wi-Fi

The most popular way to connect other smartphones to the network is to create a mobile hotspot via Wi-Fi. To do this, you need to perform a few simple steps. But first, we advise you to read our article on setting up 3G and 4G mobile Internet.

  • Check if your Honor or Huawei phone has internet access. In the settings, select “Wireless Networks” and then “Mobile Network”. In the “Basic” item, the “Mobile data transfer” mode should be enabled. A quicker way is to pull the bar at the top of the screen and make sure the “Data Transfer” icon is on.

To distribute the Internet on Honor via Wi-Fi

  • Select “Settings”.
  • Specify a name.
  • Choose data encryption type (WPA2 PSK) or reject it.
  • Set a password if necessary.
  • Save your changes.
  • Back to the previous section.
  • Drag the slider at the top of the screen to the “On” position.

Done. Now other devices can access the network with your phone.

Use your device as a hotspot in crowded places. For example, in cafes and shopping malls.

Ways to distribute the Internet

The Huawei P40, which gives access to the network to other devices, works absolutely for free, if the corresponding restrictions are not set by the mobile network operator. It can be used in a variety of ways.

Via Wi-Fi

The most popular way, which the owners of Huawei P40 use the most often. To distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi you will need:

  • Open Device Settings.
  • Go to “Network and Internet” (the name of the item may vary depending on the firmware version), and then. “Wi-Fi hotspot”.
  • Activate the option.

Next, it remains to activate Wi-Fi on the device that you want to connect to the access point and select Huawei P40 using the list of available networks.

Via Bluetooth

This method largely copies the previous version, but in this case the network is detected not via Wi-Fi, but via Bluetooth. But the Internet itself works in wireless mode. To set up the connection you will need to follow steps 1-3 from the previous instruction, and then. activate the slider “Bluetooth modem” or put a tick in front of it.

To connect to the device, which should receive traffic, you should activate Bluetooth and connect to Huawei P40 via the list of available Bluetooth-networks.


A great option for those who want to share the Internet on the computer that does not support wireless Wi-Fi connection. In this case, the traffic is transferred via USB, which uses the included cable:

  • Activate USB-modem in phone settings.
  • Connect the gadget to PC.
  • On the smartphone screen, confirm the operation in “Modem and access point” mode.
  • Open the list of available networks on your computer and then activate a new connection.

Now Huawei P40 can distribute gigabytes of mobile traffic to your computer without using Wi-Fi network. You can interrupt the connection at any time by going to the settings of the gadget or by disconnecting the USB cable.

Via application

If the built-in tools do not give out traffic, you can try a special program like FoxFi. You can find it on Google Play and it works according to a similar algorithm. To activate the access point, simply open the application, set the password and check the box “Activate Wi-Fi Hotspot”.

If necessary, you can use any other similar program. In any case, the owner of Huawei P40 will have access to the entire list of functions, including Bluetooth or USB connection.

What is an access point in Huawei and Honor phone?

If you had to go out of town or suddenly lost the Internet, the phones from Huawei will help you to cope with the problem. You only need an advantageous tariff and access point for a pleasant distribution. Hotspot on Huawei and Honor is a feature that allows you to use the network as Wi-Fi. Read about how to enable AP below.

The way of distributing internet from the Honor and Huawei phones depends on the additional devices and systems used. Learn more about this below.

Wi-Fi hotspot

Operate your smartphone as a wireless router for easy distribution via Android. Follow the algorithm.

Start on your laptop or PC to look for available networks. Once a new one is detected, connect. Setup in new window.

USB modem

To activate the function, turning your mobile into a wireless router is not the only option. If that doesn’t work, then implement it in a more USB-based way.

Check the connection on your PC or laptop. Activate “Connection via Local Area Network”. Mobile internet without restriction on another gadget. Note that the use of the cable, which is provided as standard, significantly increases the speed of the Internet as a result.

Bluetooth modem

If Android requires connection via Bluetooth, then follow these steps.

  • Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone by sliding down the curtain and selecting the shortcut.
  • Go to “Settings”/”Modem mode”/”Bluetooth modem.

After setting up your phone, go to your PC or laptop settings.

  • Open “Devices and printers”/”Add a new device.
  • After the system searches for the right smartphone, you must enter the password in the new field.
  • Allow gadget connections, enter the code.

After these steps the smartphone icon will be displayed on the PC. Click on it.

Via apps

Developers offer applications for easy internet distribution. They are convenient because it is possible to set the parameters once, so the system selects them independently every time the program is loaded. To find such a program, it is enough to open Google Play. Proposed variants are similar in functionality. There are paid and free versions. But keep in mind that free software will contain a lot of advertising. The most popular and free option is Wi-Fi hotspot. Ideal option for a public place, because it allows you to set the limited traffic.

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How to share the internet on Android?

To set your smartphone to Wi-Fi modem mode, open the Android settings and in the wireless networks section tap on “. Then go to “Modem Mode” and tap “Wi-Fi hotspot”.

How to share the Internet with your Xiaomi phone

  • Open the Menu and go to the “Settings” of your phone
  • Open the section “Wi-Fi Access Point”
  • Set the switch to the “ON” position
  • Set your Wi-Fi network name and password
  • Everything, you have enabled the distribution of the Internet on your phone Xiaomi.

How to turn on the mobile Internet on Huawei phone?

How to turn on the mobile Internet on the phone

  • Enter the Settings of your smartphone;
  • Select the “” tab;
  • Tap on “Mobile networks”;
  • Set the network type (4G, 3G, 2G);
  • Choose a point of access and the operator, if in your phone it is established 2 SIM-cards;
  • Go to the main screen;
  • At the top of the screen, pull the curtain with the basic settings;

How to give out the Internet from the phone on the computer?

Open the smartphone settings. Under “Wireless networks” (“Network”), find “Modem mode” (“Modem and hotspot”). Activate USB-modem. A new network with Internet access appears on your computer.

  • Connect your cell phone via USB.
  • Turn on mobile data transfer.
  • Go to “Access point and modems” tab in settings.
  • Activate “USB modem”.
  • PC connect to the mobile internet.

How to give out internet from your iPhone

Make sure your smartphone is connected to the mobile Internet and has a good signal.

Open the iPhone settings, go to the “Modem Mode” submenu and turn on “Allow Others”. If you have iOS 12 or older, activate the “Modem Mode” switch.

How to give out the Internet from the phone via Wi-Fi

Do not close the “Modem Mode” menu on your iPhone before you connect your new device. Pay attention to the network name under “to connect via Wi-Fi” and the password. You’ll need them for the connection.

Take the gadget on which you want to distribute the Internet, and connect to the created Wi-Fi network. After that everything should work.

How to distribute the Internet from a phone via USB

This will only let you share your iPhone with Windows and MacOS computers. Linux is not supported.

If you have Windows

Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes on your PC. Connect your iPhone to your computer via cable, and the internet should work right away. If after connecting the smartphone the question “Can I trust the computer??”, answer affirmatively.

If you have macOS

Update iTunes to the latest version. But if you’re using macOS Catalina, you won’t need the program.

Connect your iPhone to your computer with a cable. Go to “System Settings” → “Network” and select “iPhone USB”. This will turn on the internet.

If the “iPhone USB” option is not displayed, click on the plus sign at the bottom of the window and add it.

How to distribute Internet from your phone via Bluetooth

In this way, you can distribute iPhone Internet only to Android-powered devices and computers. If you want to connect other iOS devices to the web, use Wi-Fi.

In the settings, open the Bluetooth section and turn on wireless. Look here for your device name, you will need it for searching. Don’t close the current section just yet.

Grab the device you want to distribute the internet to, and open the Bluetooth menu on it. After searching for new devices, connect to your iPhone.

Then get your iPhone again. In the Bluetooth section, click on the name of the device you want to connect. If this is the first time you’ve paired it, select “Pair”.

When “Connected” appears next to the name of the added device on the iPhone screen, the Internet should work on both gadgets.

This piece was first published in December 2017. In April 2020, we updated the text.