How to give out Wi-Fi from Honor 20

Wi-Fi via USB

If for some reason the connection to the access point wirelessly does not suit the user, you can use an ordinary USB cable. In this case you should also make sure that the phone is connected to mobile networks. Next, there are a few steps to follow:

  • Connect Honor to your computer via USB.
  • Go to the “Settings” of the smartphone and select the item “Wireless networks”.
  • Open the “Modem Mode” section and move the slider to the “On” position.
  • Wait a couple of minutes until the necessary drivers are automatically installed on your computer.

Important ! Google assures us that connecting their devices (including Honor) to a Mac OS computer is impossible. Keep this fact in mind, so that you don’t buy a new cable by mistake.

Connect to Wi-Fi network: Open the Settings application, select Wireless Wi-Fi networks and turn on Wi-Fi. Select the network you wish to connect to. If you need to enter a password to connect to the network, enter it. Following the instructions on the screen, complete the setup.

How to configure the Internet on Huawei devices

  • Go to the settings menu, where you need to go to the Wireless networks item.
  • Then we go to the Mobile network, where we select APN access point.
  • You need to create a new access point, which is available under the Function tab;
  • Enter the correct data in the empty fields. This data is provided by the mobile network operator.

Open the Settings app, select Wireless Networks Modem Mode, and turn on the Bluetooth modem. On the Bluetooth screen, tap next to the paired device, then turn on Internet access.

  • Connect Honor to your computer via USB.
  • Go to “Settings” of the smartphone and select the item “Wireless Networks.
  • Open the “Modem Mode” section and move the slider next to “USB Modem” to the “On” position.
  • Wait a couple of minutes until necessary drivers are automatically installed on your computer.
  • Open Settings on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Select the category Wireless Networks and open the item
  • Open the item Modem Mode and activate the Wi-Fi Access Point.
  • In the access point settings, specify the name of the future network and a password for it.
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Call up the curtain and turn on data transfer, i.e., mobile Internet.

  • After that, you can safely open “Settings” on your smartphone.
  • Tap
  • Or select “Wireless networks” item.
  • Here select “Modem Mode”.
  • Tap on “Wi-Fi hotspot”.
  • First you need to set up an access point.

How to distribute the Internet on Honor Huawei

Imagine that you have gone to visit your country house and you find out that your mobile operator does not have a signal in this place. Sad to say, but the connection is not available everywhere. And it turned out that one has a connection to the Internet, and the other does not.

And without the Internet we can hardly imagine our life. Here we face the question how to distribute Internet on Honor phones 8х,9х,10 and 20 models via Wi-Fi to other devices.

Instructions for distributing the Internet via Wi-Fi on Honor 8x phones

We will distribute the Internet from the phone which has a stable signal reception in the given place.

Switch Honor phone on and go to settings

give, wi-fi, honor

In the settings, select Wireless networks

In the next window select Modem mode

Next, go to the point of Wi-Fi access point

My access point is called Honor 8x phone (the name you have may be different from mine)

Невозможно подключится к Wi-Fi в Huawei и Honor

The next step is to find the password for the access point. Open the tab Access point settings

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We think up our password (it has to be at least eight symbols) and remember it. To facilitate the password, you can think of 00000000 or 12345678

And press save button at the bottom

Go one step back and enable our hotspot Phone Honor 8x to distribute the internet

After turning on the connection to the Internet on your phone should be marked with an icon like on the photo

Now we complete the first stage of the Internet Sharing procedure, so we take another phone and connect to our access point.

Sharing Internet from your Honor phone to another phone

We turn on the phone to which you want to connect the Internet and go to.settings

Move the slider to the on side

Find the phone that gives out the Internet. As you remember the network of the phone that distributes the internet is called Honore8x (again you may have a different name)

If you can’t see the network of the phone you’re giving out, there’s a circle at the bottom that says reset. Click on it.

Once you have found the network, go to it

Here you have to specify the password. (password as you remember we created the actions above)

Then connect and if you have done everything correctly, the Internet will work on your phone.

Huawei и Honor в качестве Wi-Fi. модема. Настройка точки доступа

Before we turn to the ways of activating this function, it is necessary to focus on some aspects that will help to avoid misunderstandings. The option of Internet sharing is available on all devices based on the current version of Android, including Huawei Honor View 20. The principle of its operation is that the phone starts to be used as a Wi-Fi access point, that is, it becomes a kind of router for other gadgets.

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For the option to work on Huawei Honor View 20 you must have 3G or 4G mobile Internet active, and Wi-Fi is disabled. But even this is not enough, since cellular operators can impose their own restrictions. In particular, holders of tariffs with unlimited Internet will not be able to distribute traffic. In most cases, the option only works on plans with a limited gigabyte package. However, it is worth checking this information with your operator.

  • open the smartphone settings;
  • Go to the section that mentions wireless networks;
  • find the “modem mode” subsection;
  • Choose among the options provided by the developers of Wi-Fi access point;
  • Perform the configuration by setting the type, network name (recommended type. WPA2) and password;

How to share mobile Internet from Android smartphone to other devices?

  • Open Settings on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Select the Wireless Networks category and open
  • Open Modem Mode and activate Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • In the parameters of the access point, specify the name of the future network and the password for it.
  • Go to Settings on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Choose the Wireless category and open
  • Open the MODEM mode and activate the Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • In the access point settings, enter the name of the future network and a password for it.

Call up the curtain and enable data transfer, i.e. the mobile Internet.

  • After this you can safely open the “Settings” on your smartphone.
  • Click “.”.
  • Or. the item “Wireless networks”.
  • Select the “Modem Mode” line here.
  • Tap “Wi-Fi hotspot”.
  • First, you need to configure the access point.