How to go to the icloud photo with iPhone

Use of the photo storage “icloud”. How to unload photos from iCloud to a computer?

Overflowed by icloud storage? Find out how to upload photos from iCloud to a computer, how to look at the content in the storage and how the function “Photo icloud” works from this article.

The storage allows you to save media files from Apple devices to the ICLOD cloud, and then view them from various devices. The icloud photo helps to free the smartphone memory and gives access to content from any device at any time. The place in the storage is notorious, so the cloud is often busy and there is no way to download new files on it. Free Apple gives 5 GB of free space on the cloud. In order to solve this problem, it is possible to unload pictures from a cloud to a computer.

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Basic settings

So, for using the iCloud Drive, you should have iOS 8 on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, as well as OS X Yosemite on Mac. You can access the iCloud Drive even from the browser and using Windows, but on this later. While you need to prepare everything. If compatible operating systems are installed, then pay attention to the state of the cloud service in the settings:

For iOS 8: Settings. Icloud. ICLOUD DRIVE. The function should be activated. Here, pay attention to the list of applications. They open access to ICLOUD DRIVE.

For OS X Yosemite: System settings. Icloud. Icloud Drive. Again, we check the presence of a box indicating that the service is activated. When pressing the “Parameters” button, you can view applications that open access to ICLOUD DRIVE.

icloud, photo, iphone

The preparatory stage is almost completed on this. One detail. If, after updating the operating system, you refused to switch from iCloud to iCloud Drive, then do not forget to do this now using the parameters indicated above. Now exactly everything.

icloud, photo, iphone

ICLOD storage check

You can easily find out what volume of the storage is occupied by the materials “Photo icloud”.

  • Go to the “Settings” menu [Your name].
  • Click ICLOUD “Storage Management”.
  • Click “Change the storage plan” to make changes.

ICLOD cloud storage binds the Apple device, allowing you to synchronize and transmit files. Technology saves the memory of a smartphone or tablet, since the media, including music and pictures, are unloaded on third.Party servers of the company. Access to uploaded files is carried out in several ways. You can enter with PC and Apple devices. The article describes how to see photos in iCloud from a computer and through a website.

What is “My photo stream”?

Thanks to the “My Photo Stream” function, you can view the latest photos. They are automatically imported and stored for 30 days in the “My Photo Stream” folder. The ICLOUD service imports all the pictures on the server and displays them on all your devices.

If both functions are included on the device, then you can look at the pictures in the cloud and in the “My Photo Stream” folder.

To view the pictures in the Gallery of the device:

  • On the iPhone, open the “photo” folders → “Albums” → “My Photo Stream”. And all the frames shot recently will be displayed in front of you.
  • You can also view the gallery on the Mac.

If you want to remove the picture from the photograph, then note that it will be removed from the cloud on all your devices.

It is convenient to use the iCloud storage to save space on the device itself. Also, the advantage of the service is that you can view the pictures on any of your devices at any time, the main thing is to log in with one Apple ID identifier. Unload shots in iCloud, download them on PC and get access to the gallery at any time convenient for you.

We go to the cloud on the iPhone

Iphones have a built.In synchronization function with an iCloud cloud from Apple, however, the user has the right to decide whether to include it or use the services of third.Party applications, for example, Dropbox or Yandex.Disk. ICLOUD advantage is the convenience of use on devices with iOS.


ICLOUD service allows you to store various user data in the cloud storage, and access to them can be obtained from both the iPhone and other devices from Apple, including the Mac computer. In the latter case, the user is available to create a special folder on a computer, all files from which will automatically be loaded into the cloud, and which can be viewed on the icloud website.Com.

To use the cloud on the iPhone and go into it, it is necessary to activate the appropriate opportunity in the device settings.

Now the iCloud Drive application will appear on the desktop. Having opened it, the user will fall into the repository with free 5 gigabytes of disk space. We recommend reading our article on how to use iCloud on iPhone by link below.

Third.Party applications

Owners of the iPhone can use not only the standard iCloud Drive application, but also third.Party. For example, Yandex.Disk, Google Drive, Dropbox and others. All of them offer various tariffs, but their main function is the same: storage of important data on a special server that ensures their safety and accessibility. To enter the listed cloud storages, you need to download and install their official applications that are available in the App Store store.

Web version of icloud

In some cases, it is required to access the iCloud data saved in someone else’s Apple ID account, which means that this account should not be tied to a smartphone. In such a situation, you can use the ICLOUD web version.

How to Speed Up iCloud Photo Uploads from your iPhone

Any of the two methods given in the article will allow you to enter your iPhone in iCloud.

How To Backup iPhone Photos To iCloud 2022

How to access ICLOUD photos using third.Party software.

If you want to access ICloud photographs in a simple, reliable and quick way, an effective third.Party software will be a reasonable choice. In fact, Datakit iOS restoration of data is one of the types of these effectiveness tools that is designed to restore iOS data. With this approach, you can first view and selectively restore photos that you want to return. It is easy for people to start. You can take the steps listed below.

  • Download and install Datakit iOS Data Recovery.(Click to download for free today) (click to download for free today)
  • Click on the “Restore from the ICLOUD reserve copy” mode in the lower left corner of the window.
  • To view icloud photos, you can press the “photo”, and then press the “Next” button to continue.
  • After that, you can enter ICLUD using your Apple ID and password. All backup files in your iCloud are listed. View the list and select files containing photos to which you want to access.
  • Finally, the file you have chosen will be uploaded quickly. Therefore, you can view photos and save them on your computer by clicking on the “Restore” button.

These are all the steps that you can take to view iCloud photos using Datakit iOS Data Recovery.

Photos in iCloud

All photos and even videos that you shoot on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or other Apple device will automatically be loaded in iCloud if you have ever included ICloud Photos.

icloud, photo, iphone

Then you can get access, view, look and share your photos / library with iCloud.COM and any Apple devices (your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, Apple TV) and PC with Windows. These modern photos ICloud Photos.

Before you get confused, it’s good to read how iCloud works.

How to download photos and videos from general albums icloud

If the pictures you need are stored in your friends or acquaintances, you can quickly upload them to your device.

On the iPhone or iPad, open the album section. General albums in the photo application and find the album you need with data. Mark the right number of pictures and click to share. Save the image.

On MAC, open the General Album section in the photo application and find the album you need with data. Select one or more photos and press the import button.

On Windows-PC in the iCloud application, find the desired general album and save the data from it to any local folder on the computer.

Now you can keep locally any photos and videos from the Apple cloud.

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