How to give the Internet from android to iPhone

How to distribute the Internet to a computer or laptop with Android (we make a modem from a smartphone)

Now the Internet needs a lot of different devices. Almost everything is connected to the Internet, from laptops and tablets to TVs. The easiest way to connect such devices to the Internet is Wi-Fi wireless network. In this material you will learn about how to distribute Wi-Fi from an android to your devices that require connection to the World Wide Web.

In fact, distributing wi-fi from android is very simple. Now we will demonstrate to this with the example of the Samsung smartphone with the Touchwiz shell. If you have a phone with another shell, then some menu items may vary slightly.

The first thing to do in order to distribute Wi-Fi from android is to open the settings and go to the “Other Networks” section. In other shells, this section of the settings can be called just “more”.

Then you need to go to the section “Modem and access point”. In other shells, this menu item may be called “Modem mode and access point”.

After that you will fall into the access point settings. Here you need to enable the function “Portable access point”. In other shells, this item may be called “Portable Access Point”.

After that, you will see a warning that this action will lead to a shutdown of Wi-Fi. Click on the yes button in order to continue.

Everything, these simple actions are enough to distribute Wi-Fi from android. Now your Android smartphone works as a Wi-Fi access point and you can connect other devices to it. In order to get information about the password from this access point, Open the section “Portable access point”.

After that, you will open a screen on which the password and the name of your access point will be indicated. If you want to change this data, then you need to click on the “Settings” button.

If you click on the “Setting” button, then a pop.Up window will open with the access point settings. Here you can change the name of the access point (SSID network), change the encryption method (in our case, WPA2 PSK is used), and also change the password to connect to this access point.

After making all the changes to the settings, the pop.Up window must be closed by pressing the “Save” button.

It should be noted that in order for the Android smartphone to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi, it must have access to this Internet. In other words, your smartphone should be connected to a mobile Internet and there should be money on the account.

Modern mobile Internet is high-speed data transmission networks that open a universal opportunity not only to exchange messages, but also by video materials, online calls, etc. At the same time, 3G and 4G protocols are covered with an increasing area every month, making high.Speed Internet available even in those places where providers will not soon lay their cable networks. Therefore, it is not surprising that users of multifunctional devices are increasingly wondering how to distribute Wi-Fi with Android.

Step 1. Turn on the mobile Internet

First you need to make sure that the mobile Internet is included. Otherwise it is not from the sun to distribute it to us? This can be done in several ways. The most convenient, for me, through the curtain. But the most universal for any model (including the indicated iPhone 5-5S-6)-through the menu. We do this:

At this step, the Internet should appear on your phone (if it has already been, you can proceed to the next section). If something does not work out-do not hesitate to call your cell operator. Activation of a mobile network makes the “modem mode” mode settings affordable.

If the iPhone does not have the “modem mode” button

Many iPhone users, setting up the modem mode for the first time, are faced with the absence of this item on the phone. This is due to the fact that the necessary settings of the operator are not included in the gadget. In this case, you can solve the problem by prescribing them manually.

    Go to the smartphone settings. Then it will be necessary to open the section “Cellular communication”.


If you have any difficulties in setting up the modem mode on the iPhone, ask your questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев-we will try to help solve the problem.

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On this topic:

You talked about how to enable and configure the standard function of distributing mobile Internet. Since distribute the connection to the Wi-Fi-Internet?!

Hello. That’s right, we talked about how to enable and configure the standard function of distributing mobile Internet-it is after performing these actions that Wi-Fi can be distributed. You do not have a modem mode, on another phone or laptop/computer, start searching for a wireless network and find the one created on the iPhone (the name of the network is indicated in its settings), and connect to it by entering the password (it is also indicated in the iPhone settings ). One of the possible examples of connection is demonstrated in the article.

T.E. In other words, you do not know how to distribute a Wi-Fi Internet?!


You read the article at all, understand what it is described in it? And my comment was read? What exactly is it that you do not understand at what stage problems arise if they arise? In order to distribute Wi-Fi, it is enough to perform actions from the first two steps of this article-to include the “modem mode” in the “settings” of the iPhone (in the current versions of iOS, the switch that needs to be activated is not called the “modem mode”, but “resolve others “) And choose the type of distribution of the Internet, in the case of interest to you is” via wi-fi “. That’s all, then it remains only to connect to the created access point from another device. If the option “Modem mode” is not available in the settings of your device, read the second part of this article, entitled accordingly.

There is a feeling that the question “How to distribute a Wi-Fi Internet?”You mean something completely different, different from what is described in the article. Perhaps it is worth a simpler and more understandable language, and most importantly, to voice in detail what the task is and what result is required to achieve, instead of repeating the question to which the answer to which was already given?

give, internet, android, iphone

To distribute mobile Internet is to allow access to other devices to the mobile (iPhone is connected to a cellular Internet via SIM card) the Internet on the iPhone via (in this case) Wi-Fi. Accordingly, distribute Wi-Fi Internet is to allow other devices to Wi-Fi (iPhone is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi) Internet on iPhone via (in this case) again Wi-Fi.

In other words, I am interested in how on the iPhone “distribute Wi-Fi through Wi-Fi (USB, Bluetooth), T.E. Make it an analogue of a router or at least a Wi-fi adapter.

Distribute Wi-Fi through Wi-Fi on the iPhone, as on any other mobile device, you can’t. And what is the meaning of this, what logic and in what situation it may be required at all? If you already have a Wi-Fi network to which the iPhone is connected, then other devices can also be connected to it, since the signal in this case is distributed through the router. The modem mode operates on the basis of the receiving mobile Internet, so the access point to the wireless network is created, to which other devices can be connected, that is, the iPhone mobile Internet accepted on it is converted to wireless Wi-Fi. This also allows, quoting you, “to make it (iPhone) an analogue of the router or at least a Wi-fi adapter,” and this, unlike your request, is more than logical and necessary in many cases, as it allows you to distribute the Internet to different devices in a situation where only one has access to it initially. This is why it is called the “modem mode”-after all, the modem accepts a cell, a mobile signal, and then converts it into wireless Wi-Fi, to which you can connect.

Distribute Wi-Fi through Wi-Fi on the iPhone, as on any other mobile device, you can’t. As for any mobile devices, this is not so. As far as I know, such an opportunity was regular in the first versions, it now exists regularly on the latest Samsung-ah, also have solutions on the basis of Wi-Fi Direct technology. For example Netshare, Routernet.

And what is the meaning of this, what logic and in what situation it may be required at all? Allows in many cases to do without such devices with the demand of devices as mobile routers, as well as in force majeure or time situations, replace the signal repeaters or even ordinary routers. 2.

“And what is the meaning of this, what logic and in what situation it can be required at all?»The situation is elementary: Wi-Fi in a hotel/sanatorium in another country is activated by a code sent to the SIM indicated during authorization.E. On one device (iPhone). And you have to work on the laptop And How?

Andrey, hello. The only decision in this case will be the appeal to the hotel administration with the question of how to connect Wi-Fi on a laptop. There is a wireless network, it works, it remains to receive data for connection, and usually these data are provided freely, as this is part of the service. And if you have MacBook, you can share data for connection with the iPhone.

Ask a question or leave your opinion to cancel the comment


I will show on the example of my Xiaomi A1, on which there is naked Android. I will immediately warn that individual firms such as Samsung (Samsung), Sony, Huawei (Huawei), ZTE install not standard Android on their phones, but a converted version to one or another phone. Because of this, some menu items can be shifted or called differently.

Morality is as follows. In the future try to buy phones with naked Andryusha without specialized firmware. Let’s go to understand-how to quickly distribute Wi-Fi from the Android phone so that others use it for free.

  • First, check for your mobile Internet, you don’t just need to turn on Wi-Fi, but share traffic. If it is disabled, activate.
  • And so here you can immediately check whether the mobile Internet is connected. Under it should be the name of the company operator. In my case, this is YOTA, but you may have MTS, Megafon, Beeline and others. A little below, select the circular wave icon with the inscription “Access point and modem”.
  • To enable the distribution of the air network, you must click on the “Wi-Fi access point”. Когда сеть не активна вы должны лицезреть надпись «Другим устройствам закрыт доступ к Интернету или контенту» – что означает, что точка пока не активна. One press will put the runner into the inclusion mode and the inscription of the name of the connection will begin to display from below. To configure, poke “Setting up the access point Wi-Fi”.
  • You can change the name of the network to any so that you can easily be found when searching. Protection should be WPA2 PSK. It is most difficult to hack. But you can turn off at all, then the password will not be requested. We enter the key or password if you need it. In terms of the range I would like to note that the most common is 2.4 GHz and works at a wider radius. But 5 GHz is more reliable, it is less interruption and the connection is better on it, though it is not a fact that other devices will maintain this frequency, so leave 2.4.
  • Click to save and everything-Wi-Fi distribution from my phone android has begun. The rest of the devices remains to connect to it.

NOTE! Dear users, if you distribute mobile Internet, you may have problems. The provider is not a fool and knows that many do this on an unlimited tariff, they can turn on the megabyte mode. As soon as you turn on the access point. So be careful. For example, I have it on the iot, although when I was MTS, I could hand out the Internet without problems.

Distribution via Bluetooth

Similarly, you can distribute the Internet through Bluetooth, though the speed will be slightly cut, but in some cases this is the only option. To do this, in the same in the “access point” settings, just click on the “Bluetooth-modem” switch. Next, Bluetooth will turn on on this device. To connect on a phone or tablet, we similarly chop the “blue tooth”, look for this phone and contact us.

After disconnecting in this way, the Bluetooth access point does not automatically turn off and spends electricity battery. Therefore, do not forget to turn off this function after using.

Dry the Internet on a USB wire

But what to do if there is a computer not connected to the Internet somewhere in a deaf taiga, there is no wire or router. But at the same time, it is possible to distribute the Internet on the USB wire. To be honest before I have never used it. But let’s experiment.

  • We take the wire from charging and insert one end into the computer into any USB connector, and the second end to the phone.
  • A auto.Starting message came out on the PC, but we do not need it, we just close.
  • And so there is no connection. Next, we go as in the last example. “Settings”, “Network and the Internet”, “Access point and modem”.
give, internet, android, iphone
  • Please note that now the very first section of the USB modem is not burning gray, which means that it can be connected only after the wire is joined. Just click on this connection.
  • Now it is yellow, which means the computer does not have access to the Internet, but to the phone network, it still connected. On the phone, the truth is also disappeared. Above I saw a message. As it turned out, the Internet turned off my mobile operator since I tried to distribute the Internet to the computer. By going to any browser, you can see such a message.
  • I chose an option with a low speed for half an hour for an experiment. It is not clear whether they are then turned off at all the Internet or not. In general, I was disappointed with this provider, I need to disconnect from it.

As soon as you do not need this Internet, turn it away from sin away, otherwise these providers will write off money. But as you see everything is quite real and most importantly is easy.

give, internet, android, iphone

Since the firmware is almost the same for everyone, this instruction is suitable for all Apple iPhone apple products (4, 4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6S 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, Xs, XS Max, XR). I will show with the example of the iPhone 6s-how to distribute Wi-Fi from a phone without a router without problems.

How to give the Internet from iPhone on iPhone

On the first iPhone, from which traffic will be distributed, open the settings and go to the “Cellular communication” section, go to the “modem mode” group and turn on the “resolve the other” parameter.

The Wi-Fi password will also be displayed here, which will need to be entered by other devices when connecting, if you wish, you can change it.

The Wi-Fi password will also be displayed here, which will need to be entered by other devices when connecting, if you wish, you can change it.

On the second smartphone, open the settings, go to the Wi-Fi section, find the network that you created the first device and connect to it by entering the necessary password.

Interesting! If two smartphones are connected to one Apple ID, then they are interconnected without using any code.

Important! If you need to share a network with your PC or laptop, in detail about how to do this, it is written in the material. How to distribute the Internet from iPhone to a computer. There you will also find information on how to do it using Bluetooth or Lighting Cable.

We transmit the Internet to PC and laptop using Bluetooth

Great option if the cable is not at hand, and the Wi-Fi module does not want to work in any way. But, the speed in this case will be much less than in other types of connection.

In the iPhone settings, go to the “modem mode” section and turn it on. If a window with a selection of connection type appears, select Bluetooth.

Return to the section with the settings, go to the Bluetooth section and make it active.

On the computer on the keyboard, press the Win I keys at the same time and open the “Devices” section in the window opened.

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone (2 Free Ways)

Click on the Bluetooth device adding button and click on the first point “Bluetooth”. Select the iPhone from the list and click on the “Binding” button.

Confirm the creation of a pair on the iPhone and on PC, pressing the pair button on them when the connection code appears.

On the taskbar, click on the Bluetooth icon with the right mouse button and open the “join Pan personal network”.

Select the iPhone in the list (just click on it once), then click on “connect by” and select the access point.

The connection will be installed and it will be possible to reach the World Wide Web.

How to connect a smartphone based on Android to the Internet

Many city residents use wired cable to access the Internet. Connection to the global network occurs through a router. But in this version, the method of access to Internet through Android Xiaomi is considered. Mostly this option is interested in residents of small regions where 3G is supported. In addition, the use of a smartphone based on Android is very convenient when traveling.

Using a smartphone as a modem for a computer via USB cable

Connection on a smartphone

Before entering the Internet, you need to turn on the access point. This action can be performed through the function “Android”.

Note! Modern mobile devices create a wireless access point with standard means. This function is released in the version “Android 2.3 “.

  • To distribute Internet, the user must open the settings, select the “Wireless Network” category, then go to the “” or “Additionally” tab.
  • A menu with a choice of “access point” or “modem mode” will open on the screen. The user must select the “Wi-Fi access point” tab.
  • In the corresponding column, it is necessary to specify the name (optional item), enter the password and then go through the activation. At the end of the action, the user will be able to connect a mobile phone based on Android “.

Configure of the connection on the computer

Another option is considered when the Internet should connect through a smartphone based on an Android to a stationary PC. The network is accessed using USB cable. For conducting actions:

  • The device must be connected to the computer using a cable;
  • You need to access the settings;
  • You should choose an access point;
  • It is necessary to activate the “USB modem” item.

Windows 7 computers are able to find the device in seconds. Accordingly, the connection to the network occurs instantly.

Note! Windows XP owners can install the driver to correctly determine the mobile device.

We use various programs and applications

There is a special software for android and iPhone, which allows you to distribute mobile Internet for any device. The method using software can be useful in case, after flashing the device, the modem mode ceases to work. Consider the two most popular utilities. By the way, the first is characterized by an intense in Russian.


  • We download the program from the Google Play or App Store market;
  • After the opening of Osmino, you will need to adopt a license agreement;
  • There will be a warning that for the additional use of traffic, the operator may be charged;
  • The menu opens in which we create an access point. You can immediately enter the name and password of the network;
  • We activate the signal distribution by click on the corresponding key.

Foxfi application

  • First, you should load and start software;
  • At Password, indicate the required key;
  • If desired, in the Network Name section, you can manually change the name of the network, which was installed by default;
  • The next step is to put a checkmark near the wi-fi hotspot line;
  • We are waiting for a wireless connection, an inscription Ready will appear on the screen.

After performing the above manipulations, you can connect to Wi-Fi-Razzdachi from other computers and mobile devices, as shown in the first paragraph of our article.

We distribute the Internet from the phone

You can turn a mobile device into an analogue of a router in literally several slippers according to its screen, and the only condition for solving this problem is the presence of an active connection to a cellular network. Obviously, no less important in this context is the presence of unlimited or limited traffic or a sufficient amount of funds in the account. Consider how you can give the Internet from the phone.


Smartphones and tablets (if they have a cell module) with Android OS in terms of Internet distribution are in no way inferior to computers and laptops. You can create an access point on a wireless network on such devices not only with standard means of the operating system, but also with the help of third.Party applications, of which there are quite a lot of the markete in the opening of the Google Play of the market. The main thing, before turning the mobile device into a modem, you need to make sure that the network settings are correct and, if necessary, change them in accordance with what is proposed by the operator. You can learn about how to distribute the Internet on mobile devices with a green robot in a separate, more detailed material on our website. Read more: how to distribute Wi-Fi on Android

Apple devices within the framework of the topics of interest to us today are somewhat more limited. Internet distribution is possible only with standard iOS means. Fortunately or unfortunately, but one of this possibility will be more than enough for all users of “apple” devices. And even if, in the process of setting up and organizing a wireless network, you will face certain difficulties (for example, the button to include the “modem mode” necessary to solve our problem) will be absent in the “settings”, the article submitted below will help to correct and turn the iPhone into a point Access to the Internet. Read more: how to distribute Wi-Fi on iPhone